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Weapons Proliferation

      Modern Technology has made it possible for countries all over the world to possess the means for controlling their own populations and to threaten other nations with mass destruction. It no longer matters whether a nation is rich or poor, large or small, first world or third world. Almost anyone can make or purchase weapons that 50 years ago could not even be imagined.









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Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense



Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense


Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense


N. Korea says rocket launch early as Sunday

‎06 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎01:30:08 PMGo to full article
Seoul (AFP) Feb 6, 2016
North Korea's widely-condemned launch of a long-range rocket could happen within a matter of hours, after Pyongyang shortened and brought forward the start of the launch window to Sunday morning. An updated notification sent by Pyongyang to UN agencies on Saturday - a copy of which was released by the South Korean government - said the launch would now take place between February 7-14.

Pakistan wants as many Taliban groups as possible to join talks

‎06 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎01:30:08 PMGo to full article
Islamabad (AFP) Feb 6, 2016
Pakistan said as many Taliban groups as possible must be persuaded to join any upcoming peace discussions with the Afghan government, as a third round of four-country talks aimed at reviving negotiations with the insurgent group began Saturday. Delegates from Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and the United States convened in the Pakistani capital Islamabad over the weekend even as the insurgent

Obama, Park press Beijing on N.Korea sanctions

‎06 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎01:30:08 PMGo to full article
Washington (AFP) Feb 5, 2016
The campaign to win China's backing for deeper sanctions against North Korea gained in intensity Friday, with the US and South Korean presidents making their case directly to Xi Jinping. Presidents Barack Obama and Park Geun-Hye spoke to their Chinese counterpart by phone in separate calls to demand punitive measures following a recent nuclear test. On January 6 Pyongyang detonated what

SM-6 missile demonstrates capabilities

‎06 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎01:30:08 PMGo to full article
Honolulu (UPI) Feb 5, 2016
Raytheon's surface-to-air SM-6 Block 1 missile has successfully demonstrated its capabilities in U.S. Navy test flights off the Hawaiian coast. The tests in January were part of the SM-6 Blk I Follow-on Operational Test and Evaluation events planned to assess missile performance, the Navy said. "These flight tests, once again, demonstrate the versatility and capability that the S

US calls on Russia to hold new nuke talks

‎06 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎01:30:08 PMGo to full article
Washington (AFP) Feb 5, 2016
President Barack Obama's national security advisor used the anniversary of a major nuclear arms reduction treaty Friday to call on Russia to accept further arms talks. Five years after Washington and Moscow agreed the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, Susan Rice called on Russia to take the next step. "(We) continue to call on Russia to answer the president's invitation five years ago

$66M set aside by U.S. for military facilities in Philippines

‎06 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎01:30:08 PMGo to full article
Manila (UPI) Feb 5, 2016
The United States plans to spend $66 million to construct military facilities in the Philippines under the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement. The Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, or EDCA, is an agreement reached in 2014 between the United States and the Philippines aiming to strengthen strengthen ties and bolster the defensive capabilities of the Philippines. The plan was di

Bulgaria authorises NATO to protect its airspace

‎06 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎01:30:08 PMGo to full article
Sofia (AFP) Feb 5, 2016
Faced with an ageing fleet, Bulgaria's parliament on Friday voted in favour of a controversial law amendment granting NATO jets the authority to help protect its airspace. The vote passed by 96 to 34 after a heated debate among lawmakers. Bulgaria's opposition, made up of socialists and ultra-nationalists, had been highly critical of the proposal, calling it "a violation of national so

Twitter blocks 125,000 accounts in 'terrorist content' crackdown

‎06 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎01:30:08 PMGo to full article
Washington (AFP) Feb 5, 2016
Twitter said Friday it suspended more than 125,000 accounts, most of them linked to the Islamic State group, as part of increased efforts to eradicate "terrorist content" on the popular messaging platform. The accounts frozen since mid-2015 were targeted "for threatening or promoting terrorist acts," said Twitter, which is under pressure from governments to act but is also keen not to be see

IS claims suicide attacks targeting Iraqi forces

‎06 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎01:30:08 PMGo to full article
Baghdad (AFP) Feb 5, 2016
The Islamic State group said that five of its suicide bombers attacked Iraqi forces in Anbar province on Friday and that a sixth targeted pro-government fighters north of Baghdad. IS said five bombers infiltrated and attacked a housing complex belonging to the Al-Asad military base in Anbar province, west of the capital, sparking hours of clashes with security forces before the militants det

US lawmakers ask to visit Iran to see 'democracy in action'

‎06 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎01:30:08 PMGo to full article
Washington (AFP) Feb 5, 2016
Seeking to keep tabs on what they called a "fanatical regime," three US lawmakers applied Thursday for visas to Iran to observe this month's elections, visit nuclear sites and meet with Revolutionary Guards. The unlikely approval of the visas would mark a startling development in Washington-Tehran ties, following completion of a landmark nuclear deal last year which saw sanctions lifted agai

Pentagon releases vetted batch of detainee abuse photos

‎06 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎01:30:08 PMGo to full article
Washington (AFP) Feb 5, 2016
The Pentagon on Friday released a small portion of photographs showing injuries suffered by detainees allegedly at the hands of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan over a decade ago. Many of the 198 carefully vetted images are close-ups showing cuts, bruises, swollen joints and relatively small wounds. The men's identity is concealed in each picture and there is little or no context to su

General Dynamics to support Egyptian M1A1 production

‎06 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎01:30:08 PMGo to full article
Washington (UPI) Feb 5, 2016
The U.S. Army has given General Dynamics Land Systems a $15.9 million contract with options for technical services supporting domestic Egyptian M1A1 production. The foreign military sales contract supports the U.S.-Egypt co-production program, which began in 1988 through the U.S. Army. The U.S. placed a hold on the tank's delivery to Egypt in 2013 in response to the country's cou

US withdrawal will hurt Afghan troop training: general

‎06 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎01:30:08 PMGo to full article
Washington (AFP) Feb 4, 2016
The planned withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan will hurt efforts to train and support local forces, the top US and NATO military commander in the war-torn country said Thursday. General John Campbell, who is reaching the end of an 18-month tour in Afghanistan and is expected to retire, said plans to draw the current US presence of 9,800 troops down to 5,500 would leave "very limited" c

Madonna embroiled in Taiwan-China row over flag

‎06 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎01:30:08 PMGo to full article
Taipei (AFP) Feb 5, 2016
Pop diva Madonna has waded into the war of words over Taiwanese identity after draping herself in the island's flag, sparking ire in China, where any suggestion of independence is scorned. Taiwan's Apple Daily and Liberty Times newspapers ran photos of Madonna with the flag over her shoulders as she sang an encore Thursday on the Taipei leg of her global Rebel Heart Tour. The move was g

Syria regime forces make fresh gains in south

‎06 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎01:30:08 PMGo to full article
Beirut (AFP) Feb 5, 2016
Pro-government troops backed by Russian warplanes on Friday retook a rebel bastion used as a launch pad for attacks in southern Syria, a monitor said, in their latest territorial gain. Syrian soldiers, fighters from Lebanon's Hezbollah movement, and local and foreign militiamen seized Ataman, just two kilometres (1.3 miles) from Daraa, capital of the province of the same name, according to t



India gathers navies in show of maritime might

‎05 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎07:02:55 AMGo to full article
New Delhi (AFP) Feb 4, 2016
India kicked off a major display of maritime might Thursday, with ships from 50 navies converging on the country's east coast, as New Delhi seeks to boost its leadership in the region. Ninety ships including from the US, French, British and Chinese navies are taking part in the international fleet review in the Bay of Bengal - a ceremonial inspection and parade of boats and crews. India

Boeing could make Super Hornets in India if purchased

‎05 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎07:02:55 AMGo to full article
New Delhi (UPI) Feb 3, 2016
Boeing is in talks to manufacture its F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet in India as part of the country's Make In India initiative if it agrees to procure the aircraft. Make In India is a government program launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which aims to encourage multinational and domestic companies to invest in the country by building products there. Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg

F-35 deficiencies raise Pentagon concerns

‎05 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎07:02:55 AMGo to full article
Washington (UPI) Feb 3, 2016
An agency of the U.S. Department of Defense is warning the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is being rushed into service, citing a list of problems with the aircraft. In a memo recently released by the Defense Department's Operational Test and Evaluation director Michael Gilmore, the agency lists a host of problems with the aircraft including several software complications and even a dangerous

Walking on water: USU researchers unravel science of skipping spheres

‎05 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎07:02:55 AMGo to full article
Logan UT (SPX) Feb 05, 2016
It takes a perfect flick of the wrist and just the right angle to get a disk-shaped stone to skip across the surface of the water multiple times. So why is it so easy to get such impressive water-skipping performance from an elastic ball with only a mediocre launch? Researchers at Utah State University's College of Engineering say they have some answers that may offer new insight into wate

New material lights up when detecting explosives

‎05 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎07:02:55 AMGo to full article
Odense M, Denmark (SPX) Feb 05, 2016
Scientists have created a material which turns fluorescent if there are molecules from explosives in the vicinity. The discovery could improve e.g. airport security - and also it gives us an insight into a rather chaotic micro-world where molecules and atoms constantly are responding to their surroundings. Unlike humans, dogs' noses are so sensitive that they can smell explosives in the vi

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks' fugitive anti-hero

‎05 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎07:02:55 AMGo to full article
London (AFP) Feb 4, 2016
When WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange announced he might finally leave Ecuador's embassy in London, it was a new twist in a long-running thriller pitting hi-tech activists against mighty governments. The Australian ex-computer hacker, whose website enraged Washington and governments worldwide by publishing hundreds of thousands of secret files, has been holed up for three and a half years in

Galileo signals covering more of the sky

‎05 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎07:02:55 AMGo to full article
Paris (ESA) Feb 03, 2016
Europe's ninth and tenth Galileo satellites have started broadcasting working navigation messages. These two satellites were launched together on 11 September last year. Once safely in orbit and their systems activated, their navigation payloads and search and rescue transponders were subjected to a rigorous process of in-orbit testing, to ensure their performance reached the necessary specifica

China launches 21st Beidou navigation satellite

‎05 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎07:02:55 AMGo to full article
Xichang (XNA) Feb 03, 2016
China put a new-generation satellite into orbit to support its global navigation and positioning network at 3:29 p.m. Monday. Launched from Xichang satellite launch center in the southwestern province of Sichuan, the satellite was aboard a Long March-3C carrier rocket. It is the 21st satellite in the Beidou Navigation Satellite System, and takes China one step closer to providing an alternative

Lockheed Martin's GPS III completes thermal vacuum testing

‎05 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎07:02:55 AMGo to full article
Denver (UPI) Feb 3, 2016
Lockheed Martin's Global Positioning System III satellite for the U.S. Air Force recently completed thermal vacuum testing to validate the design. Thermal vacuum testing, also known as TVAC, is designed to test the operational capabilities and structural integrity of the satellite. The testing involves exposing the satellite assembly to space temperature extremes in a depressurized cham

Latvia up in arms over BBC's Russian invasion drama

‎05 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎07:02:55 AMGo to full article
Riga (AFP) Feb 4, 2016
A BBC television drama depicting a Russian-backed rebellion in Latvia has triggered an outcry in the small Baltic NATO and EU state, with the foreign minister slamming the plot as "rubbish". The programme, titled "Third World War: Inside The War Room", aired on Wednesday and featured scenes of a Kremlin-supported rebellion in Latvia's eastern Latgale region, clearly modelled on the conflict

US drone strike kills top Qaeda chief in south Yemen: family

‎05 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎07:02:55 AMGo to full article
Aden (AFP) Feb 4, 2016
An air strike believed to have been carried out by a US drone in south yemen on Thursday killed a prominent chief of Al-Qaeda's branch in the war-torn country, a family member said. Jalal Belaidi, alias Abu Hamza, a top commander of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), was killed along with two guards in the Maraqesha area of Abyan province, the relative said. The United States is t

Navy gives maritime V-22s official designation

‎05 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎07:02:55 AMGo to full article
Washington (UPI) Feb 4, 2016
The maritime variant of the V-22 Osprey has received an official U.S. Navy designation and will serve as a Carrier Onboard Delivery aircraft. The official Navy designation for the tilt-rotar Bell Boeing aircraft is CMV-22B, the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command reported. The Navy plans for a fleet of 44 CMV-22B aircraft, equipped with an extended-range fuel system, a high-frequency

Russia accuses Turkey of preparing to invade Syria

‎05 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎07:02:55 AMGo to full article
Moscow (AFP) Feb 4, 2016
Russia on Thursday accused Turkey of actively preparing to invade Syria, saying it had spotted troops and military equipment on the border with the war-torn country. "We have serious grounds to suspect Turkey is in intensive preparations for an armed invasion of the territory of a sovereign state - the Syrian Arab Republic," the defence ministry said in a statement. Ties between Moscow,

Russia proposes licensed production of T-90S tanks in Iran

‎05 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎07:02:55 AMGo to full article
Yekaterinburg, Russia (UPI) Feb 4, 2016
Russia is proposing to license the production of its T-90S gun launcher-armed tanks in Iran if U.N. sanctions on the country are lifted. The T-90S, built by Russian corporation Uralvagonzavod, is the latest tank in Russia's T-series. Uralvagonzavod deputy director general Alexey Zharich says his corporation will be able to move forward licensing the production of the tank in the country

U.S. Navy requests 4,000 Tomahawk cruise missiles in budget

‎05 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎07:02:55 AMGo to full article
Washington (UPI) Feb 4, 2016
U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter revealed the U.S. Navy made a $2 billion budget request to buy 4,000 Raytheon Tomahawk cruise missiles for fiscal 2017. The Navy's budget request is part of the Future Years Defense Program, which aims to expand the missile's capability and service life, after orders for the missile dwindled in recent years. Carter detailed the budget request during his



N. Korea confirms imminent satellite launch

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎09:43:01 AMGo to full article
Seoul (AFP) Feb 2, 2016
North Korea confirmed Tuesday it was planning an imminent space rocket launch - a move the US immediately condemned as "another egregious violation" of UN resolutions following Pyongyang's nuclear test last month. The North sent formal notifications to three UN agencies, including the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), of its intention to launch an earth observation satellite betwee

Xi consolidates military control: Chinese media

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎09:43:01 AMGo to full article
Beijing (AFP) Feb 2, 2016
The official reorganization of China's military will enhance both its ability to win wars and the Communist Party's control over it, state-run media said Tuesday. State broadcaster CCTV repeatedly showed footage of President Xi Jinping presenting flags to the officers leading five new theatre commands, down from seven military regions previously. The reforms put the new commands under th

Chinese envoy in N. Korea amid sanctions push

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎09:43:01 AMGo to full article
Seoul (AFP) Feb 2, 2016
China's top envoy on the North Korean nuclear issue arrived in Pyongyang on Tuesday, amid a US-led international effort to sanction the North over its recent nuclear test. Wu Dawei's arrival was confirmed by the North's official KCNA news agency in a brief dispatch that gave no details of his itinerary. It was the first known visit by a Chinese diplomat to the North since the January 6 n

Two US generals in favor of the draft for women

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎09:43:01 AMGo to full article
Washington (AFP) Feb 2, 2016
American women should be required to register for the draft, two top military officials said Tuesday, following the Pentagon's decision to open all jobs including elite commando positions to females. Though the US military has been an all-volunteer force since near the end of the Vietnam War, in 1973, all men aged 18-25 must nonetheless register for the draft in case of a national crisis and

Thales helicopter simulator receives Level D qualification in Norway

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎09:43:01 AMGo to full article
Oslo, Norway (UPI) Feb 03, 2016
The Thales Reality H Full Sight Simulator has received Level D qualification for the Norway Training Center. The simulator is equipped with a Hexaline all-electric motion system in addition to the ThalesView visual system, designed to simulate a variety of flight conditions for pilots in training. The system is scheduled to launch with its customers Blueway Offshore Norway AS and Dancop

Syria regime advances on besieged Aleppo villages

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎09:43:01 AMGo to full article
Hardatneen, Syria (AFP) Feb 2, 2016
Syrian regime forces edged closer to breaking a long-running rebel siege on two government-held Shiite villages in Aleppo province on Tuesday, backed by heavy Russian air strikes. A Syrian colonel on the ground said government forces were "three kilometres (1.9 miles) from Nubol and Zahraa." He said they planned to "break the siege on them and cut the only remaining rebel supply route be

BAE to support construction of second Thai patrol vessel

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎09:43:01 AMGo to full article
Washington (UPI) Feb 03, 2016
BAE Systems to assist Bangkok Dock in the construction of its second 90-meter Offshore Patrol Vessel for the Royal Thai Navy. Under the contract, the company will provide engineering support and advice during the construction process. BAE Systems Naval Ships commercial director Nigel Stewart says the contract helps strengthen the relationship between the company and Thailand's navy.

Pope reaches out to China with New Year praise

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎09:43:01 AMGo to full article
Vatican City (AFP) Feb 2, 2016
Pope Francis hailed China's "great history of wisdom" on Tuesday, holding out the prospect of reconciliation with Beijing sought by some Chinese Catholics but feared by many others. In an interview to mark the upcoming Chinese New Year, he said China "has always been for me a reference point of greatness. A great country. But more than a country, a great culture, with an inexhaustible wisdom

Raytheon developing radar upgrade for Patriot system

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎09:43:01 AMGo to full article
Andover, Mass. (UPI) Feb 2, 2016
The main radar array of the Patriot Air and Missile Defense system is being upgraded by Raytheon for enhanced 360-degree coverage capability. The enhancement comes through the use of a gallium nitride-, or GaN-based, Active Electronically Scanned Array technology. A full-size, main panel radar array prototype is being worked on and a prototype will be ready for testing this year, the co

Syria peace talks in trouble after intense Russian strikes

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎09:43:01 AMGo to full article
Geneva (AFP) Feb 2, 2016
The latest push to end Syria's tangled conflict was in fresh disarray Tuesday as the government denied formal talks had begun and the opposition cancelled a meeting with the UN envoy following intense Russian air strikes. The main opposition umbrella group attending the biggest effort yet to end the war called Russia's bombardment near Aleppo - with 270 raids since Monday morning, according

Israel begins testing Trophy system on Namer troop carriers

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎09:43:01 AMGo to full article
Tel Aviv, Israel (UPI) Feb 03, 2016
Israeli defense officials began operational testing of their Namer heavy troop carrier, equipping it with their homemade Trophy Active Protection System. The Israeli Defense Ministry announced it completed integrating the Trophy on the vehicle on Thursday, and will later install the system on all new Namer vehicles following the tests. "At the end of a series of tests that are ta

U.S. Navy begins testing on mobile meteorological system

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎09:43:01 AMGo to full article
San Diego (UPI) Feb 03, 2016
The U.S. Navy began acceptance testing of the next-generation Meteorological Mobile Facility. The metrological system, also referred to as METMR(R) NEXGEN, is designed to provide coalition warfighters with weather information to better plan tactical battlefield decisions. Following testing, the system will be delivered to the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. The METMF(R) NEXGEN is equ

MD Helicopters supplying attack aircraft to Malaysia

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎09:43:01 AMGo to full article
Mesa, Ariz. (UPI) Feb 2, 2016
MD Helicopters has won a contract to supply six MD 530G Scout Attack Helicopters to Malaysia's Army beginning late this year. The MD 530G features advanced avionics, an integrated onboard stores management system, a forward-looking infrared sensor, guided and unguided rockets, and inboard .50 caliber machine guns. A custom weapons package, advanced communications capabilities and

11th Littoral Combat Ship launched for U.S. Navy

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎09:43:01 AMGo to full article
Marinette WI (UPI) Feb 03, 2016
An 11th Littoral Combat Ship for the U.S. Navy took to water this weekend in Wisconsin at the Fincantieri Marinette Marine shipyard. The shipyard is part of Lockheed's team that builds Freedom variants of the ship. "The future USS Sioux City's interchangeable mission modules will empower her to face a variety of high-priority missions, from anti-surface warfare to anti-submarine

Kerry urges Syria rebels to negotiate despite Russia bombings

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎09:43:01 AMGo to full article
Rome (AFP) Feb 2, 2016
US Secretary of State John Kerry urged Syrian opposition negotiators to remain in peace talks despite the fact that they are still under bombardment by the regime's ally, Russia. Speaking as the Geneva peace process still in disarray, Kerry promised that a ceasefire would be rapidly implemented if only the two sides could begin to negotiate. An opposition coalition has sent envoys to the



Carpet-bombing in IS fight against 'our values': US general

‎02 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎03:55:12 AMGo to full article
Washington (AFP) Feb 1, 2016
The commander of the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria on Monday dismissed calls to carpet- bomb the jihadists. "We are bound by the laws of armed conflict. It doesn't only matter whether or not you win, it matters how you win," Baghdad-based Lieutenant General Sean MacFarland told reporters in a video call. "Indiscriminate bombing where we don't care

China says US island sail-by 'dangerous and irreponsible'

‎02 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎03:55:12 AMGo to full article
Beijing (AFP) Feb 1, 2016
China on Monday condemned as "dangerous and irresponsible" the weekend transit of a US warship within 12 nautical miles of a disputed island in the South China Sea. Tensions have mounted in the Sea over Beijing's construction of artificial islands. The Pentagon said the guided missile destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur made the "innocent passage" Saturday off Triton Island in the Paracel island

Japan doubles number of F-15s on southern island of Okinawa

‎02 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎03:55:12 AMGo to full article
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 31, 2016
Japan has doubled the number of F-15 fighter jets deployed on the southern island of Okinawa, near disputed islands in the East China Sea, the defence ministry said Sunday. Japan's Air Self-Defence Force now has about 40 F-15s on Okinawa's Naha base, according to the defence ministry. The move comes as Japan and China have routinely clashed over ownership of the Tokyo-controlled Senkaku

China's major military restructuring aimed at closing the gap with US

‎02 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎03:55:12 AMGo to full article
Moscow (Sputnik) Feb 01, 2016
The People's Liberation Army is going through a major reorganization on a scale unseen since the 1950s, which is aimed at creating a modern fighting force to "close the gap with US capabilities," Wyatt Olson wrote for Stars and Stripes. "Although much remains vague about how the restructuring will take place, China's civilian and military leaders have recognized that its armed forces lag b

U.S. Army working on universal unmanned aircraft control interface

‎02 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎03:55:12 AMGo to full article
Washington Feb 1, 2016
The U.S. Army is working to develop a universal control interface for unmanned aircraft systems to let operators fly more than one type using the same controls. Currently, the Army's 15W Soldiers are trained for a singular platform, which includes either the AAI RQ-7 Shadow or the General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle. Training and Doctrine UAS command capability manager Col. Paul Cravey says a unive

European Satellite Project Over Budget, 13 Years Late

‎02 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎03:55:12 AMGo to full article
Moscow (Sputnik) Jan 31, 2016
The French Court of Auditors has found that the much-vaunted European Galileo and EGNOS satellite navigation program is three times over-budget and 13 years late in delivery, after a series of cost overruns and strategy failures. The Galileo and European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) program is the first Pan-European satellite navigation system, providing a highly accura

Boeing tapped new Air Force One work

‎02 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎03:55:12 AMGo to full article
Washington (UPI) Jan 31, 2016
Boeing is to conduct risk-reduction activities for an Air Force program to field a new aircraft for the President of the United States. The contract awarded by the Air Force to Boeing is the first for the Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization program. Contract modifications will be made to it in the future "to purchase the commercial 747-8 aircraft, as well as to design, modify and tes

NASA Engineers Tapped to Build First Integrated-Photonics Modem

‎02 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎03:55:12 AMGo to full article
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Jan 31, 2016
A NASA team has been tapped to build a new type of communications modem that will employ an emerging, potentially revolutionary technology that could transform everything from telecommunications, medical imaging, advanced manufacturing to national defense. The space agency's first-ever integrated-photonics modem will be tested aboard the International Space Station beginning in 2020 as par

Initial launcher assembly clears Ariane 5 for its payload integration process

‎02 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎03:55:12 AMGo to full article
Kourou, French Guiana (ESA) Jan 31, 2016
The Ariane 5 for Arianespace's second flight of 2016 has completed its basic build-up, marking a key milestone as preparations advance for this early March mission from the Spaceport in French Guiana - which will carry the EUTELSAT 65 West A relay satellite. During activity this week inside the Spaceport's Launcher Integration Building for Ariane 5, the "upper composite" - consisting of it

First laser teleco satellite for the 'SpaceDataHighway' in GEO orbit

‎02 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎03:55:12 AMGo to full article
Paris, France (SPX) Jan 31, 2016
EDRS-A, the first relay satellite of the SpaceDataHighway, was successfully launched into geostationary orbit on 30 January 2016. After a test period, it will become operational for its first end-user customer by mid-2016. The SpaceDataHighway system will provide high-speed laser communication in space at up to 1.8 gigabits per second. This major program, which cost nearly euro 500 m to d

China arrests fourth Japanese over spying: Tokyo

‎02 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎03:55:12 AMGo to full article
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 1, 2016
Japan on Monday denied that it carries out espionage activities abroad as it announced that Chinese authorities have formally arrested a fourth Japanese citizen on suspicion of spying. China and Japan have been taking steps for more than a year to improve relations that remain plagued by tensions over the legacy of World War II as well as a maritime dispute. Ties, however, remain shaky

Iraq militia attacks may constitute war crimes: HRW

‎02 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎03:55:12 AMGo to full article
Baghdad (AFP) Jan 31, 2016
Iraqi Shiite militiamen abducted and killed civilians following bombings earlier this month, actions that may constitute war crimes, Human Rights Watch said on Sunday. Shiite paramilitary forces have been repeatedly accused of abuses including summary executions, kidnappings and destruction of property in the course of the war against the Islamic State jihadist group. Following January 1

PZL challenges Polish MOD contract decision

‎02 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎03:55:12 AMGo to full article
Warsaw, Poland (UPI) Jan 29, 2016
Polish manufacturer PZL has taken the Ministry of Defense to court over its exclusion from the bidding process for new military helicopters. The company is challenging the ministry's April 2015 decision, saying the Ministry of Defense ignored its own rules for the tender process, Radio Poland reported on Friday. PZL, which was in 2010 acquired by AgustaWestland,

UN appeals for $861 mn in humanitarian aid for Iraq

‎02 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎03:55:12 AMGo to full article
Baghdad (AFP) Jan 31, 2016
The United Nations launched an appeal on Sunday for $861 million in international humanitarian assistance to help millions of people in Iraq who are suffering from war and displacement. Violence including the devastating war with the Islamic State jihadist group has displaced 3.3 million Iraqis in the past two years, while some 250,000 Syrians have fled to Iraq to escape the war in their cou

UN envoy declares Syria peace talks have begun

‎02 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎03:55:12 AMGo to full article
Geneva (AFP) Feb 1, 2016
The UN envoy for Syria declared Monday the official start of peace negotiations in Switzerland aimed at charting a way out of a brutal and tangled civil war that has killed more than 260,000 people. Speaking after his first formal meeting in Geneva with the main opposition grouping, Staffan de Mistura said that indirect talks between the government and the opposition are now "starting offici



James describes way forward to Space-Launch System

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Washington DC (AFNS) Jan 29, 2016
Everyone agrees the United States depends on space-based assets as part of the defense of the homeland and the ability to command and control forces worldwide, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James told the Senate Armed Services Committee this morning. What's at issue is launching these critical capabilities into orbit using Russian-made RD-180 rocket engines, she said. The United Nations

Pentagon Can't Overcome Its Russian Engines Addiction: McCain

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Washington DC (Sputnik) Jan 29, 2016
Despite John McCain's profound displeasure, US defense officials are not inclined to abandon the RD-180 Russian rocket engines until 2021 or 2022 earliest. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the United States Air Force has become one of Russia's longstanding customers: for years the Pentagon was buying the RD-180 Russian rocket engines to put its satellites into space. However, after t

US says weighing 'military options' in Libya

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Washington (AFP) Jan 27, 2016
The US is weighing potential military options in Libya as Islamic State jihadists expand their influence in the north African nation roiled by political instability, a Pentagon official said Wednesday. The growing IS presence in Libya is a "significant concern" and the United States is assessing how best to respond to the group's "metastasis" from Iraq and Syria, said Pentagon press secretar

Taiwan leader defends disputed island visit after US criticism

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Taipei (AFP) Jan 28, 2016
Taiwan's President Ma Ying-jeou defended his visit to a disputed island in the South China Sea Thursday despite criticism from the United States and protests from the other claimants as tensions swirl in the region. Taipei insists Taiping Island in the Spratlys is part of its territory, but the chain is also claimed in part or whole by Vietnam, China, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei.

Ariane 6 design finalized, set for 2020 launch

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Paris (UPI) Jan 28, 2016
Airbus Safran Launchers has finalized the architecture for its Ariane 6 launch vehicle, announcing a maiden launch to take place in 2020. The Ariane 6 is a joint venture between Airbus and Safran. Unlike earlier efforts, Le Figaro reports the next European heavy launcher will be partially assembled horizontally, similarly to the Russian Soyuz rocket. Ariane 6 will be built in A62

NATO mulls first Russia talks since 2014: Stoltenberg

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Brussels (AFP) Jan 28, 2016
NATO head Jens Stoltenberg confirmed Thursday the alliance is discussing whether to hold its first formal talks with Russia since 2014 when the Ukraine crisis plunged relations into a deep freeze. Stoltenberg said NATO and Russia needed transparency to avoid misunderstandings and incidents such as the November shooting down of a Russian fighter jet by key alliance member Turkey after it viol

Polish minister urges stronger NATO presence in eastern Europe

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Berlin (AFP) Jan 28, 2016
Poland's defence minister said on Thursday that NATO's presence must be boosted in eastern Europe to counter the threat posed by Russia. For Poland, "strengthening the eastern flank of NATO is a priority," Antoni Macierewicz said during a meeting with his German counterpart Ursula von der Leyen in Berlin. "The issue of Russian aggression in Ukraine remains a very important issue" for Pol

Afghan security forces need 'years' of help: US general

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Washington (AFP) Jan 28, 2016
The American general picked to head the US-led NATO mission in Afghanistan said Thursday it would take years before Afghan forces are fully capable of independently controlling the country's security situation. Lieutenant General John "Mick" Nicholson is slated to replace General John Campbell, whose nearly 18-month tour in Afghanistan is coming to an end. Speaking to senior lawmakers at

Images suggest N. Korea may be preparing missile launch: reports

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Tokyo (AFP) Jan 28, 2016
North Korea may be preparing a long-range ballistic missile launch, Japanese media said Thursday, following a nuclear test this month that raised international alarm and sparked a diplomatic clash between Washington and Beijing. Imagery collected over the past several days suggested the launch from the western Dongchang-ri site could come in about a week, Kyodo News said, citing a Japanese g

France delivers 3 more Rafale fighters to Egypt

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Cairo (AFP) Jan 28, 2016
Egypt was to receive three Rafale fighters from France on Thursday, a French embassy official said, six months after Paris delivered the first three of a consignment of 24 of the warplanes. The delivery is part of a 5.2 billion-euro ($5.6 billion) deal Cairo signed with Paris in February 2015 to purchase 24 Rafale multi-role combat jets, a frigate and missiles. The sale of Rafales to Egy

Japan reveals first domestic stealth aircraft

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Washington (UPI) Jan 28, 2016
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries revealed its prototype of Japan's first indigenous stealth fighter at a media event in central Japan. The aircraft is known as the X-2, and was originally referred to as the Advanced Technology Demonstrator X. The plane was made to replace the Japan Air Self-Defense Force's aging fleet of F-2 fighter aircraft, because no country is allowed to purchase the U.S

Rolls-Royce to provide engines, propulsion support for C-130Js

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Washington (UPI) Jan 28, 2016
Rolls-Royce has been contracted by the U.S. Air Force to supply spare engines and provide propulsion system sustainment for their C-130J aircraft. Under the $71 million spare engine contract, the company will provide 24 AE2100DE commercial engines for the airlifters. The order also includes foreign military sales to the government of Saudi Arabia. Rolls-Royce received an addition

BAE Systems reveals new system for avoiding air collisions

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Washington (UPI) Jan 27, 2016
BAE Systems has revealed details about its Centralised Aviation Data Service system used to reduce the risk of collisions in uncontrolled U.K. airspace. The CADS system is mandated by the U.K. Ministry of Defense for all flights under 2,000 feet. It allows pilots to plan night and low-altitude flights. During a three-month trial period, the system identified a total of 31,000 potential

US to lack full space launch capability beyond 2019 without Russian engine

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Moscow (Sputnik) Jan 28, 2016
Full US space launch capability may be delayed beyond 2019 if it cuts its supply of Russian-made RD-180 rocket engines, US Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday. "Industry tells us... [they can] make 2019 for an engine, but I must say an engine alone will not get us to space. It needs to be integrated with a rocket, it needs to be teste

US Senator McCain to introduce bill to end use of Russian rocket engines

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Washington (Sputnik) Jan 28, 2016
US Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain announced during a hearing on Wednesday that he will introduce a bill aimed at ending the use of Russian rocket RD-180 engines. "Tomorrow, I will be introducing legislation with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to strike language airdropped into the 2,000 page omnibus bill last month. This legislation is the first in many actions



US to deploy missile attack drones in South Korea

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Tokyo (Sputnik) Jan 28, 2016
The United States intends to deploy in South Korea the newest MQ-1C Gray Eagle drones, that can not only conduct reconnaissance flights, but also missile attacks, a South Korean news outlet reported Wednesday. According to the Chosun Ilbo, citing a US military source, deployment of Gray Eagle unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), that are superior in combat characteristics to drones used in Iraq

Russia launches ambitious cosmic robotics project

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Moscow (Sputnik) Jan 27, 2016
The development of state-of-the-art robots capable of operating in outer space will begin in Russia this year, media reports said. Russian scientists will begin the development of sophisticated robots capable of operating in outer space later in 2016, according to media reports. A source in the country's space industry said that at least three of these robots will be built in Russia

Last Launch for Long March 2F/G

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Sydney, Australia (SPX) Jan 27, 2016
At some time this year, China will launch the Tiangong 2 space laboratory. It will look much like its predecessor, Tiangong 1: A stubby cylindrical crew module with a smaller service module at its rear. Tiangong 2 is expected to feature several upgrades, including a regenerative life-support system. Last year, this analyst concluded that the next Tiangong module will also be the last Tiang

Laser Debris Shields

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Surrey UK (SPX) Jan 26, 2016
Optical Surfaces Ltd. is a leading supplier of laser debris shields (also known as protective windows or cover slides) to protect target-facing optics located in high-power laser facilities. Debris shields help prevent damage to the focusing optics in laser beam delivery systems caused by dust, shrapnel and fragments originating from the target during laser processing. Optical Surfaces' de

ESA selects Airbus Defence and Space for two new Sentinel-2 satellites

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Paris, France (SPX) Jan 27, 2016
Airbus Defence and Space has signed a contract, worth around 285 million euros with the European Space Agency (ESA) to deliver two further optical satellites for the European Copernicus programme. As part of the Sentinel-2 Earth observation satellite system, these two new models, called "Sentinel-2C" and "Sentinel-2D", will observe the environment and land surfaces and continue from 2021 w

Air Force orders more Predator/Reaper training simulators

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Arlington, Texas (UPI) Jan 27, 2016
L-3 Link Simulation & Training reports it is building 34 new Predator Mission Aircrew Training System simulators for the U.S. Air Force. The new Predator simulators come from the service's exercise of a contract option. The new PMATS simulators - plus associated equipment and systems - will be delivered to 15 Air Force and Air National Guard installations to train Predator and

Taiwan military drills in face of China tension

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Kaohsiung, Taiwan (AFP) Jan 27, 2016
Taiwan carried out military drills Wednesday with naval chiefs assuring residents the island is safe, as concerns grow that tensions will escalate with China after recent presidential elections. The drills were the first since Tsai Ing-wen of the China-sceptic Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) swept to victory in the elections earlier this month. She ousted the ruling Beijing-friendly

Only Syrians invited to Geneva peace talks: UN

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Geneva (AFP) Jan 27, 2016
Only Syrians have been invited to peace talks in Geneva, the UN said Wednesday, in an apparent contradiction to Turkey's suggestion that it would be included. On Tuesday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Ankara would "boycott" the talks set to open on Friday if the Syrian Kurdish group Democratic Union Party (PYD), which Ankara believes is linked to militants fighting inside T

N. Korea a 'threat to the world': Kerry

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Beijing (AFP) Jan 27, 2016
Nuclear-armed North Korea poses an "overt threat, a declared threat to the world", US Secretary of State John Kerry said in Beijing Wednesday following Pyongyang's fourth nuclear test earlier this month. Washington is pushing for a strong United Nations response to the North's latest atomic blast - which Pyongyang said was a miniaturised hydrogen bomb, a claim largely dismissed by experts -

US slams Taiwan's Ma over disputed island visit

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Taipei (AFP) Jan 27, 2016
The United States slammed Taiwan's President Ma Ying-jeou after he announced he would visit a disputed island in the South China Sea on Thursday, criticising the plan as "extremely unhelpful" in a region rife with tension. Wednesday's announcement of the visit came weeks after Taiwanese coastguards drove off a Vietnamese fishing boat near Taiping Island, a Taiwan-administered islet in the Sp

Coalition adapts Iraq training to breach IS defences

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Besmaya, Iraq (AFP) Jan 27, 2016
US-led coalition troops have adapted their training for Iraqi forces to teach them how to breach Islamic State group defences in larger-scale combined assaults on jihadist strongholds. IS, which overran large parts of Iraq in 2014, has saturated territory it controls with bombs, booby-traps and other obstacles that Iraqi forces must break through to drive the jihadists back. Military ope

U.S. drone Gray Eagle to be deployed in South Korea

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Seoul (UPI) Jan 27, 2016
The U.S. drone Gray Eagle is to be deployed on the Korean peninsula in the wake of North Korea's fourth nuclear test, according to South Korea press. The unmanned aerial vehicle with a 56-foot wingspan can be fitted with air-to-surface missiles and is capable of striking targets during flight. A similar drone, the Predator, was deployed in Pakistan to hit al-Qaida targets. South

U.S. Air Force sending F-35A to U.K. air shows

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Washington (UPI) Jan 27, 2016
The U.S. Air Force's will send its F-35A fighter jet overseas for airs hows for the first time in England. The Lockheed Martin-build F-35 Lightning II, a fifth-generation multi-role fighter jet, will be on display at the Royal International Air Tattoo at Royal Air Force Fairford, England, and at the Farnborough International Air Show. The planes will be provided by the 56th Fight

Dutch to discuss joining Syria air strikes 'within days'

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The Hague (AFP) Jan 27, 2016
The Dutch cabinet will discuss a US request to join coalition air strikes against jihadists in Syria within "the coming days", Foreign Minister Bert Koenders said, amid speculation a decision may come as early as Friday. "The cabinet will now decide. We'll discuss it in the coming days," Koenders told Dutch news programme Nieuwsuur late Tuesday night. Late last year the Dutch government

Engility continues DOD classified engineering, intel support

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Chantilly, Va. (UPI) Jan 27, 2016
Government service provider Engility Holdings is to conduct classified engineering and intelligence support work for the U.S. Department of Defense. The sole-source renewal contract is worth $82 million and will be performed on a cost-plus-fixed-fee basis. The term of the award is five years. Engility Holdings said that in addition to systems engineering expertise, intel analysis



SpaceX Falcon 9 upgrade certified for National Security Space launches

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Los Angeles AFB CA (SPX) Jan 26, 2016
Lt. Gen. Samuel Greaves, Air Force Program Executive Officer for Space and Space and Missile Systems Center commander, updated the certified baseline configuration of SpaceX's Falcon 9 Launch System to Falcon 9 Upgrade, for use in National Security Space (NSS) missions. The baseline configuration of the Falcon 9 Launch System was updated to the Falcon 9 Upgrade on Jan. 25. SpaceX is eligib

German military overstretched: commissioner

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Berlin (AFP) Jan 26, 2016
Germany's military is overstretched and underfunded as its troops are engaged in anti-jihadist missions from Syria and Afghanistan to Mali while also aiding refugees at home, the defence commissioner said Tuesday. Plagued by a series of defence equipment failures, the military is "at a crossroads" and has reached "the limit of its capacity for interventions", said Hans-Peter Bartels. Fou

India marks Republic Day with camels and stunt-riders

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New Delhi (AFP) Jan 26, 2016
Thousands gathered in New Delhi amid tight security Tuesday for India's annual Republic Day parade, a pomp-filled spectacle of military might featuring camels and daredevil stunt riders, with French President Francois Hollande the chief guest. A contingent of French infantry in India for joint military exercises led the march down the capital's central Rajpath avenue, the first time foreign

Russian Army rolls out strategic missile systems for drills

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Moscow (Sputnik) Jan 27, 2016
Ten Russian mobile strategic nuclear missile regiments have been deployed across the country for military exercises. The systems deployed include Topol (NATO reporting name: SS-25 Sickle), Topol-M (NATO reporting name: SS-27 Sickle B), and RS-24 Yars (NATO reporting name: SS-27 Mod 2) missiles. According to a Russian Defense Ministry statement cited by RIA Novosti, the missile system

NASA counting on humanoid robots in deep space exploration

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Los Angeles CA (SPX) Jan 25, 2016
As humanity moves forward with space exploration, we should prepare for risky and extremely hazardous endeavors such as manned missions to Mars and asteroids. Having fully operational robotic help ready to assist in every dangerous task would be of the utmost importance during long-lasting journeys beyond Earth. NASA is seriously considering this subject matter, ushering new humanoid robots, exp

Ascent Trajectories and the Gravity Turn

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Launchspace Staff Writers
Bethesda MD (SPX) Jan 26, 2016 Almost all space launch vehicles liftoff from the ground in the vertical direction and continue to orbit along an ascent trajectory that is usually optimized for the conditions in order to maximize performance while maintaining conservative safety margins. The actual shape of the path to orbit is influenced by a number of factors, including winds and the desired p

Bezos space firm duplicates reusable rocket breakthrough

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Washington (AFP) Jan 23, 2016
Two months after the breakthrough launch and vertical landing of a reusable rocket, the space firm created by Internet entrepreneur Jeff Bezos did it again. The company, Blue Origin, said Saturday that the same New Shepard booster which blasted off and landed in November had repeated the feat, hitting an altitude of 333,000 feet (101 kilometers) before "gently" returning to Earth. A vide

AMOS-6 Scheduled for May 2016 Launch by Space-X

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Tel Aviv, Israel (SPX) Jan 26, 2016
Spacecom reports announced that Space-X has scheduled the launch of the AMOS-6 satellite for May 2016. AMOS-6, to be co-located with AMOS-2 and AMOS-3 at the 4 W prime orbital position, will provide services to Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Its Ka-band beams have been selected by Facebook to be the satellite backbone of its initiative to bring broadband

Kerry to urge China to put more pressure on North Korea

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Beijing (AFP) Jan 26, 2016
US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Beijing Tuesday evening for meetings with senior government leaders, with North Korea top of the agenda following the reclusive state's fourth nuclear test earlier this month. The top US diplomat will also raise concerns over Beijing's "problematic behaviour" in the South China Sea and the thorny issues of humans rights and civil freedoms, a senior

Russia says Syrian strikes have helped 'turn around' situation

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Moscow (AFP) Jan 26, 2016
Air strikes by the Russian military in support of forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad have helped turn the tide in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday. Lavrov said that the Russian air force's strikes had "really helped to turn around the situation in the country, helped towards reducing the territory controlled by terrorists" since Moscow launched a bombing camp

Syria talks invites sent to range of opposition figures

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Beirut (AFP) Jan 26, 2016
The United Nations on Tuesday sent out invitations for fresh Syria peace talks in Geneva later this week, including to figures excluded from a key opposition body. "The United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, Mr. Staffan de Mistura, has addressed invitations to the Syrian participants today," his office said in a statement. It did not specify who had been invited, but several opposition

Textron Systems to supply Shadow UAV for U.S. Army

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Washington (UPI) Jan 25, 2016
The U.S. Army has awarded Textron Systems a $97 million contract modification for the RQ-7B Shadow tactical unmanned aircraft system. The Shadow 200 is used by the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, and additional armed forces around the world for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, in addition to assessment operations. The aircraft is capable of seeing targets up to 77

Mass grave of IS victims found in Iraq's Ramadi: police

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Baghdad (AFP) Jan 26, 2016
Security forces found a mass grave in the Iraqi city of Ramadi containing the remains of at least 18 people killed by the Islamic State group, police said Tuesday. Ramadi was recaptured at the end of last month from IS, which overran large parts of Iraq in 2014 and has repeatedly carried out mass killings and other atrocities in areas it controls. "So far, we have removed 18 bodies inclu

ADSB to build 8 patrol boats for Kuwait

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Washington (UPI) Jan 25, 2016
Kuwait has awarded Abu Dhabi Ship Building a $70.7 million contract to build eight patrol boats as the country moves to boost its maritime defense capabilities. The order includes landing crafts and high-speed protection vessels. Khaleej Times reports the vessels will be used to protect Kuwait's territorial waters and maritime facilities. "The vessels will have high-level require

Work progressing on prototype Russian bomber

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Moscow (UPI) Jan 26, 2016
A prototype of Russia's new strategic bomber, the PAK DA, could take to the skies before 2021. The PAK DA is a under development by the Tupolev Design Bureau, state-owned Sputnik News reported. It is to be a "flying wing" type of aircraft and will replace the Russian Air Force's Tu-160, Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3 bombers. "Work on the PAK DA is coming along and the pace is suiting us,"



MEPs say EU should strengthen defence ties after Paris attacks

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Strasbourg, France (AFP) Jan 21, 2016
France's decision to invoke the EU's mutual defence clause after the Paris attacks should serve as an incentive to step up security ties across the bloc, EU lawmakers said Thursday. The 28 EU member states jealously guard their sovereign right to set defence policy but after the Islamic State November attacks left 130 dead across Paris, France called for their help to strike back against the

Absolute Anti-Drone Shield? Company Creates UAV-Killing System

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Moscow (Sputnik) Jan 22, 2016
As UAVs become more common, security officials have grown increasingly concerned about the dangers posed by small and difficult to detect aircraft. An Italian aerospace company offers an answer in the form of a counter-drone system known as Falcon Shield. Remote-controlled drones, once a hobbyist rarity, have become commonplace. In October, the US government estimated that over 1 million U

U.S. Air Force cyberspace weapon achieves operational status

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Washington (UPI) Jan 21, 2016
The U.S. Air Force Intranet Control Weapon System has achieved full operational status, becoming the first cyberspace weapon system to do so. The AFINC weapon system is designed to control the flow of all external and inter-base traffic through centrally managed gateways. The system is comprised of 16 Gateway Suites and two Integrated Management Suites, and is operated by 26 Network Ope

Russia starts assembling Soyuz 2.1a carrier rocket

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Baikonur, Kazakhstan (Sputnik) Jan 21, 2016
A new carrier rocket is being assembled at Russia's Vostochny spaceport ahead of its maiden launch in spring, the state agency responsible for land-based space infrastructure said. The first launch of the Soyuz-2.1a carrier rocket was initially scheduled for late 2015 before being postponed until next spring. "Tests are underway at the Vostochny Cosmodrome aimed at confirming the rea

PSLV launches India's 5th navigation satellite

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Sriharikota, India (SPX) Jan 21, 2016
ISRO's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, PSLV-C31 has launched the 1425 kg IRNSS-1E, the fifth satellite in the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) from Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR, Sriharikota. This is the thirty second consecutively successful mission of PSLV and the eleventh in its 'XL' configuration. After the PSLV-C31 lift-off at 0931 hrs (9:31 am) IST - Jan 20, from

Xi signs Egypt deals as China looks to boost Mideast clout

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Cairo (AFP) Jan 21, 2016
Chinese President Xi Jinping signed a slew of multi-billion-dollar deals with Egypt Thursday as part of a regional tour aimed at bolstering Beijing's economic ties and clout in the Middle East. After arriving late Wednesday from Saudi Arabia, Xi held talks with Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and was to address the Cairo-based Arab League. State television broadcast the live signi

Taiwan president's Facebook flooded with pro-Beijing posts

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Taipei (AFP) Jan 21, 2016
The Facebook page of Taiwan's newly elected president Tsai Ing-wen has been flooded with tens of thousands of hostile comments, many of them demanding reunification with mainland China. Tsai, chairwoman of the China-sceptic Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), was elected Saturday in a sweeping victory by voters increasingly uneasy about warming ties with China under outgoing President Ma Yin

Blackjack UAS gains IOC status, ready for Marine deployment

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Patuxent River, Md. (UPI) Jan 21, 2016
The RQ-21A Blackjack unmanned aircraft system by Insitu is ready for deployment and use by the U.S. Navy and Marine Corp. Initial Operational Capability status was given for the system earlier this month, according to the Marine's Deputy Commandant for Aviation, Lt. Gen. Jon Davis. "We are 'go for launch,'" added Col. Eldon Metzger, program manager for the Navy and Marine Corps S

Record number of Reaper drones crashed in 2015

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Washington (UPI) Jan 21, 2016
A record number of U.S. Air Force MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles crashed in 2015 due to electrical problems, even as the drones are in high demand. The General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper, previously called the Predator B, which followed the MQ-1 Predator, is used in a variety of missions by the U.S. Armed Forces and its allies, which were cleared to purchase the aircraft from the Pentago

US Army secretary nominee worries about force size

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Washington (AFP) Jan 21, 2016
President Barack Obama's pick for the next secretary of the US Army said Thursday he is worried about broad cuts to the service, which is set for a dramatic downsizing. Eric Fanning, who was nominated to the Army's top civilian post in September and would be the first openly gay person to fill the position, told a long-delayed Senate confirmation hearing that budget cuts were reducing milita

Russian Space Agency discussing possible training of Iranian astronaut

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Moscow (Sputnik) Jan 21, 2016
Russia's Roscosmos space agency is currently in talks with Tehran on the possible training of an Iranian astronaut for a space mission, Roscosmos General Director Igor Komarov said Wednesday. Komarov also said negotiations were also underway on launching a satellite for Iran. "I wouldn't say that there are any contracts signed, but on the other hand, I wouldn't say that interest has

Iran's return to international stage 'now possible': Hollande

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Paris (AFP) Jan 21, 2016
French President Francois Hollande said Wednesday that Iran's return to the international scene was "now possible" after a nuclear deal saw sanctions lifted against the country. "It depends only on this great country to succeed," Hollande said just days ahead of a visit by President Hassan Rouhani to Paris, the first by an Iranian president in 17 years. Hollande said a "de-escalation" of

US says stands by Iran missile sanctions

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Davos, Switzerland (AFP) Jan 21, 2016
The United States stands by its new ballistic missile-related sanctions on Iran, US Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday after Tehran described the decision as "bizarre". Washington unveiled the new missile-linked sanctions against Iran on Sunday - almost immediately after separate international sanctions related to Tehran's alleged nuclear activities had been scrapped. "We have

Two Guantanamo Bay inmates sent to Bosnia, Montenegro

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Washington (AFP) Jan 21, 2016
The Pentagon on Thursday announced the transfer of another two inmates from the Guantanamo Bay military prison, bringing the controversial facility's remaining population down to 91. Tariq Mahmoud Ahmed Al Sawah was sent to Bosnia, while Abd al-Aziz Abduh Abdallah Ali Al-Suwaydi was transferred to Montenegro, the Pentagon said. According to their leaked prisoner files, Sawah is a citize

Losses in Syria may force some IS leaders to move to Libya: EU official

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Brussels (AFP) Jan 21, 2016
Islamic State military losses in Syria and Iraq may prompt some of its leaders to relocate to Libya where they will face less pressure, the EU's counter-terrorism coordinator said Thursday. In an interview with AFP, Gilles de Kerchove also warned that the raids by the US-led coalition and Russian warplanes as well as operations by Iraqi and Syrian ground troops could lead IS to stage more Pa

NATO considers first formal talks with Russia since 2014: sources

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Brussels (AFP) Jan 20, 2016
NATO is discussing whether to invite Russia to their first formal talks since 2014, aiming to put ties damaged by the Ukraine crisis back on an even keel, diplomatic sources said Wednesday. Despite their differences both sides recognised the need for "transparency", the sources said, against a backdrop of a series of crises including Ukraine and the war in Syria. "The meeting will not t

US envoy urges China 'leadership' in sanctioning N. Korea

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Seoul (AFP) Jan 20, 2016
Calling North Korea the greatest source of instability in Asia, a top US diplomat urged China on Wednesday to "show leadership" in international efforts to sanction Pyongyang following its fourth nuclear test. US Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken, who was in Seoul on a two-day visit, noted China had a particular role to play given its "special relationship" with its reclusive neighbour.

China's secret plan to use the force of 'Star Wars'

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Guangzhou (AFP) Jan 20, 2016
A long time ago in a country far, far away, Chinese authorities managed to obtain a copy of America's ultimate cultural weapon, a blockbuster movie with enough special effects to wow an entire planet. Summoned to a small theatre in the southern city of Guangzhou in 1980, artist Song Feideng was shown "Star Wars" and instructed to transform it into a traditional Chinese comic book, known as

Russian air force strikes besieged Syrian city, delivers aid

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Moscow (AFP) Jan 20, 2016
The Russian military said Wednesday it had bombed the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor after a deadly Islamic State group assault saw jihadists tighten their siege of the provincial capital. "The Russian operation conducted military operations only in the provinces of Latakia and Deir Ezzor in light of unfavourable weather conditions and to avoid risks for the civilian population," Russian news

Sikorsky tests unmanned ground vehicle with unmanned Black Hawk

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Pittsburgh (UPI) Jan 20, 2016
Sikorsky, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, partnered with Carnegie Mellon University for a joint autonomy demonstration involving an unmanned ground vehicle and an unmanned Black Hawk helicopter. During the demonstration, a UH-60MU Black Hawk was equipped with Sikorsky's Matrix Technology, and was used to transport CMU's Land Tamer autonomous unmanned ground vehicle to its mission area.

France doubles arms sales in 2015

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Washington (UPI) Jan 20, 2016
France's arms exports to other countries reached an all-time high after nearly doubling sales to $17.4 billion in 2015 from $9 billion in 2014. Four major France-based defense contractors contributed to the increase in exports: Dassault, Airbus, MBDA Missile, and DCNS. A majority of sales went to Middle Eastern countries, including Dassault Aviation-made Rafale fighter jets to the gover

Orbital ATK producing alternative rocket warhead

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Dulles, Va. (UPI) Jan 20, 2016
Orbital ATK is to produce a new alternative warhead for the U.S. Army's Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System, it announced Wednesday. The contract, which marks the initial phase of production of the warhead, was issued by Lockheed Martin and is worth $14 million. The warhead uses the company's Lethality Enhanced Ordnance technology. Rockets of the GLMRS system with the new warhea

Harris wins place on military communications contract

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Herndon, Va. (UPI) Jan 19, 2016
Harris Corporation has won a place on a $4.3 billion Defense Information Systems Agency contract for telecommunications services. Under the follow-on indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity Global Network Services award, Harris will be eligible to provide leased telecommunications services to more than one million U.S. Defense Department users worldwide via the Defense Information Syste

Elbit to provide cybersecurity simulator to Asian country

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Haifa, Israel (UPI) Jan 20, 2016
Elbit Systems has received a contract to provide its CyberShield cybersecurity trainer to an Asia-Pacific country. The CyberShield training system is a simulator designed to train users to respond to cyber attacks. The system features high-fidelity virtual defense training, and can simulate multiple cyber attack scenarios. "We are encouraged by this contract award from a customer

Slowing growth and jihadist threat worry the elite at Davos

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Davos, Switzerland (AFP) Jan 20, 2016
Rising risks to the global economy and a string of jihadist attacks around the world overshadowed Wednesday's opening of an annual meeting of the rich and powerful in a snow-blanketed Swiss ski resort. The Taliban assault on a university in Pakistan that left at least 21 dead was a jolt to the billionaires, business titans and leaders, including Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, gatheri

World View To Launch From Spaceport Tucson

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Tucson AZ (SPX) Jan 20, 2016
Arizona is poised to become a hub for the space tech industry, as World View - the commercial balloon spaceflight company - has announced that Tucson will become home to its global headquarters, conducting launches from Spaceport Tucson. The announcement follows an affirmative vote on a public-private partnership with World View and Pima County, working in collaboration with the City of Tucson,

NASA's Van Allen Probes Revolutionize View of Radiation Belts

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Greenbelt MD (SPX) Jan 20, 2016
About 600 miles from Earth's surface is the first of two donut-shaped electron swarms, known as the Van Allen Belts, or the radiation belts. Understanding the shape and size of the belts, which can shrink and swell in response to incoming radiation from the sun, is crucial for protecting our technology in space. The harsh radiation isn't good for satellites' health, so scientists wish to know ju

Philippines to launch its 1st satellite in April: department

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Manila (XNA) Jan 20, 2016
The Philippines is set to launch into space its first microsatellite in April, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) said on Monday. Named as Diwata, the first all-Filipino assembled microsatellite, could be used in improved weather detection and forecasts, disaster risk management, detecting agricultural growth patterns, and the monitoring of forest cover, mining, protection of

NASA Chooses Avere to Launch its Data onto the AWS Cloud

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Pittsburgh PA (SPX) Jan 20, 2016
Avere Systems reports that NASA has selected Avere to help consolidate legacy storage and move many of its datasets to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Avere will be supporting the Ames Research Center, NASA's Silicon-Valley field center, which has led NASA in conducting world-class research and development. Breakthrough research conducted at the Ames Research Center includes advanceme

Navy receives sixth Expeditionary Fast Transport

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Mobile, Ala. (UPI) Jan 20, 2016
The U.S. Navy has accepted delivery from Austal USA of a new non-combatant transport ship, the USNS Brunswick (EPF 6), for use by its Military Sealift Command. The USNS Brunswick is a an Expeditionary Fast Transport vessel. It features an all-aluminum catamaran design. It is nearly 338 feet long, 93.6 feet in the beam and has a speed of 48 knots. "This [EPF] program is in full ra



World must do more to curb nuclear terror threat: watchdog

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Washington (AFP) Jan 14, 2016
International progress in reducing the threat of nuclear terrorism has slowed in recent years, and the global nuclear security system remains vulnerable, according to a report released Thursday. The Nuclear Threat Initiative, a leading US nonproliferation watchdog, found that even as international security has been rocked by one crisis after another, basic weaknesses persist in securing the

Ground broken on Gray Eagle UAS training facility

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Fort Irwin, Calif. (UPI) Jan 14, 2016
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District along with officials and contractors broke ground at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, beginning the construction of the MQ-1C Gray Eagle Unmanned Aircraft System facility. The facility will include a 52,000 square-foot hangar, aircraft container storage, taxiway, repair shops, and a parking lot. Additional work includes repa

Philippines seeks joint patrols with US in South China Sea

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Manila (AFP) Jan 14, 2016
The Philippines has called for joint patrols with the United States in the disputed South China Sea, where Manila has festering territorial dispute with Beijing, a defence department spokesman said Thursday. The remarks came after the Philippine's Supreme Court upheld a 10-year security agreement opening the door for the US to operate more troops and equipment out of the Southeast Asian arch

Iran says reactor core removed in key step for deal

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Tehran (AFP) Jan 14, 2016
Iran has removed the core of its Arak heavy water reactor and filled part of it with cement, a crucial step under a soon to be implemented nuclear agreement with world powers. A spokesman for Iran's Atomic Energy Organisation told state television the work was done on Wednesday, paving the way for UN nuclear inspectors to announce Iran has met its commitments. Asked on Thursday if the co

Space Protection - A Financial Primer

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Bethesda MD (SPX) Jan 12, 2016
Last week, Space News aired a timely and important article by Mike Gruss on "Satellites in the Crosshairs." We rarely hear details about the highly classified arena of activities known as Space Protection. Thus, this article offers some unique insights into the nature and objectives of these activities. Launchspace is taking this opportune time to add a few "food for thought" aspects of our appr

Aerojet Rocketdyne to mature development of MPS-130 CubeSat propulsion system

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Sacramento CA (SPX) Jan 13, 2016
Aerojet Rocketdyne has entered a public-private partnership with NASA to mature the development of an MPS-130 CubeSat propulsion system using a green propellant, known as AF-M315E. Once fully developed, not only would the technology increase in-space CubeSat mission capabilities, but AF-M315E would provide a safer, more efficient and higher performance alternative than traditional hydrazin

Panasonic and Kymeta ship new flat panel antenna to the maritime market

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Los Angeles CA (SPX) Jan 12, 2016
Panasonic Avionics Corporation and Kymeta Corporation have announced a landmark agreement that brings innovative, high-performance antenna technology to several unique maritime markets. Under terms of the agreement, Panasonic will order a significant volume of Kymeta's flat panel antennas and use Kymeta mTenna technology to manufacture and distribute maritime terminals for vessels around the wor

China Plans More Than 20 Space Launches in 2016

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Los Angeles CA (SPX) Jan 13, 2016
China has announced its busy 2016 launch manifest, with more than 20 missions scheduled for this year. The country that conducted 19 successful space flights in 2015, intends to launch its Tiangong 2 space laboratory and a manned spacecraft Shenzhou 11, among other military and commercial orbital missions. The first Chinese launch this year will be carried out on Jan. 15, when a Long March

Chinese Long March 3B to launch Belintersat-1 telco sat for Belarus

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Los Angeles CA (SPX) Jan 14, 2016
China will carry out on Friday, Jan. 15 its first orbital mission this year, sending a Belarusian telecommunications satellite into space. The Belintersat-1 spacecraft will be lofted into orbit by a Chinese workhorse Long March 3B booster from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan Province. The 47-minute launch window for this mission opens at 12:57 EDT (16:57 GMT). Belintersat-1

Russian Scientists Developing Avatar Robot for Extraterrestrial Exploration

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Moscow (Sputnik) Jan 13, 2016
Russian scientists from the state-run Android Technics firm are working on an "avatar robot" that will replace humans on dangerous missions, such as during the exploration of the moon or Mars, the head of the company said Tuesday. The Anthropomorphic Robotic System is under development by the Android Technics Scientific Production Association in cooperation with Machine-building Research I

Taiwan votes for president in battle for identity

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Taipei (AFP) Jan 14, 2016
Taiwan is expected to turn its back on closer ties with China when it votes for a new president Saturday, in an election symbolising the island's battle for identity. As citizens prepare to go to the polls, many frustrated Taiwanese are calling for change as fears grow over China's increasing influence, casting a gloom exacerbated by economic woes. Current president Ma Ying-jeou was vote

Syria regime back on the offensive with Russian help

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Beirut (AFP) Jan 14, 2016
Last summer, Syria's regime was on the back foot after a series of military defeats, but in recent weeks it has capitalised on a Russian air campaign to recapture territory. The gains have been limited, and have relied heavily on support from mostly Shiite foreign fighters from Lebanon's Hezbollah movement, as well as Afghan and Iraqi forces, and Iranian "advisers". But they have allowed

Raytheon tests new seeker for Tomahawk cruise missiles

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Tucson (UPI) Jan 14, 2016
An active seeker that allows Tomahawk Block IV cruise missiles to hit moving targets on land and sea has been tested by Raytheon. The captive flight tests over a three-week period involved a modified Tomahawk missile nose cone mounted on a T-39 test aircraft and equipped with a seeker integrated with Raytheon's new, modular, multi-mode processor, the company said. The aircraft fl

Saab unveils Sea Giraffe 4A AESA naval radar

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Syracuse, N.Y. (UPI) Jan 13, 2016
Saab Defense and Security unveiled its latest naval radar system, the Sea Giraffe 4A, at the Surface Navy Association's 2016 National Symposium. The Sea Giraffe 4A a medium- and long-range active electronically scanned array, or AESA, surveillance radar designed to provide support for surface-to-air missile systems. The system is equipped with a 360-degree rocket, artillery and mortar l

Saab delivering U.S.-made quadcopter drones to Swedish Police

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Linkoping, Sweden (UPI) Jan 14, 2016
Saab is to deliver U.S.-made unmanned Qube quadcopters to the Swedish Police this year, the company reports. Three Qube quadcopters from AeroVironment will be delivered. Each unmanned helicopter system features day/night sensors and a ground control station. Saab said spare parts, consumables, documentation, training and technical support are part of the contract which will be in



Iran expects nuclear deal implementation by Sunday: official

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Tehran (AFP) Jan 13, 2016
The final implementation of Iran's nuclear deal with world powers is expected by Sunday, the country's deputy foreign minister Abbas Araghchi said, quoted by state media. A report by the International Atomic Energy Agency, concluding that Iran had fulfilled its obligations under the agreement, will come out on Friday, broadcaster IRIB cited Araghchi as saying, paving the way for sanctions to

Latest N. Korea sub missile test a 'catastrophic failure': analysts

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Seoul (AFP) Jan 13, 2016
North Korea's "successful" submarine-launched ballistic missile test last month was, in fact, an explosive failure that was not even launched from a submarine, separate expert analyses concluded Wednesday. The North released a video of the purported December 21 test on Saturday, showing leader Kim Jong-Un - dressed in a winter coat and fedora hat - looking on as a missile was launched vert

S. Korea president urges tough China response to North's test

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Seoul (AFP) Jan 13, 2016
South Korean troops fired at a suspected North Korean drone that crossed the border Wednesday, as President Park Geun-Hye pushed China to back harsh sanctions on Pyongyang over its latest nuclear test. The defence ministry said the drone effected a brief incursion, but swiftly returned to the North side when South Korean troops fired a series of warning shots. Any shooting on what is pro

Philippines to offer eight bases to US forces: official

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Manila (AFP) Jan 13, 2016
The Philippines is set to offer the US military use of eight bases, a military spokesman said Wednesday, after the country's supreme court upheld a security agreement with Washington forged in the face of rising tensions with China. The facilities include the former US Clark airbase and air and naval facilities on the southwestern island of Palawan which faces the South China Sea, the focus

Hanoi slams 'erroneous statements' on China island flights

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Hanoi (AFP) Jan 13, 2016
Hanoi accused Beijing of making "erroneous statements" in the latest round of an escalating diplomatic spat over flights to a disputed reef in the South China Sea. China has conducted several flights this year through Vietnamese airspace to a newly built runway on the Fiery Cross reef in the Spratly Island group, which is claimed by both countries. Vietnam has accused Beijing of threaten

NATO orders Saab RBS 70 Bolide missiles

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Washington (UPI) Jan 13, 2016
Saab Defense has received a $12.4 million order from NATO for RBS 70 Bolide missiles with deliveries expected to place between 2016 and 2017. The order comes as part of NATO's effort to strengthen its air defense capabilities. Saab's Bolide missile is classified as a very short-range air defense missile, and can be armed to both fixed and rotary wing aircraft to engage targets from shor

France signs Aster missile upgrade contract

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Paris (UPI) Jan 13, 2016
France's defense procurement agency, DGA, has signed a contract with the Eurosam consortium to upgrade the Aster surface-to-air missile. The contract funds the Block 1 New Tech program, which aims to enhance the intercept range of Aster missiles. Eurosam, which comprises both Paris-based defense contractor Thales and MBDA Missile Systems, says the upgrades will focus on strengthening th

Germany to lease Israeli Heron TP UAVs

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Washington (UPI) Jan 13, 2016
The German armed forces have decided to lease the Israeli-made Heron TP unmanned aerial vehicle to support its troops during deployment. The Heron TP was manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries, and is a follow-up to the Heron 1 UAV, which has been used by German forces in Afghanistan. Germany selected the Heron TP over the U.S.-made General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper. The lease is a tempo

Sotera to perform Information Operations Support for U.S. Army

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Herndon, Va. (UPI) Jan 13, 2016
Sotera received an $89 million task order from the U.S. Army's Intelligence and Security Command to provide information operations support. Under the task order, Sotera will support the U.S. Army's effort to strengthen its cybersecurity capabilities. Services will include support teams providing planning and execution support, information operations training and mission readiness exerci

Qatar says Iraq has duty to help free kidnapped hunters

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Doha (AFP) Jan 13, 2016
Qatar's foreign minister said Wednesday that Baghdad had a responsibility to help free more than 20 Qataris kidnapped almost a month ago while on a hunting trip to Iraq. Khalid al-Attiyah, speaking on the sidelines of a rights conference in Doha, said Doha was liasing with Baghdad to try to secure the release of the hunters, who are thought to include members of Qatar's royal family. "We

US House advances tighter sanctions on North Korea

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Washington (AFP) Jan 12, 2016
US lawmakers voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to impose stricter economic sanctions on North Korea, seeking to punish the rebellious Asian nation for its latest test of a nuclear bomb last week. By a nearly unanimous vote of 418 to 2, the House of Representatives passed the North Korea Sanctions Enforcement Act, which would heap additional financial pressure on the already-sanctioned hermit regi

US Navy weighs navigational error after Iran seizes sailors

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Washington (AFP) Jan 13, 2016
US naval officials were on Wednesday investigating navigational error as the possible cause of an international incident that saw Iran briefly detain 10 sailors after they strayed into Iranian waters. Contrary to initial reports, US officials are now ruling out any mechanical fault aboard the sailors' two small patrol boats, which were apprehended by Iran's Revolutionary Guards while en rout

French military orders more tactical transport helicopters

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Paris (UPI) Jan 8, 2016
The French military is continuing to build its fleet of NH90-TTH helicopters, ordering six additional tactical transport aircraft. The order to NH Industries from the French defense procurement agency DGA, bringing the number of Caiman model helicopters ordered to 74, of which 44 will have been delivered by 2019. "The French armed forces have deployed the NH90 operationally in Ma

US-led military campaign focusing on Raqa, Mosul: Pentagon chief

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Washington (AFP) Jan 13, 2016
Raqa in Syria and the Iraqi city of Mosul are in the US-led coalition's crosshairs as it tries to build on recent successes against the Islamic State group, Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said Wednesday. Speaking to troops at Fort Campbell, Kentucky ahead of their deployment to Iraq, Carter said the recapture of the two cities, each emblematic of IS power, is key to the ongoing fight against t

Angola purchases maritime surveillance equipment, vessels

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Washington (UPI) Jan 8, 2016
Angola will establish maritime surveillance stations and acquire two fast-attack vessels following agreements signed by Angolan President Eduardo dos Santos with Finmeccanica subsidiaries. Under the terms of one contract, Finmeccanica subsidiary Selex ES will supply Angola with radar and repeater station communication systems. The country will also acquire two fast-attack naval craft an



N. Korea releases video of 'new' submarine-launched missile test

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Seoul (AFP) Jan 9, 2016
North Korea has released video footage of a purportedly new submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) test, three days after it claimed it had successfully tested its first hydrogen bomb. But South Korean media suggested the footage broadcast by state Korean Central TV late Friday was an edited compilation of the North's third SLBM test, conducted last month in the Sea of Japan, and a diff

IHS, Airbus D/S team for intel sector products

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London (UPI) Jan 8, 2016
IHS Aerospace, Defense & Security, an open source intelligence analysis company, has partnered with Airbus Defense and Space to provide satellite intelligence gathering and analysis. Under the three-year deal, IHS will receive imagery and information from Airbus' Pléiades, SPOT and TerraSAR-X satellites. The imagery and data will be fused with open source information for actionable int

Vietnam warns China over air safety threat

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Hanoi (AFP) Jan 9, 2016
Vietnam's civil aviation authority has accused Beijing of threatening regional air safety by conducting unannounced flights through its airspace to a disputed reef in the South China Sea, state media said Saturday. The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) warned that the unannounced flights "threaten the safety of all flights in the region," according to a report in the Tuoi Tre Daily

U.K., Japan deepen defense ties, pursue joint projects

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London (UPI) Jan 8, 2016
The United Kingdom and Japan will deepen their defense industry ties by collaborating on a number of projects beginning in 2016. The new projects were announced during U.K. Defense Secretary Michael Fallon's first visit to Japan in 2016, and include cooperation on cybersecurity and the production of a Joint New Air-to-Air Missile, or JNAAM. The defense ministry revealed the new air-to-a

'Bang' goes the K-pop message for Kim Jong-Un

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Seoul (AFP) Jan 8, 2016
The recent up-beat K-pop hit "Bang, Bang, Bang" and a mournful ballad about a "death angel," were on the playlist when South Korea restarted propaganda broadcasts into the North on Friday. As North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un celebrated his birthday, giant banks of loudspeakers blasted the musical serenade across the border, together with messages criticising Kim's regime and extolling the vir

N. Korea cites Kadhafi's 'destruction' in nuke test defence

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Seoul (AFP) Jan 9, 2016
North Korea has defended its latest nuclear test, citing the fate of two toppled Middle East leaders, while flexing its military muscle by showing TV footage of a submarine-launched missile test. A commentary published by the official KCNA news agency late Friday said the fate of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Moamer Kadhafi in Libya showed what happened when countries forsake their nuclear weap

S. Korea resumes propaganda broadcasts hated by North

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Seoul (AFP) Jan 8, 2016
South Korea on Friday resumed high-decibel propaganda broadcasts into North Korea as the United States ramped up pressure on China to bring Pyongyang to heel after its latest nuclear test. While North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un celebrated his 32nd birthday, the international community scrambled to find common ground on how best to penalise his regime following its shock announcement two days

H-bomb or no, N. Korea test still great concern: Hecker

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Seoul (AFP) Jan 8, 2016
One of the world's foremost authorities on North Korea's nuclear programmes says speculating on whether Pyongyang's latest nuclear test was of a hydrogen bomb or not, rather misses the point. "My greatest concern is not so much whether or not they actually tested a hydrogen bomb, but rather that they tested at all," Siegfried Hecker, the former Los Alamos Laboratory director, said in an inte

US ramps up war on IS propaganda, recruitment

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Washington (AFP) Jan 8, 2016
The White House intensified efforts Friday to fight propaganda and recruitment by extremist groups such as the Islamic State, announcing a new task force and pressing Silicon Valley to help out. The renewed push comes in response to frustration that the IS group has managed to lure and recruit followers in Europe and the United States to launch deadly attacks without detection by intelligenc

US general fears military will lower standards for women

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Washington (AFP) Jan 8, 2016
The US military will inevitably have to lower its physical requirements so more women can fill infantry and commando roles, a top general said Friday. The comments from John Kelly, a four-star Marine general who is retiring from the head of the military's Southern Command, came just over a month after Defense Secretary Ashton Carter ordered all jobs in the military to be opened up to women,

MBRSC complete final design of KhalifaSat engineering model

‎11 ‎January ‎2016, ‏‎12:40:34 AMGo to full article
Dubai, UAE (SPX) Jan 07, 2016
MBRSC announced the final design completion of the KhalifaSat Engineering Model in addition to the software and systems within the satellite (Critical Design Review). The significance of this achievement is that it is the penultimate step prior to the manufacturing of the Flight Model of KhalifaSat, scheduled for launch in 2018 on MHI's H-IIA launch vehicle, which is owned by "Mitsubishi Heavy I

Robotic telescope built by China and Thailand put into operation

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Kunming, China (XNA) Jan 07, 2016
A robotic 70 cm telescope built jointly by China and Thailand has been put into operation in southwest China's Yunnan Province, a local scientist said Wednesday. The telescope, which was installed at an observation station at Yunnan Observatory in Lijiang city, was completed last December, said Qian Shengbang, a research fellow with the observatory. At low latitudes, Lijiang enjoys h

3D-Printed Ceramics Could be Used in Future Space Flights

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Malibu CA (Sputnik) Jan 07, 2016
Researchers have used a 3D printer to create customized ceramic parts that are strong, lightweight and handle heat better than many metals, but that do not crack easily like some traditional ceramics. The development could open the door to a new class of ceramic-body or ceramic-engine jets, said Tobias Schaedler, senior scientist at HRL Laboratories in Malibu, California. "If you go very f

Sweden shuts defense export agency

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Stockholm, Sweden (UPI) Jan 7, 2016
The Swedish government has terminated its Defense & Security Export Agency, transferring many of its tasks to the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration, or FMV. The termination of the agency took effect on Jan. 1 following a decision reached last April. About one-quarter of the staff of the Defense & Security Export Agency, or FXM, were part of the transfer. Remaining agency personnel

Growth tipped for world's defense, aerospace sectors

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New York (UPI) Jan 6, 2016
Revenue growth is expected to return to the world's defense and aerospace sectors this year due to an increase in the budgets of major countries and a resurgence of global security threats. Management consultancy Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, in its 2016 aerospace and defense sector outlook report, says total sector revenues are estimated to grow at 3.0 percent compared to 1.9 perce



N.Korea's mini 'H-bomb': a bigger bang?

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Paris (AFP) Jan 6, 2016
Hydrogen bombs, which North Korea said Wednesday it tested for the first time, have a destructive power to dwarf even the nuclear weapons dropped on Japan in 1945. If confirmed that North Korea did indeed carry out a successful test of a miniature version of such a device, this would put the impoverished hermit state in a select club of countries. The relatively small size of the explosi

Iran shows off underground ballistic missile bunker

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Washington (UPI) Jan 6, 2016
Iran broadcast footage on state-owned television showing a ballistic missile bunker in a move that may further strain tensions in the region and with the West. The video shows Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani and Revolutionary Guard officers inspecting the Emad precision-guided missile. The missile, which has a claimed range of over 1,000 miles, has been a target of Western criti

Kim Jong-Un cements position with H-bomb claim

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Seoul (AFP) Jan 6, 2016
With a surprise nuclear test two days before his birthday, North Korea's young leader Kim Jong-Un has once again asserted his personal control over the hermit state he inherited from his late father four years ago. When he came to power after Kim Jong-Il's death in December 2011, the younger Kim was considered untested, vulnerable and likely to be manipulated by senior figures. But he ha

North Korean bomb test a setback for arms control

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Washington (AFP) Jan 6, 2016
Even as world powers work to implement the Iran nuclear deal, North Korea's apparent detonation of a new bomb marks a stark setback for global anti-proliferation efforts. The UN Security Council scrambled to convene a session to condemn Pyongyang and prepare to strengthen the already draconian sanctions regime isolating North Korea. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon "unequivocally" condem

N. Korean nuclear test condemned as 'challenge to peace'

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Beijing (AFP) Jan 6, 2016
North Korea's claim that it carried out a successful hydrogen bomb test Wednesday drew swift condemnation from friends and foes alike. China said it "firmly opposes" its neighbour's actions while NATO condemned the test as a threat to regional and international security. Several governments promised a firm response as tensions soared, with many calling for further action by the United Na

North Korea nuclear test catalyzes Obama critics

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Washington (AFP) Jan 6, 2016
US Republicans clamored to paint North Korea's surprise nuclear test as yet another failure of Barack Obama's foreign policy Wednesday, rounding on the outgoing president as he faced a stern new overseas challenge. "Our enemies around the world are taking advantage of Obama's weakness," White House contender Senator Marco Rubio said, blasting the 44th president for standing "idly by" as a "l

UN sanctions threat over North Korea nuclear test

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United Nations, United States (AFP) Jan 6, 2016
The UN Security Council on Wednesday agreed to roll out new measures to punish North Korea after Pyongyang said it carried out a successful hydrogen bomb test - a claim rejected by Washington and experts. With backing from China, Pyongyang's sole major ally, the 15-member council strongly condemned the test and said it would begin work on a new UN draft resolution that would contain "furthe

Russia's Strategic Missile Forces to Go All-Digital by 2020

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Moscow (Sputnik) Jan 07, 2016
The Russian Strategic Missile Forces will completely switch to digital data transmission technologies by 2020, spokesperson of the Defense Ministry Maj. Dmitry Andreev told journalists. The initiative is expected to significantly increase the effectiveness of the forces, including reducing the management cycle and improving the command decision making process. The plan will also include a

China lands two more planes in disputed South China Sea: state media

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Beijing (AFP) Jan 6, 2016
China landed two more planes on a contested reef in the South China Sea Wednesday, state media said, despite international condemnation of a landing at the same location days earlier. Two civilian aircraft landed Wednesday morning on Fiery Cross reef in the disputed Spratlys island group during "test flights", the official Xinhua news agency said. Vietnam also claims the reef. The plane

Navy tests cooperative soaring for UAV sailplanes

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Washington (UPI) Jan 6, 2016
The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory has completed a series of flight tests for unmanned aerial vehicles, demonstrating the concept of cooperative soaring using shared data. During the tests, the Naval Research Laboratory partnered with the Air Vehicle Intelligence and Autonomy Lab at Pennsylvania State University to launch 23 flights over a nine-day period. Researchers tested cooperative

SES Expands Government Services Portfolio In Canada

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Luxembourg (SPX) Jan 07, 2016
SES S.A. reports that the Kativik Regional Government in Canada has awarded SES a contract for the delivery of new satellite services across the northern Quebec region. Beginning in the second half of 2016, the 12 transponder deal on SES-2 positioned at 87 degrees West - and one of SES's youngest satellites providing service to the Americas - will deliver critical C-band communications cap

Despite tensions, Russia's 'Syria Express' sails by Istanbul

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Istanbul (AFP) Jan 6, 2016
It's an occasional but regular sighting in Istanbul. Out of the mist on the Bosphorus that divides Europe and Asia looms the hulk of a Russian warship purposefully making its way to the Mediterranean. Most likely the ship is part of Moscow's so-called "Syria Express", a key supply line for naval deliveries from its Black Sea ports to military operations backing the regime of President Bashar

Afghan battle 'ongoing' as US soldier killed: Pentagon

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Kabul (AFP) Jan 6, 2016
A US soldier was killed and two wounded in an ongoing battle in Afghanistan's Helmand province, where Afghan troops are pushing back Taliban insurgents, the Pentagon said. The troops had come under fire on Tuesday while conducting a mission with Afghan special forces in Marjah, Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said. "This is an ongoing situation, there is still a fight going on in the

Russian airbase in Armenia to receive MiG-29 aircraft

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Moscow (UPI) Jan 5, 2016
The Russian Ministry of Defense will deliver a new batch of MiG-29 light tactical fighters and a single Mi-8 transport helicopter to an air base in Armenia. The aircraft are scheduled to arrive at the Erebuni airbase in Armenia in the second half of 2016. "A new batch of MiG-29 fourth generation light multipurpose light tactical fighters and one Mi-8 transport helicopters will ar

SRA International awarded DCGS maintenance contract

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Washington (UPI) Jan 5, 2016
SRA International has been awarded a $35 million contract to manage and maintain the Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination, or PED, Operation Center of the Air Force Distributed Common Ground System. Under the contract, SRA International will be tasked to manage, maintain, and administer the operational weapon system architecture supporting the U.S. Air Force's DCGS system.



China building second aircraft carrier: defence ministry

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Beijing (AFP) Dec 31, 2015
China is building its second aircraft carrier, the defence ministry said Thursday, as Beijing expands its naval capabilities amid maritime disputes with neighbours in the East and South China Seas. "This aircraft carrier is being developed according to entirely domestic designs," defence ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told a regular briefing, adding it was under construction in Dalian, a nor

Iran-US tensions flare over new sanctions threat

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Tehran (AFP) Dec 31, 2015
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani denounced Thursday possible new US sanctions on his country which, if enacted, could jeopardise a hard-won nuclear deal due to be finally implemented within weeks. In a letter to his defence minister Rouhani said reports that the US Treasury planned to blacklist companies and individuals with ties to Iran's ballistic missile programme constituted "hostile and

War on IS 'starting to pay off': French minister

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Manama (AFP) Dec 31, 2015
French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told forces on an aircraft carrier in the Gulf Thursday that the war against the Islamic State group was starting to bear its fruit. "The war (against IS) is being played out here," he said aboard the Charles de Gaulle, which is participating in the US-led coalition carrying out air strikes on IS in Syria and Iraq. "The strategy is starting to

US-led strikes in Syria, Iraq hit IS 'middle-management'

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Beirut (AFP) Dec 31, 2015
US-led strikes against Islamic State group officials in Iraq and Syria are robbing the jihadists of one of their most valuable resources: experienced mid-level commanders. Ten of the group's higher-ups, including one with "direct" ties to the alleged mastermind of the Paris attacks, were killed in air strikes in December alone, the US military said. According to analysts, these deaths c

Lockheed Martin to supply 12 rocket systems to UAE

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Washington (UPI) Jan 01, 2016
Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $28.6 million contract to provide 12 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems to the United Arab Emirates. The systems provide updated crew protection capabilities with sapphire transparent armor glass. The contract, awarded by the U.S. Army in support of a U.S. foreign military sale to the UAE, also includes associated training, software, spares and pro

Inmarsat-6 dual mission will augment both L and Ka-band Global Xpress

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Paris, France (SPX) Jan 01, 2016
Airbus Defence and Space has been awarded a contract by Inmarsat, the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services, to design and develop the first two Inmarsat-6 (I-6) mobile communications satellites, creating the most versatile mobile services satellites in its fleet. The two I-6 satellites will be based on Airbus Defence and Space's ultra-reliable Eurostar platform in

Norway helps in transporting 60 tonnes of natural uranium to Iran

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Oslo (XNA) Jan 01, 2016
Norway said Tuesday it has assisted in financing and transporting 60 tonnes of natural uranium to Iran as part of the the agreement on Iran's nuclear program. Norway provided support for the transportation of the natural uranium from Kazakhstan to Iran on Sunday, amounting to around 6 million U.S. dollars, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Iran has also transported

Russia's Northern Fleet Ready to Defend State Interests in Arctic

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Moscow (Sputnik) Jan 01, 2016
Russia's Northern Fleet will continue performing long-distance campaigns with warships and submarines. Developing the Arctic and defending Russian interests in the region are priority tasks for Russia's Northern Fleet next year, fleet Commander Adm. Vladimir Korolev said Thursday. "One of the priorities of the Northern Fleet is the development of the Arctic and the protection of stat

Lockheed Martin announces $5.3 billion C-130J contract

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Washington (UPI) Dec 31, 2015
Lockheed Martin has received a contract worth up to $5.3 billion to deliver C-130J Super Hercules airlifters to the U.S. Armed Forces. The multiyear contract funds the delivery of up to 78 Super Hercules aircraft to the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Marine Corps, and potentially the U.S. Coast Guard if all options are exercised. The Department of Defense awarded an initial $1 billion contrac

China confirms building second aircraft carrier

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Beijing (UPI) Jan 01, 2016
China has confirmed it is building a homegrown aircraft carrier, confirming speculations regarding the country's military build-up. The Defense Ministry's confirmation at a press conference comes just days after officials with the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy released a video showcasing their aircraft carrier capabilities, with fighter pilots launching their aircraft from the L

Microsoft to warn users about 'nation-state' intrusion

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Washington (AFP) Dec 31, 2015
Microsoft has joined other online companies with a new policy alerting users if their accounts are being targeted by governments. "A key part of our work is identifying and preventing unauthorized access to your Microsoft account (including Outlook.com email and OneDrive) by anyone other than you," Microsoft vice president Scott Charney said in a blog Wednesday. "We're taking an addition

Statues defaced in anti-China attack at new Taiwan museum

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Taipei (AFP) Dec 31, 2015
Two statues donated by actor Jackie Chan to a newly opened museum in Taiwan were splashed with paint and daubed with anti-China slogans, reflecting growing tensions over Beijing's influence on the island. The bronze dragon and horse heads sit in the garden of the new branch of Taipei's famous National Palace Museum in the southern city of Chiayi and were defaced Wednesday night, the museum s

Belgium charges 10th suspect over Paris attacks

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Brussels (AFP) Dec 31, 2015
Belgian prosecutors said Thursday they have arrested a 10th suspect over the jihadist attacks in Paris last month and charged him with terror offences. The announcement came as Brussels - home to the EU and NATO - and other European capitals were on high alert over the threat of attacks during the New Year holiday. The Belgian national, identified only as Ayoub B., was detained on Wedn

Pakistan eyeing deal for U.S. F-16 jets

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Islamabad (UPI) Jan 01, 2016
The government of Pakistan is in the process of securing a deal with the U.S. government for the delivery of new F-16 fighter jets. The deal was discussed by Pakistan Air Force Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman, who confirmed to local media outlets at the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex that officials are in talks. The announcement came during the rollout ceremony of the 16th JF-17 Thunder ai

Northrop Grumman to produce E-2D Advanced Hawkeye for Japan

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Washington (UPI) Jan 01, 2016
The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded Northrop Grumman a contract for its planned foreign military sale of an E-2D Advanced Hawkeye to Japan. The contract modification, valued at $285 million, supports a foreign military sale to Japan, which requested four E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft in June 2015, an order amounting to an estimated $1.7 billion, including associated equipment, p



Northrop Grumman to produce shipboard laser weapon system

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Redondo Beach, Calif. (UPI) Dec 22, 2015
The U.S. Navy has selected Northrop Grumman to design and produce a ship-based Laser Weapon System Demonstrator. Under the contract, initially valued at about $53 million with the potential to grow to roughly $91 million if all options are exercised, Northrop Grumman will design and produce a 150-kilowatt laser weapon system to be installed on the U.S. Navy's Self Defense Test Ship, the

Laser-derived X-ray method finds hidden nuclear materials

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Lincoln NE (SPX) Dec 22, 2015
Physicists at the Diocles Extreme Light Laboratory at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have demonstrated that their unconventional laser-based X-ray machine could provide a new defense against nuclear terrorism. In proof-of-principle experiments, the UNL scientists used the laser-driven X-ray source to produce an image of a uranium disk no bigger than a stack of three nickels and hidden betwee

Aerojet completes design milestone for AR1 Engine

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Sacramento CA (SPX) Dec 22, 2015
Aerojet Rocketdyne has completed a key design milestone for its AR1 rocket engine this week. AR1 is an American-made engine that is being developed as a direct replacement for the Russian-made RD-180 engines that currently power launches of the majority of national security satellites to orbit for the U.S. government. "This is one of the most important design reviews the program will under

Poland acquiring air defense system

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Warsaw, Poland (UPI) Dec 21, 2015
Poland is to field a short-range, self-propelled air defense system in 2018 from the country's PIT-RADWAR company, Defence24.com reported. The Poprad VSHORAD anti-aircraft system features an AMZ-Kutno Zubr-P armored armed with 4 Grom short-range missiles, launchers, electro-optical sight equipped with visible spectrum and thermal vision cameras, and a laser rangefinder. Four addi

Lockheed Martin meets F-35 delivery goal

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Washington (UPI) Dec 22, 2015
Lockheed Martin has delivered 45 F-35 Lightning II aircraft this year, meeting the program production goal. The F-35 Joint Program Office said the fighters delivered in 2015 include 26 F-35A variants for the U.S. Air Force, two F-35As for the Royal Norwegian Air Force, one F-35A for Italy, eight F-35Bs for the U.S. Marine Corps, and 8 F-35C aircraft for the U.S. Navy/U.S. Marine Corps.

France, Russia to 'strengthen' information exchange on IS

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Moscow (AFP) Dec 21, 2015
Russia and France have agreed to bolster efforts to share intelligence relating to the Islamic State jihadist group after the two countries vowed to cooperate militarily on the issue. "We have agreed to strengthen our exchange of military information, both on the strikes and the location of the different groups (in Syria)," French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said following talks with

New tactical radio order for Harris Corporation

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Rochester, N.Y. (UPI) Dec 22, 2015
An unidentified Middle Eastern country has ordered wideband tactical radio systems from the Harris Corporation. The Falcon III systems are worth a combined total of $66 million. Falcon III variants to be supplied include the RF-7800H, a wideband high frequency tactical radio with expanded data capabilities for long-range, beyond-line-of-sight environments; the RF-7850M, a wideban

UN to host next round of Syria talks in Geneva

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Geneva (AFP) Dec 22, 2015
The next round of talks aimed at easing the violence in war-torn Syria will be held at the UN's European headquarters in Geneva early next year, a UN spokesman said Tuesday. "The talks will take place in Geneva, but we don't have the exact date," UN spokesman Rheal LeBlanc told AFP. Last week, the UN Security Council gave its unanimous support to a plan to end Syria's brutal civil war

Milestone in modernization of Canada's Halifax-class frigates

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Ottawa (UPI) Dec 22, 2015
The Royal Canadian Navy has accepted a new Lockheed Martin combat management system on Halifax-class frigates following sea trials. The combat systems were validated on seven of Canada's 12 Halifax-class frigates, including HMCS Halifax, HMCS Federicton, HMCS Winnipeg, HMCS Calgary, HMCS Montreal, HMCS Vancouver and HMCS Charlottetown. The combat systems onboard the ships achieved First

Saudi warns of reprisals after new Yemen missile

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Riyadh (AFP) Dec 22, 2015
The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen threatened severe reprisals late Monday against rebels in the neighbouring country, after they fired a fourth ballistic missile in as many days towards Saudi territory. Official media said Saudi Arabia intercepted a rocket fired towards the border city of Jazan late on Monday and then destroyed the missile launcher in Yemen. The kingdom has deplo

Iraq forces advance into centre of IS-held Ramadi

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Baghdad (AFP) Dec 22, 2015
Iraqi security forces advanced Tuesday into the centre of Ramadi for a final push aimed at retaking the city they lost to the Islamic State group in May, officials said. "We went into the centre of Ramadi from several fronts and we began purging residential areas," said Sabah al-Noman, spokesman of the elite Iraqi counter-terrorism service. "The city will be cleared in the coming 72 hour

More Tiger combat helos for France

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Paris (UPI) Dec 22, 2015
The French military has ordered seven additional Tiger combat helicopters, which will bring their fleet of the aircraft to 67. The order, which is to strengthen the capability of French forces in air-land operations, was made to Airbus Helicopters by the French Directorate General of Armaments, or DGA, through the European Union's Organization for Joint Armament Cooperation. The

Japan spots cannon-like equipment on Chinese ship near disputed isles

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Tokyo (AFP) Dec 22, 2015
Japan said Tuesday it had spotted for the first time a Chinese coast guard ship armed with cannon-like equipment near disputed East China Sea islands. Japan and China have routinely butted heads over ownership of the uninhabited islets, as Chinese ships - mostly coast guard vessels - and aircraft have sometimes approached them to back up Beijing's claims and test Japan's response. But

First Afghan A-29 Super Tucano pilots graduate

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Washington (UPI) Dec 21, 2015
The Afghan Air Force's first class of pilots trained to fly the Embraer-made A-29 Super Tucanos have graduated. The U.S. Air Force calls Friday's graduation a new era for the Afghan air force, which received the fleet of Super Tucanos in 2013. Despite several setbacks, the 81st Fighter Squadron reactivated in January 2015, resuming classroom training in February and launched its first A

Russia says downed warplane's damaged black box 'not yet' readable

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Moscow (AFP) Dec 21, 2015
Russian military officials said Monday they would call on more specialists to help decipher the damaged black box of a warplane shot down by Turkey after a first attempt to read the device failed. "Reading the memory cards is not yet possible due to internal damage," said Sergei Bainetov, the deputy head of flight safety in the Russian armed forces, RIA Novosti reported. "The commissio



Moscow Confirms Suspension of Russian-Ukrainian 'Dnepr' Rocket Launches

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Moscow (Sputnik) Dec 17, 2015
Launches of Russian-Ukrainian carrier rockets have been suspended in accordance with President Vladimir Putin's decree, Russia's Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) Commander Col. Gen. Sergei Karakaev said Wednesday. "An April 15 decision by the President of the Russian Federation suspended the 'Dnepr' conversion program," Karakaev said. Dnepr is a three-stage space delivery vehicle based

Beijing slams 'provocative' US South China Sea flypast

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Beijing (AFP) Dec 19, 2015
Two US B-52 bombers flew close to islands in the flashpoint South China Sea last week in a "serious military provocation", Beijing said Saturday, as tensions simmer in the disputed waterway. China insists it has sovereignty over virtually all of the resource-rich sea, conflicting with the various claims of several neighbouring nations, and US activity in the area has provoked Beijing's ire s

Aegis Ashore missile defense system goes online in Romania

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Washington (UPI) Dec 18, 2015
The U.S. Navy has taken control of its new Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense system in Romania after years of construction. The Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense system was installed to boost European defenses. The site is located at the Deveselu air base. Navy Times reports defense officials from the U.S. and Romania are expected to announce the radar site and missile battery

Congress passes long-stalled cybersecurity bill

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Washington (AFP) Dec 18, 2015
Congress on Friday passed legislation to fight cyber threats, pushing the measure through by tucking it into a sprawling government funding bill, after earlier failed attempts. The measure was inserted into the massive $1.1 trillion spending package that funds the government through next September, tightens visa requirements, and ends a longstanding oil export ban, among other moves. Th

N. Korea missile scene sparked performance cancellation: report

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Seoul (AFP) Dec 18, 2015
Disputes over a background scene flaunting North Korean missiles sparked the cancellation of a rare performance by a popular North Korean pop group in Beijing last week, a news report said Friday. South Korea's largest circulation Chosun Ilbo daily quoted a high-ranking South Korean government official as saying that the all-girl Moranbong band, formed by leader Kim Jong-Un, decided to retur

Pentagon chief in Afghanistan as violence escalates

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Kabul (AFP) Dec 18, 2015
US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter arrived in Afghanistan Friday for meetings with military commanders, as the security situation deteriorates with a surge in Taliban attacks and the creeping emergence of the Islamic State group. The unannounced visit comes just days after a Pentagon report presented a grim portrait of the war which has inflicted a growing number of casualties on hard-presse

German-made submarine heads to Israel for delivery

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Washington (UPI) Dec 18, 2015
The latest German-built Dolphin-class submarine INS Rahav is en route to Haifa to be delivered to the Israeli Navy. INS Rahav, given the Hebrew name for Greek god of the seas Poseidon, is one of the Israeli Defense Force's most expensive weapons. The vessel's voyage to Haifa comes roughly a decade after the Israeli government placed the order to German defense contractor Howaldtswerke-D

Soaring aspirations of Myanmar's drone enthusiasts

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Yangon (AFP) Dec 18, 2015
In a ramshackle workshop behind a bustling Yangon market, Kyi Tha fixes the plastic propeller of a home-made drone, one of a growing number of enthusiasts refusing to let poverty clip the wings of their hi-tech dreams. A new generation of creative young inventors have turned to the Internet to catch up with the rest of the world, after years of isolation under junta rule left the country wit

U.S. Army awards $1.05 billion D3I contract

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Washington (UPI) Dec 18, 2015
The U.S. Army has awarded a $1.05 billion contract to multiple companies to support its Design, Development, Demonstration, and Integration Domain 3 program. The program, also known as D3I, aims to enhance the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command and Army Forces Strategic Command's defensive capabilities. The acquisition program has three domains, with Domain 3, "Enhanced Warfigh

Yemen peace talks should resume Saturday

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Geneva (AFP) Dec 18, 2015
Yemen rebels have said they will resume peace talks in Switzerland on Saturday after snubbing a meeting Friday to protest violations of a ceasefire on the ground, a member of the opposing government delegation said. The government delegation waited all day at a hotel in the small northwestern town of Magglingen for their rebel counterparts in the UN-brokered talks that began Tuesday, to no a

Harris receives U.S. Navy electronic warfare contract

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Melbourne, Fla. (UPI) Dec 18, 2015
The U.S. Navy has awarded Harris Corporation a $54 million contract to provide electronic warfare technology for the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. Under the three-year, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract, Harris will provide electronic warfare technology to support the Advanced Decoy Architecture Project, an upgrade to the Nulka decoy currently in service with the U.S. N

Israel's Amos-5 Satellite Failure Caused by Power Supply Malfunction

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Moscow (Sputnik) Dec 17, 2015
Israel's AMOS-5 satellite failed as a result of a problem either with the power supply or an onboard cable network due to the external impact of high-energy cosmic particles, the manufacture of the satellite said in a statement Wednesday. Communication between the Israeli operator Spacecom and the satellite, manufactured by the Russian company JSC Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Sat

Earth-i distributes image from space of UK astronaut's launch

‎20 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎06:33:51 AMGo to full article
Guildford, UK (SPX) Dec 17, 2015
Earth-i, the British innovative distributor of imaging and data services from the DMC3 / TripleSat satellite constellation, has shared the first orbital image of Major Tim Peake's launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan on Tuesday 15th December. The image was taken shortly before the successful launch of the Soyuz TMA-19M rocket. It was acquired from one of the three new very high-

Agreement with Chinese Space Tech Lab Will Advance Exploration Goals

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Tucson AZ (SPX) Dec 17, 2015
The Planetary Science Institute signed a cooperation agreement with Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Space Technology (Qian Xuesen Lab) to advance their mutual interests in facilitating the open-ended expansion of the exploration of the solar system and to use the knowledge thus gained in supporting the expansion of human activity beyond the Earth. Both institutions also wish to advance their com

Europe adds two more satellites to Galileo sat-nav system

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Paris (AFP) Dec 17, 2015
Europe on Thursday launched another two satellites for its multi-billion-euro Galileo sat-nav system, a rival to America's GPS, the European Space Agency (ESA) said. The launch of satellites 11 and 12 in the Earth-orbiting constellation brought Europe a step closer to providing initial navigation services next year. "With today's launch, Europe has doubled the number of its Galileo satel



India to develop its own stealth combat drones

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New Delhi (UPI) Dec 15, 2015
The government of India is preparing to launch its program to develop its own unmanned combat aerial vehicles, according to Indian media reports. Times of India reports the proposed combat aircraft will be armed with missiles and designed to engage targets, and return to home bases to be re-fitted for future missions. The initiative, known as Project Ghatak, has already been cleared by

Iran missile launch violated UN resolution: UN experts

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United Nations, United States (AFP) Dec 15, 2015
Iran violated a UN resolution in October when it test-launched a medium-range missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, a UN panel of experts has concluded in a report that could lead to sanctions. Britain, France, Germany and the United States had asked a UN Security Council sanctions committee to investigate the launch of the Emad missile on October 10, three months after the historic

Northrop Grumman completes B-2 bomber maintenance

‎16 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎05:58:51 PMGo to full article
Palmdale, Calif. (UPI) Dec 16, 2015
Northrop Grumman announced it has completed its maintenance contract for the U.S. Air Force's fleet of B-2 stealth bombers. The maintenance operations came as part of the U.S. Air Force shortened the cycle of programmed depot maintenance in an effort to increase the fleet's availability. Company officials reported the completion of program in 359 days. "Our success reducing PDM f

France uses first cruise missiles against Islamic State: government

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Paris (AFP) Dec 15, 2015
The French air force used its first cruise missiles against Islamic State group targets in Iraq on Tuesday, the defence ministry said. "Launched from the United Arab Emirates and Jordan, the raid was made up of a dozen fighter planes equipped with cruise missiles and bombs," the French ministry said in a statement. The jets targeted buildings in the Al-Qaim area of western Iraq, a civil

IAEA board 'closes' Iran nuclear bomb probe

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Vienna (AFP) Dec 15, 2015
The UN atomic watchdog's board Tuesday drew a line under a long-running probe into Iran's past efforts to develop nuclear weapons, removing an important obstacle to implementing July's landmark deal with big powers. A resolution approved by the International Atomic Energy Agency's 35-nation board of governors in Vienna "closes the board's consideration" of the "possible military dimensions"

Russian cruise missile crashes on building, no one hurt: ministry

‎16 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎05:58:51 PMGo to full article
Moscow (AFP) Dec 15, 2015
A Russian cruise missile launched as part of a failed military exercise fell on a residential building on Tuesday, the defence ministry said, adding that no one was hurt. The missile, which was being tested, "deviated from its trajectory and fell close to the little town of Nyonoksa", nearly 1,000 kilometres (600 miles) north of Moscow, the ministry said in a statement to AFP. Investigat

Lockheed Martin receives $1.1 billion contract for PAC-3 missiles

‎16 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎05:58:51 PMGo to full article
Dallas (UPI) Dec 15, 2015
The United States and several allies will upgrade their defenses with a $1.1 billion contract for Lockheed Martin's Patriot Advanced Capability missiles. The contract covers the production and delivery of both PAC-3 and PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhancement missiles and supporting equipment for the U.S. Army and Foreign Military Sales to South Korea, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. "Our PAC-

Russian Defense Ministry announces military procurement plan

‎16 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎05:58:51 PMGo to full article
Washington (UPI) Dec 15, 2015
The Russian Defense Ministry announced its future procurement plans, citing the expansion of radical extremism and what it calls "unfriendly" NATO policies. Russia's military procurement plans include the purchase of roughly 200 planes and helicopters, up to 30 surface ships and submarines, and an additional 600 armored vehicles per year. "The state program for armaments extendin

Pakistan test-fires second missile in three days

‎16 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎05:58:51 PMGo to full article
Islamabad (AFP) Dec 15, 2015
Pakistan test-fired a ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead on Tuesday, its second test in three days and barely a week after the government confirmed it would resume high-level peace talks with arch-rival India. The test is the latest in a series carried out by India and Pakistan since both demonstrated nuclear weapons capability in 1998. The military said it had fired

Australian military plane flies over disputed South China Sea

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Sydney (AFP) Dec 16, 2015
An Australian military surveillance plane has flown near disputed areas of the South China Sea, it emerged Wednesday, with the crew heard warning China's navy it was on a freedom of navigation mission. Tensions in the region have mounted since China transformed reefs in the South China Sea into small islands capable of supporting military facilities, a move the United States says threatens f

39 dead in suspected Russia raids on two Syria markets: monitor

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Beirut (AFP) Dec 15, 2015
At least 39 civilians were killed Tuesday in suspected Russian air strikes on two markets in northern Syria, a monitoring group said. The raids killed 16 civilians at a market for fuel in Maarat al-Naasan, a village in Idlib province, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Another 23 civilians, including five women, were killed after strikes on a village held by the Islami

Iraq demands 'complete withdrawal' of Turkish forces

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Baghdad (AFP) Dec 15, 2015
The Iraqi government on Tuesday demanded the "complete withdrawal" of Turkish forces from its territory, indicating Ankara's partial pullout the previous day was not enough. Turkey deployed soldiers and tanks to a military camp in northern Iraq earlier this month, a move it said was necessary to protect trainers at the site but which Baghdad condemned as an illegal incursion. Turkish and

General Dynamics to provide communications for USAFCENT in Asia

‎16 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎05:58:51 PMGo to full article
Fairfax, Va. (UPI) Dec 15, 2015
General Dynamics Information technology has been awarded a contract to support communication systems for the U.S. Air Force in in Asia. Under the five-year contract, with the potential value of about $450 million if all options are exercised, General Dynamics will provide acquisition, installation, operations and maintenance support of communications for the U.S. Air Forces Central Comm

15 IS suicide car bombs targetting Iraq forces 'repelled'

‎16 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎05:58:51 PMGo to full article
Baghdad (AFP) Dec 15, 2015
A wave of 15 suicide car bomb attacks by the Islamic State group (IS) against Iraqi security forces was repelled east of the flashpoint city of Ramadi Tuesday with limited casualties, officials said. The onslaught was the latest in a series of attacks by jihadists defending positions in Ramadi, which Iraqi forces, backed by US-led coalition air strikes, are trying to retake. "Aircraft of

Yemen peace talks begin in Switzerland

‎16 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎05:58:51 PMGo to full article
Geneva (AFP) Dec 15, 2015
Yemen's warring sides sat down for peace talks in Switzerland on Tuesday in a bid to end the devastating conflict as a ceasefire began on the ground, the United Nations said. "The UN-sponsored consultations aimed at finding a durable settlement to the Yemen crisis started today in Switzerland," UN spokesman Ahmad Fawzi told reporters. "These consultations seek to establish a permanent an



Space Training Transformation is underway

‎03 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎08:16:42 AMGo to full article
Peterson AFB CO (SPX) Dec 02, 2015
The Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) Commander, General John Hyten, as the Space Professional Functional Authority, directed implementation of a more robust Undergraduate Space Training Air Force Specialty Course and the transfer of space weapon system specific training responsibility to AFSPC by the beginning of Fiscal Year 2016 (FY16). This transfer took place, as scheduled, on 1 Oct 2015.

Russian Strategic Missile Forces to Receive New ICBMs in 2015

‎03 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎08:16:42 AMGo to full article
Moscow (Sputnik) Dec 02, 2015
Russia's Strategic Missile Forces will receive more than 50 modern pieces of weaponry in 2015, including intercontinental ballistic missiles and launch platforms, Strategic Missile Forces' press spokesman Col. Igor Egorov said Tuesday. "More than 50 modern pieces of weaponry, military and special equipment, including intercontinental ballistic missiles, autonomous launch platforms, mobile

Intelsat General applies best defense is a good offense to prevent jamming

‎03 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎08:16:42 AMGo to full article
McLean VA (SPX) Dec 02, 2015
When encountering satellite jamming, organizations try to resolve the problem diplomatically. But until that process and standards can be streamlined, diplomacy will be secondary to technology that can combat jamming through prevention and source identity. "I feel the best solution for the industry is through developing mitigation technologies because the diplomatic channels available to r

Army's Gray Eagle needs high throughput and flexibility to support Army ISR

‎03 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎08:16:42 AMGo to full article
McLean VA (SPX) Dec 02, 2015
The Army recently sent out a Request for Information (RFI) on how to best support the MQ-1C Gray Eagle Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). The Gray Eagle is a critical part of the Army's ISR strategy, and the massive amounts of satellite bandwidth required for its mission of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance means a high-throughput satellite solution is the best answer. IGC has bee

U.S. Marines test new M1122 practice round

‎03 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎08:16:42 AMGo to full article
Camp Lejeune, N.C. (UPI) Dec 1, 2015
U.S. Marines tested the new M1122 practice round for artillery training, exploring a cheaper alternative for the rising costs of the M795. "This round could be beneficial to the Marine Corps because it's going to be a cost-saving initiative," Lt. Col. Mike McCarroll, operations officer for 10th Marine Regiment, said in a statement. "Artillery ammunition is expensive. This could help us

Qualified to run the country?

‎03 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎08:16:42 AMGo to full article
Washington DC (UPI) Nov 29, 2015
At this moment, and it may quickly fade, four candidates are the leading contenders to win the Republican presidential nomination next year: Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. In terms of experience, none brings extraordinary or even entry-level qualifications to serve as the nation's chief executive. Two have no government experience, which to some Americans is importa

NATO to keep 12,000 troops in Afghanistan next year

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Brussels (AFP) Dec 1, 2015
NATO will keep some 12,000 troops in Afghanistan for an extra year in 2016 to prevent the country again becoming a terrorist safe haven, alliance head Jens Stoltenberg said Tuesday. NATO's Resolute Support advice and training mission was supposed to end this year but Taliban battlefield successes, especially their recent brief capture of the northern city of Kunduz, prompted a radical re-thi

Qaeda Syria wing frees Lebanese hostages in swap deal

‎03 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎08:16:42 AMGo to full article
Beirut (AFP) Dec 1, 2015
Al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate on Tuesday freed 16 Lebanese soldiers and police it captured more than a year ago, in a prisoner swap that partially ended a long-running hostage crisis. The release was greeted with jubilation in Beirut, where families of the kidnapped have manned a protest camp demanding their freedom for the last 16 months. But it also underlined the uncertainty over the fa

Coalition's Kurd-heavy anti-IS strategy risky: analysts

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Baghdad (AFP) Dec 1, 2015
The US-led coalition has made Iraqi and Syrian Kurdish forces primary allies against the Islamic State jihadist group, but over-reliance on the Kurds carries risks, analysts warn. As the world seeks to turn up the heat on IS, some of the West's main partners on the ground are the peshmerga forces from Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region and the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) in Syria.

Pakistan and Afghan leaders vow to resume Taliban peace talks

‎03 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎08:16:42 AMGo to full article
Islamabad (AFP) Dec 1, 2015
The leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan agreed to work together to revive stalled peace talks with Taliban insurgents after meeting on the sidelines of a climate change conference in Paris, officials said. Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani met Monday amid heightened tensions over Kabul's accusations that Islamabad aided the Taliban in their brief capture

Libyan air strikes hit IS forces pushing eastward: govt

‎03 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎08:16:42 AMGo to full article
Benghazi, Libya (AFP) Dec 1, 2015
Warplanes from Libya's internationally recognised government have hit positions of the Islamic State group pushing eastward from their stronghold in Sirte toward the oil hub of Ajdabiya, a senior officer said Tuesday. IS, which already controls large swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria, has exploited the chaos that spread across Libya after veteran dictator Moamer Kadhafi was toppled and

Hughes Advanced TDMA Waveform tested at Talisman Sabre

‎03 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎08:16:42 AMGo to full article
Washington (UPI) Nov 30, 2015
The U.S. Military partnered with the Australian Defence Force during exercise Talisman Sabre 2015 to test Hughes' advanced TDMA waveform technology. During the exercise, a joint training event designed to improve combat readiness and interoperability for both forces, The Australian Defence Force used the Hughes HX System, a satellite routing system equipped with advanced waveform techno

U.S. Navy to complete construction of USS Cooperstown

‎03 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎08:16:42 AMGo to full article
Bethesda, Md. (UPI) Nov 30, 2015
The U.S. Navy has issued the remaining balance to Lockheed Martin to fund the construction of the future littoral combat ship USS Cooperstown. The Navy's payout of $279 million follows an earlier advanced payment of $79 million, approved by Congress in March 2015. USS Cooperstown will be the first ship in the Navy's fleet to be named after Cooperstown, New York. "By providing thi

U.S. Air Force pilots use new simulators for F-35 training

‎03 ‎December ‎2015, ‏‎08:16:42 AMGo to full article
Hill Air Force Base, Utah (UPI) Dec 1, 2015
U.S. Air Force pilots are training for F-35 Lightning II operations using new simulators developed by Lockheed Martin. With the F-35 multirole fighter jet being exclusively a single-seat aircraft, pilots complete academic and virtual education before training with the actual aircraft. After the academic portion of their education, pilots are now using Lockheed Martin's F-35 Lightning II





News About Ballistic Missile Defense


Boeing, Northrop Grumman conduct missile system flight test

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎11:41:04 AMGo to full article
Huntsville, Ala (UPI) Feb 03, 2016 - Boeing and Northrop Grumman collaborated with the U.S. Missile Defense Agency to test improvements for the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system.

The test was performed to verify the GMD's system components, and assess its ability to engage and destroy ballistic missile targets. During the test, a GMD interceptor was used for an intentional fly-by of a target representing an advanced long-range ballistic missile.

"The Missile Defense Agency's test design enabled the collection of critical data to validate key design improvements for the U.S. homeland defense architecture," Boeing vice president and GMD program director Norm Tew said. "This data will also support future development such as the work that's currently underway on the Boeing-led redesigned kill vehicle."

Northrop Grumman supported Boeing and the Missile Defense Agency in the test by managing the fire control system, which coordinates sensor information and orchestrates the system's target engagement.

"Our system determines which threat to engage, builds the threat picture, allocates resources and provides and updates the information guiding the kill vehicle," Northrop Grumman Missile Systems general manager Dan Verwiel said.

The Ground-based Midcourse Defense system is an element of the Ballistic Missile Defense System, which is designed to engage limited intermediate and long-range ballistic missile attacks against the United States. The system uses integrated communication networks, deployed sensors, and the Exo-atmospheric Kill Vehicle to destroy incoming targets.



Raytheon developing radar upgrade for Patriot system

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎11:41:04 AMGo to full article
Andover, Mass. (UPI) Feb 2, 2016 - The main radar array of the Patriot Air and Missile Defense system is being upgraded by Raytheon for enhanced 360-degree coverage capability.

The enhancement comes through the use of a gallium nitride-, or GaN-based, Active Electronically Scanned Array technology. A full-size, main panel radar array prototype is being worked on and a prototype will be ready for testing this year, the company said.

"Raytheon has invested more than $150 million in GaN technology and learned invaluable lessons while building our GaN-based AESA full-scale prototype," said Ralph Acaba, vice president of Integrated Air and Missile Defense at Raytheon's Integrated Defense Systems business. "This ensures Raytheon is able to rapidly develop, build, test and deliver a combat-ready GaN-based AESA radar that gives Patriot 360-degree capability."

Rytheon last year built a GaN-based AESA rear-panel array and integrated it with a radar for potential use with Patriot, using existing back-end processing hardware and software. The radar tracked targets of opportunity, leveraging a seamless 360-degree view.

"Raytheon's GaN-based AESA radar will outmatch future threats for the same reason today's Patriot is able to outmatch current threats -- because it is designed to be upgraded and we have a growth path for the system," said Tim Glaeser, vice president of Integrated Air and Missile Defense Business Development at Raytheon's Integrated Defense Systems business.

The Raytheon GaN-based AESA radar uses three antenna arrays mounted on a mobile radar shelter. The main AESA array is a bolt-on replacement for the current Patriot antenna and is oriented toward the primary threat. The new rear panel looks behind and to the sides of the main array allow Patriot to engage threats in all directions.



Japan orders military to prepare to destroy N. Korea missile: reports

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎11:41:04 AMGo to full article
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 29, 2016 - Japan has ordered its military to be ready to destroy any missile fired by North Korea that threatens the country, local media reported Friday, as concerns mount that Pyongyang is preparing a rocket launch.

Defence Minister Gen Nakatani issued the order, the Nikkei daily and Kyodo News reported, after reports of suspicious activity at Pyongyang's main satellite complex fuelled speculation a launch could come as early as next week.

A Japanese defence ministry spokeswoman declined to confirm the report when contacted by AFP, saying that "would reveal our strategy".

"But we are taking all possible measures to respond (to a missile launch) by collecting information and coordinating with countries concerned," she added.

North Korea is banned from using ballistic missile technology by UN Security Council resolutions, so any launch would further raise tensions among the international community only weeks after its latest nuclear test.

Two US defence officials confirmed to AFP on Friday there was ongoing activity at the North's Sohae satellite complex, which Pyongyang has been upgrading to handle larger, longer-range rockets since 2013.

Their comments came after Japan's Kyodo News, citing an anonymous government source, said satellite imagery showed increased movement at Sohae that could suggest a launch as early as next week.

Also on Friday, Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida held telephone talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry about the possible launch.

"We can't deny the possibility that North Korea will take further provocative action," Kishida told reporters, adding that he and Kerry had "exchanged information on how to cooperate from now on".

Japan deployed surface-to-air missile defences in 2012, the same year North Korea put a satellite into orbit with its Unha-3 carrier.

Although Pyongyang insisted it was a purely scientific operation, that launch was condemned by the international community as a disguised ballistic missile test and resulted in a tightening of UN sanctions.



Raytheon, MDA test new thruster for EKV missile

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎11:41:04 AMGo to full article
Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. (UPI) Jan 29, 2016 - A data-gathering flight test of a Raytheon Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle by the U.S. Missile Defense Agency has validated the missile's redesigned thruster components.

The test, which did not involve striking a target, proved the effectiveness of a recent redesign of EKV thrusters, which provide the control necessary for lethal impact with incoming ballistic missile threats while outside of the Earth's atmosphere.

"This was a remarkable data-collection opportunity," Dr. Taylor W. Lawrence, president of Raytheon Missile Systems, said in a statement. "These are among our industry's most complex systems. Testing is critically important to ensuring the advancement of reliable kill vehicles for the protection of the U.S. homeland."

The weapon features a multi-color sensor to detect incoming warheads in space; its own propulsion and communications link, discrimination algorithms, guidance and control system and computers to support target selection and target interception.

The EKV is the intercept component of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system.

Raytheon is currently managing four hit-to-kill missile programs: the EKV, Standard Missile-3 kinetic vehicle, the Redesigned Kill Vehicle, and Multi-Object Kill Vehicle.



Deployment of US Defense System to Increase South Korea's Security

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎11:41:04 AMGo to full article
Tokyo (Sputnik) Jan 31, 2016 - The deployment of a US anti-missile system in South Korea would boost the country's security as it would help counter possible threats form the North, a spokesman for the South Korean Defense Ministry said on Friday.

"Our government will consider every measure to prepare against North Korea's missile threats... If U.S. Forces Korea deploys THAAD, it will help our national security and defense," Kim Min-seok said, as quoted by the Yonhap news agency.

According to Kim, Washington has not offered Seoul any negotiations on the issue yet. However he added that the deployment was under discussion within the US government.

On January 6, North Korea announced it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, a move which triggered international condemnation for a provocative move destabilizing the region.

On January 13, South Korean President Park Geun-hye said that the deployment of THAAD systems in the country could be discussed, because of nuclear and missile threat from Pyongyang.

related report
Another Pyongyang Missile Test Could Lead to'Cycle of Escalation'
Washington (Sputnik) - Japanese media reported on Wednesday that satellite imagery indicated North Korea was preparing to test-launch a long-range missile. Earlier this month, Pyongyang tested a nuclear weapon, inciting outrage from the United States and new economic sanctions.

"We are concerned that additional North Korean provocations could heighten tensions, lead to a cycle of escalation and threaten the peace and stability on the Peninsula," Urban said on Thursday.

The spokesman added that the United States is urging North Korea to "refrain from actions and rhetoric that threaten regional peace and security and focus instead on taking concrete steps toward fulfilling its international commitments and obligations."

The US intelligence community and NORTHCOM have assessed that Pyongyang has the capability of hitting the United States with a long-range ballistic missile, and takes the threat of a nuclear-armed North Korea seriously.

Source: Sputnik News



US missile interceptor and targeting system pass test

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎11:41:04 AMGo to full article
Washington DC (Sputnik) Jan 31, 2016 - An interceptor rocket and its ground-based targeting system successfully completed the latest test in a program to develop a missile defense capable of hitting targets on the edge of outer space, two companies involved in the project said in separate announcements on Friday.

Orbital ATK provided the interceptor rocket, which was guided by Northrup Grumman's targeting equipment and software, in what both companies called a successful test on Thursday at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

"Our system determines which threat to engage, builds the threat picture, allocates resources and provides and updates the information guiding the kill vehicle," Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Vice President Dan Verwiel said in one announcement.

In a separate announcement, Orbital ATK's Launch Vehicles Division Vice President Rich Straka said the exercise marked the fourteenth successful flight of its interceptor rocket.

The test targeted an air-launched threat released from a US Air Force C-17 transport aircraft.

The exercise was designed to test in-flight communications between Northrup Grumman's battle management equipment and Orbital ATK's interceptor rocket, without the interceptor actually striking the target, according to the announcements.

The defense system is designed to destroy missiles before they re-enter Earth's atmosphere.

Source: Sputnik News



Missile Defense Agency orders more THAAD interceptors

‎03 ‎February ‎2016, ‏‎11:41:04 AMGo to full article
Washington (UPI) Jan 29, 2016 - The U.S. Missile Defense Agency will purchase 20 additional Lot 8 interceptors under a contract modification with Lockheed Martin.

The modification, valued at $198.7 million, will support the Missile Defense Agency's Terminal High Altitude Area Defense project, bringing the cumulative value of the contract up to $822 million.

THAAD is designed to protect population and high-value infrastructures from short and medium-range ballistic missile attacks, using interceptors to engage incoming targets. The system is capable of intercepting missiles inside and outside of the atmosphere.

Work on the contract will be performed at several locations in Texas, Alabama, and Arkansas, and is expected to be complete by September 2019.

Lockheed Martin announced they received a $528 million contract to produce and deliver THAAD missile systems in early January 2016. The systems were to be used by the U.S. Army to enhance its ballistic missile interception capabilities.


SBIRS Full Constellation testing going well

‎27 ‎January ‎2016, ‏‎10:25:34 AMGo to full article
Los Angeles AFB CA (SPX) Jan 25, 2016 - Air Force Space Command's Space and Missile Systems Center and the 460th Space Wing have confirmed the Remote Sensing Systems Directorate's ongoing success of the Space-Based Infrared System's Block 10 Integrated Test and Evaluation (IT and E) Readiness comprehensive evaluation.

Beginning Jan. 5, the 460th Operations Group personnel conducted the evaluation from the Mission Control Station at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado. On Jan. 6, crews from the 460th Space Wing began sending live mission messages for the first time from the Block 10 floor.

Col. Michael Jackson, 460th Operations Group commander said, "As you might expect, crew morale is sky high! January 6 is truly a historic day for the OPIR mission, and I am humbled by what our Airmen have accomplished."

The comprehensive evaluation test will continue through Jan. 19.

This is the final Block 10 Increment 2 system test prior to the formal evaluation by the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center. Block 10 consolidates operational Command and Control of Defense Support Program satellites, Space-based Infrared System Geosynchronous Earth Orbiting and Highly Elliptical Orbit sensors under one primary Mission Control Station. This consolidation is also known as Full Constellation.

This evaluation gives the operational crews an opportunity to 'test drive' the Block 10 consolidated ground system. The test is an approximately two-week "day in the life" event that serves as a dry run leading up to the IT and E.

It provides crews the chance to practice normal operations and get a feel for the Block 10 system before entering dedicated operational testing.



SBIRS ground system celebrates final development capstone

‎27 ‎January ‎2016, ‏‎10:25:34 AMGo to full article
Los Angeles AFB CA (SPX) Jan 25, 2016 - Air Force Space Command's Space and Missile Systems Center and the 460th Space Wing announced the Remote Sensing Systems Directorate completion of the Space-Based Infrared System's Block 10 Integrated Test and Evaluation (IT and E) Readiness Soak. This is the final Block 10 Increment 2 system test prior to the formal evaluation by the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center.

Beginning January 5, 460th Operations Group personnel conducted the Soak event from the Mission Control Station at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado. The 14-day test demonstrated total system readiness and stability for IT and E start.

It included complete command and control (C2) and mission management of the full constellation, and full operational crew posture and execution of operations for the final dependability and maintainability assessment prior to IT and E. This event not only tested total system readiness, but also demonstrated that operational crews have enough confidence in the system to run live operations.

"For the first time, live mission messages were sent from the Block 10 floor" said Col. Mike Guetlein, SMC's Remote Sensing System director. "This is another huge step toward Operational Acceptance."

"This is a full function test flight of our new ground system where our Airmen conduct full warning and detection functionality combined with intensive spacecraft command and control of all three of our spacecraft constellations," added Col. John Wagner, 460th Space Wing commander. "This was our shakedown cruise."

Block 10 consolidates operational C2 of Defense Support Program satellites, Space-based Infrared System Geosynchronous Earth Orbiting and Highly Elliptical Orbit sensors under one primary Mission Control Station. Block 10 also significantly increases performance capability across its four mission areas: missile warning, missile defense, battlespace awareness, and technical intelligence.

The Remote Sensing Program Office, in partnership with the operations community, leveraged lessons learned from previous SBIRS upgrades to successfully execute the Soak test. The system will now progress into IT and E and its formal operational and development evaluation activities.

Col. Mike Jackson, 460th SW Operations Group commander, said the completion of the phase marked a "truly historic day for the overhead persistent infrared mission."

The SBIRS program is managed by the Remote Sensing Systems Directorate at the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles AFB in El Segundo, California. Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, Sunnyvale, California, is the SBIRS prime contractor, and Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems, Azusa, California, is the payload integrator. The 460th Space Wing at Buckley AFB operates SBIRS.

The SBIRS program delivers timely, reliable and accurate missile warning and infrared surveillance information to the president of the United States, the secretary of Defense, combatant commanders, the intelligence community and other key decision makers.

The system enhances global missile launch detection capability, supports the nation's ballistic missile defense system, expands the country's technical intelligence gathering capacity and bolsters situational awareness for warfighters on the battlefield.




South Korea, Japan Should Host US THAAD Missiles: Cohen

‎22 ‎January ‎2016, ‏‎07:53:10 AMGo to full article
Washington DC (Sputnik) Jan 13, 2016 - South Korea and Japan should reconsider deploying US anti-missile batteries on their soil in response to North Korea's recent nuclear test, former US Defense Secretary William Cohen said at a US-China defense forum.

"I would hope also that we would consider and have the South Koreans and the Japanese consider having THAAD [Terminal High Altitude Area Defense] on their territory," Cohen stated on Monday.

Cohen acknowledged that China has and would raise concerns over the anti-missile deployment, but stated, "nonetheless, this is something that is important to us and to our allies."

The United States has raised the possibility of a THAAD battery deployment in East Asia in the past, a decision the Pentagon says will be made through the trilateral Japan- South Korea-US security alliance.

The anti-missile system is one optional response to North Korea's recent nuclear test. China has opposed the THAAD deployment in the past arguing it could upset the regional balance and be used against Chinese interests.

Source: Sputnik News


Aegis Combat System upgrade gets Navy approval

‎12 ‎January ‎2016, ‏‎07:53:39 AMGo to full article
Moorestown, N.J. (UPI) Jan 11, 2016 - The latest evolution of the Aegis Combat System for U.S. destroyers, Baseline 9.C1, has been certified by the U.S. Navy and the Missile Defense Agency.

Certification for deployment follows four test events this past summer aboard the USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53) in which it detected, tracked and engaged two ballistic missile targets and two air warfare targets.

"The Aegis Combat System Baseline 9.C1 offers unprecedented capabilities, including simultaneous air and ballistic missile defense," said Jim Sheridan, Lockheed Martin director of Aegis programs. "This Aegis baseline also improves Aegis networking capabilities, allowing Aegis vessels to automatically coordinate defense with input from satellite and ground-based radar assets -- forming a true shield of defense over a wide area."

Lockheed Martin said the enhanced system -- with enhanced radar resolution and target discrimination capabilities -- includes the most current generation of ballistic missile defense programming, known as BMD 5.0 Capability Upgrade, which allows for the destruction of ballistic missiles in both the upper atmosphere and the lower atmosphere.

The BMD capabilities of Baseline 9.C1 are also present in Aegis Ashore, the ground-based missile defense program that is the second phase of the U.S. Phased Adaptive Approach to protect Europe from ballistic missile attack.



Serbia requests missile defense systems from Russia

‎12 ‎January ‎2016, ‏‎07:53:39 AMGo to full article
Washington (UPI) Jan 11, 2016 - Moscow is considering Serbia's request for defensive weapons and interest in deepening military ties.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin met with Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade Monday, and afterward said the final decision on Serbia's request to procure Russian weapons would be made to meet Serbia's minimal security requirements. Russian state-owned Sputnik News reports that during the meeting, Rogozin presented a mock-up of Russian-made S-300 air defense system.

Serbia's request for Russian arms comes after its neighbor Croatia began talks with Norway to acquire ballistic missile defense systems. However, Russian state-owned news agency Tass reports Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic maintains he does not want to start a war with Croatia. Vucic says Croatia's move raises national security concerns.

"I am not nervous, but worried," Vucic told Serbian state news agency Tanjug. "The ballistic rockets and launch pads that Croatia is planning to acquire have ranges of 300 and 350 km. You can target any location in central Serbia from Zagreb or any other location."

Rogozin stressed the requested weapons in question are "not offensive ones but those capable of removing any risks of an attack on Serbia."



Cavalier AFS significant link to missile warning/space defense

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Cavalier AFS ND (SPX) Jan 12, 2016 - Once a major piece of U.S. nuclear defenses during the Cold War, Cavalier Air Force Station continues to be a significant link in the nation's missile warning and space defense scheme.

The 10th Space Warning Squadron is a geographically separated unit of the 21st Space Wing at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colo. Cavalier Air Force Station, N.D. is about 15 miles south of the Canadian border.

The installation initially provided the first and only ballistic missile defense of ICBM fields in the northern U.S. Following the Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty II that mission was terminated.

Soon after, new dual missions of providing missile warning and supporting space surveillance began. The Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System at Cavalier AFS is the only Safeguard component that was not deactivated.

The most prominent structure at Cavalier AFS is the Perimeter Acquisition Radar building, a ground-based Integrated Tactical Warning/Attack Assessment sensor key to the National Military Command System.

The building housing the PARCS radar system, often referred to as the second tallest building in North Dakota after the state capitol, is an electro-magnetic pulse hardened structure built as part of the Army's anti-ballistic missile Safeguard program.

"PARCS' primary mission is Missile Warning; its secondary mission is Space Situational Awareness," said Lt. Col. John Koehler, 10th SWS commander.

"PARCS is uniquely positioned to view objects approaching the United States and Southern Canada from the north. It has a visibility range of 3,300 kilometers, which is approximately 2,000 miles." This allows the world's most capable radar to provide observations on thousands of earth-orbiting satellites."

The PARCS provides around the clock missile warning data to North American Aerospace Defense Command and space surveillance data to United States Strategic Command.

The system monitors and tracks more than half of all earth-orbiting objects to enable space situational awareness. The 10th SWS team provides real-time missile warning data to the secretary of defense and the president to assist in decision making.

"Cavalier AFS is a unique installation with unparalleled personnel," said Koehler.

"The opportunities here rival and exceed what I've experienced at previous bases over my 17 years of service. The missions have direct impact on capabilities provided globally, from the farmers in the local area to operations overseas. This is truly the nation's most capable radar operated and maintained by the most capable team of Airmen."

There are about 130 people working at Cavalier, he said. Most are contractors performing a variety of services like maintenance, custodial services and firefighting. There are about 40 military and five government civilians in the mix. The installation is considered an isolated facility and too small to provide all the functions of a typical base, so some services are made available through other bases.

Grand Forks AFB, 80 miles south, provides security forces personnel and support functions like finance and medical, for example. Emergency services like hazardous waste disposal and explosive ordinance disposal are provided by Minot Air Force Base about 200 miles west.

The site is remote, but Cavalier personnel stay active in the local community, participating in events ranging from parades to providing a color guard at various ceremonies. Volunteering is a big part of the military lifestyle, and there are many opportunities for 10th SWS members to participate.

Extracurricular events like zip-lining in Canada, fishing and ice fishing at local lakes and rivers, camping and boating at Icelandic State Park in the summer, and skiing are available year round. On-site activities like bowling, potlucks, and karaoke are available all year at the Community Activity Center, lovingly called the Mangy Moose.

To bring the installation from the look associated with its time as a prominent Cold War site into the 21st century, a number of upgrades took place. A $4.8 million construction project added 14 new housing units for military families living on station, Koehler said. The project included a new community center and indoor play area aimed for use during cold winter months.

"The project represents a significant increase in the quality of life for base residents," Koehler said.

A $20 million High-altitude Electromagnetic Pulse protection project is nearing completion, including 10 major subprojects at the station. Koehler said these projects should ensure Cavalier's operational relevance far into the future.


Work on U.S. BMD complex in Poland expected to start in summer

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Slupsk, Poland (UPI) Jan 4, 2016 - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers expects to break ground this summer for a ballistic missile defense facility in Poland.

The Aegis Ashore BMD complex will be located on Poland's Redzikowa Air Base and when completed in 2018 will complement the Aegis Ashore facility completed last month in Romania.

The two land facilities, together with Aegis-equipped U.S. warships based in Spain, are to protect European NATO allies and U.S. forces in the region "against growing ballistic-missile threats from the Middle East," the Army said.

Two contracts will be awarded soon under the program.

"The first is a $100 million to $200 million contract to build the missile-defense facilities," said Curt Heckelman, chief of USACE Europe District's Missile Defense Branch. "The second is a $25 million to $100 million contract to build the offices, housing and other facilities where U.S. Navy personnel will work and live.

"We are currently accepting proposals, and this contract is open to all major construction companies."

About 80 companies attended a pre-proposal conference in Poland last month as part of contract-solicitation process.




Saudi intercepts missile fired from Yemen capital

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Riyadh (AFP) Dec 27, 2015 - Saudi Arabia intercepted a missile fired on its territory from Yemen's rebel-held capital, the Saudi-led coalition announced on Sunday, in the latest cross-border attack on the kingdom.

Saudi air defence forces intercepted "a Scud missile fired from Sanaa in Yemen towards the city of Najran" late on Saturday, said the coalition that has been battling rebels in Yemen since March.

Coalition jets "immediately destroyed the missile launch pad after identifying its location in Yemen," it said in a statement published by Saudi Arabia's official SPA news agency.

Yemen's Iran-backed rebels have intensified their rocket attacks across the Saudi border during the past week, prompting the coalition to threaten severe reprisals against them.

The Saudis have deployed Patriot missile batteries designed to counter tactical ballistic missiles.

In a statement published on their sabanews.net website, the rebels said they fired rockets at Jizan and Najran on the Saudi side of the border on Saturday, causing "losses in life and equipment".

They also said they fired another ballistic missile on Najran on Sunday, but Saudi Arabia has not yet confirmed this attack.

More than 80 people, most of them soldiers and border guards, have been killed in shelling and cross-border skirmishes in the kingdom's south since coalition operations began in Yemen.

In Yemen, the conflict has left nearly 6,000 people killed since March, according to UN figures.



Germany withdraws Patriot missiles from Turkey

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Washington (UPI) Dec 23, 2015 - Germany has begun withdrawing its Patriot missile batteries from Turkey, concluding its three-year mandate to support the NATO mission in the region.

The German military initially deployed their Patriot missile systems to Turkey as part of the NATO initiative to bolster its defenses in the country. Germany provided two of the five NATO batteries, in addition to about 250 personnel for the three-year mission, according to Daily Sabah.

While the withdrawal leaves only Spanish Patriot missile systems at the request of the Turkish government, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltengberg says the alliance's mission will continue with air and naval support to boost the country's defense capabilities.

The German government said earlier this year it would not renew its Patriot missile commitment to Turkey, Defense News reports.

While NATO has been supporting Turkish airspace for several years, officials have moved to strengthen their defenses in the wake of the downing of a Russian aircraft that entered Turkish airspace in November.

"This is something we have been working on long before the incident and is separate from the incident," Stoltenberg said.



New SBIRS ground system celebrates two major milestones

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Los Angeles AFB CA (SPX) Dec 21, 2015 - Air Force Space Command's Space and Missile Systems Center announced the completion of two major milestones in the development and fielding of its new Space-based Infrared System ground system.

For the first time the new system, dubbed Block 10 Increment 2, simultaneously commanded the full missile warning constellation of Defense Support Program satellites, SBIRS Geosynchronous Earth Orbiting satellites and SBIRS Highly Elliptical Orbit sensors. In addition, this Full Constellation test enabled the completion of the Capability Evaluation phase. The Block 10 upgrade enables consolidation of operational control under one primary Mission Control Station with a single backup control station.

Block 10 will also introduce a significant increase in performance capability across its four mission areas: missile warning, missile defense, battlespace awareness, and technical intelligence.

The Full Constellation test event was conducted from the MCS at Buckley Air Force Base, Aurora, Colorado by 460th Operations Group personnel. Leveraging lessons learned from previous SBIRS ground upgrades, the Block 10 plan has successfully implemented a "crawl, walk, run" approach as it has incrementally demonstrated the functionality of the new integrated command and control for the DSP, GEO and HEO constellations.

The completion of the CE phase marks the readiness of the Block 10 upgrade to proceed out of the development phase and into formal test activities. It also verified the Block 10 system's performance against requirements and demonstrated the ground system's readiness for operational use.

"The completion of Full Constellation and Capability Evaluation are major accomplishments and risk reduction efforts on our way to Operational Acceptance next year," said Col. Mike Guetlein, SMC's Remote Sensing Systems director. "The continued hard work, dedication, and expertise of the combined SBIRS team led to these key milestones."

Col. John Wagner, 460th Space Wing commander added, "I'm extremely proud of our Airmen, our SMC and contractor partners who are at the heart of this system. They've worked diligently around the clock to ensure we have this leap forward in capability as one team. This is possible only because of this amazing partnership and their hard work."

The SBIRS program is managed by the Remote Sensing Systems Directorate at the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles AFB, El Segundo, California. Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, Sunnyvale, California is the SBIRS prime contractor, and Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems, Azusa, California, is the payload integrator. The 460th Space Wing at Buckley AFB, operates the SBIRS system.

The SBIRS program delivers timely, reliable and accurate missile warning and infrared surveillance information to the president of the United States, the secretary of defense, combatant commanders, the intelligence community and other key decision makers. The system enhances global missile launch detection capability, supports the nation's ballistic missile defense system, expands the country's technical intelligence gathering capacity and bolsters situational awareness for warfighters on the battlefield.

SMC, located at the Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo, California, is the U.S. Air Force's center of excellence for acquiring and developing military space systems. Its portfolio includes the Global Positioning System, military satellite communications, defense meteorological satellites, space launch and range systems, satellite control networks, space based infrared systems and space situational awareness capabilities.



Aegis Ashore missile defense system goes online in Romania

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Washington (UPI) Dec 18, 2015 - The U.S. Navy has taken control of its new Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense system in Romania after years of construction.

The Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense system was installed to boost European defenses. The site is located at the Deveselu air base. Navy Times reports defense officials from the U.S. and Romania are expected to announce the radar site and missile battery reaching "technical capability" during a ceremony in Bucharest. It will later be declared fully operational after integration with the larger NATO missile defense network.

"The Aegis Ashore site in Romania is an important step in our efforts to protect against the growing threat posed by the proliferation of ballistic missiles of increasingly greater ranges, lethality, and sophistication," Navy spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Hawkins told Navy Times. "The Romania site will provide a defensive capability to protect NATO Europe against ballistic missiles."

U.S. officials have also said the defense system aims to defend Europe from the nuclear threat of Iran. Russian officials dispute the claim, suggesting the establishment of a missile defense system in Eastern Europe is a direct slight to Moscow.

President Obama issued a statement on planned missile defense systems in Europe in 2009.

"To put it simply, our new missile defense architecture in Europe will provide stronger, smarter, and swifter defenses of American forces and America's Allies," Obama said. "It sustains and builds upon our commitment to protect the U.S. homeland against long-range ballistic missile threats; and it ensures and enhances the protection of all our NATO Allies."

An additional site is expected to become operational in Poland beginning in 2018.



Israeli missile interceptor passes final test

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Jerusalem (AFP) Dec 21, 2015 - Israel's David's Sling missile defence system has passed final tests and should be ready for deployment next year as part of the country's efforts to defend against regional threats, officials said Monday.

The medium-range interceptor, developed with United States backing, is due to be handed to the Israeli air force "at the end of the first quarter of 2016," said Yair Ramati, head of the Israel Missile Defence Organisation.

David's Sling is designed to fill the gap between the longer-range Arrow missile defence system and the shorter-range Iron Dome interceptor.

It was developed by Israel's Rafael Advanced Defence Systems and US company Raytheon.

Earlier this month, Israel also announced that it successfully tested the Arrow 3 interceptor, designed to shoot down missiles above the atmosphere.

The tests come with Israel saying it faces threats from regional enemies including Iran and Hezbollah.

Monday's announcement also followed the killing of a Lebanese militant in Syria at the weekend in what Hezbollah described as an Israeli air strike. Israel has not claimed responsibility.

In an apparent response, at least two rockets were fired into Israel from Hezbollah's south Lebanon heartland, with no casualties reported. The Israeli military said it responded with "targeted artillery fire".

Officials stressed that Monday's David's Sling announcement was not linked to the weekend incidents, with the programme long in development.



Lockheed Martin receives $1.1 billion contract for PAC-3 missiles

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Dallas (UPI) Dec 15, 2015 - The United States and several allies will upgrade their defenses with a $1.1 billion contract for Lockheed Martin's Patriot Advanced Capability missiles.

The contract covers the production and delivery of both PAC-3 and PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhancement missiles and supporting equipment for the U.S. Army and Foreign Military Sales to South Korea, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

"Our PAC-3 and PAC-3 MSE interceptors are the most trusted and capable terminal air defense missiles in the world, and we're proud to support our customers as they protect soldiers, citizens and infrastructure from adversary threats," Lockheed Martin PAC-3 programs vice president Scott Arnold said in a press release.

PAC-3 is a high-velocity interceptor designed to defend armed forces against tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, aircraft and other airborne threats. The missile system is currently used by six nations, including the United States, Germany, Japan, The United Arab Emirates, Taiwan and the Netherlands. Lockheed Martin has manufactured over 2,000 PAC-3 missiles to date.

"All Lockheed Martin-built missile defense interceptors utilize advanced hit-to-kill technology enabling better accuracy, enhanced safety and improved reliability when it matters most," Arnold added.

The PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhancement, a variant of the PAC-3, features increased maneuverability and effective range.



Aegis Ashore is a Verified Hit

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Kauai HI (SPX) Dec 14, 2015 - In the first live fire intercept test of Aegis Ashore, Lockheed Martin, the U.S. Navy and the Missile Defense Agency successfully destroyed a ballistic missile target at the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF).

The test also demonstrated the system's "Launch on Remote" capability, where Aegis Ashore uses information from another radar system to launch an intercept missile before switching to Aegis Ashore's own SPY-1 radar to guide that missile to the target.

This level of interactivity between radar systems, which greatly extends the range of Aegis protection, is a hallmark of the networked, integrated shield of defense that Aegis-both at sea and on land-provides.

"This Launch on Remote capability helps broaden the reach of Aegis systems by allowing individual Aegis units to use data from networked sensors to track and engage threats," said Brendan Scanlon, Lockheed Martin's director of Aegis Ashore programs.

"This test speaks to the flexibility of the Aegis concept, where we can network together the proven capabilities of Aegis with other missile defense systems to create a total ballistic missile defense shield."

The PMRF Aegis Ashore facility was installed in 2013 and has passed every milestone leading up to this test. A second Aegis Ashore system is currently under construction in Deveselu Air Base in Romania, on schedule for completion by year's end.

Aegis Ashore is powered by the latest iteration of the Aegis configuration, called Baseline 9, which also includes the most current generation of ballistic missile defense programming, BMD 5.0 CU.

It is the land-based version of the Aegis Combat System, a sophisticated collection of phased-array radars, fire control directors, computers and missiles installed on U.S. Navy warships and those of its allies.

As Aegis Combat Systems Engineering Agent, Lockheed Martin led the development of the Aegis Ashore weapon system for the U.S. Navy and Missile Defense Agency.

Aegis Ashore is a key component of the U.S. European Phased Adaptive Approach, Phase II, a plan to protect deployed forces and our European allies from ballistic missile attack.



Flight test proves ballistic missiles no match for latest Patriot upgrade

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White Sands NM (SPX) Dec 14, 2015 - A successful flight test has proved that the latest upgrades to the Raytheon-made Patriot Integrated Air and Missile Defense system will be able to destroy advanced threats at greater ranges. The upgraded system more effectively employs the newest Patriot interceptor.

The combat-proven Patriot system, upgraded with a suite of improvements collectively known as Post-Deployment Build 8 (PDB-8), successfully tracked and engaged a ballistic missile target with PAC-3 MSE missiles during the test.

"Patriot continues to evolve and improve to outmatch belligerent nations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, which are constantly improving their weapon systems and tactics," said Ralph Acaba, Raytheon vice president of Integrated Air and Missile Defense.

"When fully developed and fielded, PDB-8 will enable Patriot to take more complete advantage of PAC-3 MSE's capabilities."

One upgrade, known as the Radar Digital Processor (RDP), enables the PAC-3 MSE interceptor to realize more of its potential.

The RDP is a ruggedized, commercial, off-the-shelf processor that reduces Patriot's operations and maintenance cost while improving its previously impressive reliability by approximately 40 percent.

RDP is fully digital, which means that its software can be upgraded to address future threats.

In addition to the RDP, PDB-8 also represents the first U.S. Army fielding of the Modern Man Station (MMS), a user interface with color LCD displays, touch screens and soft keys.

Although a number of Patriot partner nations have already fielded MMS and RDP, PDB-8 takes full advantages of the hardware upgrades.

As a result, the U.S. Army and other PDB-8 users will have the following features and benefits in their Patriot systems:

+ Enhanced capability against a variety of threats

+ An improved Identification Friend or Foe capability

+ Improved radar search capability

+ Improved target detection and identification

+ A redesigned Fire Solution Computer, which enables Patriot to take advantage of the PAC-3 MSE missile capabilities

+ An Enhanced Weapons Computer, which is projected to provide up to 50 percent more processing power for software enhancements, allowing it to address evolving threats by using commercial off-the-shelf processors



Israel tests Arrow 3 missile defense system, target locked on from space

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Tel Aviv (Sputnik) Dec 11, 2015 - The Israeli Defense Ministry announced Thursday it has successfully carried out a test on locking on a missile target from space using its Arrow 3 missile defense system that was developed jointly with the United States.

"The anti-missile Hetz 3 [Arrow 3] complex completed all of its planned flight stages and destroyed its target. Target lock on occurred in space," the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

The Arrow 3 is an anti ballistic defense system, jointly developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and US aviation giant Boeing. The system is incorporated into Israel's multi-level defense shield and designed to intercept missiles of varying ranges - from short-range missiles fired from neighboring territories, to long-range missiles launched from Iran.

The Arrow 3 interceptor missile is capable of operating in space, as its hypersonic speed allows it to overcome the atmosphere.

A previous Arrow 3 test, conducted by Israel in December 2014, failed. According to reports, the launch of the Arrow 3 interceptor missile had to be canceled as it had failed to lock on to its target missile.

Source: Sputnik News



Israel successfully tests ballistic missile interceptor

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Jerusalem (AFP) Dec 10, 2015 - Israel and the United States on Thursday successfully tested a ballistic missile interceptor as the Jewish state seeks to upgrade its defences in the face of regional threats, officials said.

The trial from an Israeli test range involved the Arrow 3 interceptor, designed to shoot down missiles above the atmosphere, with Israel concerned over the potential for attacks from enemies including Iran.

A similar test a year ago failed, but Thursday's trial intercepted a ballistic missile target above the Mediterranean.

"This successful test is a major milestone in the development of the Arrow Weapon System and provides confidence in future Israeli capabilities to defeat the developing threats," Israel's defence ministry said.

"Additional Arrow-3 interceptor tests are planned in the future to demonstrate capability prior to becoming operational."

The Arrow project was first launched in 1988 as part of the then Star Wars programme under late US president Ronald Reagan that was abandoned in 1993.

Arrow 3, developed jointly between the United States and Israel, is intended to serve as Israel's uppermost missile interception system. Lower-altitude interception systems are either already deployed or close to being operational.

Partly financed by the United States, the Arrow system was developed and produced by Israeli Aerospace Industries in partnership with Boeing.

Israel strongly opposed a nuclear deal struck in July between Iran and major powers, arguing it would not block its regional rival's path to atomic weapons.

It also argues that the lifting of sanctions under the deal will allow Iran to further back and arm proxy militants in the region.

The United States said earlier this month it was conducting a "serious review" into reports that Iran carried out a new round of ballistic missile testing in violation of UN resolutions.

Lockheed Martin PAC-3 missile intercepts ballistic target in flight test
White Sands Missile Range, N.M. (UPI) Dec 10, 2015 - Lockheed Martin completed its flight test of the Patriot Advanced Capability 3, or PAC-3, Missile Segment Enhancement missile as part of a U.S. Army-led evaluation at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.

The demonstration marked the third PAC-3 missile test since November. During the test, two PAC-3 MSE missiles were launched and intercepted an incoming target, with the first missile hitting the target, which Lockheed Martin said was planned.

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control vice president of PAC-3 programs Scott Arnold called the test a success, saying it is another strong demonstration of the weapon's capabilities.

"With enhanced capability and range, we anticipate these innovative interceptors will play an increasingly critical role in defending against evolving missile threats around the globe," Arnold said in a statement.

PAC-3 is a high-velocity interceptor, designed to defend against tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and aircraft. According to Lockheed Martin, the missile increases the Patriot launcher's firepower by a factor of four. The company has manufactured over 2,000 units to date.

The PAC-3 MSE variant builds on the PAC-3 missile, featuring a dual-pulse solid-rocket motor, larger control fins, and upgraded support systems, effectively doubling the missile's range.

PAC-3 has been sold to 10 international customers.



Lockheed Martin PAC-3 missile intercepts ballistic target in flight test

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White Sands Missile Range, N.M. (UPI) Dec 10, 2015 - Lockheed Martin completed its flight test of the Patriot Advanced Capability 3, or PAC-3, Missile Segment Enhancement missile as part of a U.S. Army-led evaluation at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.

The demonstration marked the third PAC-3 missile test since November. During the test, two PAC-3 MSE missiles were launched and intercepted an incoming target, with the first missile hitting the target, which Lockheed Martin said was planned.

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control vice president of PAC-3 programs Scott Arnold called the test a success, saying it is another strong demonstration of the weapon's capabilities.

"With enhanced capability and range, we anticipate these innovative interceptors will play an increasingly critical role in defending against evolving missile threats around the globe," Arnold said in a statement.

PAC-3 is a high-velocity interceptor, designed to defend against tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and aircraft. According to Lockheed Martin, the missile increases the Patriot launcher's firepower by a factor of four. The company has manufactured over 2,000 units to date.

The PAC-3 MSE variant builds on the PAC-3 missile, featuring a dual-pulse solid-rocket motor, larger control fins, and upgraded support systems, effectively doubling the missile's range.

PAC-3 has been sold to 10 international customers.

Israel successfully tests ballistic missile interceptor
Jerusalem (AFP) Dec 10, 2015 - Israel and the United States on Thursday successfully tested a ballistic missile interceptor as the Jewish state seeks to upgrade its defences in the face of regional threats, officials said.

The trial from an Israeli test range involved the Arrow 3 interceptor, designed to shoot down missiles above the atmosphere, with Israel concerned over the potential for attacks from enemies including Iran.

A similar test a year ago failed, but Thursday's trial intercepted a ballistic missile target above the Mediterranean.

"This successful test is a major milestone in the development of the Arrow Weapon System and provides confidence in future Israeli capabilities to defeat the developing threats," Israel's defence ministry said.

"Additional Arrow-3 interceptor tests are planned in the future to demonstrate capability prior to becoming operational."

The Arrow project was first launched in 1988 as part of the then Star Wars programme under late US president Ronald Reagan that was abandoned in 1993.

Arrow 3, developed jointly between the United States and Israel, is intended to serve as Israel's uppermost missile interception system. Lower-altitude interception systems are either already deployed or close to being operational.

Partly financed by the United States, the Arrow system was developed and produced by Israeli Aerospace Industries in partnership with Boeing.

Israel strongly opposed a nuclear deal struck in July between Iran and major powers, arguing it would not block its regional rival's path to atomic weapons.

It also argues that the lifting of sanctions under the deal will allow Iran to further back and arm proxy militants in the region.

The United States said earlier this month it was conducting a "serious review" into reports that Iran carried out a new round of ballistic missile testing in violation of UN resolutions.



Second reserve battery for Israel's 'Iron Dome' becomes operational

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Washington (UPI) Dec 14, 2015 - The Israeli military has qualified a second reserve battery to support Israel's "Iron Dome" missile interception system.

The second reserve battery is the first to meet the new systems upgrade, featuring new software blocks. Israel plans to upgrade the new block to all Iron Dome System parts by May 2016, according to the Israeli Air Force.

"The world of 'Iron Dome' is in continuous evolution," Aerial Defense Division Commander Brig. Gen. Zvika Haimovich said in a statement. "The system has changed and progressed in its ability to deal with double the targets and can deal with multiple aerial defense missions".

Upgrades to the country's missile defense system comes about a year after the rapid deployment of reserve battery troops during Operation Protective Edge, where the system intercepted over 700 munitions launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel. Reservists received no special training prior to the operation.

Israeli defense officials say updates to the Iron Dome will make the defense system twice as formidable as it has been before, which they say is needed to meet future threats.

"In another world, we could have postponed the system upgrade to a year from now, but our enemies are working, so we must continue to better our readiness," Haimovich added. "The world of 'Iron Dome' is in continuous evolution and part of you have accompanied 'Iron Dome' from the beginning, sitting in the battery and feeling that it's another world."



Tokyo considering advanced US air defense systems to counter NKorea

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Moscow (Sputnik) Dec 04, 2015 - The Japanese Defense Ministry has begun a full-fledged study on introduction of the advanced US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) systems to counter possible threat represented by the North Korean ballistic missiles, local media reported on Thursday, citing informed sources.

According to The Japan Times, if the study confirms compatibility of the THAAD system and ground-based SM-3 interceptors currently operated by Japan, the systems could be deployed during the next five-year defense buildup program starting in 2019.

The THAAD is a missile defense system capable of shooting down short, medium and intermediate-range ballistic missiles. In July, North Korea said it might boost nuclear deterrent should the United States deploy a mobile missile defense systems in South Korea.

North Korea declared itself a nuclear power in 2005 and conducted nuclear tests in 2006, 2009 and 2013, having earlier withdrawn from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that it ratified in 1985.

Pyongyang has long boasted of missile launches. In October, North Korea has displayed modified intercontinental ballistic missiles during a military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the ruling Workers' Party.

Source: Sputnik News



"Impenetrable Shield" protects Moscow from Ballistic Missile threats

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Moscow (Sputnik) Dec 01, 2015 - Moscow's missile defense system can protect the city against any kind of ballistic missile, according to Colonel Andrei Cheburin, commander of the missile defense division of the 1st Air Defense Army of the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces.

"Right now it is the only system in the world capable of intercepting any kind of ballistic missile coming from any direction, including missiles specifically designed to bypass missile defense systems," Cheburin revealed in a Monday interview with Russian media.

He also added that the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces are about to upgrade the Moscow missile defense facilities.

"The Moscow missile defense system is a complex automated network which includes both information and weapon systems. The missile defense forces under my command are directly responsible for the combat readiness of the entire system," he said.

The colonel also mentioned that the missile defense elements protecting the Russian capital are directly linked to the ballistic missile early warning and space monitoring systems.

Source: Sputnik News




Poland's new govt rethinks Patriot missiles, Airbus choppers

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Warsaw (AFP) Nov 25, 2015 - Poland's new conservative government on Wednesday called into question the previous liberal cabinet's choice of US-made Patriot missiles and Airbus helicopters for a multi-billion-euro military upgrade.

Warsaw announced in April it was planning to buy the Raytheon-made Patriot system, a deal valued at an estimated five billion euros ($5.3 billion), as well as 50 Caracal choppers -- a contract worth another three billion euros.

The decision to hold talks with the two companies -- negotiations that are ongoing -- came amid heightened tensions with neighbouring Russia because of the Ukraine conflict.

Now a question mark has been placed over those plans in the light of comments by Poland's new defence minister, Antoni Macierewicz.

He is a member of the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party that won the October general election after eight years in opposition.

The conditions of "the potential contract" to buy US missiles "have changed a lot since the public announcement," Macierewicz said Wednesday during a parliamentary defence commission meeting aired on public television.

"The price is much higher, the delivery time much longer... in short, this contract is practically non-existent."

The Eurosam consortium including MBDA France, MBDA Italy and France's Thales Group had been the other party in the running for the missile deal.

Poland's defence ministry had said in April that it wanted to acquire eight missile batteries by 2025, with two of them to be delivered within three years of signing a deal.

Regarding the Airbus helicopters, Macierewicz said the choice had been made "despite numerous flaws."

"The defence ministry will move towards repeating the tender if the results of the offset talks make it impossible to ink the deal," he added.

Offsets are arrangements whereby a supplier of military hardware typically sweetens a deal by setting up a factory in the purchasing country or agrees to place orders with companies there.

Macierewicz said he hoped US manufacturer Sikorsky and British-Italian group AgustaWestland -- Airbus's competitors for the chopper deal -- would take part in any potential new tender.








Patriot takes out two ballistic missiles in latest test

‎24 ‎November ‎2015, ‏‎11:31:55 AMGo to full article
Washington (UPI) Nov 19, 2015 - The U.S. Army completed its first in a series of tests on the Raytheon-built Patriot Integrated Air and Missile Defense system.

The flight test, which saw the missile defense system take out two ballistic missiles, followed several upgrades known as Post-Deployment Build 8 (PDB-8), which enhanced the system's ability to intercept threats and better differentiate between friendly and enemy aircraft.

The PDB-8 upgrades were funded in part by the 13-nation Patriot partnership, a coalition of governments agreeing to cooperate on funding, operational knowledge, demonstrations, and other activities to support the missile system's development.

"Because countries share in the investment of upgrades, Patriot is able to stay ahead of the continually evolving and improving threats we are seeing in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia," said Ralph Acaba, Raytheon vice president of Integrated Air and Missile Defense in a statement.

The Patriot Integrated Air and Missile Defense system is a long-range, high altitude system designed to counter tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, and other airborne threats from a ground-based platform.

The system features active electronically-scanned array radar technology providing 360 degrees of coverage, a Common Command-and-Control system allowing for operation with partner and allied systems, and the abilty to fire multiple missile types simultaneously, enabling the system to counter a wide variety of threats.

U.K. awards BAE Systems contract for Astute-class submarine
Washington (UPI) Nov 19, 2015 - The U.K. Ministry of Defense has awarded BAE Systems a $1.98 billion contract to deliver the fifth Astute-class attack submarine.

The contract covers both design and manufacturing for Anson, the fifth of seven planned Astute-class submarines. Work on Anson began in 2010, and is now at an advanced phase of construction. The company expects the attack submarine to begin sea trials in 2020.

"This is a hugely complex national endeavour and we are proud of the role we play in helping to protect our nation's interests," BAE Systems Submarines Managing Director Tony Johns said in a statement.

Astute-class attack submarines are the Royal Navy's largest and most technologically advanced submarines. Displacing 7,400 tons at sea with a top speed of 30 knots, the 318-foot vessel comes equipped with Spearfish anti-submarine torpedoes, and anti-air Thomahawk IV sea-launched missiles. Spearfish torpedoes are capable of hitting a target up to 14 miles away.

The vessels will be used for land strikes, strategic intelligence gathering, and both anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare.



Thales sub-contracted for NATO BMD test activities

‎24 ‎November ‎2015, ‏‎11:31:55 AMGo to full article
Paris (UPI) Nov 20, 2015 - Thales is to perform test and integration support activities to help validate NATO's Ballistic Missile Defense capability.

The work, under a sub-contract from U.S.-based Leidos, is to be conducted as part of Leidos' multi-national team for NATO's BMD architecture. The team is responsible for the design, development and test of the BMD sensor interfaces with NATO's weapons and sensors and those of member states.

Thales said the testing and integration activities it will perform will occur at an integrated test bed in the Netherlands. Details of testing activities, however, were not detailed by the company.

The contract from Leidos is for four years with options for extension. The monetary value of the award was not given.

"This contract reinforces Thales's activities in ballistic missile defense," Thales said. "The first success in this field came in 2006 with the modified Thales SMART-L volume search radar tested on board (the Dutch ship) HNLMS Tromp. The radar tracked a ballistic missile from moments after being launched and provided a real-time uplink of the missile's trajectory."

In 2014, Thales was awarded contracts to update the four SMART-L radars on Dutch Navy ships to give the radars true BMD capabilities.

This year Thales demonstrated its sensor technology for detecting and tracking extraterrestrial objects at the international Maritime Theater Missile Defense Forum.

Raytheon moves forward with Multi-Object Kill Vehicle program
Tucson (UPI) Nov 20, 2015 - Raytheon completed the first Program Planning Review with the U.S. Missile Defense Agency for its Multi-Object Kill Vehicle concept, advancing the program.

The completion marks a milestone for the program's Concept Development Phase, designed to ensure the company is meeting the Missile Defense Agency's expectations. The Concept Review takes place in December.

Raytheon is developing four kill vehicle programs as a response to emerging long-range ballistic missile threats, including the Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle, the Redsigned Kill Vehicle, and the Multi-Object Kill Vehicle, or MOKV.

The MOKV contract was awarded to Raytheon in August, and it will be designed to engage and destroy multiple objects at a time in space by using an advanced sensor, guidance, propulsion and communication technologies.

"Emerging threats demand a new engagement paradigm -- one the Raytheon team is able to fully support with our depth of experience and breadth of capability," vice president of Advanced Missile Systems Dr. Thomas Bussing said in a statement.

The contract is valued at approximately $9.7 million. Production on the MOKV's concept is taking place at Raytheon's Advanced Missile System's product line. The company's kill vehicles are manufactured at the company's Space Factory.



Army system integrates different radars for Patriot-3 interceptor

‎24 ‎November ‎2015, ‏‎11:31:55 AMGo to full article
Huntsville, Ala. (UPI) Nov 16, 2015 - An integrated battle command system using Sentinel and Patriot radar data successfully guided a Patriot-3 interceptor to a cruise missile target missile.

The test using the dissimilar radars for command and control of the Patriot Advanced Capability Three, or PAC-3, interceptor was conducted by Northrop Grumman and the U.S. Army late last week.

Northrop Grumman said the test validated the ability to identify, track, engage and defeat targets using sensors and an interceptor from different air defense systems operating on the integrated fire control network and under the control of the Integrated Air and Missile Defense's Battle Command System.

"The technical challenge of integrating sensors and shooters that were never designed to work together – breaking them from existing systems into components for networking – is tremendous," said Dan Verwiel, vice president and general manager, integrated air and missile defense division, Northrop Grumman Information Systems. "With the successful intercept, the Army and Northrop Grumman team continues to show how IBCS is a paradigm-shifting system of systems for air and missile defense."

The flight test employed an MQM-107 drone target serving as a cruise missile surrogate. It flew a low-altitude trajectory against an asset defended by a battery and battalion IBCS engagement operations centers.

Because the low altitude trajectory, the missile was obscured from the Patriot radar's field of view but the IBCS used the Sentinel composite tracking data to calculate and present the necessary engagement solution. The engagement operations center operator then commanded, via the IBCS mission control software, the launch of a single PAC-3 interceptor missile to destroy the target.

"IBCS replaces seven legacy C2 systems to deliver a single integrated air picture and offer the flexibility for deployment of smaller force packages," Northrop Grumman said. "By networking sensors and interceptors – as opposed to simply linking them – IBCS provides wider area surveillance and broader protection areas."



Putin: Russia Has Weapons Capable of Penetrating Any Missile Defenses

‎16 ‎November ‎2015, ‏‎07:47:27 AMGo to full article
Sochi, Russia (Sputnik) Nov 11, 2015 - Russia will strengthen its strategic nuclear potential in response to the deployment of US missile defense systems, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday.

"Russia will take necessary retaliatory measures to strengthen the capacity of its strategic nuclear forces. We will work on our missile defense system as well. Initially, as we have repeatedly said, we will work on the strike systems able to overcome any missile defenses," Putin said at a meeting on the situation in the Russian military-industrial complex

The Russian leader added that references to the threats allegedly posed by the Iranian and North Korea nuclear programs conceal true Washington's intentions to achieve military superiority.

"Iranian and North Korean nuclear missile threats merely cover up the true plans [of the United States]. Their true purpose is to neutralize the strategic nuclear potential of other nuclear states - except the United States and its allies - including Russia first and foremost," Putin said.

Speaking at a session on the military-industrial complex, the Russian leader pointed to continued air defense system development by the United States despite the fact that the Iranian nuclear deal had been reached this summer.

"In the past three years, the [Russian] defense companies have developed and successfully tested several advanced weapons systems that are capable of accomplishing tasks in heavy missile defense environment," Putin said at a meeting with government and defense industry officials.

"The Russian armed forces started receiving these systems this year," Putin added.

Source: Sputnik News


Lockheed Martin Awarded $784 Million Contract to Build Ballistic Missile Defense Radar

‎28 ‎October ‎2015, ‏‎09:59:31 AMGo to full article
Moorestown NJ (SPX) Oct 28, 2015 - The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) awarded a team, led by Lockheed Martin, a contract to develop, build and test the Long Range Discrimination Radar (LRDR). The radar system will support a layered ballistic missile defense strategy to protect the U.S. homeland from ballistic missile attacks.

The nine-year contract, with options, will have the potential contract value of approximately $784 million. Work on the contract will be primarily performed in New Jersey, Alaska, Alabama, Florida, and New York.

LRDR is a high-powered S-Band radar incorporating solid-state gallium nitride (GaN) components and will be capable of discriminating threats at extreme distances. LRDR is a key component of the MDA's Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) that will provide acquisition, tracking, and discrimination data to enable separate defense systems to lock on and engage ballistic missile threats, a capability that stems from Lockheed Martin's decades of experience in creating ballistic missile defense systems for the U.S. and allied governments.

"The U.S. has a limited number of ground-based interceptors to detect threats, yet the number of potential missile threats - and countermeasures used to hide those threats - is growing," said Carl Bannar, vice president of Lockheed Martin's Integrated Warfare Systems and Sensors business.

"Our offering meets the MDA's vision for LRDR by pairing innovative radar discrimination capability with proven ballistic missile defense algorithms."

This MDA selection builds upon the U.S. government's long-term investment in S-Band radar, ground-based radar, and systems integration, as evident in such Lockheed Martin technologies as the Aegis Combat System, Space Fence, and Aegis Ashore. Since 2012, Lockheed Martin has offered solid state ground-based S-Band radar utilizing an Open GaN Foundry model that leverages relationships with strategic suppliers.

"Our mature, scalable, GaN-based S-Band technology was ideally suited for this high performance ballistic missile defense application," Bannar said. "LRDR represents the latest evolution in ground-based radar and ballistic missile defense."

When constructed, LRDR will consist of a solid-state, active electronically-scanned antenna, and the facility to house and operate this radar antenna. Lockheed Martin's proposed LRDR system will be built on an aggressive timeline ready for operational testing in Clear Air Force Station, Alaska by 2020.

Lockheed Martin has developed a team of corporate partners to meet the challenges of the LRDR program, including deciBel research (Huntsville, AL), Amec Foster Wheeler (Alpharetta, GA), ASRC Federal (Barrow, AK), IERUS Technologies (Huntsville, AL), PENTA Research (Huntsville, AL), and Davidson Technologies (Huntsville, AL).



USS Ross intercepts ballistic missile during coalition test

‎23 ‎October ‎2015, ‏‎12:27:07 PMGo to full article
Washington (UPI) Oct 21, 2015 - The Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Ross successfully intercepted a ballistic missile during a defense exercise in the North Atlantic Ocean.

The coalition exercise marked the first time a Standard Missile-3 was fired outside of a U.S. range, and also the first time a ballistic missile was intercepted in the European theater. The At Sea Demonstration, known as ASD-15, was organized by the Maritime Theater Missile Defense Forum, which serves as a cooperative body for navies to develop and improve sea-based missile defense strategies.

"ASD-15 shows that with communication, collaboration and commitment nations can come together and flawlessly defend against a complex threat scenario," said U.S. 6th Fleet Commander Vice Adm. James Foggo in a statement.

During the event, a short-range Terrier ballistic missile was launched from the Herbrides Range along with two anti-ship cruise missiles. Ross intercepted the ballistic missile by firing the SM-3. This also marked the first time an SM-2 was fired on the Herbrides Range.

Eight nations provided ships and aircraft for the event, including France, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.



Russia Calls on US to Abandon Plans to Place Missile Defense in Romania

‎14 ‎October ‎2015, ‏‎06:25:01 AMGo to full article
Moscow (Sputnik) Oct 13, 2015 - Moscow calls for abandoning of plans to place US missile defense systems in Romania, the director of the Russian Foreign Ministry's Department of Non-proliferation, Disarmament, and Arms Control said, as quoted by the ministerial website Monday.

According to Mikhail Ulyanov, placing the systems in Romania would be a flagrant violation by the United States of the INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) Treaty.

According to the official, target missiles and attack drones, which could be used for launching cruise missiles of intermediate range, could be placed on Navy ships, but not on land.

"We are calling on the United States and Romania to understand their full responsibility for the development of these events, and abandon these plans while it's not too late," Ulyanov said, as quoted by the ministerial website.

Romanian Defense Minister Mircea Dusa said in May that the elements of the NATO missile shield in Europe would be deployed at a military base in Deveselu, Romania, by the end of 2015.

Romania, a NATO member since 2004, is among several Eastern European nations seeking greater US presence in missile technology and expanded military exercises.

The United States and Russia signed the INF Treaty in 1987 to eliminate the threat of nuclear missiles capable of striking targets on the European continent.

Russia has repeatedly expressed concerns over NATO's military buildup along its western borders, warning that the alliance's expansion undermines regional and global security.

Source: Sputnik News



Space-based missile warning continues expansion

‎09 ‎October ‎2015, ‏‎03:13:07 AMGo to full article
Buckley AFB CO (SPX) Oct 06, 2015 - Our Air Force's space-based missile warning program has a robust history stemming from the 1960s through the present. As these programs have evolved over the decades, their continued presence demonstrates their necessity to ensuring our national defense.

The United States' first true operational satellite defense program was known as the Missile Defense Alarm System. Initiated in 1958, MIDAS began with the first of nine launch attempts of infrared missile warning satellites in February 1960, but only achieved mission success on two of them--MIDAS 7 on May 9, 1963 and MIDAS 9 on July 18 of the same year.

These satellites attained orbit cycles of 44 days and 11 days, respectively, and gathered enough data during their brief operational life to convince top officials of the U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense to pursue a follow-on program for enhanced infrared satellite missile detection.

The requirements for this program led to the creation of the Defense Support Program in the late 1960s and progressed in the ensuing decades into the Space-Based Infrared System.

The first launch of a DSP spacecraft took place on Nov. 6, 1970, onboard a Titan IIIC rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. Since the inaugural DSP launch, subsequent satellite launches secured the DSP program as the primary space-based ballistic missile early warning system for the United States and its allies abroad.

As America's primary space sentinel for 45 years, DSP continues to provide early warning to command authorities of intercontinental ballistic missile launches from around the world that could threaten the United States and its foreign mission partners. Since its initiation as a Cold War program, the DSP system has expanded, evolved and taken on new capabilities, including early warning alerts of short-range theater ballistic missile launches in high-interest areas.

Between 1970 and 1985, six DSP ground stations were instituted across the globe to receive data from satellites within their field of view, including at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado. Following the creation of the SBIRS program on Aug. 15, 1996 a Mission Control Station was established at Buckley AFB and became operational in December 2001.

This station consolidated all telemetry, tracking, command, and mission processing operations for the DSP constellation while providing an infrastructural asset for the eventual operation of SBIRS. In the years that followed, the MCS has continued to evolve, integrate SBIRS space assets, and synergize with mission partners across the globe.

Through these improvements, the MCS has enhanced its capability to detect, process and provide warning to combatant commanders, deployed warfighters, our nation and its allies from foreign missile threats.

As the SBIRS program continues to advance, new mission opportunities are underway, including support civil agencies, in order to enhance their respective missions such as U.S. Forest Services with early forest fire detection.

The next advancement in space-based missile warning will be complete with the SBIRS Block 10 upgrade. This effort will consolidate all SBIRS operations, including DSP and SBIRS geosynchronous satellites and highly elliptical orbit sensor constellations, into one facility.

The Block 10 program encompasses upgrades at multiple SBIRS sites and consists of major software revisions, additional computer processing hardware at the MCS, and numerous additional hardware components at each relay ground station to include fully leveraging new SBIRS scanner and starer sensor capabilities.

Block 10 is scheduled to achieve operations acceptance by August 2016. The evolution of the SBIRS program also continues with the anticipated launch of GEO-4 in 2016 and GEO-3 in late 2017, as well as development of the GEO-5/GEO-6 satellites and HEO-3/HEO-4 sensors.



Russia's Aerospace Forces Never Miss a Missile Launch... Anywhere

‎09 ‎October ‎2015, ‏‎03:13:07 AMGo to full article
Moscow (Sputnik) Oct 06, 2015 - The Russian Aerospace Forces registered over 20 ballistic missile space rocket launches and held about 400 satellite linkups in 2015, the Defense Ministry said in a statement Sunday.

"Our missile attack warning center registered over 20 launches by Russian and foreign ballistic missiles and space rockets," the ministry press-service said, RIA Novosti reported.

"The Russian Aerospace Forces have also placed in orbit 16 satellites for the Defense Ministry, the Federal Space Agency and as part of the GLONASS and international cooperation programs," the press release said.

The fourth of October is celebrated each year in Russia as Aerospace Forces Day; the date was timed to coincide with the first-ever launching of an artificial space satellite, known worldwide as Sputnik.

The Aerospace Forces are responsible for commanding the hundreds of planes in the air force arsenal and managing air and missile defenses.

Added to that is complete responsibility for all aspects of Russia's military space operations, from launch to the operation in space of intelligence and nuclear missile warning satellites.

Source: Sputnik News



Lockheed Martin delivers enhanced Patriot interceptor

‎09 ‎October ‎2015, ‏‎03:13:07 AMGo to full article
Dallas (UPI) Oct 6, 2015 - The U.S. Army has received its first enhanced range and improved mobility Patriot 3 interceptor missiles from Lockheed Martin.

The Patriot Advanced Capability Missile Segment Enhancement, or PAC-3 MSE, interceptors were delivered Oct. 5, the company said, but the number involved was not disclosed.

"We are proud to deliver these interceptors to the U.S. Army and are confident the men and women of the armed forces can count on the PAC-3 MSE when it matters most," said Scott Arnold, vice president of PAC-3 programs at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.

"As enemy threats grow in number and complexity, these interceptors will be critical to protecting soldiers, citizens and infrastructure around the globe."

The PAC-3 MSE interceptor, for use against ballistic missiles and other aerial targets, features a larger, dual-pulse solid rocket motor, larger control fins, and upgraded support systems. Lockheed Martin says the improvements nearly double the missile's range and maneuverability for defending against increasing sophisticated missile threats.



Patriot missiles to be pulled from Turkey as planned

‎09 ‎October ‎2015, ‏‎03:13:07 AMGo to full article
Washington (AFP) Oct 1, 2015 - Patriot missiles deployed in Turkey since 2013 to guard against rockets from Syria will be removed for planned upgrades in October, despite the ongoing crisis across the border, the Pentagon said Thursday.

"The Patriots will be redeployed to the United States for critical modernization upgrades that will ensure our missile defense force remains capable of countering evolving global threats and protecting allies and partners -- including Turkey," Defense Department spokeswoman Laura Seal said.

The United States and Turkey had in August announced the withdrawal of the missiles, deployed under NATO authority in 2013.

Germany has also announced its intention to withdraw its two Patriot missile batteries from Turkey.

NATO can still use a Spanish missile battery that has been deployed since January in Adana in the south of Turkey.

Seal said that if needed, the United States could send the Patriot missiles and their personnel back to Turkey "within one week."

"We will also retain a persistent presence of US Navy multi-role Aegis ships in the eastern Mediterranean," she added.

The military situation in Syria is changing at a new pace, after Russia on Wednesday launched its first air strikes in the country.

Patriots can shoot down tactical ballistic weapons, cruise missiles or planes.




Raytheon to gather long-lead components for missile interceptor

‎24 ‎September ‎2015, ‏‎01:54:17 AMGo to full article
Tucson (UPI) Sep 16, 2015 - Long-lead items for production of 17 SM-3 Block IIA ballistic missile interceptors are to be procured by Raytheon under a U.S. Missile Defense Agency award.

The contract from MDA is worth $87 million, and a follow-on contract for additional parts procurement is ecpected early next year, Raytheon said.

The Standard Missile-3 Block IIA is a defense against intermediate-range ballistic missiles. It is part of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System and was developed by the United States and Japan.

It is scheduled for deployment in 2018.

The SM-3 Block IIA has larger rocket motors than earlier variants and an enhanced kill vehicle for destroying threats earlier flight.

The interceptor is a hit-to-kill weapon.

"The SM-3 Block IIA can be used at sea or on land with no modification to the missile," said Amy Cohen, Raytheon's Standard Missile-3 program director. "The SM-3 is the only ballistic missile defense interceptor that can be deployed both ways, and that flexibility is a tremendous asset."

Raytheon said more 230 earlier variant SM-3s have been delivered to date. The SM-3 Block IB will be deployed at sea and ashore this year in Romania.


Russian Anti-Missile Warning System Protects on Multiple Tiers

‎16 ‎September ‎2015, ‏‎06:50:07 AMGo to full article
Moscow (Sputnik) Aug 18, 2015 - The Russian anti-missile warning system has the primary task to detect a missile attack and pass on the data to the anti-missile defense system.

Based on the system of missile warning the information about the extent and source of attack provides the defenses with needed calculation to respond.

The anti-missile warning system consists of a ground-based radar with a detection range of 6000 km and a group of orbiting satellites that can detect the launch of intercontinental missiles from anywhere in the world.

The early-warning system allows you to define a class of missiles launched and assess the direction of its flight, Colonel Viktor Tymoshenko said during an interview with radio RSN.

"The anti-missile warning system evaluates the energy of the 'torch' itself and based on that it registers what type of a ballistic missile it is."

According to him, the early warning system is constructed in such a way that it is 'multi-channeled' and can function on mass launches of dozens of ballistic missiles.

However, he did not rule out the emergence of ambiguous situations with such a technology, in which case specialists join in the process.

"The incidence of false alarms over the years is less and less. But with technology anything can be possible so such incidents are not excluded. Hence, there is a trained crew who carries out the assessment and make the right decisions," Tymoshenko said.

Source: Sputnik News



Russian Missile Warning System Can Detect Mass Launch of Ballistic Missiles

‎16 ‎September ‎2015, ‏‎06:50:07 AMGo to full article
Moscow (Sputnik) Aug 18, 2015 - The missile early warning system can detect any launch from any direction, said Chief of Staff of the Main Centre for Missile Warning of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Colonel Viktor Tymoshenko.

Russia's missile warning system is able to work on at least a dozen ballistic targets.

"The current early warning system can detect any launches from any direction from south or north or any other. It is impossible to commit any act of aggression without us finding out," Tymoshenko said in an interview with radio RSN.

According to him, the early warning system is constructed in such a way that it is 'multi-channeled' and can function on mass launches of dozens of ballistic missiles.

The Russian Aerospace Forces are engaged in the centralized management of the air forces, air defense and missile defense, operation and supervision of spacecraft of the Russian orbital grouping. It is also responsible for the space control and early warning of missile attacks.

Source: Sputnik News



US Army Held Missile Defense War Games to Subvert 'Russian Jamming'

‎16 ‎September ‎2015, ‏‎06:50:07 AMGo to full article
Washington DC (Sputnik) Aug 18, 2015 - In an effort shore up its missile defense capabilities, the US military has conducted a massive electronic warfare exercise. The concern? Russian radar jamming technology.

Last spring, the US Army conducted a highly classified exercise deep in the New Mexico desert. Held at White Sands Missile Range, the electronic warfare drills were designed to find weaknesses in the Pentagon's missile defense capabilities.

To accomplish this, the military mimicked a series of offensive jamming attacks to test the readiness of the defense system. Evidently, those networks need a lot of improvement, as the results of the exercise produced nearly 70 terabytes of data, roughly twice the size of Wikipedia.

But the prime reason for the drills is concern that Russian and Chinese technology is too advanced for the US military to confront. According to Brig. Gen. Neil Thurgood, the Army's Program Executive Officer (PEO) for Missiles and Space, America's principal foes have developed advanced digital jamming far beyond old-school analog technology.

That advanced tech is not only capable of blocking missile defense radars from intercepting incoming signals, but can also fool the defenses with a false radar pulse.

Essentially, Russian and Chinese jammers can trick US missile defense networks into firing at empty sky.

To improve those defenses, the Army is hoping to streamline its computer networks. Testing the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System, the exercise at White Sands experimented with combining multiple radars into one, fluid, detection apparatus.

"Today, we don't hook all those together. We don't see one single air picture, one composite track for one target," Thurgood told Breaking Defense. "[But in the exercise] we had the Patriot weapon platform, the Sentinel [radar], the Avenger weapon platform, all linked to IBCS, all making the composite track, one track from all the sensors, and we practiced engagements..."

By relying on multiple radar platforms, it will prove more difficult to fool any one installation.

Of course, even with new ideas for improvement, it could still take over a year to fully analyze the results of the exercise, and even longer to implement any corrections.

This isn't the first sign that Western missile defense systems need drastic overhauls. On Wednesday, the head of the North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) announced that the organizations missile defense program "will not work" against an enemy attack.

While NORAD's concerns don't involve radar jamming, specifically, it is adopting a similar strategy to fix its flaws. By developing a global network capable of quickly transmitting targeting data, the defense organization hopes to improve its response time.

"We have the technology," Admiral Bill Gortney told Breaking Defense. "The technologies are probably all out there. It's getting it aligned."

Source: Sputnik News



US to withdraw Patriot missiles from Turkey in October

‎16 ‎September ‎2015, ‏‎06:50:07 AMGo to full article
Istanbul (AFP) Aug 16, 2015 - Turkey and the United States said Sunday that Washington would withdraw its Patriot missile batteries from the country in October after bolstering Ankara's air defences against threats from Syria's civil war.

The NATO mandate for the mission will run out in October and will not be renewed, but the US is prepared to return Patriot assets and personnel to Turkey within one week if needed, a joint Turkish-US statement said.

"They will be redeployed to the US for critical modernisation upgrades that will ensure the US missile defence force remains capable of countering evolving global threats and protecting Allies and partners, including Turkey," the statement said.

It also emphasised that Washington remains "committed to supporting Turkey's air defence capabilities, including against ballistic missile risks and threats... and its security and regional stability."

A US defence official stressed that the move by the US military was for the purpose of force modernisation.

"It does not reflect a decision by the NATO Alliance to reduce support for Turkey's air defence," the official told AFP.

The decision comes less than a month after Turkey opened its southeastern Incirlik air base to US fighter jets to carry out bombing raids against Islamic State (IS) targets in Syria.

The US and Turkish officials have said their respective armies are currently working to coordinate logistics before starting full-scale operations against IS.

Turkey turned to its NATO allies for help over its troubled frontier after shells landed on its border areas from Syria in October 2012, killing several villagers.

The United States, the Netherlands and Germany have provided a total of six Patriots batteries along the Turkish border with Syria. Germany on Saturday announced it would withdraw its two missile systems from Turkey from January 31, saying that the main threat in the region now came from the Islamic State group.

Originally used as an anti-aircraft missile, Patriots today are used to defend airspace by detecting and destroying incoming missiles. NATO deployed Patriot missiles in Turkey during the 1991 Gulf war and in 2003 during the Iraqi conflict.

Turkey is currently pressing a two-pronged "anti-terror" offensive against IS jihadists in Syria and Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) militants in northern Iraq and southeast Turkey following a wave of attacks inside the country.

Ankara launched its first air strikes against IS targets in late July but then put them on hold, instead concentrating its firepower on Kurdish militants in operations that have troubled its allies.



Japan requests Aegis systems for new destroyers

‎16 ‎September ‎2015, ‏‎06:50:07 AMGo to full article
Washington (UPI) Aug 10, 2015 - Japan's plan to build two destroyers is poised to receive tangible U.S. support through the acquisition of weapon systems.

The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency, which manages the Foreign Military Sales program, notified Congress Japan has requested Aegis combat systems and underwater weapon systems for the ships at an estimated cost $1.5 billion.

Other systems -- along with associated equipment, parts and support – would be part of the possible sale package approved by the U.S. State Department.

"Japan continues to modernize its fleet to support integrated air and missile defense roles and special mission requirements," DSCA said. "The addition of two new AEGIS DDGs (destroyers) will fulfill Japan's mission goal of acquiring eight ballistic missile defense capable ships and will further enhance interoperability with the U.S. Navy, build upon a longstanding cooperative effort with the United States, and provide enhanced capability with a valued partner in a geographic region of critical importance to Japan and the U.S. Government.

"The proposed sale to Japan will represent an important commitment by the U.S. Government in furtherance of foreign policy and national security goals for both the United States and Japan."

The combat systems will be procured over a period of six or seven years.

In addition to Aegis MK 7 shipsets, shopping list includes computer programs, multi-mission signal processors, AN/MK8 MOD4 Aegis common display systems, MK 99 MOD 8 fire control systems, AN/SPG-62A radar, ballistic missile defense units, identification-friend-or-foe systems, AN/SQQ-89A (V) 15 underwater surveillance and communication system, and other gear.

"The addition of two new AEGIS DDGs to Japan's fleet will afford more flexibility and capability to counter regional threats and continue to enhance stability in the region," DSCA said.

The agency said Japanese industry has requested participation with U.S. industry as sub-contractors as part of the FMS sale on a limited basis to provide selected components and software for the destroyers' weapons systems.

In other FMS developments, the State Department has also approved a request by Bahrain for follow-on support and associated equipment, parts and logistics for its fleet off F-16 aircraft.

The estimated price tag for the proposed deal is $150 million.

"The RBAF's F-16s are aging and periodic maintenance is becoming increasingly expensive," the agency said. "The age of the fleet, combined with an increased operational tempo due to recent involvement in Operation Inherent Resolve (anti ISIL bombings) has led to increased focus on maintenance and sustainment."

"The follow-on support is required to maintain the operational readiness of the Royal Bahrain Air Force's F-16 fleet.



Canada to Buy Israeli Iron Dome Technology

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Washington DC (Sputnik) Jul 30, 2015 - Canada will acquire radar technology similar to Israel's Iron Dome Air Defense System to be delivered as early as 2017 to boost the country's defense capabilities, the Canadian Department of National Defense announced in a statement on Wednesday.

"Much like Israel's successful Iron Dome radar technology, the Medium Ranger Radar system will be able to instantly track enemy fire aimed at Canadian Armed Forces personnel and help keep them safe during operations," Canada's Defense Minister Jason Kenney was quoted as saying.

The new Canadian radar systems will be capable of simultaneously identifying multiple "airborne threats," tracking "hostile indirect fire," locating enemy positions as well as calculating the "point of impact of a projectile," according to the defense department.

Canadian defense supplier Rheinmetall Canada Inc. has won contracts to produce some 10 Medium Range Radar systems worth up to $243.3 million. It will work with a subcontractor of Israel Aerospace Industries, ELTA Systems Ltd., to receive the radar technology as early as 2017.

"The system is flexible enough to meet a wide range of missions. It is air transportable, is highly mobile, and is rapidly deployable. Users can remotely operate the system through its integrated networking capability," the statement read. "In addition, it can work day and night under all weather conditions to generate a real-time understanding of air traffic above a battlefield."

The Israeli Iron Dome is a missile defense system that has been in use since 2011. The all-weather air defense system was developed to protect the country from a potential nuclear threats from Iran, as well as Syria and Lebanon's Hezbollah militia. Additionally, the Iron Dome was used during Israel's summer 2014 military campaign in Gaza against Hamas forces, and had a 90-percent success rate over the 50-day conflict.




Canada to purchase Iron Dome-like radar systems

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Ottawa (AFP) July 29, 2015 - Canada said Wednesday it will buy missile defense radars modeled after Israel's Iron Dome from German defense contractor Rheinmetall.

The defense ministry put the cost of the 10 medium range radar systems at Cad$243.3 million ($187.2 million).

Canada's National Defense Minister Jason Kenney hailed the deal, saying the technology had proved useful for Israel.

"Much like Israel's successful Iron Dome radar technology, the Medium Range Radar system will be able to instantly track enemy fire aimed at Canadian armed forces personnel and help keep them safe during operations," Kenney said.

The ministry said the radar systems are "capable of detecting hostile indirect fire, locating the position of the enemy weapon and calculating the point of impact of a projectile, as well as simultaneously tracking multiple airborne threats."

They will be manufactured by Rheinmetall's Canadian branch, which will work alongside ELTA