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Weapons Proliferation

      Modern Technology has made it possible for countries all over the world to possess the means for controlling their own populations and to threaten other nations with mass destruction. It no longer matters whether a nation is rich or poor, large or small, first world or third world. Almost anyone can make or purchase weapons that 50 years ago could not even be imagined.









Barry McGuire




Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense



Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense


Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense


Middle Eastern leaders flood to Moscow for Syrian talks, aerospace salon

‎26 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎10:48:43 AMGo to full article
Moscow (AFP) Aug 25, 2015
Russian President Vladimir Putin is to host the Jordanian King and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in Moscow Tuesday to discuss the Syrian crisis and take part in a showcase of Russia's military industry. Jordanian King Abdullah II and the strongman of the United Arab Emirates, Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, will visit Moscow one day before Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al

Major Western leaders shun China WWII military parade

‎26 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎10:48:43 AMGo to full article
Beijing (AFP) Aug 25, 2015
From Belarus to Vanuatu, China on Tuesday issued a list of world leaders attending next week's huge military parade to mark Japan's defeat in World War II that was notable for its absences. The display, a show of strength which comes as Beijing takes a more assertive stance regionally, will see 12,000 soldiers and 500 pieces of hardware roll through Tiananmen Square, with almost 200 aircraft

S. Korea silences loudspeakers after deal with North to end crisis

‎26 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎10:48:43 AMGo to full article
Seoul (AFP) Aug 25, 2015
South Korea switched off loudspeakers blasting propaganda messages into North Korea after the two rivals reached a compromise deal Tuesday and stepped back from the brink of an armed clash. The giant banks of speakers, which had lain silent for more than a decade, were drafted back into action two weeks ago after Seoul blamed Pyongyang for landmine blasts that maimed two patrolling South Kor

Iraq parliament chief puts electricity minister on the spot

‎26 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎10:48:43 AMGo to full article
Baghdad (AFP) Aug 25, 2015
Iraq's parliament speaker threatened the electricity minister Tuesday with a vote of no confidence if he does not appear within four days to be quizzed over a persistent power crisis. For weeks, demonstrators have protested against corruption and poor services, especially abysmal power provision, making minister Qassem al-Fahdawi a prime target for popular anger. Parliament speaker Salim

First Aircraft Launch of Russian-Indian BrahMos Missile to Occur in 2016

‎26 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎10:48:43 AMGo to full article
Zhukovsky (Sputnik) Aug 26, 2015
The first launch of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from a Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighter will be carried out in early 2016, head of Russian-Indian BrahMos Aerospace enterprise Sudhir Mishra told RIA Novosti Tuesday. Speaking at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS air show outside Moscow, Mishra told RIA Novosti that first flights with a launcher went well and expected the fight

France investigators question train gunman

‎26 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎10:48:43 AMGo to full article
Paris (AFP) Aug 25, 2015
French investigators Tuesday had hours left to question a Moroccan gunman who opened fire on a crowded train, only to be overpowered by a group of Americans and a Briton hailed by France's president for their "courage". Ayoub El Khazzani, a 25-year-old who boarded the high-speed train in Brussels bound for Paris on Friday armed with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, a Luger automatic pistol, ammu

Yemen air strikes, fighting kill at least 40

‎26 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎10:48:43 AMGo to full article
Aden (AFP) Aug 25, 2015
At least 40 people have been killed in more than 24 hours of Saudi-led coalition air strikes and fighting in Yemen's central province of Baida, military sources said on Tuesday. The fighting and air raids in Mukayris, a town seen as a gateway to southern provinces recently recaptured by pro-government forces, left 19 rebels, 15 loyalists and six civilians dead, the sources told AFP. Coal

Bulgarian army steps in to buttress Macedonia border

‎26 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎10:48:43 AMGo to full article
Sofia (AFP) Aug 25, 2015
Bulgaria'a army stepped in on Tuesday to buttress the southwestern border with Macedonia, which has been hit in recent days by an unprecedented influx of migrants. Twenty-five soldiers and light armoured vehicles will be deployed at Bulgaria's four border checkpoints with Macedonia, a defence ministry operations and training deputy chief told public BNR radio. "Our task will be to reinfo

South Sudan president 'to sign peace deal'

‎26 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎10:48:43 AMGo to full article
Juba (AFP) Aug 25, 2015
South Sudan's President Salva Kiir has finally agreed to sign a peace deal and power-sharing accord to end a 20-month civil war, his spokesman said Tuesday. Presidential spokesman Ateny Wek Ateny told AFP that the presidents of Kenya, Uganda and Sudan plus Ethiopia's prime minister "will converge on Juba tomorrow morning for a one day summit, and the President of the Republic of South Sudan

UN condemns first executions in Kurdish region in 7 years

‎26 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎10:48:43 AMGo to full article
Geneva (AFP) Aug 25, 2015
The UN on Tuesday condemned the execution by the government of Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region of three people convicted of murder and kidnapping, in the first use of the death penalty in the region in seven years. Farhad Jaafar Mahmood and his two wives, Khuncha Hassan Ismaeil and Berivan Haider Karim, were hanged in the early hours of August 12, after being convicted of kidnapping and mu

Allegations of new chemical attack in Syria

‎26 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎10:48:43 AMGo to full article
Beirut (AFP) Aug 25, 2015
Activists and medical organisations have documented an alleged chemical weapons attack on a Syrian town last week that affected dozens of civilians, with one source blaming the Islamic State group. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said it had treated civilians apparently exposed to a chemical agent in Marea, without saying what type or providing overall casualty figures. The Syrian American

Britain orders more Saab radar systems

‎26 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎10:48:43 AMGo to full article
Linkoping, Sweden (UPI) Aug 24, 2015
Britain's Ministry of Defense has ordered additional Giraffe AMB radars from Saab as well as upgrades to Giraffe systems already in use. The contract is worth about $72.9 million. Deliveries will start this year and continue until 2018, SAAB said. "We are delighted to have agreed this significant expansion and upgrade of the Giraffe AMB fleet with the UK MOD," said Micael Johanss

Pakistan army chief approves increase in military courts

‎26 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎10:48:43 AMGo to full article
Karachi (AFP) Aug 25, 2015
Pakistan's army chief General Raheel Sharif on Tuesday approved an increase in the number of military courts to handle pending terrorism cases in the southern city of Karachi, the military said. Lawmakers voted in January to set up military courts to hear terrorism cases, prompting criticism from lawyers and rights activists concerned about the hearings, which are held in secret. "Chief

Unmanned helo sets endurance record

‎26 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎10:48:43 AMGo to full article
Point Magu, Calif. (UPI) Aug 25, 2015
An MQ-8C Fire Scout unmanned helicopter system has set a new flight record for itself during endurance flight testing by the U.S. Navy and Northrop Grumman. The record set was 11 hours in a 150 nautical mile flight from Naval Base Ventura County, Point Mugu, Calif. The test was part of a series of capability tests used by the Navy to validate their concept of operations and previ

Turkey ready for anti-IS strikes: Pentagon

‎26 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎10:48:43 AMGo to full article
Washington (AFP) Aug 25, 2015
Turkey is now ready to fully participate in coalition strikes against the Islamic State group and may do so within days, the Pentagon said Tuesday. Department of Defense spokesman Peter Cook also said Washington has "no indication" the Turkish government had tipped off an Al-Qaeda affiliate group to help them go after US-trained Syrian rebels, as alleged in one report citing rebel figures.



Beijing mobilises 850,000 citizen guards for WWII parade

‎21 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎03:15:26 AMGo to full article
Beijing (AFP) Aug 20, 2015
Beijing has mobilised 850,000 residents to patrol the city to ensure security ahead of a huge military parade commemorating victory over Japan in World War II, state media reported. The "volunteers" from "all walks of life" have been trained and will be sent to "every street, every alley" as well as stores and markets, the official Xinhua news agency said late Wednesday, citing a Beijing pol

US's Loss of Kyrgyzstan Means Losing Its Foot hold in Central Asia

‎21 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎03:15:26 AMGo to full article
Moscow (Sputnik) Aug 21, 2015
On Thursday, the US-Kyrgyz cooperation agreement on aid lost its legal force, following a decision made last month by a Kyrgyz government irritated over Washington's continued interference in its internal affairs. In an article for RIA Novosti, journalist Vladimir Ardaev explained why losing Bishek is an important blow to US plans for Central Asia. The treaty on "Cooperation to Facilitate

Alibaba joins China arms maker to offer location services

‎21 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎03:15:26 AMGo to full article
Shanghai (AFP) Aug 20, 2015
Internet giant Alibaba has joined forces with China's biggest defence company to offer location-based services using a homegrown satellite navigation system that competes with the US GPS network, the firms said. New York-listed Alibaba and China North Industries Corp. (Norinco) have created a 2.0 billion yuan ($313 million) joint venture to offer services using Chinese satellite navigation s

North and South Korea trade artillery fire as tensions soar

‎21 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎03:15:26 AMGo to full article
Seoul (AFP) Aug 20, 2015
South and North Korea traded artillery fire across their heavily militarised border on Thursday, in a rare exchange that left no casualties but pushed already elevated cross-border tensions to dangerously high levels. North Korea followed up with an ultimatum sent via military hotline that gave the South 48 hours to dismantle loudspeakers blasting propaganda messages across the border or fac

UN nuclear watchdog 'disturbed' by Iran inspection claims

‎21 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎03:15:26 AMGo to full article
Vienna (AFP) Aug 20, 2015
The UN nuclear watchdog head said Thursday he was "disturbed" by inaccurate claims that inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities will be the responsibility of the Iranians themselves. "I am disturbed by statements suggesting that the IAEA has given responsibility for nuclear inspections to Iran," International Atomic Energy Agency chief Yukiya Amano said in a statement. "Such statements

Saudi-led Yemen raid kills 13 teaching staff, 4 children: medics

‎21 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎03:15:26 AMGo to full article
Sanaa (AFP) Aug 20, 2015
A Saudi-led coalition air strike killed 13 teaching staff and four children in northern Yemen, in a raid apparently targeting Shiite rebels, medics and witnesses said Thursday. UNICEF condemned what it called Tuesday's "senseless bloodshed" in Amran province that it said killed 17 civilians and also injured 20 other people. Saudi Arabia has led an air war against Shiite Huthi rebels and

Turkey must do more to fight IS: Pentagon chief

‎21 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎03:15:26 AMGo to full article
Washington (AFP) Aug 20, 2015
Turkey should play a full part in the US-led air campaign against the Islamic State group and take better control of its border with Syria, the US defense secretary said Thursday. Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said Turkey had agreed in principle to join the anti-IS coalition but should now add its own warplanes to the "air tasking order," the military structure coordinating strikes. "They

Guantanamo should be shut before Obama leaves: Pentagon chief

‎21 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎03:15:26 AMGo to full article
Washington (AFP) Aug 20, 2015
The US military prison in Guantanamo Bay should be shut down before President Barack Obama leaves office, Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said Thursday, saying the facility is a "rallying cry for jihadi propaganda." He said the Department of Defense was actively searching for an alternative detention facility. "This is not something, in my judgment, that we should leave to the next presiden

Aerovironment to produce Raven UAVs for Spain

‎21 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎03:15:26 AMGo to full article
Monrovia, Calif. (UPI) Aug 20, 2015
Aerovironment is to produce hand-launched RQ-11B Raven unmanned aerial vehicles for Spain. The contract issued by the U.S. Army is for a Foreign Military Sales program deal and is worth $3.4 million. "As the global leader in the design and manufacture of small unmanned aircraft systems, AeroVironment continues to set the standard for delivering increasingly valuable capabilities

Contract issued for maintenance, upgrade to Navy submarine

‎21 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎03:15:26 AMGo to full article
Newport News, Va. (UPI) Aug 20, 2015
Planning to support the maintenance and modernization of the U.S. Navy submarine USS Columbus is to be performed by Newport News Shipbuilding. The work will be conducted under a contract worth $57.8 million but if all award options are exercised the value could be as much as $288 million, according to Huntington Ingalls Industries, parent company of Newport News Shipbuilding. "Mo

'Legal vacuum' as Iraqi Kurd leader's term expires

‎21 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎03:15:26 AMGo to full article
Arbil, Iraq (AFP) Aug 20, 2015
Iraqi Kurdistan president Massud Barzani's extended term expired on Thursday, leaving the autonomous region in a "legal vacuum" that Kurdish political parties are still trying to resolve. The Kurdish leadership dispute comes as Kurdistan faces a multitude of crises: the war against the Islamic State jihadist group, major financial problems and a Turkish bombing campaign targeting the Kurdist

Air strikes kill 43 militants in NW Pakistan: military

‎21 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎03:15:26 AMGo to full article
Islamabad (AFP) Aug 20, 2015
Pakistan air strikes killed 43 suspected militants near the Afghan border on Thursday, the military said, part of a major ongoing operation against Taliban and other insurgents. The attacks took place in Gharlamai and Shawal areas of North Waziristan tribal region, where the army has been waging a major offensive to clear militant hideouts since June last year. "Twenty-eight terrorists w

Navy orders HazMat robots

‎21 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎03:15:26 AMGo to full article
Bedford, Mass. (UPI) Aug 20, 2015
iRobot reports it is to deliver an undisclosed number of 110 FirstLook robots to the U.S. Navy for the investigation and manipulation of hazardous materials. The U.S. Navy order is worth $4 million, the company said, and all robots and accessories are to be delivered by February 2016. "iRobot is pleased to provide these state-of-the-art robots to the U.S. Navy as they will help t

Iraq PM orders major cuts in guards for officials

‎21 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎03:15:26 AMGo to full article
Baghdad (AFP) Aug 20, 2015
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Thursday ordered major cuts in the number of guards for officials, the latest step in a reform drive to curb corruption and streamline the government. Abadi rolled out a reform programme this month in response to popular pressure from weeks of protests against corruption and poor services, and to a call for drastic change from Iraq's top Shiite cleric, Gr

BAE Systems to produce more rocket propellant grains

‎21 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎03:15:26 AMGo to full article
Radford, Va. (UPI) Aug 20, 2015
BAE Systems is to continue manufacturing MK 90 propellant grains for Hydra 70 rockets through 2017 under a U.S. Army contract. The award, which takes effect next year, is worth $50 million. "The Hydra 70 missile is the work horse of the unguided missile category," said Reed McPeak, vice president and general manager of Ordnance Systems Inc. at BAE Systems. "It is the most commonl



Chinese motorists spot new missile transport and launch vehicle

‎14 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎12:06:38 PMGo to full article
Moscow, Russia (Sputnik) Aug 14, 2015
Pictures have surfaced of what is believed to be the largest ever Chinese military vehicle for transporting and launching missiles. Transporter Erector Launcher (TEL) vehicles are used to quickly transport and fire surface-to-air, cruise and ballistic missiles. Chinese drivers have recently spotted a new version of the vehicle, which appears similar to the military's standard TEL, except t

Lockheed Martin expands cruise missile production plant

‎14 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎12:06:38 PMGo to full article
Troy, Ala. (UPI) Aug 13, 2015
A 64,500-square-foot annex to Lockheed Martin's cruise missile production facility in Alabama has officially been opened. The opening of the annex will help the company meet increasing national and international orders for the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile, the extended range JASSM, and the Long Range Anti-Ship Missile, or LRASM. Lockheed Martin said it spent $16.8 millio

Ariane 6 and Vega C begin development

‎14 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎12:06:38 PMGo to full article
Paris (ESA) Aug 13, 2015
ESA has signed contracts for the development of the Ariane 6 new-generation launcher, its launch base and the Vega C evolution of the current small launcher. The contracts, signed at ESA's Paris Head Office with Airbus Safran Launchers (ASL), France's CNES space agency and ELV, respectively, cover all development work on Ariane 6 and its launch base for a maiden flight in 2020, and on Vega

Hot Destination: Soviet Nuclear Test Site Opens to Tourists

‎14 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎12:06:38 PMGo to full article
Moscow, Russia (Sputnik) Aug 14, 2015
Twenty years after the last nuclear device was destroyed at the Semipalatinsk Test Site, on the Kazakh steppe, tours of the 18,500 square kilometer area have begun for intrepid visitors. Kazakhstan's National Nuclear Center has opened access to the Semipalatinsk test site, giving the atomically curious a chance to experience the dangerous history of nuclear testing. "The excursion is under

N. Korea slams South-US drill, threatens strikes on White House

‎14 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎12:06:38 PMGo to full article
Seoul (AFP) Aug 13, 2015
North Korea on Thursday condemned a looming South Korea-US joint military exercise as a "declaration of war" and boasted of its ability to make retaliatory strikes against Seoul and the White House. The annual two-week "Ulchi Freedom" exercise, which kicks off Monday, involves tens of thousands of troops in what is a largely computer-simulated rehearsal for a North Korean invasion. It is

TSA contracts Lockheed Martin for screening technology support

‎14 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎12:06:38 PMGo to full article
Rockville, Md. (UPI) Aug 13, 2015
TSA checkpoint screening technologies at airports, ports and cargo facilities in the western United States are to receive support from Lockheed Martin. The support comes under a five-year indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity Transportation Security Equipment Deployment Services award from the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. Under the TEDS contract, Lockheed Martin

DLS providing equipment for networked communications

‎14 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎12:06:38 PMGo to full article
Wayne, N.J. (UPI) Aug 13, 2015
Real-time situational awareness data and voice communications technology are to be provided to U.S. and allied militaries by Data Link Solutions. Under an $18 million contract from the U.S. Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, the New Jersey-headquartered company will deliver Multifunctional Information Distribution System Low Volume Terminals, or MIDS-LVT, a major component of

Iraq PM condemns US officer's remarks on partition

‎14 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎12:06:38 PMGo to full article
Baghdad (AFP) Aug 13, 2015
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's office condemned Thursday outgoing US army chief General Raymond Odierno's "irresponsible" statement on the possibility that Iraq might be partitioned. It was "an irresponsible statement and reflects an ignorance of the Iraqi reality," Abadi's media office said. Odierno, who served as the top US commander in Iraq from 2008 to 2010, said Wednesday th

UK families threaten lawsuit over Iraq war inquiry delay

‎14 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎12:06:38 PMGo to full article
London (AFP) Aug 13, 2015
The families of British troops killed in the Iraq war vowed legal action Thursday against the long-delayed inquiry into the conflict unless it publishes its findings by the year's end. The Chilcot inquiry was expected to take a year to report when it was announced by the government six years ago. It is looking at the decisions made in the run-up to the start of the war in 2003 and Britain's

Fears US 'national interest' hurt by partisan Iran row

‎14 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎12:06:38 PMGo to full article
Washington (AFP) Aug 13, 2015
The former White House official who resigned this week as head of a key US group lobbying against the Iran nuclear deal, warned Wednesday that the partisan row was hurting America's national interest. Gary Samore, who stepped down as president of United Against Nuclear Iran because he supports the agreement, said a political battle between Congress and the White House had crowded out the "pr

Raytheon continues work to enhance Navy aircraft landing

‎14 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎12:06:38 PMGo to full article
Tewksbury, Mass. (UPI) Aug 13, 2015
Raytheon reports it is continue developing improved landing systems for F-35 jets and other aircraft flown from U.S. Navy aircraft carriers. The award to continue work comes under a engineering and manufacturing development contract for the Joint Precision Approach Landing Systems, or JPALS, program is worth $52 million. "The JPALS program is a collaboration between the U.S. Navy

Image analysis suggests NKorea boosting uranium stocks

‎14 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎12:06:38 PMGo to full article
Seoul (AFP) Aug 13, 2015
Fresh satellite images suggest North Korea is expanding its uranium extraction capacity, possibly with a view to increasing its stockpile of weapons-grade fissile material, according to a leading non-proliferation expert. The images show Pyongyang has begun to refurbish a major mill that turns uranium ore into yellowcake - a first step towards enriched uranium, said Jeffrey Lewis, an arms c

Three ex-Marines will raise US flag in Cuba, 54 years after lowering it

‎14 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎12:06:38 PMGo to full article
Washington (AFP) Aug 13, 2015
Three ex-Marines who lowered the US flag at the American embassy in Cuba in 1961 will be back Friday with Secretary of State John Kerry to raise the Stars and Stripes once again. "I'm gonna love seeing that flag go back up," said Jim Tracy in a video posted on the State Department website. Tracy was a Marine sergeant tasked with lowering the flag at the embassy in Havana when the United

Germany says Iraqi Kurdish forces report chemical attack

‎14 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎12:06:38 PMGo to full article
Berlin (AFP) Aug 13, 2015
Kurdish forces fighting Islamic State (IS) jihadists in northern Iraq have reported being attacked with chemical weapons, the German defence ministry said Thursday. "We have indications that there was an attack with chemical weapons" against the peshmerga fighters that left many suffering from "respiratory irritation," a ministry spokesman told AFP. A senior official from the peshmerga t

Nigeria gives military three months to end Boko Haram attacks

‎14 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎12:06:38 PMGo to full article
Abuja (AFP) Aug 13, 2015
Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari swore in a new set of military chiefs on Thursday, ordering them to end Boko Haram's bloody six-year Islamist insurgency within three months. The jihadist militia, which has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group, has waged a violent campaign for a separate Islamic homeland in the northeast which has seen more than 15,000 deaths since 2009. "Y







DVD Price R 899.00


Session Listing

Introduction and Isaiah 1

Introduction. Case against Judah.

Isaiah 2 - 5

A Vision of the Coming Kingdom. Israel, the Lord’s vineyard. The

Nation’s Judgment and Exile.

Isaiah 6 - 7

Isaiah’s New Commission. Confederacy of Rezin and Pekah. The Sign

of the Virgin.

Isaiah 8 - 9

Overthrow of Damascus and Samaria. Christ’s Birth.

Isaiah 10 - 12

Predicted Judgment upon Assyria. A Future Kingdom.

Isaiah 13 - 14

Babylon. Babylon’s Defeat. Lucifer’s Pride and Rebellion.

Isaiah 15 -18

Moab’s Devastation. Damascus will Fall. Ethiopia.

Isaiah 19 - 22

The Doom of Egypt. A Burden about Jerusalem.

Isaiah 23 - 27

A Burden about Tyre. Isaiah’s “Little Apocalypse” Chapters.

Session Listing

Isaiah 28 - 30

Prophetic warning concerning Ephraim and Judah.

Isaiah 31 - 35

Future Kingdom Blessings. Focus on Jerusalem.

Isaiah 36 - 39

Historical Parenthesis. Hezekiah and Rabshakeh.

Isaiah 40 - 42

How Many Isaiahs? Cyrus Predicted. Jesus Christ the Servant.

Isaiah 43 - 44

God’s Blessing on His people. The Rise of Cyrus.

Isaiah 45 (and the Gap Theory)

Cyrus to Restore Jerusalem. God created the Earth “not in vain.”

 The Gap Theory.

Isaiah 46 - 48

Babylon, the Pride of the Caldeans.

Isaiah 49 - 51

The Restoration of Israel. Vision of the Kingdom Age.

Session Listing

Isaiah 52 (and Acts 8)

Messianic Theme. The Ark of the Covenant. The Ethiopian Treasurer

in Acts Chapter 8. The Mercy Seat.

Isaiah 53 (Part 1)

The Holy of Holies of the Old Testament.

Isaiah 53 (Part 2)

The Fulcrum of the Entire Universe.

Isaiah 54 - 59

Israel, the Restored Wife. Idolaters rebuked.

Isaiah 60 - 62

Sin. Kingdom Age. The Two Comings of Christ. Kingdom Blessings.

Isaiah 63

Day of Vengeance. Isaiah Prays for Redemption of Israel.

Isaiah 64 - 66

A New Wine. New Heaven and New Earth. Judgment and Hope.



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Iranium DVD

The movie Mahmoud Ahmadinejad doesn't want you to see




Riots in the Middle East, bloodshed and the overthrow of a Dictator. Does this sound like the Middle East in 2011?  Try 1979, the year the Shah was overthrown in Iran.  Is it possible history is about to repeat itself as Islamic Fundamentalists replace the Arab dictatorships of the Arab world?  What lessons can we learn from the Iranian revolution and the threat this nation currently poses to Israel and the Western world.

In this Documentary you will be taken back to the events of 1979 and the history of terrorism and conflict that has developed since then to bring Iran on it's current nuclear path.  You will learn about the EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) threat to America, Iran's current treatment of it's own citizens and  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's obsession with the 12th Imam of Islam.

Although the Stuxnet virus may have slowed down it's nuclear program, it is only a matter of time before Iran crosses the nuclear threshold.  How will a nuclear Iran change the Middle East?  Saudi Arabia has already threatened to develop its own program (or buy one from Pakistan) in response. Iran's nuclear program could be one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century as the potential for nuclear devices to fall into the hands of terrorists increase.  This video will help you to see the emerging challenge we all face in a new urgency.  

Iran had attempted to shut down screenings of this movie in Canada but the Canadian government took a stand and showed this DVD despite the threats.  Find out why Iran is attempting to stop this movie from being seen around the world.

For a more detailed look at this DVD in relationship to current events we encourage you to watch Sean Hannity's interview with the producer here:



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Robotic Weapons - Chuck MIssler

In this segment, Chuck Missler discusses the use of robotic weapons. This segment comes from "The Hybrid Age" briefing pack recorded in 2011 and pu...



News About Missiles




News About Ballistic Missile Defense

US Army Held Missile Defense War Games to Subvert 'Russian Jamming'

‎18 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎10:14:11 AMGo to full article
Washington DC (Sputnik) Aug 18, 2015 - In an effort shore up its missile defense capabilities, the US military has conducted a massive electronic warfare exercise. The concern? Russian radar jamming technology.

Last spring, the US Army conducted a highly classified exercise deep in the New Mexico desert. Held at White Sands Missile Range, the electronic warfare drills were designed to find weaknesses in the Pentagon's missile defense capabilities.

To accomplish this, the military mimicked a series of offensive jamming attacks to test the readiness of the defense system. Evidently, those networks need a lot of improvement, as the results of the exercise produced nearly 70 terabytes of data, roughly twice the size of Wikipedia.

But the prime reason for the drills is concern that Russian and Chinese technology is too advanced for the US military to confront. According to Brig. Gen. Neil Thurgood, the Army's Program Executive Officer (PEO) for Missiles and Space, America's principal foes have developed advanced digital jamming far beyond old-school analog technology.

That advanced tech is not only capable of blocking missile defense radars from intercepting incoming signals, but can also fool the defenses with a false radar pulse.

Essentially, Russian and Chinese jammers can trick US missile defense networks into firing at empty sky.

To improve those defenses, the Army is hoping to streamline its computer networks. Testing the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System, the exercise at White Sands experimented with combining multiple radars into one, fluid, detection apparatus.

"Today, we don't hook all those together. We don't see one single air picture, one composite track for one target," Thurgood told Breaking Defense. "[But in the exercise] we had the Patriot weapon platform, the Sentinel [radar], the Avenger weapon platform, all linked to IBCS, all making the composite track, one track from all the sensors, and we practiced engagements..."

By relying on multiple radar platforms, it will prove more difficult to fool any one installation.

Of course, even with new ideas for improvement, it could still take over a year to fully analyze the results of the exercise, and even longer to implement any corrections.

This isn't the first sign that Western missile defense systems need drastic overhauls. On Wednesday, the head of the North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) announced that the organizations missile defense program "will not work" against an enemy attack.

While NORAD's concerns don't involve radar jamming, specifically, it is adopting a similar strategy to fix its flaws. By developing a global network capable of quickly transmitting targeting data, the defense organization hopes to improve its response time.

"We have the technology," Admiral Bill Gortney told Breaking Defense. "The technologies are probably all out there. It's getting it aligned."

Source: Sputnik News



US to withdraw Patriot missiles from Turkey in October

‎18 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎10:14:11 AMGo to full article
Istanbul (AFP) Aug 16, 2015 - Turkey and the United States said Sunday that Washington would withdraw its Patriot missile batteries from the country in October after bolstering Ankara's air defences against threats from Syria's civil war.

The NATO mandate for the mission will run out in October and will not be renewed, but the US is prepared to return Patriot assets and personnel to Turkey within one week if needed, a joint Turkish-US statement said.

"They will be redeployed to the US for critical modernisation upgrades that will ensure the US missile defence force remains capable of countering evolving global threats and protecting Allies and partners, including Turkey," the statement said.

It also emphasised that Washington remains "committed to supporting Turkey's air defence capabilities, including against ballistic missile risks and threats... and its security and regional stability."

A US defence official stressed that the move by the US military was for the purpose of force modernisation.

"It does not reflect a decision by the NATO Alliance to reduce support for Turkey's air defence," the official told AFP.

The decision comes less than a month after Turkey opened its southeastern Incirlik air base to US fighter jets to carry out bombing raids against Islamic State (IS) targets in Syria.

The US and Turkish officials have said their respective armies are currently working to coordinate logistics before starting full-scale operations against IS.

Turkey turned to its NATO allies for help over its troubled frontier after shells landed on its border areas from Syria in October 2012, killing several villagers.

The United States, the Netherlands and Germany have provided a total of six Patriots batteries along the Turkish border with Syria. Germany on Saturday announced it would withdraw its two missile systems from Turkey from January 31, saying that the main threat in the region now came from the Islamic State group.

Originally used as an anti-aircraft missile, Patriots today are used to defend airspace by detecting and destroying incoming missiles. NATO deployed Patriot missiles in Turkey during the 1991 Gulf war and in 2003 during the Iraqi conflict.

Turkey is currently pressing a two-pronged "anti-terror" offensive against IS jihadists in Syria and Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) militants in northern Iraq and southeast Turkey following a wave of attacks inside the country.

Ankara launched its first air strikes against IS targets in late July but then put them on hold, instead concentrating its firepower on Kurdish militants in operations that have troubled its allies.



Japan requests Aegis systems for new destroyers

‎13 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎05:39:32 AMGo to full article
Washington (UPI) Aug 10, 2015 - Japan's plan to build two destroyers is poised to receive tangible U.S. support through the acquisition of weapon systems.

The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency, which manages the Foreign Military Sales program, notified Congress Japan has requested Aegis combat systems and underwater weapon systems for the ships at an estimated cost $1.5 billion.

Other systems -- along with associated equipment, parts and support – would be part of the possible sale package approved by the U.S. State Department.

"Japan continues to modernize its fleet to support integrated air and missile defense roles and special mission requirements," DSCA said. "The addition of two new AEGIS DDGs (destroyers) will fulfill Japan's mission goal of acquiring eight ballistic missile defense capable ships and will further enhance interoperability with the U.S. Navy, build upon a longstanding cooperative effort with the United States, and provide enhanced capability with a valued partner in a geographic region of critical importance to Japan and the U.S. Government.

"The proposed sale to Japan will represent an important commitment by the U.S. Government in furtherance of foreign policy and national security goals for both the United States and Japan."

The combat systems will be procured over a period of six or seven years.

In addition to Aegis MK 7 shipsets, shopping list includes computer programs, multi-mission signal processors, AN/MK8 MOD4 Aegis common display systems, MK 99 MOD 8 fire control systems, AN/SPG-62A radar, ballistic missile defense units, identification-friend-or-foe systems, AN/SQQ-89A (V) 15 underwater surveillance and communication system, and other gear.

"The addition of two new AEGIS DDGs to Japan's fleet will afford more flexibility and capability to counter regional threats and continue to enhance stability in the region," DSCA said.

The agency said Japanese industry has requested participation with U.S. industry as sub-contractors as part of the FMS sale on a limited basis to provide selected components and software for the destroyers' weapons systems.

In other FMS developments, the State Department has also approved a request by Bahrain for follow-on support and associated equipment, parts and logistics for its fleet off F-16 aircraft.

The estimated price tag for the proposed deal is $150 million.

"The RBAF's F-16s are aging and periodic maintenance is becoming increasingly expensive," the agency said. "The age of the fleet, combined with an increased operational tempo due to recent involvement in Operation Inherent Resolve (anti ISIL bombings) has led to increased focus on maintenance and sustainment."

"The follow-on support is required to maintain the operational readiness of the Royal Bahrain Air Force's F-16 fleet.



Canada to Buy Israeli Iron Dome Technology

‎13 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎05:39:32 AMGo to full article
Washington DC (Sputnik) Jul 30, 2015 - Canada will acquire radar technology similar to Israel's Iron Dome Air Defense System to be delivered as early as 2017 to boost the country's defense capabilities, the Canadian Department of National Defense announced in a statement on Wednesday.

"Much like Israel's successful Iron Dome radar technology, the Medium Ranger Radar system will be able to instantly track enemy fire aimed at Canadian Armed Forces personnel and help keep them safe during operations," Canada's Defense Minister Jason Kenney was quoted as saying.

The new Canadian radar systems will be capable of simultaneously identifying multiple "airborne threats," tracking "hostile indirect fire," locating enemy positions as well as calculating the "point of impact of a projectile," according to the defense department.

Canadian defense supplier Rheinmetall Canada Inc. has won contracts to produce some 10 Medium Range Radar systems worth up to $243.3 million. It will work with a subcontractor of Israel Aerospace Industries, ELTA Systems Ltd., to receive the radar technology as early as 2017.

"The system is flexible enough to meet a wide range of missions. It is air transportable, is highly mobile, and is rapidly deployable. Users can remotely operate the system through its integrated networking capability," the statement read. "In addition, it can work day and night under all weather conditions to generate a real-time understanding of air traffic above a battlefield."

The Israeli Iron Dome is a missile defense system that has been in use since 2011. The all-weather air defense system was developed to protect the country from a potential nuclear threats from Iran, as well as Syria and Lebanon's Hezbollah militia. Additionally, the Iron Dome was used during Israel's summer 2014 military campaign in Gaza against Hamas forces, and had a 90-percent success rate over the 50-day conflict.




Canada to purchase Iron Dome-like radar systems

‎13 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎05:39:32 AMGo to full article
Ottawa (AFP) July 29, 2015 - Canada said Wednesday it will buy missile defense radars modeled after Israel's Iron Dome from German defense contractor Rheinmetall.

The defense ministry put the cost of the 10 medium range radar systems at Cad$243.3 million ($187.2 million).

Canada's National Defense Minister Jason Kenney hailed the deal, saying the technology had proved useful for Israel.

"Much like Israel's successful Iron Dome radar technology, the Medium Range Radar system will be able to instantly track enemy fire aimed at Canadian armed forces personnel and help keep them safe during operations," Kenney said.

The ministry said the radar systems are "capable of detecting hostile indirect fire, locating the position of the enemy weapon and calculating the point of impact of a projectile, as well as simultaneously tracking multiple airborne threats."

They will be manufactured by Rheinmetall's Canadian branch, which will work alongside ELTA Systems, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries.

The delivery of the radar systems is expected to begin in 2017.

Canada has become one of Israel's closest allies since the election of Canadian conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2006.

Canada was one of the few countries to oppose Palestine's bid for an upgraded status at the United Nations in 2012.

Rheinmetall also announced Wednesday a contract to provide the Canadian army with new communications and navigation technology, the modular Integrated Soldier System (ISS), which it said "greatly improves the situational awareness of the individual soldier."

The ISS contract is for four years, and if the qualification phase is approved by the Canadian government, could amount to a second contract worth a total of $Cad250 million, according to a statement from Rheinmetall Canada.





Saudis to acquire hundreds of advanced Patriot missiles

‎13 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎05:39:32 AMGo to full article
Washington (UPI) Jul 29, 2015 - The proposed sales of U.S. Patriot interceptor missiles and aircraft counter-measure systems to Middle East countries have received State Department approval.

The separate packages, through the Foreign Military Sales program, have a combined worth of more than $5.7 billion and would "contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the United States" by aiding key allies, U.S. officials said.

The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency, which manages the FMS program, told Congress the two countries involved are Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Saudi Arabia is seeking to acquire 600 Patriot Advanced Capability-3, Cost-Reduction Initiative Missiles with containers.

Included in the proposed deal would be PAC-3 CRI test missiles, PAC-3 telemetry kits, PAC-3 guidance enhanced flight test target/Patriot as a Target missiles, fire solution computers, launcher modification kits, automated logistics system kits, and other equipment and support services.

The price tag: $5.44 billion.

"The proposed sale will modernize and replenish Saudi Arabia's current Patriot missile stockpile, which is becoming obsolete and difficult to sustain due to age and limited availability of repair parts," DSCA said.

The United Arab Emirates is seeking AN/AAQ 24(V) Directional Infrared Countermeasures Systems, or DIRCM, and associated equipment, parts and logistical support under a proposed package worth $335 million.

In addition to four systems to help aircraft used to fly its head of state, the UAE is seeking small laser transmitter assemblies, system processors, and AN/AAR-54 Missile Warning System sensors. The sale also includes Control Interface Units, selective availability anti-spoofing modules, and other gear, as well as contractor support.

"This proposed sale of DIRCM will help provide protection to the UAE's Head of State aircraft," the agency said. "DIRCM will facilitate a more robust capability against increased missile threats. The sale of this advanced system will enhance the safety of the UAE's political leadership while bolstering U.S.-UAE relations."

The principal contractor for the proposed UAE sales would e Boeing and Northrop Grumman. Implementation of the sale would require one Field Service representative to live in the UAE for up to two years and U.S. government or contractor representatives to travel to the UAE for up to 6 years for support.

DSCA said neither the proposed sale of missiles to Saudi Arabia or DIRCM systems to the UAE would upset the existing military balance in the region. Nor, it said, would either sale have an adverse impact on U.S. defense readiness.



$1.5B contract goes to Lockheed Martin for Patriot interceptors

‎29 ‎July ‎2015, ‏‎02:05:51 PMGo to full article
Dallas (UPI) Jul 29, 2015 - Lockheed Martin reports receipt of a $1.5 billion contract to produce advanced missiles for Patriot air-defense systems for allied nations.

The PAC-3 and PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhancement missiles deal includes provision of associated equipment and spare parts.

Recipients of the interceptors through the U.S Foreign Military Sales program are the Republic of Korea, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates.

"The PAC-3 and the PAC-3 MSE interceptors are the most advanced, capable and reliable terminal air-defense missiles in the world," said Scott Arnold, Lockheed Martin's vice president of PAC-3 programs. "As threats grow in complexity, these interceptors will continue to be in high demand to protect soldiers and citizens around the globe."

The PAC-3 Missile is a high-velocity hit-to-kill interceptor fpr defense against incoming and aircraft. The PAC-3 MSE uses two-pulse solid rocket motor to increased altitude and range.

The U.S. Army Contracting Command at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama is the contracting authority for the production work.


Russia Will Knock Out US Missile Shield Installations If Attacked

‎23 ‎July ‎2015, ‏‎07:44:40 AMGo to full article
Moscow (Sputnik) Jul 23, 2015 - If attacked, Russia will respond with retaliatory strikes at US missile defense installations wherever they may be in the world, Russia's former Strategic Missile Forces' commander warned on Tuesday.

"Any military facility of the US global missile shield will become a primary target of a Russian counterattack in the event of a military aggression against this country," Viktor Yesin told RIA Novosti news agency.

The deployment of US missile defenses in Europe under the pretext of protecting America's European allies against an imaginary missile attack by Iran has been a major irritant in US-Russia relations.

Washington insists the European missile shield is not aimed against Russia, but refuses to provide any legal guarantees to Moscow that its missile defense systems in Europe are not directed at Russia's strategic nuclear deterrent.

Source: Sputnik News



US Awards $870Mln Contract to Develop Missile Defense Command System

‎23 ‎July ‎2015, ‏‎07:44:40 AMGo to full article
Washington DC (Sputnik) Jun 25, 2015 - The C2BMC is an operational system that enables the US President, Defense Secretary and combatant commanders to conduct ballistic missile defense planning, according to the Defense Department.

"[Lockheed Martin] has been awarded a maximum $870,000,000... [to develop] the command and control, battle management and communications [C2BMC] system located worldwide for the Ballistic Missile Defense System," the release said on Monday.

The development of the C2BMC, the release explained, will enhance US homeland defense while meeting requirements for the planned deployment of BMD systems to NATO allies, referred to as the European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA).

Lockheed Martin plans to perform the development in Arlington, Virginia; Huntsville, Alabama; and Colorado Springs, Colorado, with an expected completion date of December 31, 2021, the release added.

C2BMC integrates globally deployed sensors, radars, satellites and interceptors into a single network, providing commanders with a unified picture of missile threats across the globe, according to an earlier Lockheed Martin press release.

In March 2015, a Defense Department spokesperson announced that EPAA will include deployment of anti-ballistic missiles and BMD systems to Romania in 2015 and Poland in 2018.

US authorities are reportedly considering deploying missiles to Europe to counter Russia's alleged violations of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty. Russian officials have pointed out that US missile defense launchers stationed in Poland and Romania are violations of the INF treaty.

Source: Sputnik News



US Authorizes 'Forward-Based' Missile Defense System for Allies

‎23 ‎July ‎2015, ‏‎07:44:40 AMGo to full article
Washington (Sputnik) Jun 17, 2015 - US defense industry giant Raytheon said that the US government authorized its allies to purchase missile defense radars for use in forward-based mode for early threat detection. The US government authorized its allies to purchase missile defense radars for use in forward-based mode for early threat detection, US defense industry giant Raytheon said in a press release on Monday.

"The US government has authorized several US allies and security partners to potentially purchase via Foreign Military Sales the Raytheon-made AN/TPY-2 ballistic missile defense radar, for use in forward-based mode," the release stated.

In forward-based mode, the release explained, the transportable radar system is positioned near hostile territory so it can detect ballistic missiles in the ascent phase shortly after they are launched.

The AN/TPY-2 will allow US allies to enhance defensive capabilities and improve the performance of existing capabilities such as the Patriot air defense system, the release said.

Raytheon's announcement comes as senior US officials are reportedly contemplating potential responses to alleged Russian violations of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

The Cold War-era INF Treaty prohibits testing, possessing or producing medium-range ground-based cruise and nuclear missiles.

The United States has accused Russia of conducting test flights of cruise missiles in violation of the Cold War-era INF Treaty. The Treaty prohibits testing, possessing or producing medium-range ground-based cruise and nuclear missiles.

One of the options US officials are considering is to deploy missiles to Europe to defend against any advantage Russia might gain from a ground-based system, or a more aggressive "counterforce" of ground-based strategic weapons or cruise missiles.

Russia claims NATO's ballistic missile defense and the US use of certain drones are a violation of the INF treaty.

Source: Sputnik News



USAF Early Warning Satellites Get No-Cost Update from Lockheed Martin

‎23 ‎July ‎2015, ‏‎07:44:40 AMGo to full article
Sunnyvale CA (SPX) Jun 11, 2015 - The U.S. Air Force's newest infrared surveillance and missile warning satellites will be based on Lockheed Martin's modernized A2100 spacecraft, an update that improves system affordability and resiliency while also adding the flexibility to use future payloads. The fifth and sixth Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) satellites will receive this advanced spacecraft technology at no additional cost to the existing fixed-price contract.

The SBIRS program is responsible for America's early missile warning and infrared surveillance missions, which are crucial to global security.

In response to the Department of Defense's need for more affordable and resilient systems, the Air Force and Lockheed Martin worked to add the A2100 bus update to the 2014 SBIRS block-buy contract, which already saved the Air Force more than $1 billion. The modernized A2100 adds further affordability by using common components, streamlined manufacturing and has a flexible design that reduces the cost to incorporate future, modernized sensor suites.

"Through the leadership of the Air Force's Space and Missile Systems Center, we have been working to address the Department of Defense's Better Buying Power and Bending the Cost Curve initiatives to deliver more value per dollar on this vital national security system," said David Sheridan, Lockheed Martin vice president and SBIRS program manager.

"SBIRS has been providing outstanding global coverage for the Air Force, and migration to the modernized A2100 will help keep SBIRS ahead of America's adversaries while dramatically reducing costs and cycle times."

The modernized A2100 builds on a flight-proven bus that is the foundation for more than 40 satellites in orbit today. Through an internally-funded, multi-year modernization effort, Lockheed Martin has enhanced the spacecraft's power, propulsion and electronics, while also adopting the latest advanced manufacturing techniques to decrease production costs and timelines.



Kremlin Focuses on Alleged US Plans to Aim Missiles at Russia's Nukes

‎23 ‎July ‎2015, ‏‎07:44:40 AMGo to full article
Moscow, Russia (Sputnik) Jun 09, 2015 - Moscow is paying much attention to US press reports about Washington's possible deployment of nuclear missiles that can threaten Russia's nuclear potential.

Mocow has directed much of its attention on US press reports about Washington's possible deployment of nuclear missiles capable of threatening Russia's nuclear potential and will first analyze them before making any assessments, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Friday.

"Of course, we paid attention to these reports from the press. We first need to analyze these reports, this information before we give any type of assessment, but we have of course placed much attention on these reports," Peskov told journalists.

Earlier media reports suggested that the United States was considering deploying missile systems in Europe as a response to an alleged violation of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty by Moscow.

The United States is suspecting Russian authorities of testing ground-launched cruise missiles with a range that is not allowed by the treaty.

The INF Treaty bans nuclear and conventional ground-based cruise and ballistic missiles with ranges of 500-5,500 kilometers (310-3,400 miles).

Russia, in its turn, has reminded of alleged violations of the treaty by the United States by placing missile defense launchers in Poland and Romania, which, in Moscow's view, could be used to deploy Tomahawk cruise missiles.




Boecore to support Army missile defense

‎23 ‎July ‎2015, ‏‎07:44:40 AMGo to full article
Colorado Springs (UPI) Jun 10, 2015 - The U.S. military has contracted Boecore Inc. to provide technical, advisory and operational support to missile defense and strategic commands.

The Space and Missile Defense Advisory and Assistance Services contract is from the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command. It is a multiple award indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity award and worth $496 million over a five-year period. Boecore is one of four awardees of the contract.

Its services -- to be performed primarily in Colorado, Alabama, Texas and the National Capital Region -- will be in the areas of missile defense, global strike, cyber operations, warfighter training, friendly force tracking and commercial imagery, among others.

"Winning this contract allows Boecore to further support SMDC/ARSTRAT by providing exceptional technical capabilities and expertise in support of their mission needs," said Kathy Boe, CEO of Boecore.

Boecore Inc. is a woman-owned small business specializing in cybersecurity, software solutions, systems engineering, enterprise networks and mission operations.



Germany opts for MEADS missile defence system

‎23 ‎July ‎2015, ‏‎07:44:40 AMGo to full article
Berlin (AFP) June 9, 2015 - The German government has decided to buy the MEADS missile defence system built by European defence group MBDA and Lockheed Martin, instead of the Patriot system made by Raytheon, the defence ministry announced on Tuesday.

German media reports put the value of the contract at several billions of euros.

After long years of deliberation, the German army finally opted for the next-generation Medium Extended Air Defence System (MEADS) made by MBDA, which is a consortium that includes Italy's Finmeccanica SpA, Airbus Group and Britain's BAE Systems Plc, the ministry said in a statement.

It will replace by 2025 the current Patriot system, used by Germany since 1989.

US-based Raytheon had also been in the bidding for the new contract, with an updated version of Patriot.

The number of units that the German army wants to buy was not yet disclosed, but media reports put it at eight or ten.

German news agency DPA said Berlin had already poured four billion euros into the project's development and could invest "three or four billion euros more."

MEADS is a mobile surface-to-air missile system designed to ward off attacks from tactical ballistic missiles and aircraft.

In 2014, developers announced that a MEADS unit had a 360-degree firing arc, and so could successfully deflect simultaneous rocket attacks from different directions.

The choice, taken against a backdrop of budget cutbacks within the army, angered the opposition, with the far-left Linke party slamming it as a "new waste of billions of taxpayers' money," while the environmentalist Green party said the government was "throwing money out of the window."

The decision comes at a time of mounting criticism of the Bundeswehr's faulty and outdated equipment.

Even its standard G36 assault rifle was revealed to have serious technical flaws.

Recent media reports revealed serious problems with several types of aircraft crippling Germany's military abilities at a time when the country is considering greater international engagement.



Northrop's battle command system brings down ballistic missile target

‎23 ‎July ‎2015, ‏‎07:44:40 AMGo to full article
White Sands Missile Range, N.M. (UPI) May 28, 2015 - The integrated air and missile defense Battle Command System downed a ballistic missile in its first flight test by Northrop Grumman and the U.S. Army.

The test on Thursday was conducted using the IAMD BCS, a Patriot system radar and two adapted Patriot launchers connected at the component level to the IBCS integrated fire control network, Northrop Grumman said.

Using measurement data from the Patriot radar, the IBCS track manager established a composite track on the ballistic missile, the IBCS mission control software assessed the track as a threat and presented an engagement solution. The engagement operations center operator then used the IBCS mission control software to command the launches of two Patriot PAC-2 interceptor missiles to destroy the target in flight.

"IBCS is crucial to the Army vision for an IAMD C2 [command and control] capability across all echelons and AMD assets, including joint systems," said Brig. Gen. (P) L. Neil Thurgood, Army program executive officer, Missiles and Space. "The success of IBCS allows our ability to acquire needed radars and interceptors to plug into our architecture without having to buy entire systems and to optimize the sensor/shooter relationship to the target.

"Additionally, IBCS allows for a single AMD C2 that is tailorable at every echelon and reduces the training burden while enhancing mission success."

Northrop Grumman's IBCS is to replace seven legacy command-and-control systems to provide a single integrated air picture, reduce single points of failure and offer the flexibility for deployment of smaller force packages. The networking sensors and interceptors – instead of linking them -- provides wider area surveillance and broader protection areas.

IBCS's open systems architecture allows integration of current and future sensors and weapon systems and enables interoperability with joint C2 and the U.S. ballistic missile defense system.



US Defense Department to Deploy Radar in Alaska to Protect Pacific Coast

‎23 ‎July ‎2015, ‏‎07:44:40 AMGo to full article
Moscow (Sputnik) May 28, 2015 - The Long Range Discrimination Radar (LRDR) will tentatively be deployed in the US state of Alaska to improve defense capabilities of the US west coast, the US Department of Defense said in a statement.

"Clear Air Force Station, an Air Force Space Command radar station located in central Alaska, has been tentatively identified as the preferred location for the LRDR," the statement, issued on Friday, said.

The Department of Defense added that the new radar will "increase the capacity of the ground-based midcourse defense inventory of interceptors in Alaska and California."

The LRDR will also serve as a midcourse sensor for the US Ballistic Missile Defense System and will help to better address potential countermeasures.

The radar, which is pending completion of required environmental and safety studies, is scheduled to start working in 2020, according to the statement.

The final decision on the radar's location will be made after the environmental impact analysis has been completed, the Defense Department added.

In June 2014, US Missile Defense Agency Vice Admiral James Syring said the radar project is "absolutely vital" to the United States amid military threats and rhetoric coming from North Korea.

Source: Sputnik News



US Aegis Ships Could Pose Threat to Russia

‎23 ‎July ‎2015, ‏‎07:44:40 AMGo to full article
Moscow (Sputnik) May 25, 2015 - Russian Embassy to Washington Counselor Alexander Trofimov says that US Navy Aegis ships based in Europe could secretly carry cruise missiles threatening Russia.

US Navy Aegis ships based in Europe could secretly carry cruise missiles threatening Russia, Russian Embassy to Washington Counselor Alexander Trofimov told a Congressional roundtable discussion on missile defense in Europe in the US Congress.

"Aegis can fire [anti-ballistic missile] interceptors and attack [cruise] missiles like the Tomahawk," Trofimov said on Wednesday.

Trofimov explained the defensive interceptors and offensive Tomahawk cruise missiles would be vertically deployed on the ships, making it difficult for air or space reconnaissance to identify them.

On May 1, 2015, the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Porter joined two other destroyers, USS Donald Cook and USS Ross, at the Naval Station Rota in Spain as part of the European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA) to ballistic missile defense (BMD).

A fourth Arleigh Burke-class warship, the USS Carney, will join them later in 2015.

All four ships have had their Aegis combat systems upgraded to handle BMD threats.

Trofimov said the deployment was continuing without any US-Russian dialogue to address Moscow's concerns that it was threatening the power balance in Europe.

"The new missile defense deployment is not just about missile defense. It is about threats to strategic stability," the diplomat said.

US President Barack Obama approved the EPAA in 2009. The EPAA uses mobile radars and interceptors mounted on Aegis-class Ticonderoga-class cruisers and Arleigh Burke-class destroyers.

Source: Sputnik News



US, NATO Have 'No Plans' to Place Missile Defense Systems in Ukraine

‎09 ‎July ‎2015, ‏‎10:16:57 AMGo to full article
Moscow (Sputnik) May 22, 2015 - Ukrainian National Security Service Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said earlier on Wednesday that Ukraine may hold consultations to place missile defense systems on its territory to ensure security against nuclear threats.

"I don't think we are exactly sure what they were referring to," Harf said. "NATO ballistic missile defense plans are well-known. All existing and planned elements are on NATO territory."

NATO's missile defense is not directed against Russia, but against threats from the Middle East, Harf said.

"There is no offer or plan to place US or NATO ballistic missile defense systems in Ukraine."

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that if Ukraine deployed elements of US missile defense systems on its territory, then Russia would need to respond in order to ensure its own security.

Source: Sputnik News


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