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Heterosexual couple can't get civil partnership

‎Today, ‎February ‎22, ‎2017, ‏‎7 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
(TELEGRAPH) — A heterosexual couple who object to the “patriarchal baggage” of marriage have lost their latest battle for the right to enter into a civil partnership.

Rebecca Steinfeld, 35, and Charles Keidan, 40, want to secure legal recognition of their seven-year relationship through that route – but are prevented because the Civil Partnership Act 2004 says that only same-sex couples are eligible.

The academics, who live in Hammersmith, west London, and have a 20-month-old daughter, say that the Government’s position is “incompatible with equality law” .


Biggest influence in George Washington's life

‎Today, ‎February ‎22, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | Bill FedererGo to full article
George Washington

George Washington

George Washington was born Feb. 22, 1732. He was unanimously chosen as the army’s commander-in-chief, unanimously chosen as president of the Constitutional Convention, and unanimously chosen as the first U.S. president.

As general, Washington acknowledged God after victories throughout the Revolution and as president thanked God for the Constitution, Oct. 3, 1789: “Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the Providence of Almighty God … I do recommend … rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks, for … the favorable interpositions of His Providence … we experienced in the course and conclusion of the late war … for the peaceable and rational manner in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government.”

Washington was Anglican, and after the Revolution, Episcopalian. His great-great-grandfather, Rev. Lawrence Washington, was an Anglican minister in Essex, England, who lost his position when the Puritans won the English Civil War.

George Washington’s great-grandfather, John Washington, immigrated to Virginia and became a planter, politician, and militia leader. A local Anglican church was renamed “Washington” in honor of John Washington.

When he died, John Washington left to the church a tablet with the Ten Commandments, on which he inscribed: “Being heartily sorry from the bottome of my hart for my sins past, most humbly desiring forgiveness of the same from the Almighty God (my Saviour) and Redeemer, in whom and by the merits of Jesus Christ, I trust and believe assuredly to be saved, and to have full remission and forgiveness of all my sins.”

George Washington’s grandfather, Lawrence, was Anglican. George Washington’s father, Augustine, served as a vestryman in the Anglican Truro Parish. George Washington also became vestryman in Truro Parish, and was godfather in baptism to a niece and several nephews.

As general, George Washington had the Declaration of Independence read to his troops, then ordered chaplains placed in each regiment, stating July 9, 1776: “The General hopes and trusts, that every officer and man, will endeavour so to live, and act, as becomes a Christian Soldier, defending the dearest Rights and Liberties of his country.”

General Washington wrote at Valley Forge, May 2, 1778: “To the distinguished character of Patriot, it should be our highest Glory to laud the more distinguished Character of Christian.”

To the Delaware Indian Chiefs who brought three youths to be trained in American schools, General Washington stated, May 12, 1779: “You do well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life, and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ.”

On July 2, 1776, from his headquarters in New York, General Washington issued his general orders: “The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their houses and farms are to be pillaged and destroyed, and themselves consigned to a state of wretchedness from which no human efforts will deliver them. The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us no choice but a brave resistance, or the most abject submission. We have, therefore to resolve to conquer or die. Our own country’s honor calls upon us for a vigorous and manly exertion, and if we now shamefully fail, we shall become infamous to the whole world. Let us rely upon the goodness of the cause, and the aid of the Supreme Being in whose hands victory is, to animate and encourage us to great and noble actions.”

On October 2, 1775, General George Washington issued the order: “Any … soldier who shall hereafter be detected playing at toss-up, pitch, and hustle, or any other games of chance … shall without delay be confined and punished. … The General does not mean by the above to discourage sports of exercise or recreation, he only means to discountenance and punish gaming.”

On Feb. 26, 1776, General Washington issued the orders: “All … soldiers are positively forbid playing at cards and other games of chance. At this time of public distress men may find enough to do in the service of their God and their country, without abandoning themselves to vice and immorality.”

On July 4, 1775, General Washington ordered: “The General … requires … observance of those articles of war … which forbid profane cursing, swearing and drunkenness; And … requires … punctual attendance of Divine Services.”

As recorded in “The Writings of George Washington” (March 10, 1778, 11:83-84, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1934), George Washington ordered: “At a General Court Marshall … Lieutt. Enslin of Colo. Malcom’s Regiment tried for attempting to commit sodomy, with John Monhort a soldier … and do sentence him to be dismiss’d the service with Infamy. His Excellency the Commander-in-Chief approves the sentence and with Abhorrence and Detestation of such Infamous Crimes orders Liett. Enslin to be drummed out of Camp tomorrow morning by all the Drummers and Fifers in the Army never to return.”

In his farewell address, 1796, Washington stated: “Disorders and miseries, which result, gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an Individual … (who) turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of Public Liberty. … The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one, and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism. … Let there be no change by usurpation; for though this, in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed.”

Earlier in 1783, the American-born painter Benjamin West was in England painting the portrait of King George III. When the King asked what General Washington planned to do now that he had won the war. West replied: “They say he will return to his farm.”

King George exclaimed: “If he does that, he will be the greatest man in the world.”

Poet Robert Frost wrote: “I often say of George Washington that he was one of the few men in the whole history of the worlds who was not carried away by power.”

George Washington added in his farewell address, 1796: “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Religion and Morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of Patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great Pillars of human happiness.”

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This day in WND history: U.S. Muslim planned Christian church massacre

‎Today, ‎February ‎22, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
Alleged ISIS sympathizer Khalil Abu-Rayyan of Dearborn Heights.

Alleged ISIS sympathizer Khalil Abu-Rayyan of Dearborn Heights.

U.S. Muslim planned to massacre Christians in church

Feb. 22: 2016: Khalil Abu-Rayyan is a 21-year-old Dearborn Heights, Michigan, man who gets excited by thoughts of beheading Americans, burning people alive and throwing homosexuals off of tall buildings. Beyond these fantasies, he’d actually made plans to shoot up a church full of Christians in Detroit, according to court records documenting his Internet conversations with an undercover FBI agent. According to affidavits filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit, he told the FBI he had already picked out a church for his bloody rampage. It was located less than a half-mile from his place of employment. He chose this church because it was large – up to 6,000 members – and he knew it would be an easy target.

“A lot of people go there. Plus people are not allowed to carry guns in church,” the FBI affidavit quotes him as saying. “Plus it would make the news. Everybody would’ve heard. Honestly I regret not doing it. (If I) can’t go do jihad at the Middle East, I would do my jihad over here.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ron Waterstreet testified before a federal magistrate on Feb. 16 that Abu-Rayyan told an undercover agent he was “hearing voices” that told him to “burn people alive,” the Detroit News reported. He also told the agent that “shooting and death make me excited. I love to hear people begging and screaming. … I wish I had my gun.”

“His dream was beheading someone,” Waterstreet said. “This is not a person the court should take a risk (with).”

The FBI claims Abu-Rayyan has since late 2014 used Twitter for “retweeting, liking and commenting” on Islamic State propaganda. Among his posts were “video of a Jordanian fighter pilot being burned alive, men being thrown from a high-rise building to execute them, the beheading of Christians in Egypt and news of ISIL victories,” the Detroit News reported.

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111103051153-department-of-justice-sign-story-topPoor young whites top hate-crime victims

Feb. 22, 2006: WND brought to light a Justice Department report largely unreported by the press and containing some surprising numbers about “hate crimes.”

While race is, by far, the No. 1 factor cited as the reason for hate crimes, blacks are slightly less likely to be victims and far more likely to be perpetrators, statistics collected from between July 2000 and December 2003.

About 56 percent of hate crimes were motivated, at least in part, by racial hatred, according to the study, and most were accompanied by violence.

While nine in 10,000 whites and nine in 10,000 Hispanics are victimized by hate crimes, only seven in 10,000 blacks are targets, according to the report.

The report says 38 percent of all those reporting hate crimes said the attacker was black, and in 90 percent of those cases, the victim believed the offender’s motive was racial. In incidents involving white attackers, only 30 percent attribute the hate crime to race, while 20 percent attributed it to ethnicity.

The report says 40 percent of white hate crime victims were attacked by blacks, adding, “The small number of black hate crime victims precludes analysis of the race of persons who victimized them.”

“It’s an astounding report,” said Jack Levin, a leading hate crime expert at Northeastern University. “It’s not necessarily completely accurate, but I would trust these data before I trusted the voluntary law enforcement reports to the FBI.”

View the full story

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Ways to live on after death

‎Today, ‎February ‎22, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | Patty Ann MalleyGo to full article

Live on after death?

Saying goodbye is difficult at times; sometimes, impossible. Or so it seems.

US Urns Online offers a sampling of optional modes that may, or may not, make the transition easier. Much like individuals, it really depends on whether or not one wants to end their life:

Launched into space

Have your ashes launched into space! Celestis offers several packages for journeying into the final frontier. From a trip into orbit and back to earth, to a more adventurous journey into deep space.

For the person who was never able to live that childhood dream of space travel, this could be just the ticket – possibly a one way ticket

As a diamond

Life Gem offers the service of having a lock of hair or some of the cremated remains of a loved one turned into a certified diamond.

They offer several different colors, carat sizes and gem cuts, which you can put on display or set into a piece of jewelry.

Tattoo ink

We came across a number of articles about this practice. Have a portion of the remains mixed with the tattoo ink before it is applied to your body. Reportedly there aren’t any health concerns.

But you may want to run it by your personal tattoo artist first. Here are some memorial tattoo ideas.

"Dad" bullet

“Dad” bullet

Put into bullets

This is how you want to be remembered, isn’t it?

What could be a more practical memorial than a box of ammo?

Your body may be gone, but you don’t have to miss next year’s hunting trip. Holy Smoke can have your remains put into shotgun, rifle or pistol ammo.

Not quite the old pine box of yesteryear, is it? But nothing seems quite the same. Not even after Keith Richard’s publicist ultimately denied that Richards – freaky – supposedly snorted a line of his own father’s ashes.

“Mack” Beggs, 17 years old

“Mack” Beggs, 17 years old

Wrestling with the boys

Would you let your little girl wrestle someone on steroids?

Transgender mania has proved itself problematic – again. Deep in the heart of Texas, Mack Beggs, a 17-year-old living beyond the boundaries of Fort Worth, just wants to have fun – on the wrestling mat. Forbidden by state law from wrestling with boys, the Euless resident has been confined to competing against her own gender. (Beggs has been “transitioning from female to male since late 2015.”)

Sounds awful, no? Bigoted, sexist, and fill-in-the-blank. Well, thanks to steroid “therapy,” a law intended to safeguard the sexes (and fairness) is veritably clearing the field of competition for the one who would be “himself … at least, that’s how it seemed to parents of those girls competing in last Saturday’s wrestling competition where Beggs won the day.

“He (Beggs) says he wants to compete against boys,” according to InfoWars, “but isn’t allowed to because of University Interscholastic League rules which say he must compete as the gender listed by his birth certificate.”

So, what to do? Who is at fault? It hardly seems fair to let young girls compete against anyone fueled by steroids, whatever the medical necessity.

InfoWars reports, “One parent has launched a lawsuit against the League, claiming it is putting girls at risk of ‘imminent threat of bodily harm’ by allowing Mack to remain in the 110-pound weight class.”

What would you do? Whatever your position, there seems to be no holds barred on a future wherein male and female – thanks to drugs and the human drive to forever do what he/she should not – is far more difficult to call.


While you weren’t paying attention…

Urinals in women’s bathrooms – okay. (Guess that’s part of making women more attractive – make them men!)

This happened over Christmas while we were busy with other things:


Hopefully Trump will overturn this one. But who knows?

Glitter ash

More “shine-ola” during the penitential season

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust: so goes the verbiage when one receives a cross made of ashes upon their forehead on Ash Wednesday, the historical opener to the Lenten season. Lent derives from the Old English “lencten,” meaning spring and a lengthening of days. It is a season of repentance and self-reflection entered into every year by millions in anticipation of Easter Sunday.

Another group, however, would rather sport glitter. Why? Well, to demonstrate how “they” are there to stay and won’t be defeated.

That’s not quite repentance, properly understood; but like it or not, “gay” glitter may be coming to a church near you. That’s right!

It’s ashes to ashes for humanity. Remember, death is real, God is good, and repentance is the way the two should meet. Others, however, will promote glitter ashes to express … something. I’m not quite sure. Parity, the New York LBGTQ group promoting the glitter for Ash Wednesday, says they are on board with repentance. The advocacy group is, however, quite decidedly teasing out a particular group of folks, and tendencies, to be indestructible glitter.

New Now Next says:

Many LGBT Christians struggle with finding a church that fully accepts them, but a new twist on an old religious tradition is hoping to bridge the gap between the two communities.

The faith-based LGBT advocacy group Parity is calling for Christians who support LGBT rights to wear “glitter ash” on their foreheads for Ash Wednesday on March 1, instead of the usual gray ash that is used to symbolize repentance each year.

“This is a way for queer Christians and queer-positive persons of faith to say, ‘We are here,'” Parity’s Executive Director Marian Edmonds-Allen told USA Today. “It is also a way for other people to be a witness to that and be in solidarity with them.”

Ash Wednesday

The new “twist,” however, is a 180-degree spin from what the ritual is supposed to represent. And acknowledging the human condition is not to be pointedly “queer” positive – or pro-anything else in specific – but to understand that we all have a cross to carry, one under which we frequently fall. But all are encouraged to persevere. That is, we are to acknowledge our weakness and try to engage grace and our own free will to choose that which is right and good; not seek support around a particular issue which, when you get right down to it, only succeeds in dividing us in our minds from the rest of mankind.

So, you can keep your glitter. I’ll take ash.

Take a peek at the video clip below to get the straight dope; not a jab at those suffering under a weighty burden, but just a reality check to bridge the gap between truth and grandstanding glitter.


Sudden shift in major media's war on Trump

‎Today, ‎February ‎22, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | Garth KantGo to full article

WASHINGTON – What a difference a few days makes.

If the bulk of the major media had been experiencing grief over the election of President Trump, it appears as though the White House press corps has reached the stage of acceptance.

Acceptance that Trump is the president, Sean Spicer is the White House press secretary, and that’s the way it will be.

A truce, of sorts. And a largely amiable one at that.

It was just last Wednesday that the establishment press appeared to be in an all-out war with the White House.

When President Trump used a press conference to attack what he called fake news coming from some major news outlets, reporters complained bitterly and launched fiery exchanges with the commander in chief.

(Although, as WND reported, the president himself seemed more amused than aggravated, with Rush Limbaugh remarking, “Folks, he’s enjoying this like I’ve never seen a president enjoy a press conference. He’s toying with these people.”)

Trump and reporters

Trump then followed up with a tweet on Friday that read: “The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!”

Chris Wallace of Fox News took umbrage with that on his Sunday show, complaining to White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, “When the president says we’re the enemy of the American people, it makes it sounds like if you are going against him, you are going against the country.”

However, as Limbaugh pointed out on his Monday radio show: “‘The press is the enemy of the people,’ is not what he said. … He was talking about a subset of the media … He was talking about those elements of the media that continue to report things that aren’t true.”

And, immediately upon assuming his duties as White House press secretary a month ago, Sean Spicer’s initial encounters with the press corps at the daily briefings were so combative, some in the mainstream media wondered if he would last long in the job, while many Trump supporters cheered the refusal of the administration’s spokesman, as they saw it, to kowtow to the mandarins of the Fourth Estate.

How things have changed in those four weeks.

Tuesday’s was the first daily press briefing in a while, owing to the president’s travel to Florida and the federal holiday Monday.

Spicer began on a friendly and collegial note, saying he had missed the press, evoking a ripple of gentle laughter.

And that set the tone.

The daily White House briefings appear to have settled into a groove of a mostly cordial, calm and professional mutual respect.

Reporters and Spicer alike seemed relaxed and friendly, while always staying on point, pursuing their own agendas and topics of interest.

There was a sense that although most of the press and the administration are largely on opposite sides of the fence, professionally, at least, everyone was in this together. After all, everyone was crammed into one very, very, very small room – and they were a captive audience. Just seven rows of seven seats. And packed to the walls with standing room only.

White House press briefing room

White House press briefing room

That doesn’t mean there wasn’t the occasional flare up of intensity. On a few occasions, Spicer refused to roll over in the face of certain assumptions embedded into questions.

One particularly striking, and somewhat bizarre, instance occurred as reporter April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks asked what the president had gained from his tour that morning of the National Museum of African American History & Culture.

“And the reason why I’m asking this,” she added, “is because when he was candidate Trump, he said things like, you know, ‘We made this country,’ meaning white America, not necessarily black.”

His voice rising, a visibly shocked Spicer emphatically replied: “I don’t know why you would say that. What do you mean–?”

Ryan insisted: “No, no, no. He said that. I heard him say that.”

Mediate’s Alex Griswold later reported, “I searched up and down for any evidence that candidate Trump ever intimated that white America specifically deserved credit for building America, or that he ever said something like ‘we made this country’ in a context where ‘we’ obviously referred to white Americans.”

He concluded, “I came up short,” and, “Given that this would’ve certainly caused an immediate uproar and would’ve been seized on by the Clinton campaign, I have to conclude that my memory isn’t failing and it never happened.”

Instead of continuing to take issue with the apparently fake quote, Spicer simply proceeded to list the ways the president was deeply moved and overwhelmed at what he saw at the museum, particularly the exhibit on slavery.


He said the president found the experience “very eye-opening and powerful.”

Spicer also relayed how proud and deeply moved the president was to be at the side of Dr. Ben Carson, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, as he saw his own exhibit in the Smithsonian for the first time.

The very first question of the day also contained an assumption that Spicer rejected. He was asked if the president regretted calling the press the “enemy of the people.”

Echoing what Limbaugh had said previously, Spicer pointed out that the president was referring only to “certain outlets” in the media and their tendencies to “not be completely accurate and fair in reporting what’s going on.”

Spicer also shot down an assertion made by HBO’s Bill Maher, and repeated by a reporter, that claimed the president was briefed on North Korea in front of dinner guests at his Mar a Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

An incredulous Spicer said just because the president was photographed looking at a piece of paper at the dinner table does not mean it was a briefing paper. It wasn’t, he said. He chided a “disbelieving” press for jumping to such rash conclusions.

The press secretary said Trump had been briefed on North Korea, both before and after dinner. But certainly not during dinner. And, of course, not in front of guests.

The biggest news of the day concerned memos issued by Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to implement changes in border enforcement ordered by Trump. They included a directive to hire 10,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, agents and 5,000 Border Patrol agents.

The memos put an end to the practice of “catch and release” by law enforcement and specify categories of illegal immigrants targeted for deportation.

U.s.-Mexico border fence

U.s.-Mexico border fence

The memos also authorized the beginning of work to complete a U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Asked to further explain the memos, the main point Spicer returned to again and again was that the objective was to carry out the laws already on the books.

The orders were needed, he said, to provide clarification as to what the priorities were for ICE and Border Patrol officers, and what they should actually do, because there was so much confusion created by the Obama administration’s actions carving out exemptions for certain classes of illegal immigrants.

Spicer said agents had had their hands tied with so many rules issued by the Obama administration.

The priority, he stressed repeatedly, was to catch and deport those illegal immigrants who pose a threat to public safety and those who have committed crimes in addition to entering the country unlawfully.

The new order “lays out the exact procedures for that subset group of people. That’s it,” he said.

A reporter asked if that meant all others in the country illegally should not worry.

“No,” replied Spicer. “It means we are focusing our resources on our priority.”

He added, “Remember, there is no right to be in this country illegally.”

However, when asked what would become of the millions of illegal immigrants in the country without criminal records, Spicer noted the president has said before he has “a big heart and understands their plight.”

Spicer said the administration will consider their situation later as priorities evolve.

He also promised a new executive order was coming soon that will institute a travel ban from seven countries rife with terrorism. Spicer predicted it will stand because the Justice Department has been tailoring the new order to make sure it will fit what the courts require and recognizes their concerns.

At the same time, the administration will not rescind the original executive order instituting a travel ban, now tied up in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Spicer was confident that original order ultimately will be upheld by the courts and the administration will prevail.

When asked if Trump would send any terrorists captured overseas to the prison in Guantanamo Bay, Spicer said the president will continue to refuse to say what he will or will not do in that regard. But he reiterated that Trump has said the prison is important.


Spicer was asked if newly appointed national security adviser Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster will be more “hawkish” toward Russia. The press secretary replied the new adviser will be “great,” but it is the president who will decide the course of relations with Russia.

Spicer said the administration will try to strike a deal with Russia on common grounds of interest, such as expanding the two nations’ economies and fighting ISIS, but he suggested it won’t be easy because others have tried before and failed.

Spicer said the president found the wave of bomb threats against Jewish community centers “horrible and painful.”

A reporter noted a statement from the Anne Frank Center had accused the administration of xenophobia, and the reporter asked why the president didn’t condemn anti-Semitism in even stronger terms.

Spicer said the president has said time and again that the U.S. must root out such prejudice and evil. And he said Trump will continue to speak out against anti-Semitism, but that it will be his actions that will ultimately convince people of his beliefs and commitment to eliminating that evil.

An exasperated Spicer also noted that now matter how many times the president condemns prejudice, for some, “it is never good enough.”


'White privilege' campaign blasted as just another 'guilt trip'

‎Today, ‎February ‎22, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | Paul BremmerGo to full article
Students at Monroe Middle School in Tampa, Florida, were asked to fill out a "How privileged are you?" form by a Spanish teacher (Photo: WTSP-10 screenshot)

Students at Monroe Middle School in Tampa, Florida, were asked to fill out a “How privileged are you?” form by a Spanish teacher (Photo: WTSP-10 screenshot)

Students at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania will carry a physical reminder of their alleged “white privilege” this month, as the school’s College Democrats have launched a campaign in which they are asking students to wear a white pin in the shape of a puzzle piece.

They say the goal is to make students at the small, private liberal arts college think about how race affects their lives.

Aileen Ida, president of the College Democrats, claimed in a report in the College Fix that white people continually tolerate a societal system of oppression unless they work against it.

“No matter how accepting someone is, that doesn’t stop them from being part of a system based on centuries of inequality,” she said.

Scott Greer, deputy editor at the Daily Caller, scoffs at this idea.

“This is just a talking point to further guilt-trip whites into doing what these activists want,” Greer told WND. “There is no real discrimination going on. Besides, nothing white liberals do to combat this imaginary oppression will be good enough for these agitators.”

The College Fix quoted Ida as saying, “Discussions about race are often perceived as being only open to people of color, but I think it is just as important for white people to partake in conversations about race.”

But Greer, knowing what he knows about the typical nature of racial discussions, does not trust the College Democrat president’s motives.

“She only wants whites to participate in these conversations in a totally submissive role,” he inferred. “This is not a conversation; it’s a resentful lecture that requires Caucasians to nod their heads and not voice disagreement.”

Despite Ida’s desire to spark a campus-wide discussion on race, Greer does not think this experiment is likely to make a real impact on any white students.

“I don’t think they are going to change at all,” he predicted. “The students who would wear these pins are the most fervent believers in white guilt, and the wearing of these pins just demonstrates to the rest of the world how ludicrous they are. This is absolutely about virtue signaling and nothing else. Nothing will change from this, except to further legitimize anti-white sentiment on campus.”

Greer compiled his research on the toxic race relations at colleges all across America into a brand new book, “No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education into Hateful Indoctrination.”

The University of California-Berkeley was no campus for one particular white man two weeks ago. The nation watched as masked protesters rioted, looted, set fires and viciously beat bystanders who had come to hear a speech by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

Yvette Felarca, one of the organizers of the violent protests, later told a local TV station Yiannopoulos is a “fascist” and a “white supremacist,” even though, as Greer noted, he’s a homosexual who prefers black men.

The protesters called themselves “anti-fascists” and suggested they were fighting against the intolerance of people like Yiannopoulos. Greer said this attitude is in keeping with the left’s definition of tolerance, which is not at all tolerant.


“When the left speaks about tolerance, they’re thinking it’s only tolerance for ideas that are not going to be hurtful to their people,” Greer said during a recent appearance on the “Hagmann & Hagmann Report.”

He explained the left got this idea from Herbert Marcuse, the 20th-century Marxist philosopher who advocated “repressive tolerance,” meaning tolerance for ideas from the left but not from the right. So it is that leftists today refuse to tolerate ideas with which they disagree.

“They don’t actually believe in free speech if it goes against their interests,” Greer revealed. “They believe in a type of tolerance that only supports people they view as the oppressed, while if they think they can label something as leading to fascism, they can suppress it because that is tolerant in their view because they are helping out the oppressed minorities.”

He said this is where the idea of “microaggressions” becomes useful to the campus left. “Microaggressions” have been described as unconscious slights by members of the majority culture against minorities. This theory suggests that while a white person may think he is making an off-color joke to a black person, the black person may view it as something akin to a lynching, according to Greer.

“Colleges try to use this idea to suppress free speech, because it’s not just ideas they disagree with; it’s something that’s threatening the physical safety of themselves,” he explained. “They claim that because that gives them a greater argument to suppress viewpoints they don’t like.”

He said that is the same rationale activists used to insist advertisers boycott Breitbart News.

“The reason they want companies to not advertise with it is not because of Breitbart’s politics. It’s because Breitbart’s news stories lead to hate crimes that actually cause violence toward people,” he said. “Now, there’s no evidence that a Breitbart news story has caused a hate crime anywhere, but they claim this anyway and they just act like, ‘Well, we don’t have to prove facts.’

“They just use this tactic because it makes sense to them and it feels right; it doesn’t have to be right. They care about an idea feeling right more than it actually being right in reality. But it’s a powerful argument for them to say, instead of, ‘I disagree with this idea, here’s the facts and reasons why,’ it’s much better for them to say, ‘These ideas are going to kill me, and if the school allows this to happen, my safety is in jeopardy.’ That is a much more effective argument for these students to use to suppress speech and to get their way.”

Greer is still a young man, but even he is too old to have experienced much of the left-wing insanity now gripping campuses across the nation.

“I only graduated college four years ago, and I don’t remember ever being told to check my white privilege, or you know, ‘You can’t read this book, there’s a trigger warning over it.’ I never saw this stuff.”

He said he was driven to write “No Campus For White Men” when he realized campuses had gotten so much more radical in the short time since he left. Sadly, Greer expects the violence and hysteria to continue – but the Trump administration does give him hope.

“We’re going to start seeing more violence, more aggression, not only on campus, but in other places in general due to the kind of dangerous ideas that are floating among the left and their anti-Trump hysteria.

“We’re kind of heading to a dark path, but hopefully the Trump administration can turn us around.”

Former Breitbart editor Yiannopoulos wrote the foreword to Greer’s book and offered hearty praise.

“America has a long way to go to return universities to their rightful places as centers of learning, free speech, and controversial ideas. Scott Greer’s ‘No Campus for White Men’ is a good step in this battle, and I am proud to consider him a compatriot in the battle for America’s higher education.”


Obamacare repeal must happen now, says congressman

‎Today, ‎February ‎22, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | Greg CorombosGo to full article
Obama signs the Affordable Care Act, his signature legislation, into law in 2010

Obama signs the Affordable Care Act, his signature legislation, into law in 2010

The conservative House Freedom Caucus is pushing for quick congressional action to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, and its members say the plans it supports will mean better coverage, lower costs and more control for patients.

The House Freedom Caucus chairman told WND and Radio America if Republicans don’t follow through on their promises to repeal and replace the law, voters ought to send them packing next year.

“I am confident we can do that. And I am confident that if we don’t do that, everybody should send us home, and they would have every right to send us home if we don’t deliver on a real promise to make it affordable,” said Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., who leads the House Freedom Caucus in the current Congress. “We promised to do that. We’ve got to deliver.”

Reports vary widely as to how soon Congress may tackle the repeal, with some lawmakers wanting to get it done in President Trump’s first 100 days and others thinking repeal and replacement may not be completed until later this year or even early 2018.

Meadows said the GOP consensus is to get this done quickly, but a debate is brewing about whether to repeal now and replace later or to pass the two bills at the same time.

“It’s that replacement plan that really is providing a great anxiety among some of the Republican members, what it should include and what it shouldn’t include,” Meadows explained. “There’s still some disagreement there, but I’m optimistic that we will go ahead in the next 30-45 days and vote on something in the House and the Senate and move this along.”

He continued, “If it waits until next year, it won’t get done, so [Americans] need to weigh in with their member of Congress to say, ‘We want them to act now.'”

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C.:


Meadows also rejects the idea of allowing the current system to fester for another year as a means of building public demand for repealing and replacing current law.

“I can tell you from a principle standpoint, to suggest that we allow it to continue to spiral down so that more people are hurt is not something that would be prudent,” he said.

But Meadows also dismissed the alarm from Democrats who claim repealing Obamacare will means tens of millions of Americans will lose their coverage.

“The Affordable Care Act, the way it is now, is not sustainable,” he said. “A lot of those people who may have gotten coverage won’t be able to keep their coverage on the current trend.”

Many of those Americans who now have coverage got it through the expansion of Medicaid. Meadows admits that will be one of the thornier issues to navigate.

“It is a critical component that we have to address in some shape, form or fashion,” he said. “But whether they get this done with block grants on a per capita basis or some other mechanism, I believe that we can come up with a workable solution that doesn’t leave anybody behind and provides an adequate safety net.”

Last week, the House Freedom Caucus threw its support behind legislation from Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., that is designed to repeal the current law and simultaneously replace it with legislation that will give patients much more freedom in choosing their coverage. Paul is fiercely urging GOP leaders not to blow a hole in the deficit by repealing the law and only then getting to work on a replacement.

Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., is offering a companion bill in the House that Meadows said goes a step further than Paul’s approach in the effort to break up monopolies in the insurance market.

Meadows said there are some must-haves for conservatives in any replacement legislation.

“It’s one of the few plans that is out there that won’t blow a hole in the deficit, actually will bring down costs, and hopefully will not only address the concerns about pre-existing conditions that many of my constituents and people across America have been concerned about, but do it in a way that actually drives the cost of health care down,” he said.

Meadows said the final legislation must require insurers to cover people with pre-existing conditions and forbid carriers from canceling policies when people get sick. He also wants more flexibility and freedom for people in their Health Savings Accounts, but he’s shying away from mandating that children be allowed to stay on their parents’ policies until they are 26 years old.

“We think the private sector can actually address that probably better than making it a mandate,” said Meadows, who also strongly endorsed a plan from Sen. Paul to provide tax deductions for doctors who work frequently with low-income patients.

“They don’t get to write that off now, so this will actually be an incentive to provide health care on a more philanthropic basis,” he said.

Meadows said the cooperation between the White House and Congress has been excellent, and GOP leaders are showing respect for conservative ideas and strategies. At the same time, Meadows expects an intra-party clash over tax credits.

“Probably the biggest stumbling block right now is the leadership’s desire to use an advanceable, refundable tax credit, where a number of us probably don’t feel that’s the best approach to address it,” he said.

Meadows urged his fellow Republicans to move intelligently but swiftly toward their top legislative priority. He said lawmakers need to stand on principle and let the political chips fall where they may.

“I think it’s more important that we act now to put forth not only a repeal but a replacement of all of it and make the tough decisions,” he said. “As members of Congress, if we make the right decision and it sends us home, so be it.”

Jew and Sikh rally around Christian Marine who posted Bible verse

‎Today, ‎February ‎22, ‎2017, ‏‎9 hours ago | Bob UnruhGo to full article
Lance Cpl. Monifa Sterling

Lance Cpl. Monifa Sterling

A Sikh and a Jew have filed briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court in defense of a Christian, urging the justices to overturn a lower court’s ruling that judges can determine whether or not a religious practice is “important” enough to be protected.

WND reported in 2016 when the Court of Appeals for the Armed Services affirmed the dismissal of former Marine Lance Cpl. Monifa Sterling, who posted the Bible verse “No weapons formed against me shall prosper” at her work station and declined to take it down when a supervisor objected to the “tone.”

The supervisor then took the verses down at the end of the duty day. Sterling reprinted and re-posted the messages, but she found them in the trash the next morning. She was then court-martialed, according to the complaint.

The legal team working on Sterling’s behalf, from First Liberty Institute, then appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“The court’s majority decided it could strip a Marine of her constitutional rights just because it didn’t think her beliefs were important enough to be protected,” said Kelly Shackelford, president and CEO of First Liberty. “If they can court-martial a Marine over a Bible verse, what’s to stop them from punishing service members for reading the Bible, talking about their faith, or praying?”

Now with the high court’s decision on whether to accept the case pending, a number of friend-of-the-court briefs have arrived on Sterling’s behalf.

One is from Lt. Col. Kamal S. Kalsi, an emergency room physician who earned the Bronze Star in Afghanistan in 2011 and became the first Sikh member of the armed forces to be permitted to serve on active duty with a turban, beard and unshorn hair in more than 20 years.

He fought the system to be allowed to practice important requirements of his faith and now is arguing for Sterling to be allowed the same.

“The Religious Freedom Restoration Act is the final shield for those forced to choose between serving their country and observing their faith,” his brief argues. “If the opinion below were to stand, the religious freedoms of service members, especially those of minority religious groups like Sikhs, could be greatly restricted.”

RFRA limits the government’s ability to impose a burden on a person’s religious faith.

The brief argues: “Congress clearly intended for the judiciary to perform an active and essential function in safeguarding religious freedom while simultaneously refraining from passing judgment on the objective validity or importance of a religious adherent’s beliefs.”

The military court, however, decided that banning the Bible verse signs would neither “prevent her from engaging in conduct [her] religion requires or cause her to abandon one of the precepts of her religion.”

Kalsi asserted the Supreme Court should “bring the CAAF’s interpretation of RFRA’s ‘substantial burden’ requirement in line with the majority of the courts of appeals and with congressional intent.”

“The United States military has a strong tradition of religious pluralism. Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, and those who profess no faith at all have served side by side for centuries. If CAAF’s decision is allowed to stand, the religious freedoms of service members could be greatly restricted,” he argued.

Shackelford noted that the precedent even could turn on civilians across America.

“Sterling’s case is extremely important to the future of religious freedom, as the number and quality of these amicus briefs reveal,” Shackelford said. “Voices in the military, in the church, in religious minorities, and from across the nation are uniting to ask the Supreme Court to protect religious freedom. We hope the Supreme Court will heed their requests and accept this historic religious freedom case.”

Another brief is from Dr. S. Simcha Goldman, a clinical psychologist and a retired U.S. military member.

He also is an ordained rabbi and adherent to Orthodox Jewish religious practice. He was the petitioner in an unsuccessful Supreme Court case in 1986, when he asked for permission to wear a yarmulke while in uniform, before the creation of the RFRA. That decision, he noted, was “broadly denounced.”

His brief explains that if the Supreme Court rejects this case, there is not another opportunity to correct “the CAAF’s error.”

“Service members do not have an appeal right to the CAAF, and there is no reason to think the CAAF will voluntarily revisit the erroneous holding,” it says. “This petition is thus the court’s only chance to ensure the men and women of faith in our armed forces enjoy the full protections RFRA guarantees.”

He notes that Justice Brennan dissented from the 1986 Supreme Court opinion and said the court had “abdicated its role as principle expositor of the Constitution and protector of individual liberties.”

But now RFRA states clear requirements: “The claimant must show a substantial burden, and upon doing so, the government must satisfy strict scrutiny.”

Also sounding off on behalf of Sterling was the state of Texas, the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, a group of retired generals and 36 members of Congress.

The Foundation for Moral Law, a national public interest organization defending religious liberty, pointed out that President Franklin Roosevelt, on the first page of Bibles distributed to American troops in World War II, said: “As commander-in-chief I take pleasure in commending the reading of the Bible to all who serve in the armed forces of the United States. Throughout the centuries men of many faiths and diverse origins have found in the Sacred Book words of wisdom, counsel and inspiration. It is a foundation of strength and now, as always, an aid in attaining the highest aspirations of the human soul.

“When Lance Corporal Monifa J. Sterling enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, she did not forfeit the rights guaranteed to her by the Constitution she took an oath to defend,” the group argued.

“It defies the imagination to conceive of a military necessity that cannot accommodate a small sign on LCpl Sterling’s desk that simply says, without attribution to Isaiah 54:17, ‘No weapon formed against me shall prosper.’

“This court should … grant certiorari to protect the religious freedom of 1.3 million active duty American military personnel and their families, 800,000 members of the National Guard and Reserve, and 765,000 full-time-equivalent civilian employees.

“There is absolutely no reason the Marines cannot accommodate LCpl Sterling’s simple desire to have three strips of paper with Bible verses on her desk.”

Shackelford said: “It’s rare for a Supreme Court case to receive a single amicus brief at this stage, let alone seven. We’re blown away to see a broad range of parties of such high caliber weigh in on this case to support religious freedom.”

“This is a real-life example of why judges shouldn’t play theologians,” said Daniel Blomberg, legal counsel for the Becket Fund, which filed a friend-of-the-court brief supporting Sterling at the lower courts.

“Here, a few judges concluded that keeping scripture nearby isn’t ‘important,’ even though more than half of the world’s population belong to religions that teach the exact opposite. Avoiding obvious errors like this is why RFRA protects all religious beliefs, not just beliefs that government officials deem ‘important.'”





U.S. 'within 10 years' of becoming Sweden if Trump policies fail

‎Today, ‎February ‎22, ‎2017, ‏‎9 hours ago | Leo HohmannGo to full article
Rioting engulfed the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden, Monday night, just two days after President Trump highlighted the country's problems with migrants (Photo: Twitter)

Rioting engulfed the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden, Monday night, just two days after President Trump highlighted the country’s problems with migrants (Photo: Twitter/SatirTapiren)

Is America in danger of becoming the next Sweden after eight years of Barack Obama’s open-borders policies?

Sweden has for years been touted, in leftist academia, as a model society that exemplifies the superiority of European socialism over American capitalism.

So when President Trump called out Sweden in a rally in Melbourne, Florida, on Saturday, saying, “Look at Sweden last night,” he stepped on the toes of a long-held liberal fantasy about the wonders of socialism, say critics on the right.

The Washington Post was out front, claiming in an article Tuesday that the riots that broke out in Sweden Monday night were an anomaly and that the country’s decision to take in more Muslim migrants than any other nation per capita has been “a success story … save for incidents such as Monday night’s, which have taken place in highly segregated neighborhoods.”

Rioting engulfed the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden, Monday night, just two days after President Trump highlighted the country's problems with migrants (Photo: Twitter)

Rioting engulfed the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden, Monday night, just two days after President Trump highlighted the country’s problems with migrants (Photo: Twitter)

Monday’s migrant riots broke out in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby. Storefronts were smashed, nearly a dozen cars were torched, a newspaper photographer was roughed up, his camera stolen. The rioting migrant youths threw rocks at police, injuring one, and several civilians were assaulted while trying to stop the looters, the Post reported.

And it’s not the first time riots have broken out in Sweden’s migrant enclaves, which some have called “no-go zones.” It happened in 2009, 2010 and again in 2013. Gang violence has been on the rise, as have sexual assaults and even gun crimes in a nation where guns are almost impossible for law-abiding Swedes to purchase.

Watch video trailer for the investigative book former congresswoman Michele Bachmann is calling the ‘must read of 2017’ – It’s called the “Stealth Invasion” of America.


The following is Trump’s full quote:

We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany. You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible. You look at what’s happening in Brussels. You look at what’s happening all over the world. Take a look at Nice. Take a look at Paris.

Trump clarified that he was referring to a report on Fox News the night before by Tucker Carlson, who did a piece on Sweden featuring documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz’s new film, “Stockholm Syndrome.”

Horowitz, near the end of his film, interviews Swedes on the streets of Stockholm. They all refused to blame the migrants for any of the rising crime problems engulfing their nation.

Watch Horowitz’s short film below:


The media backlash continues three days later, part of an effort to debunk Trump’s assertion that Sweden has a problem with its migrant population.

That raises the question: Should Sweden be seen as an important model for other Western nations experimenting with expanded Third World migration and multiculturalism – a strategy laid out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda, the implementation plan for which is the New Urban Agenda? Article 28 of the New Urban Agenda couches the current historic population shift from the Middle East into Western democracies in humanitarian verbiage, with terms such as “inclusiveness” and “leave no one behind” used repeatedly.

WND reached out to several experts on Islam and terrorism with one question: Is Sweden a harbinger of future America if it continues with the multicultural globalist vision advocated by former President Barack Obama?

Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller, president of the National Freedom Defense Initiative and author of “Stop the Islamization of America,” said Sweden shows what the U.S. will be like if Trump’s immigration policies are not adopted.

The U.S. will prove no better at integrating large Muslim populations than Sweden, Geller predicts.

“It doesn’t matter how much better we are. It matters what the Muslim migrants believe,” she said. “The Islamic imperative of jihad, hijra [migration] and conquest is no different in the U.S. from what it is in Sweden. The more Muslims we bring in, the more civil strife there will be.”

Geller said if immigration continues at Obama-era rates, she gives the U.S. no more than 10 years before it will manifest the same problems now seen in Sweden.

Dr. Andrew Bostom

Dr. Andrew Bostom

Dr. Andrew Bostom, author of “Legacy of Jihad” and other books about the global Islamic movement, said he definitely sees Sweden-like problems in America’s future.

“In a word, yes, because 51 percent of U.S. Muslims want Shariah to replace U.S. constitutional law in whole or part,” Bostom told WND. “Proselytization to Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan, is violently opposed; Somali Muslims violently terrorized a wealthy Minneapolis suburb just this summer, with no repercussions.”

Bostom was referring to the Somali gang that invaded the Linden Hills community on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis last June, as reported by WND. They threatened to rape a young female resident of the neighborhood and beat one homeowner’s dog. No arrests were made and the local newspaper, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, ignored the three days of terror.

“Then there are the litany of completed jihad terror attacks we have been subjected to since 9/11,” Bostom said. “And the ongoing seemingly endless investigations of jihad terror activities in each of the 50 U.S. states (72 arrests since 9/11 for jihadists linked to the seven Muslim countries affected by Trump’s executive order).

“In aggregate, these phenomena do not bode well for the U.S.”

Author Robert Spencer

Author Robert Spencer

Author and Jihad Watch publisher Robert Spencer said migrant violence is just part of the problem.

The U.K.’s Express reported several weeks ago, “Sweden’s prime minister was brutalized in Parliament for allowing Sweden to crumble into a lawless state.”

This was not hyperbole, wrote Spencer:

“In February 2016, the National Criminal Investigation Service was forced to admit more than 50 areas in were now labeled as ‘no-go zones’ as sex crimes, attacks on police, drug dealing and children carrying weapons were common occurrences.”

Malmo, which is Sweden’s third-largest city, has been so hard hit by crime and car fires, the Social Democrats demanded soldiers should be sent in to re-establish law and order.

Actor James Woods on Tuesday tweeted:


In January, two Afghan Muslim migrants kidnapped a Swedish woman and streamed their repeated rapes of her live on Facebook.

Peter Springare, a police investigator in Örebro, blamed Muslim migrants for the chaos that was engulfing Sweden.

“I’m so f—ing tired. What I’m writing here isn’t politically correct,” he said. “But I don’t care. Our pensioners are on their knees, the schools are a mess, healthcare is an inferno, the police is completely destroyed. Everyone knows why, but no one dares or wants to say why.”

When he says “no one,” the chief culprit is the establishment media, Spencer says.

The same trend has already surfaced in the United States in places such as Minneapolis and Twin Falls, Idaho, where refugee crimes have been covered up by police and ignored or downplayed by the local media.

Middle East analyst Clare Lopez of the Center for Security Policy

Middle East analyst Clare Lopez of the Center for Security Policy

Clare Lopez, vice president of research and analysis at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, said that when Sweden, the U.S. or any other nation loses sight of what makes them a united people, begins to doubt the exceptionalism of their history, the rightness of their laws and the opportunities offered to those who choose to live there, “then, the whole thing begins to break down.”

“And this is what’s happening in Sweden,” she said.

“Swedes have forgotten what makes Swedes, Swedish and Sweden, Sweden. They forgot why they became a beacon of hope to those fleeing chaos and warfare, forgot that the reason those people want to flee in the first place is because their countries weren’t Sweden,” said Lopez.

“In other words, they made a hash of things at home and allowed them to simply rake in the free benefits of a generous society that demands nothing of them in return, most especially including assimilation and allegiance to Sweden’s laws and traditions.”

She said the unassimilated migrants will quickly turn Sweden into the kind of “hellhole” they and their fellow citizens made of wherever it was they fled from.

“We must not let that happen here” she said. “By insisting on keeping America, America, enforcing our laws and demanding allegiance to them to the exclusion of all others, including especially Islamic Law (Shariah), and ensuring that those wanting to come here be investigated, not just for names on some watch list, but for the allegiances, beliefs and ideology they plan to bring with them, we can avoid happening here what’s currently destroying Sweden.”



Fox's Brenda Buttner dies of cancer at 55

‎Today, ‎February ‎21, ‎2017, ‏‎3 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
(MEDIAITE) — Brenda Buttner, the host of Fox News’ Bulls & Bears, has passed away at 55. Her longtime colleague Neil Cavuto reported on the tragic news this afternoon with a moving, emotional tribute to his friend and colleague.

Buttner had been battling cancer for a while and received lots of well-wishes from fans on Twitter.

“Let it be known,” Cavuto said, “that Brenda Buttner made us want to watch a business show with heart.”


Sweden refuses to find statistics on immigrant crime

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(DAILYCALLER) — While many governments collect exhaustive data of crime trends to measure public safety, Sweden refuses to disclose any statistics on crime committed by immigrants in the country.

The last time statistics on immigrant crime were collected in Sweden was over a decade ago in 2005.

During that time, there has been high levels of migration into Sweden, with hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming from Muslim countries like Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Somalia.


Petition demands 'hypocrite' J.K. Rowling house 18 refugees

‎Today, ‎February ‎21, ‎2017, ‏‎3 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
(MRCTV) — The old saying, “put your money where your mouth is,” just found a new purpose.

“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling has not only been an outspoken opponent of President Donald Trump, but she has been more than outspoken on the refugee crisis facing Europe and countries across the world.

She tweeted back in September her sympathy for refugees, saying, “If you can’t imagine yourself in one of those boats, you have something missing. They are dying for a life worth living.”


This day in WND history: Farah gets 'Googlebombed'

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farahpainting1Farah gets ‘Googlebombed’

Feb. 21, 2005: WND Editor Joseph Farah documented how he was personally the victim of a Google bomb, an attempt to influence the ranking of a given site in results returned by the Google search engine.

“Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt. I didn’t feel a thing,” Farah noted, as he revealed a Joel Pelletier painting lumping so-called conservative characters together.

“Pelletier admits it took him six months to study and paint this band of conspirators, which includes yours truly, as well as George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Rupert Murdoch, Ann Coulter and close to 120 others. Why?

“Because ‘all Americans need to know what is going on – the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy that Hillary Clinton warned about is real, they think they can do no wrong with God on their side, and they are here on this painting,’ the artist hyperventilates.”

View the full story

Water worries, woes, solutions for a prepper garden

‎Today, ‎February ‎21, ‎2017, ‏‎4 hours ago | Pat McLeneGo to full article

If you recall, for the last several weeks we’ve discussed the planning for a prepper garden. And so we come to the last installment (at least until we can get a garden actually in the ground).

So far on our hypothetical large suburban lot, we’ve:

  • located a 100×100 foot garden spot with good southern solar exposure
  • sub-divided the plot to only start with a 25×25 foot area (for our first gardening foray)
  • laid out (at least on paper) our bedding plan
  • decided on raised beds, either mounded or contained; if going for contained, we’ve either purchased or scrounged materials for the bed frames
  • located sources of aged manure and/or sand to amend our on-site soil (if needed)

Yep. We got it all together. And if you’re like me, you’re already wading through the snow with survey sticks and string in hand.

Now it’s time to consider the final part of our WWF (water, warmth and fertilizer) mnemonic: water.

Remember that oft-quoted and inexact human survival saying: “Three minutes of air, three days of water and three weeks of food”? Well, we can avoid worrying about the garden entirely if all the oxygen is suddenly stripped from the earth. But no matter how pretty your garden layout looks, without water nothing will grow.

“No worries,” you say. After all, you’ve got municipal water that comes right out of the tap, and you wisely placed your garden plot right next to one of those taps. Smart move! (Oh wait … I told you to do that. Well, congratulations on having the foresight to take such expert instruction.) Or maybe you have some other water sources, like a consistent weekly rainfall (Hawaii must be nice this time of year) or a river, lake or irrigation ditch adjacent to your place (for which you have water rights), or a well.

All these options will insure you a steady and dependable water supply for your thirsty plants … unless your power goes out for a protracted period of time (excluding Hawaii.). With the loss of power comes an end to pumps. And when the pumps stop, moving water becomes problematic.

And you must have water. Most authorities say you need a least one inch of water per week to keep plants alive and growing. What a lot of those online sources don’t say is that minimum jumps up pretty quickly with the temperature. In fact, for every 10oF increase over 60oF, you need to add an additional half-inch of water. So if your average daily (24 hour) air temperature is 80oF, you’ll need to add an extra inch or more of water per week. (Some broad guidelines can be found here.)

How much water does that inch represent over a 25×25 foot garden?

Well, I’ll save you the calculation. You’d need about 390 gallons to cover your garden with one inch of water. But that figure includes all the walkways between beds, and we don’t need or want to waste water there. As we previously figured out, our usable garden space is actually about 252 square feet, so we’d need around 157 gallons a week to adequately water our beds at 60oF average temperature.

Just to make it clear, because some folks are too literal (I don’t mean you, of course; it’s that guy over there), you can’t just go out every Friday and dump 157 gallons of water on your garden and expect great things, plant-wise. That water needs to be delivered throughout the week. Sorry.

So what can you, as a prepper, do about the potential loss of power-provided water? You recall the survivalist maxim (“Three is two, two is one and one is none”) and you come up with other ways to keep your garden watered (and maybe bolster your own water security as well).

The first way is to further lower your water needs. Water delivered quickly over a large area is very prone to evaporation and waste by not being where the plants can get to it – so avoid sprinklers. Hand watering is better, but only if you have the discipline to stand there in the hot sun.

Drip irrigation

Better still is the use of drip irrigation (it’s all I use.). Done correctly, you can reduce your garden water needs by 30 to 50 percent. Drip systems are surprisingly inexpensive; and with a little thought, can save you oodles of time. A quick look at the concept can be found here.

Mulching a garden is another major water saver. A thick layer of a non-germinating water-permeable media like very clean (no grass seed remaining) straw or old pine needles can retard evaporation, block weeds, slowly add nutrients to your soil, and limit water-splash transmitted diseases on your plants. Combined with a drip system, this can seriously lower your water input.

But what do you do if there’s no water coming from the tap? Well, you pre-plan. Got a shallow well or a border stream? Pure gravy. No well, no stream, no weekly rain?

Store some.

According to the U.S. census, the average U.S. square footage for a home is 2400 square feet, which means a roof just as big or bigger. If you can capture even a portion of the rain that falls on that roof, you’ll have enough to handle your garden with water to spare. Here’s an example:

In Oregon, the average annual rainfall is about 30 inches (much higher in the west, much lower in the east). That’s about the national average. Now let’s say we can capture just 10 inches of that total from roof runoff. That comes out to about 15,000 gallons. At 157 gallons a week, that means you can water your garden for 95 weeks, and that’s without using a drip system or mulch.

swimming pool

Of course, this is crazy talk. Not many of us have a spare 15,000-gallon tank sitting around. But do you have, or can you get, one of those above-ground swimming pools? The average 21-foot round pool with a depth of 48 inches holds 13,500 gallons of water. A 21-foot round pool with a depth of 52 inches holds 14,500 gallons. And don’t forget that pool will collect another 2200 gallons of water all by itself with just 10 inches of annual precipitation.

Alternately, you can hit a farm auction and find a 1500-gallon tank for cheap. One of those will contain enough water to handle your garden needs for two months (and you can recharge it each time it rains during those months). Just make sure if you buy one pre-owned, it wasn’t used for pesticide containment.

Before you start setting up the kiddie pool, check your state regulations for rainwater capture. Some states allow it, some don’t, and some limit it. For example Colorado limits you to two rain barrels’ worth (110 gallons) at any one time. In Oregon, you can capture rainwater, but only from roofs, so putting out tarps to direct water to an underground cistern is a no-go.

Finally, let’s talk about how to move that water if the lights are out. If you’ve got a generator and lots of fuel and aren’t concerned about attracting the wrong kind attention from the noise, you can get an electric pump. But if you’re like me, you’ll want to minimize the “Come and eat me” racket. You should plan ahead by getting hand or pedal-powered pumps or – for the more techie types – a solar panel and a quiet electrical pump.

Or, in the end, you can feed your thirsty plants the Navaho way: one gourd dipper at a time. Because if things get that bad, your garden will be the most important thing in the world.



How John Quincy Adams felt about Muslims

‎Today, ‎February ‎21, ‎2017, ‏‎4 hours ago | Bill FedererGo to full article
John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams

On Feb. 21, 1848, “Old Man Eloquent” John Quincy Adams suffered a stroke at his desk in the House chamber. He had just given an impassioned speech against the Democrat plan to expand slavery into the Western territories acquired after the Mexican-American War. He died 2 days later without regaining consciousness. A bronze marker on the U.S. House floor indicates where the desk of John Quincy Adams once stood.

John Quincy Adams was the only U.S president to serve in Congress after having been president, being elected a U.S Representative from Massachusetts, 1830-48. Nicknamed “The Hell-Hound of Slavery” for relentlessly speaking out against slavery, John Quincy Adams single-handedly led the fight to lift the gag rule which prohibited discussion of slavery on the House floor.

In 1841, John Qunicy Adams defended 53 Africans accused of mutiny aboard the slave ship Amistad. He won their case before the Supreme Court, giving them back their freedom.

John Quincy Adams stated: “The moment you come to the Declaration of Independence, that every man has a right to life and liberty, an inalienable right, this case is decided. I ask nothing more in behalf of these unfortunate men than this Declaration.”

John Quincy Adams is the only major figure in American history who knew both the Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln, as a freshman Congressman from Illinois, was a pallbearer at John Quincy Adams’ funeral.

African slaves brought to America were purchased at Muslim slave markets. Over the 1,400 years of Islamic conquest, Muslims enslaved an estimated 180 million Africans.

“The Annotated John Quincy Adams – A Bibliography,” compiled by Lynn H. Parsons (Westport, CT, 1993, p. 41, entry#194), contains “Unsigned essays dealing with the Russo-Turkish War and on Greece,” (The American Annual Register for 1827-28-29, NY: 1830): “The natural hatred of the Mussulmen towards the infidels is in just accordance with the precepts of the Koran. … The fundamental doctrine of the Christian religion is the extirpation of hatred from the human heart. It forbids the exercise of it, even towards enemies. …”

He continued: “In the 7th century of the Christian era, a wandering Arab … spread desolation and delusion over an extensive portion of the earth. … He declared undistinguishing and exterminating war as a part of his religion. … The essence of his doctrine was violence and lust, to exalt the brutal over the spiritual part of human nature.”

An answer provided in “The Annotated John Quincy Adams – A Bibliography” (NY: 1830): “The vanquished may purchase their lives, by the payment of tribute; the victorious may be appeased by a false and delusive promise of peace. … The faithful follower of the prophet may submit to the imperious necessities of defeat: but the command to propagate the Moslem creed by the sword is always obligatory, when it can be made effective. The commands of the prophet may be performed alike, by fraud, or by force.”

John Quincy Adams described Muslim behavior in “Essay on Turks” (The American Annual Register for 1827-28-29): “Such is the spirit, which governs the hearts of men, to whom treachery and violence are taught as principles of religion.”

This is similar to Winston Churchill, who described Muslim behavior in “The Story of the Malakand Field Force” (Dover Publications, 1898): Their system of ethics, which regards treachery and violence as virtues rather than vices, has produced a code of honor so strange and inconsistent, that it is incomprehensible to a logical mind.”

Scottish philosopher David Hume wrote the Prophet of Islam in “Of the Standard of Taste,” 1760: “Let us attend to his narration; and we shall soon find, that the prophet bestows praise on such instances of treachery, inhumanity, cruelty, revenge, bigotry, as are utterly incompatible with civilized society.”

After reading the insight of John Quincy Adams, Winston Churchill and David Hume, one is faced with a perplexing question: if someone is capable of cutting your head off, would they be willing to lie to you first in order to gain entrance into your country for that purpose?

During his career, John Quincy Adams also served as:

  • U.S. Minister to Russia
  • U.S. Minister to Prussia
  • U.S. Minister to the Netherlands
  • U.S. Minister to Great Britain, where he negotiated the end of the War of 1812
  • U.S. Secretary of State, where he negotiated obtaining Florida from Spain

On Sept. 26, 1810, John Quincy Adams wrote in his diary: “I have made it a practice for several years to read the Bible through in the course of every year. I usually devote to this reading the first hour after I rise every morning. … I have this morning commenced it anew … this time with Ostervald’s French translation.”

In Sept. of 1811, John Quincy Adams wrote to his son from St. Petersburg, Russia: “My dear Son … You mentioned that you read to your aunt a chapter in the Bible or a section of Doddridge’s Annotations every evening. This information gave me real pleasure; for so great is my veneration for the Bible. … It is of all books in the world, that which contributes most to make men good, wise, and happy. … My custom is, to read four to five chapters every morning immediately after rising from my bed. … It is essential, my son … that you should form and adopt certain rules … of your own conduct. … It is in the Bible, you must learn them. … ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God, with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength, and thy neighbor as thy self.’ On these two commandments, Jesus Christ expressly says, ‘hang all the law and the prophets.'”

John Quincy Adams’ correspondence to his son is compiled in “Letters of John Quincy Adams to his son, on the Bible and its Teachings,” which contains his statement: “No book in the world deserves to be so unceasingly studied, and so profoundly meditated upon as the Bible.”

On March 13, 1812, John Quincy Adams noted: “This morning I finished the perusal of the German Bible.”

After negotiating the Treaty of Ghent, John Quincy Adams wrote from London, Dec. 24, 1814: “You ask me what Bible I take as the standard of my faith – the Hebrew, the Samaritan, the old English translation, or what? I answer, the Bible containing the Sermon on the Mount. … The New Testament I have repeatedly read in the original Greek, in the Latin, in the Geneva Protestant, in Sacy’s Catholic French translations, in Luther’s German translation, in the common English Protestant, and in the Douay Catholic translations. I take any one of them for my standard of faith.”

On Dec. 31, 1825, John Quincy Adams wrote in his diary: “I rise usually between five and six. … I walk by the light of the moon or stars, or none, about four miles, usually returning home. … I then make my fire, and read three chapters of the Bible.”

Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson described John Quincy Adams: “No man could read the Bible with such powerful effect, even with the cracked and winded voice of old age.”

John Quincy Adams wrote: “I speak as a man of the world to men of the world; and I say to you, Search the Scriptures! The Bible is the book of all others … not to be read once or twice or thrice through, and then laid aside, but to be read in small portions of one or two chapters every day.”

At the age of 77, John Quincy Adams was vice-president of the American Bible Society, where he stated, Feb. 27, 1844: “I deem myself fortunate in having the opportunity, at a stage of a long life drawing rapidly to its close, to bear at … the capital of our National Union … my solemn testimonial of reverence and gratitude to that book of books, the Holy Bible. The Bible carries with it the history of the creation, the fall and redemption of man, and discloses to him, in the infant born at Bethlehem, the Legislator and Saviour of the world.”

John Quincy Adams stated in his presidential inaugural address, March 4, 1825: “‘Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh in vain,’ with fervent supplications for His favor, to His overruling providence I commit with humble but fearless confidence my own fate and the future destinies of my country.”

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Insider reveals 'what's happening' in immigrant-loving Sweden

‎Today, ‎February ‎21, ‎2017, ‏‎4 hours ago | Paul BremmerGo to full article

“You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden,” proclaimed President Donald Trump during a Saturday rally in Florida. “Sweden. Who would believe this? Sweden! They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.”

While the president attracted ridicule for his use of the words “last night,” he was describing very real problems in Sweden.

The Scandinavian country of roughly 10 million people has taken in 650,000 asylum seekers in the past 15 years, including 163,000 in 2015 alone, according to Fox News.

As documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz revealed during a Friday appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” (to which Trump alluded), that massive influx of refugees has been accompanied by an increase in violent crime.

Last month, the police chief for the city of Malmo wrote an open letter pleading for help reducing a rash of attempted murders, beatings and rapes. In addition to those crimes, Malmo also saw 48 hand grenade attacks in 2015 and 52 more in 2016. Roughly 32 percent of Malmo’s residents are migrants.

In November, the UK’s Express reported an average of three Swedish police officers per day were handing in their resignations. Sweden’s Police Association said it needed at least 200 new officers to regain control of the southeastern portion of the country. This came after National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson had warned in February he would need an additional 4,100 officers and specialist staff to re-establish law and order in Sweden.

As of September 2016, there were 55 areas in Sweden considered “no-go zones,” where police refused to enter and enforce the law because crime was simply too far out of control. A report from Sweden’s National Criminal Investigation Service cited sex assaults, drug dealing and weapons possession among children as problematic incidents. Arson attacks, especially the torching of vehicles, have also become common in many Swedish cities.

Earlier this month, veteran police officer Peter Springare blew the whistle on the destructive effects mass immigration has had on Sweden.

He said the crimes he processed, including rape, assault, violence against police, drug trafficking and murder, were nearly always committed by someone named “Mohammed” or a variation of the name. The suspects were consistently natives of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan or Somalia.

Only days later, a second Swedish police officer, Tomas Åsenlöv, backed up Springare, claiming police had been told to cover up information about crimes committed by migrants.

WND spoke to an American contractor who has been a lawful permanent resident of Sweden for almost a decade. He said Sweden’s migrant crisis has devastated the country.

“Anybody who says that the immigration influx into Sweden of recent years has not had profoundly negative impacts on Swedish society is either ignorant or deliberately lying,” said the man, who asked to remain anonymous because of concerns over government retaliation and the criminalization of speech, even if it is factual. “I have witnessed the symptoms of the disaster firsthand on more occasions than I can count. Crime is exploding, rape is a normal fact of life now, Middle Eastern and African migrant men regularly harass women on the streets and the situation is quickly deteriorating.”

He said only a few months ago five Afghans sodomized a young boy in the woods at knife-point. What’s more, gang rapes are broadcast on Facebook, and grenade attacks and car bombings are becoming more common.

“Gun shots and explosions, which were non-existent when I first came to peaceful Sweden in 2005, are now common,” the contractor said. “I can assure you 100 percent it is NOT Swedish people doing this. Some of my family members have been robbed multiple times in recent years. Flaming cars, dumpsters, schools and anything else that can be set on fire is no longer even newsworthy because it is such a common sight. Children get murdered on the streets now. Drug dealing and attacks and gang activity occur openly in ‘no-go zones’ in the big cities, and the media just lie about it as if we don’t have eyes.”

The man claimed he has spent time with Asian and Latin American immigrant friends in some of the dangerous areas of Swedish cities.

“What I have seen there is flagrant criminality, out in the open, with absolutely no consequences or even the slightest fear of consequences,” he revealed. “The police all know this. When the police do come in to those immigrant areas, they come in huge groups because they know they will be brutalized, pelted with rocks, bombed with fireworks, spit on and who knows what else and if they react there will be riots and other terror.”

He said even the native Swedes, who are naturally averse to voicing controversial opinions, are now discussing the reality of migrant crime with their families and friends – despite the real risk of prosecution or employer retaliation.

“Sweden is facing a crisis of enormous proportions, and no amount of fake media and politician denials can conceal it any longer to anybody who lives in Sweden,” he said. “We are being asked to stop believing our lying eyes, but eventually we have to face up to the facts.”

The United States, of course, has also seen copious amounts of migrant crime, as WND news editor Leo Hohmann details in his book, “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and the Resettlement Jihad.” However, Hohmann says the U.S. is not even close to Sweden’s level of dysfunction at this point.

“Sweden is a nation of 10 million people and now has close to two million Muslims,” Hohmann said. “We are a nation of 350 million and have 3.3 million Muslims. Sweden went full throttle into multiculturalism long before we did and as a much smaller country; they will reap the fruits of that more quickly than us.”

Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative and a leading critic of Islamic jihad, agreed America is not nearly as far along the road to national chaos as Sweden, but she warned it could be if the left obstructs Trump.

“Migrant crime in Sweden has become so rampant that Swedish members of Parliament have called for billions for the police to stop the Muslim migrant crime and rape epidemic,” Geller said. “In the U.S. it is not as bad, but if the leftist establishment continues to block Trump’s attempts to bring sanity to our immigration policies, Sweden’s present is our future.”


Hollywood film shows 'gays' do go straight

‎Today, ‎February ‎21, ‎2017, ‏‎5 hours ago | Art MooreGo to full article
James Franco and Zachary Quinto in "I am Michael"

James Franco and Zachary Quinto in “I Am Michael”

The remarkable story of a prominent gay-rights activist who “found God,” rejected his homosexual lifestyle, married and became a Christian minister is the subject of a newly released, feature-length Hollywood film.

Emma Roberts as Rebekah Glatze and James Franco as Michael Glatze in "I am Michael"

Emma Roberts as Rebekah Glatze and James Franco as Michael Glatze in “I Am Michael”

Boasting A-list actors James Franco, Zachary Quinto and Emma Roberts – with a cameo by Darryl Hannah – “I Am Michael” debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in February 2015 but was released for distribution just three weeks ago.

Glatze, in 2007, first told his story through a column published by WND that highlighted the impact WND Vice President David Kupelian’s book, “The Marketing of Evil,” had on him as he went through a period of spiritual searching.

The movie depicts that episode and details the winding road Glatze takes from his old life. After brief relationships with a Mormon church and a Buddhist retreat center, he ends up at a small Bible college in rural Wyoming, where he meets the woman who would become his wife, Rebekah. They settle in the state, where he becomes the pastor of a small church.

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Kupelian said Glatze first sought him out in mid-2007 after reading “The Marketing of Evil,” saying it had helped him in his journey away from homosexuality.

“He asked my advice – since he had been very publicly gay as an LGBT leader – on how to publicly ‘come out’ as straight,” Kupelian said.

marketing of evil i am michael

Scene from “I Am Michael”

Kupelian suggested Glatze write a first-person column for WND, accompanied by a news story about his personal transformation.

“We remained friendly over the years,” Kupelian said. “Then in 2015, I got an email from the ‘I Am Michael’ producers asking permission to depict James Franco reading ‘The Marketing of Evil,’ and that’s how I learned of the movie project.”

Kupelian said he remembers immediately asking Michael: “This is Hollywood. What’s to keep them from vilifying you or turning you into an ugly cartoon Christian?”

Michael replied, “Nothing,” except that they had promised him they would tell his story accurately and not make him look bad.

“I think, for the most part, they made good on that promise,” Kupelian said. “I talked to Michael on the phone right after he and Rebekah saw the movie for the first time, when it debuted at Sundance, and he was clearly happy with the way it turned out.”

See the “Marketing of Evil” scene:


‘Complex subject’

“I Am Michael” certainly is not a neat and tidy, once-I-was lost-and-now-I’m-found film.

"I am Michael" director Justin Kelly

“I am Michael” director Justin Kelly

Its director, Justin Kelly, and Quinto, who plays Glatze’s live-in boyfriend, identify as gay. And the lead, Franco, as Michael, has played other “gay” roles and in interviews has sowed some doubt about his personal life.

Ultimately, the story is told through the lens of a homosexual director who apparently is trying to sort out how a man attracted to men, and who was such a fierce defender of “gay rights,” could become the very thing he expressly once despised: a “fundamentalist” minister.

Clearly, Franco, a talented actor, portrays a vibrant, high-spirited Michael in the first half of the film in contrast to a largely subdued, sober and often angst-ridden man in the second.

In the penultimate scene, Michael, now engaged to Rebekah, pensively calls his old boyfriend, Bennett, out of the blue.

He offends Bennett, declaring he has freed himself from “abnormal” homosexual feelings, but Bennett is heartened by Michael’s closing words.

“I’m not going to sit here and say I know I’ll be this way for the rest of my life,” Michael says. “We’re always changing, evolving; and I’m open to that.”

Bennett replies, smiling, “Then, I guess nothing’s really changed.”

Michael: “Yeah.”

Nevertheless, it seems Kelly is doing his best to present Glatze’s conversion evenhandedly.

The Christian viewer of “I Am Michael” can relate to the moments in which Glatze appears to be touched emotionally and spiritually by God.

Most will want to fast-forward through some of the scenes in the “before” part of Glatze’s life, which, while avoiding nudity, depict passionate kissing and, in one instance, three-way sex.

See the “I Am Michael” trailer:


Many reviewers of “I Am Michael” have praised its “determinedly balanced approach to its complex subject.”

The screenplay is based on a first-person New York magazine article by a former friend who visited Glatze while he was in Bible school.

The writer of the article, Benoit Denizet-Lewis, concluded: “As I drove back to my hotel that night, I wondered if I would ever hear from Michael again. Might he call me someday to say that he was gay after all, and that his years as an ex-gay were just another pit stop in his lifelong pursuit of truth?

“It’s possible, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon,” Denizet-Lewis wrote.

“For an ex-gay intent on staying that way, there are few safer places in the world than a Bible school in Wyoming.”

Scene from "I am Michael"

Scene from “I Am Michael”

In a 2007 interview with WND, Glatze said he became aware of homosexual feelings at about the age of 14 and publicly declared himself “gay” at age 20. After a decade in which his leadership role in the homosexual activist world grew – but alongside it, a mysterious inner conflict – he said he finally was “liberated.”

After becoming editor of Young Gay America magazine at age 22, Glatze received numerous awards and recognition, including the National Role Model Award from the major homosexual-rights organization Equality Forum. Media gravitated toward him, leading to appearances on PBS television and MSNBC and quotes in a cover story in Time magazine called “The Battle Over Gay Teens.”

He produced, with the help of PBS affiliates and Equality Forum, the first major documentary film to address homosexual teen suicide, “Jim In Bold,” which toured the world and received numerous “best in festival” awards. Young Gay America’s photo exhibit, telling the story of young people across North America, toured Europe, Canada and parts of the U.S.

In 2005, Glatze was featured in a panel with Judy Shepard, mother of slain homosexual Matthew Shepard, at the prestigious JFK Jr. Forum at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

‘I am so grateful for Rebekah’

Glatze did some interviews at the time of the Sundance screening of “I am Michael” in 2015 in which he described the process of making and finally viewing the completed film as a “healing experience.”

Michael and Rebekah Glatze

In the interviews, he appeared secure in his life as a married minister of the gospel, but he was open about an ongoing struggle to sort out what his past life meant, the nature of sexuality and how he should relate now to people in the homosexual community.

He’s been largely silent since then, seeking a break from the rancor of identity politics to focus on being Michael, the pastor married to Rebekah.

WND reported in December 2013, one month after his wedding, that homosexual activists were ridiculing him and his bride via the Web.

In a letter to his critics, Glatze called the month since his Oct. 26, 2013, wedding to Rebekah the “greatest” of his life.

“I am so grateful for Rebekah, for God, for His provision, for my new in-laws, for my family which traveled from far and wide to join in our special day, and for the prayers and support that have flooded our way since October,” he wrote.

In his letter, Glatze said he and Rebekah didn’t want to become “political pawns.”

“I have never called myself an ‘ex-gay,’ though people have called me that,” he wrote. “But, then again, people have called me a lot of things on account of the fact that I left homosexuality a few years back and decided that I felt more comfortable living heterosexually.”

He said that since so many had commented on his wedding, he wanted to make it clear, “I am not here to ‘force my agenda’ or my ‘lifestyle’ on anyone else.

“I am here to live a good, God-honoring life,” he said. “And, as a Christian, I would be a liar if I didn’t tell people who God is, what He has done in my life and how He continues to provide for me in ways that are more numerous than I can count.”

Related column:

‘Gay’ forever? ‘Straight’ forever? by Joseph Farah

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Trump Derangement Syndrome gone wild

‎Today, ‎February ‎21, ‎2017, ‏‎5 hours ago | Garth KantGo to full article

Video: Chris Wallace of Fox News attacks President Trump for attacking the media

WASHINGTON – They call it Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Those who claim to have diagnosed the syndrome say it is rapidly spreading, and, judging by its reported symptoms, recent evidence indicates it may have spread even to Fox News, after talk-radio star Rush Limbaugh called out one of the network’s star for twisting the president’s words.

The complaints about the president from the left appear to be growing increasingly fantastic. In just the last week, the New Republic has run articles speculating the president may have a more than 30-year-old case of untreated syphilis, and that he has “turned the GOP into the party of eugenics.”

Dr. Steven Beutler wrote in the New Republic on Friday that “Trump’s bizarre, volatile behavior” could not be diagnosed “from a distance,” but then he goes on to diagnose the president from a distance as possibly suffering from untreated syphilis, perhaps contracted in the 1980s.


He claimed Trump has shown such symptoms of the potentially deadly disease as irritability, loss of ability to concentrate, delusional thinking, grandiosity, squinting, insomnia and impaired memory, insight and judgment.

Beutler warned, “The importance – both to Trump and the nation – of establishing or ruling out this diagnosis cannot be overstated.”

The New Republic’s social media editor, Sarah Jones, wrote a piece on Wednesday that detected a GOP zeal for eugenics, the technique of selective breeding and elimination of supposed undesirables practiced with horrifying ruthlessness by the genocidal Nazis.

That’s because, she wrote, “the Trump administration’s overt obsession with white supremacy – which the 2016 election showed to be the ugly beating heart of the conservative movement – has imbued the platform of the Republican Party with a lurid tinge, changing our understanding of its disdain not only for minorities, but for the weak, the poor, and the disabled.”

She provided no examples of “the Trump administration’s overt obsession with white supremacy,” but merely stated it as a given.

Jones argued, “[T]hey cut welfare for the same reason eugenicists once sterilized the poor: Poor people drain resources better spent elsewhere.”

And, she concluded, “[T]he most powerful people in America appear to enthusiastically embrace the idea that humans can be divided into inherently superior and inferior specimens and treated accordingly.”

Jones warned, “This won’t change as long as we inhabit a world ruled by men who prioritize the free market over human lives. Their ideal society excludes us and every other group ever deemed an obstacle to prosperity. And when they come for us they will call it progress.”

Anti-Trump protest on Nov. 11, 2016

Anti-Trump protest on Nov. 11, 2016

For those who find those assessments hyperbolic, there may be an explanation.

Author Justin Raimondo succinctly described what he saw as the symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS, in an Dec. 27, commentary piece in the Los Angeles Times:

  • Victims lose all sense of proportion.
  • The president-elect’s every tweet provoked a firestorm.
  • Sufferers speak a distinctive language consisting solely of hyperbole.
  • A state of constant hysteria.
  • The afflicted lose the ability to distinguish fantasy from reality.
  • Opinion is unmoored from fact.

Explained Raimondo, “Life resembles a dark fairy tale in which the villain – Trump – is an amalgam of all the worst tyrants in history, past and present, while the heroes –Trump’s critics – are akin to the resistance fighters of World War II.”

Limbaugh saw it coming just one week after Trump was elected in November. The talk-show host said on Nov. 16, “Trump Derangement Syndrome has already reached escape velocity, and the guy hasn’t even been sworn in.”

Limbaugh cited the mainstream media’s outrage that Trump had ditched the media pool for an evening to have an undisturbed dinner in a restaurant. He then contrasted that with the New York Times’ sympathy for then-President-elect Obama when he ditched his press pool in December 2008 to take his children to a water park because he was a “very private public man chaf[ing] under its constraints.”

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

And, on Monday, Limbaugh took a Fox News star to task for skewing the facts on the president’s criticism of the media and its reporting on his administration.

(A caller had misidentified the person quoted as MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, although Limbaugh was clearly referencing Fox’s Chris Wallace, who made the remarks that follow.)

On his Sunday show, Wallace heatedly denounced Trump for attacking the media during an interview with the president’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus.

Wallace began by accurately reading a tweet Trump sent on Friday that read: “The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!”

But Wallace then immediately asked Priebus, “Reince, the president believes that a free and independent press is a threat to the country?”

The clear implication was that Trump had called the entire media the enemy of the people rather than the specific outlets he had actually named in the tweet.

That was evidenced when Wallace later said, “Here’s the problem. When the president says we’re the enemy of the American people, it makes it sounds like if you are going against him, you are going against the country.” Wallace later added, “[T]hat’s what’s concerning because it seems like he crosses a line when he talks about (sic) that we’re an enemy of the people.”

However, Limbaugh pointed out on his Monday radio show: “‘The press is the enemy of the people,’ is not what he said. … He was talking about a subset of the media. If Trump had been talking about the whole media as the enemy of the state, that’s not what the Trump quote said.”

Chris Wallace of Fox News

Chris Wallace of Fox News

Limbaugh continued: “He specifically was referring to the outlets putting out misleading themes about election hacking. You can’t take these comments out of context! You have to look at what he said before he said this. So when he calls ‘the press enemy of the people,’ what was he talking about before it? He was talking about those elements of the media that continue to report things that aren’t true, and that is there is no evidence that the Russians hacked the outcome of the election.”

Talk-show host and Fox News star Sean Hannity also accused the press of putting words in the president’s mouth in creating another new firestorm, this one over Trump’s recent remarks on Sweden.

On his website, Hannity noted, “This weekend the media was awash with stories suggesting that President Donald Trump claimed that a terrorist attack had recently occurred in Sweden during his speech at Saturday’s rally in Melbourne, Florida.”

A sample of those headlines:

  • Guardian: “Trump cites non-existent Sweden terror attack”
  • AP: “Trump said a major incident happened in Sweden. Swedes don’t know what he’s talking about”
  • USA Today: “President Trump – ridiculed over the weekend for apparently denouncing a terrorist attack in Sweden that had never happened”

But Trump never mentioned an attack. He said:

“Here’s the bottom line. We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible. You look at what’s happening in Brussels. You look at what’s happening all over the world. Take a look at Nice. Take a look at Paris. We’ve allowed thousands and thousands of people into our country, and there was no way to vet these people. There was no documentation. There was no nothing. So we’re going to keep our country safe.”

Trump later clarified in a tweet on Sunday: “My statement as to what’s happening in Sweden was in reference to a story that was broadcast on @FoxNews concerning immigrants & Sweden.”


He also tweeted: “Give the public a break – The FAKE NEWS media is trying to say that large scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully. NOT!”

Why are the mainstream media so quick to pounce on Trump in ways that appear to comport with Raimondo’s description of TDS?

Limbaugh theorized on Monday that Trump’s critics in the media “are so far gone” that they believe “attacking them and challenging their reputation is no more and no less than attacking the Constitution and trying to destroy America and democracy.”

He continued: “Criticizing them is attacking the First Amendment. They really believe this. Criticizing them is akin to attacking the Constitution, and that’s un-American, and that’s why you hear these journalists say, ‘It’s un-American to criticize. It’s un-American for Trump to be destabilizing. It’s un-American for Trump to be going out there and trying to do damage to the media. We’ve got First Amendment protection.'”

The talk-show star suggested the hyperbolic reaction to Trump’s attack on what the president called “fake news” masked the mainstream media’s real motive: “You won’t even get them to admit what they’re doing. You won’t even get them to admit they’re trying to destroy Trump.”

Raimondo had an even darker take on that motive, in his piece back in December.

He ominously wondered: “If he (Trump) is another Hitler, if he’s in league with Putin, then why is assassination out of the question? Poke a TDS victim and you’ll find they don’t think that ‘solution’ is out of the question at all.”

Raimondo concluded by warning: “This is the final stage of the TDS epidemic: violence against a democratically elected leader. Unless a cure for TDS is found, this is where we are headed.”


God's patterns, and why you need to watch for them

‎Today, ‎February ‎21, ‎2017, ‏‎5 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
Birthplace of stars

No issue in human history has been more hotly debated than the nature of God.

“God works in mysterious ways,” goes the cliché. And believers may find themselves frustrated and lost when trying to understand how God operates and how He intercedes in human history.

However, WND Founder Joseph Farah believes he has found a way to assist Christians. God’s actions are not random nor inscrutable. Instead, they follow patterns – patterns that can be studied, internalized and understood.

“We serve a God of patterns,” said Farah. “He shows us patterns so that we can learn from them. And He gives us the presence of the Holy Spirit to understand these patterns. And that’s really what it’s all about at the end of the day. It’s about ‘The Restitution of All Things.'”

Farah made the comments in a wide-ranging interview with Rabbi Eric Walker on “Revealing the Truth,” the television program of the Igniting a Nation ministry. Farah was describing the purpose behind his newest book, “The Restitution of All Things,” and the importance of prophecy in leading people to faith. Indeed, it was through prophecy and specifically through Hal Lindsey’s famous book “The Late Great Planet Earth” that Farah discovered who Jesus Christ really is.


“He had been prophesized,” said Farah of his realization about Jesus. “He was a fulfillment of prophecy. I had never heard that before. I didn’t realize that He was the Jewish Messiah, but it hit me.”

Farah credited “The Late Great Planet Earth” with first exposing him to the “Israel-centric” nature of the Scriptures. And while the WND founder said he doesn’t agree with everything Lindsey has taught, he has no doubt “The Late Great Planet Earth” and its author was “used by God” to get that message out to millions of people.

“That is one of the greatest selling books, not only of its time, but in the history of the world at this point,” he said. “God used that book to grab me, I will tell you that in no uncertain terms.”

Rabbi Walker added Jesus Christ, or Yeshua, is best understood in his Jewish context. It is the critical context of Jesus’s battle with the religious authorities of his time, which sets up the entire driving conflict of the New Testament. It’s a struggle Farah believes most Christians who have read the Gospels have missed.

“The Gospels are dominated by one conflict,” Farah explained. “And it’s not with who we might think it is with. It’s not Satan – that lasts for 40 days in the wilderness, then it’s over with. The rest of the conflict is with the religious authorities of Jesus’s time, Yeshua’s time, the Pharisees and the Sadducees. If you asked the average Christian what was the error of the Pharisees, they will almost unanimously say, ‘Well, they were hypocrites.’ But that doesn’t begin to explain the story. Why was Jesus speaking to them so harshly? Why was he condemning them? Why was John the Baptist condemning them before Yeshua did?

“The answer is very simple. They had deviated from Scripture and they had held traditions of men higher even than Scripture, and it’s throughout all the Gospels. How come we don’t have sermons about that? So that’s where I start the book because it’s a very important foundation for what we’re talking about because you know what? In Yeshua’s first coming, many people did not recognize him as the Messiah because they had the wrong expectations.

“They were expecting the Lion of Judah to come and the Lamb of God came instead,” he noted. Laughing, he added: “Well, the next time, the Lion of Judah’s going to come, and I don’t believe Christians understand that. I think they’re expecting the Lamb of God to come. Of course, He will be, but He’s going to be a very different looking and sounding Yeshua than he was in the first century.”

As Farah notes, the Bible says Jesus will be ruling an earthly kingdom with a “rod of iron.” But what will be the standard of justice, of right and wrong, of good and evil? Farah says that answer is provided as well. “We’re back to the Torah,” he observed.

“You can’t help but notice that things are going to be very different in this future kingdom on Earth for believers and unbelievers alike,” he explained. “How many believers know that the seventh day Sabbath is going to be observed in the future kingdom? And why would that be since we don’t do it today? But the Apostles did it. And why is there this disharmony between then, and now, and the future?”

Of course, this may be surprising, or even shocking to many believers. The idea Christians will suddenly be observing the biblical or Jewish feasts may seem alien or strange. Yet Farah maintains the Bible is clear.

“The Feast of Tabernacles will observed,” he said as an example. “Mandatory! I mean, there are harsh penalties for not observing the Feast of Tabernacles in the coming Kingdom of God, as we see in Zachariah 14. What I’m doing here with this book or attempting to do is to introduce people to what many of us refer to as the Hebrew roots of the faith, the Christian faith, and doing this using Scriptures almost exclusively. I don’t know if anyone else has done this kind of comprehensive introduction to this new way of seeing our Messiah, seeing the patterns that we learn through Scripture. It’s a big project.”

Yet why take it on? As Rabbi Walker observed, “The Restitution Of All Things” is a challenge for readers, presenting them with truths that go against their preconceptions. Farah said, initially, he didn’t want to do the book.

But ultimately, he had no choice.

“This is something that God kept hammering me to do,” he said. “I didn’t want to do it. … This was dictated to me in many ways.”

After reading Acts 3, as he had done countless times previously, the words “the restitution of all things” jumped out at him with a new meaning they had never had before. Driven by this, Farah felt he had no choice but to write. And he hopes it will help those who are looking for answers to the greatest of questions.

“I can’t say that it’s going to be what every person looking this program right now is looking for,” he said. “But I know that some people are looking for it. I know that without any question. Because I was instructed to do this for some people. And the reaction to it has been very, very positive.”



Nearby 'super-Earth capable of supporting life'

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(TECHTIMES) — There is a super-Earth existing outside the solar system near our planet. This must be good news when efforts are underway to colonize Mars.

This was revealed in the Lick-Carnegie Exoplanet Survey by a team of international scientists. It was led by astronomers Steve Vogt, Geoffrey Marcy from the University of California, and Carnegie Institute of Science’s Paul Butler at Washington.

The team discovered 60 new planets and 54 potential planets outside the solar system making a total of 114 new planets.

According to the scientists, many of these planets are Earth-like and can support life. The study will be published in The Astrophysical Journal.


Fully-grown pig chimeras just a few years away

‎Today, ‎February ‎20, ‎2017, ‏‎7 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
(THE CONVERSATION) — If you needed an organ transplant, would you mind if it had been grown in an animal from human stem cells? Or would you do it but deep down find it frighteningly unnatural? This may all sound like science fiction, but scientists recently managed to implant human stem cells into a pig embryo – pushing us a step closer to such a future. There are also other important applications from such research, such as the study of developmental processes and diseases of many kinds.

We are, at minimum, several steps and several years away from being able to create fully grown human-animal chimeras. But worries over the ethics of chimera research have been with us since the beginning of the 21st century. Ethicists have begun to map the space of difficult moral questions surrounding this issue.

In a useful recent survey, Robert Streiffer identified several distinct concerns and discussed whether they were worthy of attention. Many readers will share these concerns, although they leave me fairly cold. One is that creating chimeras is wrong because it violates boundaries between species – it is in some morally problematic way unnatural. Another is that the creation of chimeras will threaten social practices that depend on a strong human-animal distinction, such as the farming of animals for food, and so create moral confusion. Many people also believe that chimeric research will threaten human dignity.


The forgotten patriots who saved America

‎Today, ‎February ‎20, ‎2017, ‏‎7 hours ago | Bill FedererGo to full article
"Surrender of General Burgoyne" by John Trumbull

“Surrender of General Burgoyne” by John Trumbull

The Boston Tea Party was when colonists threw 342 chests of British East India tea overboard. The British responded by by passing the Boston Port Bill to blockade the harbor and starve citizens into submission. The Committee of Correspondence sent word to the other colonies, who called a day of fasting and prayer, June 1, 1774, “to seek divine direction and aid.”

In August of 1774, William Prescott led the men of Pepperell, Massachusetts, who delivered loads of rye to Boston, telling the inhabitants: “We heartily sympathize with you, and are always ready to do all in our power for your support, comfort and relief; knowing that Providence has placed you where you must stand the first shock. We consider we are all embarked in (the same ship) and must sink or swim together. …”

William Prescott continued: “If we submit to these regulations, all is gone. Our forefathers passed the vast Atlantic, spent their blood and treasure, that they might enjoy their liberties, both civil and religious, and transmit them to their posterity. … Now if we should give them up, can our children rise up and call us blessed? … Let us all be of one heart, and Stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free; and may he, of his infinite mercy grant us deliverance out of all our troubles.”

William Prescott, born Feb. 20, 1726, was a colonel who fought for the British in King George’s War, 1745, and in the French and Indian War, 1755. But now Colonel William Prescott fought for independence from Britain.

In 1775, before George Washington was chosen as commander-in-chief, General Israel Putnam commanded the 2,400 men at the battle of Bunker Hill, with Colonel William Prescott in charge of the redoubt at the center. When a stray musket ball from a British gun killed an American soldier, men began to run away. To stop the confusion, Colonel William Prescott climbed on the wall of the fortification, stood upright and walked back and forth, rallying his men.

When British General Gage saw Prescott through his telescope, he asked a local loyalist if Prescott had enough courage to fight. The loyalist replied: “Prescott is an old soldier, he will fight as long as a drop of blood is in his veins.”

Samuel Swett wrote in his “History of Bunker Hill” that as the 3,000 British soldiers advanced: “The American marksmen are with difficulty restrained from firing. General Israel Putnam rode through the line, and ordered that no one should fire till they arrived within eight rods. … Powder was scarce and must not be wasted. They should ‘not fire at the enemy till they saw the whites of their eyes. …’ The same orders were reiterated by Prescott at the redoubt.”

Historian George Bancroft wrote that at the redoubt in the center of battle: “No one appeared to have any command but Colonel Prescott. … His bravery could never be enough acknowledged and applauded.”

While the Americans suffered 450 casualties, the British suffered over 1,000. Among the Americans killed was the courageous Dr. Joseph Warren.

William Prescott then fought in the battle of Long Island in 1776. In 1777, William Prescott fought in the Battle of Saratoga, being depicted in John Trumbull’s painting of the “Surrender of General Burgoyne” which is in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda.

The city of Prescott, Arizona, is named after his grandson, historian William H. Prescott.

A contemporary of William Prescott was respected Baptist minister Isaac Backus, who was a founder of Brown University and a delegate to the Massachusetts Convention which ratified the U.S. Constitution.

In 1775, Isaac Backus addressed the Massachusetts Assembly at the beginning of the Revolutionary War: “Is not all America now appealing to Heaven against the injustice of being taxed. … We are persuaded that an entire freedom from being taxed by civil rulers to religious worship is not mere favor from any men in the world but a right and property granted us by God, who commands us to Stand fast in it.”

On July 7, 1775, Anglican Rev. Jacob Duché preached to the First Battalion of the City of Philadelphia, dedicating his sermon to General George Washington: “‘Stand fast’ by a strong faith and dependence upon Jesus Christ, the great Captain of your salvation. Enlist under the banner of His cross. And let this motto be written upon your hearts, In hoc signo vinces, ‘under this standard thou shalt overcome.’ … ‘Stand fast’ … three millions of people … bound by no other ties than those of honor and public virtue. … ‘Stand fast’ by an undaunted courage … even a courage that will prove you to be good Christians, as well as soldiers, a firm invincible fortitude of soul, founded upon religion, and the glorious hope of a better world; a courage, that will enable you not only to withstand an armed phalanx, to pierce a squadron, or force an entrenchment … but will support you … against the principalities and powers of darkness. …

“Calling upon you to thank Heaven for his great and gracious interposition … Surely ‘the God of Jacob was their refuge.’ … Be prepared, therefore, for the worst. Suffer not your spirits to evaporate. … Wait for those events which are in the hands of providence, and depend upon Him alone for strength. … Let us … ‘Stand fast’ as the guardians of liberty.”

Brought to you by AmericanMinute.com.



This day in WND history: 'J.R.' vs. 'W'

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jrewing1Bush ‘J.R.’ vs. ‘W’

Feb. 20, 2003: The man best known for playing a notorious Texas oilman on television said President George W. Bush is a sad but dangerous figure with little education.

Larry Hagman, who played J.R. Ewing in the popular CBS series “Dallas,” said while both Bush and J.R. came from the Texas oil industry, the president was not smart enough to be like J.R.

“J.R. was so smart he always found a way to win without violence … he ruined his enemies financially or socially,” said Hagman.

The former actor, who also played an astronaut in the 1960s TV series “I Dream of Jeannie,” called Bush a “sad figure: not too well educated, who doesn’t get out of America much. He’s leading the country towards fascism.”

View the full story

Judge wears 'pussy hat' in court, probe launched

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(BREITBART) — A short investigation was launched after a Travis County judge wore a pink, knitted “pussy hat” in her courtroom late in January causing, some to doubt her impartiality from the bench.

Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt started her session on January 24 by putting on the pink knitted hat that has become associated with the Women’s March protests held the day after Donald J. Trump took the oath of office to become the 45th president of the United States.

The judge’s shocking partisanship was first noted by Reddit users and soon caused residents to quiz Texas authorities as to whether or not a sitting judge is allowed to wear partisan political paraphernalia on the bench.


Rand Paul: We're very lucky McCain is not in charge

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(BREITBART) — Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) addressed Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) criticism of the Trump administration.

Partial transcript as follows:

KARL: And I think it’s fair to say that you are second to none in the Senate when it comes to fighting for civil liberties. So let me ask you about specifically what he’s saying about the press. He is saying now that the news media is the enemy of the American people. Do you agree with that?

PAUL: It’s not something that I would say. I would say that there is bias. And I think it’s fair to point out that there is bias in the media on both sides, both right and left. And that it’s very hard to find objective news because we have gotten, particularly as you watch cable news, it’s so dominated by opinion. And we are more polarized. And some of that comes from the people and some of that comes from the media. But I would say that I don’t see in his criticism, somehow, people think that the separation of powers means that the president can’t criticize the judiciary. No, it has nothing to do with that. That’s more sort of political sensibilities but has nothing to do with the Constitution or separation of powers. We don’t like it when they see it sort of treads on things. But the separation of powers is about legislative powers. It isn’t about discussion or words. So I would separate, once again, words from actual real legislative action. If someone tries to put limits on the press, I’ll be the first one standing up for the right of press, left and right, to continue saying and being part of the discussion and forwarding the discussion.


Why so many Americans call evil good and good evil

‎Today, ‎February ‎20, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | Paul BremmerGo to full article
David Kupelian

David Kupelian speaking at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Many Americans have, to all appearances, gone entirely off the deep end since Donald Trump won the presidency last November, as evidenced by an endless stream of celebrity hissy fits, “mainstream media” meltdowns, comparisons to “Hitler” and “fascism” and hysterical, often-violent demonstrations.

How did so many Americans become so miserable and delusional? Best-selling author David Kupelian, who serves as WND’s managing editor, says it’s not an accident and it was hardly unpredictable.

To begin with, Kupelian asked Rabbi Eric Walker during a recent appearance on “Revealing the Truth”: “What happens when you begin to fall away from common sense and your conscience, doing what’s right? Things go badly, you have conflict, you feel depressed, you’re angry.”

Now, he continued, what if a wildly irrational worldview somehow becomes enmeshed in all of America’s major institutions, leading millions of people away from common sense and their consciences? Logically, you will have a whole nation full of depressed and angry people, said Kupelian. In fact, that argument is the premise of his most recent book, “The Snapping of the American Mind.”

“Not only is the left irrational, but it is leading America – good Americans – over the edge,” he told the show’s host.

This deluded leftist worldview, he said, has led to a situation in which depression is “through the roof” on college campuses, adding that a staggering 130 million Americans are now dependent on some type of mind-altering substance just to get through life. The core reason for all this misery, he said, is very basic: As people move away from what their conscience tells them is right, they come into conflict with their true selves.

Worse, when people reach the point that they not only are at war with their own conscience, but actually glorify and justify their own perverse beliefs and behaviors, they begin to see the goodness in others as evil.

Citing, as one common example, a post-abortive woman who stridently insists the fetus she “terminated” was just a clump of cells and not a human life, Kupelian said: “When you have these people who are, basically underneath it all, below their own level of consciousness, at war with reality … what happens is, when they see some Catholic sister standing outside Planned Parenthood just praying, they think that person is vile and doing something evil because they feel bad in that person’s presence. So, the conscience they are running away from inside themselves pops up in somebody else outside them, and they don’t understand what they’re dealing with.”

These people are rebelling against reality, he said, and a major part of that reality is that there is a God who created them and provides laws of life to guide them.

“A lot of people do not want to believe that we are responsible to a higher power who’s going to ‘hold it over our heads,’ who’s going to hold us responsible for the way we behave,” Kupelian said. “That whole idea is something that they can’t stand.”

In Kupelian’s view, the denial of God and His laws explains many left-wing positions, such as the insistence by pro-abortion advocates that a fetus is not really a human life.

“When does life begin? You have to be a complete idiot to ask that question!” he said. “Life obviously begins at conception. Things don’t grow and grow and grow and grow and grow and grow … if they’re not alive. But we make ourselves stupid because we want to deny God.”


Kupelian also called evolution a “stupid idea.”

“It’s equivalent to standing next to a parking lot full of Ford cars … and saying, ‘There is no Ford Motor Company. These cars all just appeared here because of a tornado in a junkyard, [or] because over a period of time the elements of life became these Ford cars,'” he said.

Human beings are infinitely more complex than cars, Kupelian noted, yet many people deny that we have all been intelligently designed.

“The idea that somehow we became something out of nothing, without an intelligent Creator behind it somehow, is just evidence of a will to not believe in the Creator,” he concluded.

The rejection of God also explains why so many on the left embrace radical Islam, said Kupelian.

“Why would any of these people [on the left] side with radical Islam?” he asked. “Radical Islam throws homosexuals off of buildings! That’s the worst place you want to be as a homosexual. Why is there an alliance between radical Islam – expansionist, Shariah Islam – and the left, which you’d think are two opposing utopian systems? Because they’re all at war with the same real God.”

Referring to the left, the Democratic Party, the “pro-choice” movement, the LGBT movement and others, Kupelian said: “You have all these dysfunctional, irrational, deluded, delusional groups, but they all side with each other, they defend each other, because their real enemy is God, Christ, Christian America, the Ten Commandments. Because that is what really sticks in their craw. That is what is inside them and is saying, ‘You’re wrong. You need to come home.'”

Watch David Kupelian’s interview with Rabbi Eric Walker:


'Trigger warnings' and the new morality

‎Today, ‎February ‎20, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | Joseph FarahGo to full article
There’s a good deal of debate today on college campuses about the need for “trigger warnings” and the creation of “safe spaces” on campus.

I should say, right off the top, for those who believe in the need for “trigger warnings and “safe spaces,” beware: This column could be dangerous to your health and well-being, or, it could awaken you to the reality that you have been deceived, manipulated and conned.

Generally, the debate comes down to this:

  • “Trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” are vitally necessary to protecting trauma victims, such as people with PTSD from experiences in the military, or women who may have been victims of sexual assault, or those with mental health issues like panic disorders.
  • “Trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” on campus have a chilling effect on healthy debate, sheltering students from things they don’t like, which doesn’t prepare them well for a world where they are bound to see and hear things that trigger intense and sometimes unpleasant reactions.

But maybe it’s time to look more seriously at what has brought this phenomenon to the fore in the 21st century.

I’m not going to be condescending and simply dismiss those who accept these policies as “snowflakes.” That would be demeaning.

Instead, ever-so-briefly, I prefer to look at the effects of immoral policies in academia, the media and other cultural institutions over the last 50 years to see how they may have contributed to a generation that considers itself victimized to the point of being shell shocked.

Here are some of the messages we’ve been teaching in school from an early age, propagating in media and fostering in the elite worlds of philanthropy and science, among others:

  • The world is on the brink of catastrophe from carbon “pollution.”
  • If we would simply outlaw guns, acts of violence, crime and mayhem would be greatly reduced.
  • Co-ed dorms are a good idea, and gender is only a state of mind, not a biological imperative – making the next big “civil rights” battle same-sex bathrooms and locker rooms.
  • The U.S. is an imperialistic nation hell-bent on exploitation of the under-developed world.
  • Institutional racism so defines America that the only way it can be defeated is through reverse racism against the descendants of those who perpetrated it.
  • Capitalism is as evil as cannibalism, if not more so.
  • Hearing the name Donald Trump should prompt visceral individual and collective reactions of extreme revulsion, if not terror, in normal, right-thinking people of goodwill.
  • Diversity, except for diversity of thought and opinions, is what made America great.
  • Tolerance is a wonderful thing, except for those who disagree with this list.
  • Evolution is proven science, so the moral system that generally united Americans for the last 250 years is no longer relevant.
  • Islamophobia and homophobia are two blights on our culture and ugly vestiges of Christianity’s legacy in America.

I could continue with this list indefinitely – and I am sorely tempted to do so. But I think you get the point. That’s the ideological, moral, social, cultural and spiritual matrix in which too many Americans have been living for far too long.

There’s been an ideological, moral, social, cultural and spiritual revolution – but there are still a fair number of holdouts who have not succumbed to 50 years of brainwashing and indoctrination in the schools, colleges, universities, the media, from multinational corporate boardrooms and globalist institutions, among other institutions.

While once Americans relied on good manners, civility and common sense to avoid exposing children and impressionable young people unnecessarily to horror, gore, sexual exploitation and lies, this revolutionary conditioning has reduced the effectiveness of such built-in self-restraints, traditional guardrails.

Therefore, a new moral code of taboos is being imposed – both as further social conditioning and to replace the old guardrails that have been smashed by the social revolutionaries.

Nothing else makes sense to me. How about you?

When right and wrong are redefined, you can’t leave a vacuum in its wake. You’ve got to create new rules of engagement to fill the gap. That means speech codes. That means censorship. That means rewriting the language. That means inventing new “rights.” That means squelching free and open debate.

It only starts in the classrooms. Like a virus that affects the brain and soul, it spreads everywhere.

Don’t capitulate and cower in fear. Fight back!




Analyst: Feminists 'useful idiots' in coalition with Islamists

‎Today, ‎February ‎19, ‎2017, ‏‎3 hours ago | Greg CorombosGo to full article
ACT! For America founder Brigitte Gabriel

ACT! For America founder Brigitte Gabriel

Liberal feminists and Islamists don’t have a lot in common but they are now strong partners in the fight against President Trump.

A leading terrorism analyst, however, warns that feminists are nothing but “useful idiots” in a movement that would truly oppress them if the Islamists achieve their goals.

“What’s happening in the West is we think if we just show them how much we love them and how much we respect their way of life, they’re going to respect our way of life. This way, I do what I want, you do what we want and we live happily ever after,” said Brigitte Gabriel, president of Act for America and author of “They Must Be Stopped.”

The teamwork was on full display at the women’s march in Washington on Jan. 21. Most of the headlines focused on women proclaiming their right to abortions, but Linda Sarsour, the woman leading the protest, has a very different history of activism.

“She’s an Islamist through and through. She wears the hijab. She comes from a Palestinian background. Half her family members are in Israeli jails involved in terrorism,” said Gabriel.

Gabriel says it’s mind-boggling to watch liberal American women march under the banner of a woman who has no problem with how Muslim society treats women.

“She praises Saudi Arabia and their Shariah law. This is a nation state where women cannot drive. They are beaten. They are stoned. They are flogged for having relations with another man or even seen with another man who is even a distant relative,” said Gabriel.

And it’s not just in Saudi Arabia. Gabriel says even the most moderate Islamic nations do not come anywhere close to the freedoms women enjoy in the West. She says her home nation of Lebanon, which has shifted dramatically from Christian to Muslim in recent decades, is suffering from the demographic shift.

“I know a 29-year-old Christian businesswoman from my hometown. The social police showed up at her door, took her for investigation and arrested her simply because she had a meeting with another man who is not related to her outside of her home without the supervision of her parents. They are enforcing these rules on Christian families, not only Muslim families,” said Gabriel.

Hear the interview:


“I’m not talking about Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh. You assume things like this happen in these types of countries. But to think that even in a country like Lebanon, that something like this can happen to a Christian woman, that goes to show you the oppression of women in Islamic-controlled countries,” said Gabriel.

So how did Islamic activists win over the feminists as allies? Gabriel says Sarsour was very clever.

“Somehow, she found a way to appeal to the feminist movement inside the United States saying, ‘We’re all women together here. We all are oppressed.’ She is basically using the emotions to try to lure them into coming with her and standing [against] President Trump. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and that’s where they are right now,” said Gabriel.

And despite the glaring differences in the goals of the two movements, Gabriel says this alliance will likely continue for some time.

“I think it’s going to be a very long-term working relationship between the both of them because they have a common enemy that they hate much more and that is President Trump. They hate that much more than they hate their differences,” said Gabriel.

Sarsour is already cashing in on the alliance by getting groups like Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America and the Human Right Campaign to write big checks in support of the march.

“We are already seeing how leftist organizations are not only standing with her and the Islamist movement in the United States to oppose Trump, but they are actually funding her movement. So now we are seeing the left and the Islamists coming together, not only working together but exchanging money,” said Gabriel.

According to Gabriel, the feminist groups know very little about the long-term goals of Sarsour and her Islamist allies.

“We shouldn’t be surprised. What people like Linda Sarsour are doing are basically following to the letter the instructions of the Muslim Brotherhood and their plan, which later became known as ‘The Project,’ on how to work within Western nations in order to recruit like-minded people who share similar goals,” said Gabriel.

And it’s not just liberal women’s groups aligning with Islamists. Gabriel says it’s happening more and more with the liberals seemingly oblivious to what their lives would be like if people like Sarsour get their way. One example is the ACLU working hand-in-hand with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR.

“You scratch your head and you think to yourself, ‘How can these two people have anything in common?’ But the ACLU, just like the feminists in this country are being used as useful idiots at the hands of Islamists like Linda Sarsour who have an end goal. They are using them simply to get to that goal,” said Gabriel.

In recent weeks, female politicians in Sweden made headlines in two very different ways. First, they mocked President Trump’s signing of a pro-life executive order while surrounded by mostly men with a picture of an all-female signing ceremony. Yet, just days later, female Swedish politicians wore hijabs without protest while visiting Iran.

Gabriel says Swedish leaders, of all people, ought to know the price of Islamic appeasement.

“Because of the immigration of majorities from Islamic nations, how they are treating feminists. In Germany, for example, look at the rapes on New Year’s Eve. Look at the rapes in Sweden. Sweden has become the rape capital of the world,” said Gabriel.

Gabriel says Western nations are also eroding their own interests by allowing Muslim Shariah law to hold sway in formal court proceedings. Her organization is doing something about it.

“We at Act for America have introduced bills across the country called ‘American Laws for American Courts,’ which says no foreign law, which includes Shariah law, will be allowed to be used in any American courtroom. Only the Constitution should be the highest authority in the land,” said Gabriel.

She says it’s happening in the United States a lot more often than many people realize.

“People wonder sometimes why we have to pass such a law. We have documented over 140 cases in America where Shariah law was used instead of the Constitution of the United States in 22 states in American courtrooms,” said Gabriel.

More information on the “American Laws for American Courts” effort can be found at actforamerica.org.


DHS memos reveal sweeping new guidelines for deportation

‎Today, ‎February ‎19, ‎2017, ‏‎6 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
(Washington Post) Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly has signed sweeping new guidelines that empower federal authorities to more aggressively detain and deport illegal immigrants inside the United States and at the border.

In a pair of memos, Kelly offered more detail on plans for the agency to hire thousands of additional enforcement agents, expand the pool of immigrants who are prioritized for removal, speed up deportation hearings and enlist local law enforcement to help make arrests.

The new directives would supersede nearly all of those issued under previous administrations, Kelly said, including measures from President Barack Obama aimed at focusing deportations exclusively on hardened criminals and those with terrorist ties.


Boycott backlash: Ivanka's perfume No. #1 on Amazon

‎Today, ‎February ‎19, ‎2017, ‏‎6 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
(Racked) The latest in Trump boycott backlash.

Despite (or perhaps because of) chain retailers like Nordstrom and Burlington dropping Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessories line from their stores and websites, the first daughter’s namesake brand has gotten a boost in sales elsewhere: Amazon, where the Ivanka Trump perfume is currently the best-selling women’s fragrance.

Townhall, a conservative news site, wrote about the perfume’s leap to the top of the pile on Thursday, and as of Friday morning, it was still up there, followed by an aromatherapy set and the cheaper rollerball version of the Ivanka Trump scent.


Biggest storm in 5 years thrashes Southern California

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(Rueters) Southern California cleaned up on Saturday after its biggest storm in years unleashed a wave of rain and snow that killed at least three people and triggered flooding, mudslides, high winds and power outages, officials said.

Vital highways and railways were shut down and sinkholes opened on main roads under the heaviest rainfall in the drought-stricken region in at least five years, according to the National Weather Service.

In one of wettest spots near Santa Barbara, over 10 inches (25 cm) of rain fell on Friday with several other stations in Southern California reporting at least 9 inches (23 cm), said meteorologist Patrick Burke of the Weather Prediction Center.


Death of a friend led to surprising birth

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Adoniram Judson

Adoniram Judson

The groans of a dying man kept him awake in the little inn outside New York. But he was hardened to the cries because a college friend at Brown University, named Jacob Eames, had persuaded him to become a skeptic deist.

The next morning, when inquiring of the innkeeper, he learned the man who had died in the night was none other than Jacob Eames, his college friend. This rude awakening led Adoniram Judson to not only reaffirm his Christian faith, but inspired him to become America’s first foreign missionary to Burma – modern day Myanmar.

Adoniram Judson was born in Massachusetts, Aug. 9, 1788. Adoniram Judson fell in love with Ann Hasseltine, also known as Nancy.

Adoniram wrote to Ann’s father: “I have now to ask whether you can consent to part with your daughter early next spring, to see her no more in this world; whether you can consent to her departure for a heathen land, and her subjection to the hardships and sufferings of a missionary life; whether you can consent to her exposure to the dangers of the ocean; to the fatal influence of the southern climate of India; to every kind of want and distress; to degradation, insult, persecution, and perhaps a violent death? Can you consent to all this for the sake of Him who left his heavenly home, and died for her and for you; for the sake of perishing immortal souls; for the sake of Zion and the glory of God? Can you consent to all this in hope of soon meeting your daughter in the world of glory, with a crown of righteousness brightened by the acclamations of praise which shall redound to her Savior from heathens saved, through her means, from eternal woe and despair?”

At age 23, Adoniram, and his wife Ann, age 22, sailed from New England on Feb. 19, 1812, for Calcutta, India. They were forced by the British East India Company to Rangoon, Burma. They translated Scriptures, preached in Burmese, and started schools.

When war broke out between the British and Burma, Burmese officers burst into the Judson’s home, threw Adoniram on the ground in front of his pregnant wife, tied him up with torture thongs. He was dragged away and thrown into the infamous Ava death prison, accused of being a spy for the British. After 12 months, Judson was marched with other prisoners, ill and barefoot, to a primitive village near Mandalay. All but one of the other prisoners died.

While Adoniram was in prison, his wife Ann, who was alone as the only western woman in the entire country, lived in a shack outside the gate. She brought him meager food and continually lobbied the authorities for his release. After 20 months of brutal treatment, being in irons and even suspended by his mangled feet, Adoniram was finally released.

The British then pressed him into serving as an interpreter between the British and Burmese, where he gained respect from both sides. Adoniram Judson compiled an English-Burmese Dictionary and translated the Bible. Then Adoniram Judson’s wife, Ann, died in 1826, and he sank into severe depression. He was joined by missionaries George Boardman and his wife.

The first Christian convert from the Karen people was Ko Tha Byu. He had been a murderer with a diabolical temper. He had been captured and sold into slavery, when Adoniram Judson and George Boardman began witnessing to him. Ko Tha Byu converted to Christianity and was baptized on May 16, 1828. For the rest of his life he was a tireless evangelist to the Karen people.

The Karen people had been a hunted minority scattered in the jungles. Astonishingly, their ancient Karen people beliefs were that there was an all-powerful Creator of heaven and earth who made a man, then took one of the man’s ribs and formed a woman. The Karen people believed that as a result of temptation by a devil, the man and woman fell, but there was a promise that someday a messiah would come to their rescue. The Karen people lived in expectation of a prophecy that white foreigners would bring them a sacred parchment roll.

Ko Tha Byu was put into the ministry by Adoniram Judson. After 12 years, 1828-1840, he helped the Karen Baptist Churches grow to 1270 members. Ko Tha Byu served as the first native Burmese pastor, refounding the church at Rangoon.

A mission worker described him: “Ko Tha Byu was an ignorant man; yet he did more good than all of us, for God was with him.”

Adoniram Judson died in April 12, 1850. His work resulted in Burma having 100 churches, 123 ministers and over 8,000 baptized Christians. The leader of the Myanmar Evangelical Fellowship stated in 1993: “Today, there are 6 million Christians in Myanmar, and every one of us trace our spiritual heritage to one man – the Reverend Adoniram Judson.”

Each July, Baptist churches in Myanmar celebrate “Judson Day.” In the United States, no less than 36 Baptist churches are named after Adoniram Judson, as well as Judson University in Illinois and the town of Judsonia, Arkansas. His wife, Ann Judson, is the namesake of Judson College in Alabama, as well as a dormitory at Maranatha Baptist University. At Brown University there is a house named after Adoniram Judson, owned by Christian Union. In World War II, a United States liberty ship was named the SS Adoniram Judson.

Adoniram Judson wrote: “How do Christians discharge this trust committed to them? They let three-fourths of the world sleep the sleep of death, ignorant of the simple truth that a Savior died for them.”

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This day in WND history: Citibank forces gun withdrawal

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gunsCitibank forces gun withdrawal

Feb. 19, 2000: WND broke the story of how Citibank stopped serving “businesses that deal in weapons” – a policy that was reversed shortly after exposure.

The global financial giant shot down its “longstanding” policy due to intense public pressure and a threatened boycott following WND’s reports.

A spokesman said Citibank “decided that moving forward the practice of assessing a small business account will apply uniformly in small businesses,” including those “engaged in the manufacture or sale of small firearms.”

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Christian's Muslim attackers 'tormented by visions of blood'

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Muslims who carried out forced female genital mutilation on a Christian teen in Northern Africa say they were tormented by visions of blood after the near-fatal attack, according to the Christian group Bibles for Mideast.

WND reported last week a 14-year-old girl in the undisclosed country was left in a coma after being attacked and mutilated by Muslims upset with her conversion to Christianity.

After at least two physicians had declared her dead, she stunned doctors and hospital workers by getting up from her bed and going home.

The case of Lydia, the daughter of Yoonus, is being monitored by Bibles for Mideast as Yoonus is a missionary with the underground group that distributes Bibles and offers other help to people in the Muslim-majority Middle East.

The names of the daughter and her father were changed for this report to protect them from retaliation, according to the group’s director, pastor Paul Ciniraj.

He told WND the background: The girl was attacked by “fanatic Muslim men and woman” while walking home from school, dragged to a nearby home and subjected to “brutal female genital mutilation.”

She was left in a coma.

Paul Marshall, Lela Gilbert and Nina Shea have collaborated to create “Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians,” which confirms that groups like Pew Research, Newsweek and The Economist also identify Christians as “the world’s most widely persecuted religious group.”

After local physicians had given up and declared her dead, she suddenly sat up.

The girl described how her soul “left my body and I was dead.”

“Angels came to receive me to heaven. But Jesus appeared before me and said, ‘I cannot turn back from the prayers of my children. My eyes are upon my children and ears are open to their prayer. So I give you your life back, for the issues of death belong to me. You go, and be my witness.’ Then he put his face right against and right into mine. He breathed into my nostrils, and my soul went in. Then he moved his nail-scarred hands over my body and healed me completely!”

Now the ministry is reporting Muslims who carried out the attack were frantic.

The ministry learned of the circumstances when the attackers visited Lydia and her father, pleading for help.

“The visitors explained that for the last three days and nights, all of the women who had been involved in the procedure seemed to have gone mad. Some shrieked that they saw blood everywhere, even when sitting alone. Attempting to prepare meals, they would scream, again seeing blood, and throw the food out. Given water, they would do the same. Knives in hand, some were approaching children, explaining the youngsters’ need for circumcision, and promising to do it carefully this time,” the ministry reported.

“The visitors had become convinced God’s anger was at the source of the trouble in their homes. So they invited the imam of the local mosque to come to their houses and pray for healing (shifa). Part of the ritual involves the sprinkling of water that the imam has breathed on. When one of the women responded by knocking him over, he decided he’d had enough.

“The men were faring no better, suffering nightmares, lack of sleep, and extreme anxiety. When they finally decided they must visit Lydia and Yoonus to ask their forgiveness, the imam and community leaders advised against it. In desperation, the men went anyway.”

Yoonus told the visitors that healing would come only with forgiveness from God and described the Gospel message of salvation through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

“You will be saved and you will also be healed if you accept Him as your savior and Lord,” he said, the ministry reported.

“They listened quietly and intently as he told his own story of coming to Christ. They then readily confessed their sins before Jesus and accepted Him as savior and Lord,” the report from the ministry said.

Following prayer, and tea served by Lydia’s mother, the “company left peacefully.”

“Upon arrival at their homes, they marveled that their wives had become completely normal, greeting them happily.”

The danger, however, remains in that the local Muslim imam and other Muslims in the community are very unhappy with the developments, the ministry reported.

Bibles for Mideast operates in nearly 20 Middle East nations where, while Islam is the largest religion, “thousands upon thousands of people secretly believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior,” Ciniraj said.

Paul Marshall, Lela Gilbert and Nina Shea have collaborated to create “Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians,” which confirms that groups like Pew Research, Newsweek and The Economist also identify Christians as “the world’s most widely persecuted religious group.”



This year in Jerusalem! Join unique WND tour

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WASHINGTON – For the fifth year in a row, WND will be leading one of the largest annual tours of Israel from Nov. 2-12 – with the emphasis in 2017 on the restoration of U.S.-Israel relations and the deepening relationship between Jews and Christians.

This is your chance for briefings from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and new U.S. Ambassador David Friedman among others, as well as a tour led by Middle East expert and WND founder and chief executive officer Joseph Farah. He’s also the author of more than a dozen books including his newest – “The Restitution of All Things: Israel, Christians and the End of the Age.”

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

He’ll be joined by Elizabeth Farah, his wife and co-founder of WND.com, the first independent online news-gathering organization in the world, founded 20 years ago when the Internet was like the wild west frontier.

David M. Friedman

David M. Friedman

They will be joined by the absolute best Israeli guides in the business – experts on the land, the people, the Bible and the intersection of all three in the greatest controversy in the world today. These top guides have been screened and selected from among dozens the WND tours have worked with over the last five years.

If you want to explore Bible prophecy, the current Middle East conflict and get to know and understand why Israel remains the apple of God’s eye in the world today, this is the tour for you.


It will include all the key sites, strategic briefings by the top U.S. and Israeli experts, musical guests, insightful talks and lively discussions – all featuring the incomparable Jewish state and its people.

“This is like no other Israel tour you will ever experience,” says Joseph Farah, an Arab-American Christian believer who covered the Middle East as a foreign correspondent 35 years ago who has visited Israel a dozen times since. “You will learn why Israel is so important to God and how this relates to you, as a Christian believer in Jesus-Yeshua, the Savior of the world, the future King of Kings, the Lamb of God and the future Lion of Judah.”

You will hear from top Israeli leaders, military brass, see with your own eyes why the Jewish state is so strategically positioned in the hotbed of the Middle East.

“Nothing brings you closer to Jesus-Yeshua as a trip to the land and to Jerusalem, from where He will reign supreme over the whole world in the coming Kingdom,” says Farah. “Whether you’ve been to Israel before or not, prepare for the most politically exciting and spiritually meaningful adventure of your life.”

Chuck Norris, just back from Israel with his wife, Gena, had this to say about the 2017 WND Israel tour: “I would encourage everyone to check out WND’s ‘Journey to the Holy Land’ from Nov. 2-12, 2017, led by our friend, Joseph Farah, who is the founder, editor and chief executive officer of WND. He’s also an expert on Israel and the Middle East. Bibi and U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman have been invited to speak to the tour group, and I hope they do.”


Check out the educational and inspiring itinerary here.

While Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu cannot promise he will be able to address the group in November, all indications are positive that he will make every effort to address the group.

As for David Friedman, President Donald Trump’s designee as the new U.S. ambassador to Israel, WND is closely working with him on a date for meeting the group, even as he winds his way through the hurdles of the confirmation process and his anticipated move this year to the new U.S. Embassy Jerusalem.

“I’m optimistic,” says Farah, “After all, who can turn down Chuck Norris?”

Farah adds: “It will be a most exciting time to visit Israel this fall, as there are new political realities at play – a new administration in the U.S. with a markedly different view of Israel and the Middle East than his predecessor. It’s a historic moment. It’s a biblical moment.”


It may seem like November is far off.

But international airline bookings at our preferential tour group fares will likely be exhausted by June or July. This is the time to ensure you get the best deals, the best accommodations and the best tour of Israel money can buy.

Check out the itinerary now!

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'Hundreds of thousands' screened in hunt for IED components

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Improvised explosive devices have been around for centuries, but they have become the weapon of choice for Muslim terrorists against U.S.-led coalition forces.

The cost to the United States has been thousands of lives and tens of thousands of injuries, often with limbs lost and bodies shattered.

Now, to supplement the use of armored vehicles to protect soldiers, the international police community has started a program to hunt down the chemicals used for the bombs and prevent their arrival at bomb-making plants, according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

According to INTERPOL, the international police coalition, hundreds of thousands of passengers were screened for links to bomb components in a recent operation in Asia.

The project, Operation Chase III, is led by intelligence agents from several agencies who brought together nearly 450 law enforcement officials and representatives from a range of agencies, including customs and immigration.

It is supported by INTERPOL’s Chemical and Explosives Terrorism Prevention Unit as well as the National Central Bureaus in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand.

The organization said the operation “saw more than 400,000 searches conducted on individuals against INTERPOL’s databases containing information on criminals and stolen and lost travel documents, with the support of national liaison officers deployed to INTERPOL’s Liaison Office in Bangkok to assist national coordination teams on location.”



Arizona to death-row inmates: Bring your own execution drugs

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(ABC News) The recent revelation that condemned prisoners in Arizona can now provide the lethal drugs to be used in their executions has received attention around the world and raised questions about the state’s rules for the death penalty.

The novel policy has drawn sneers from defense attorneys who were puzzled as to why the state would think that they would assist in killing their clients. It has inspired wisecracks about Arizona’s penchant for taking on envelope-pushing criminal justice policies and left some readers on social media asking whether the bring-your-own-drugs policy was actually the product of a news parody website.

Criminal defense lawyers and death penalty experts say they have never heard of a state suggesting that condemned inmates can line up drugs to be used in their executions.


Pruitt sworn in as EPA chief

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(The Hill) Scott Pruitt was sworn into office late Friday as the 14th administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito administered the oath of office to Pruitt, the former attorney general of Oklahoma, in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building adjacent to the White House. President Trump and Vice President Pence, who have sworn in most of the previous Cabinet officials, are both out of town.

The swearing-in ceremony came hours after the Senate voted 52-46, mostly along party lines, to confirm Pruitt, capping off a frequently contentious nomination process.


California hit by 'weather bomb' – biggest storm in years

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(BBC News) One of the strongest storms possibly in decades – dubbed a “bombogenesis” – is set to drench California this weekend, prompting fears of flash floods.

The system is dumping torrential downpour from Los Angeles to San Francisco, fuelled by an “atmospheric river” extending to the Pacific.

Rainfall predictions range from 2-6in (5-15cm) on the coast and from 5-10in in foothills and coastal mountains.

After five years of drought, a series of storms have filled state reservoirs.


Alabama church seeks approval to establish own police force

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(ABC News) Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Vestavia Hills is trying to establish its own police force.

The move requires approval from state lawmakers. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Arnold Mooney (R-Shelby County) cleared its first major hurdle Wednesday. The House Public Safety Committee gave its OK.

Briarwood Presbyterian Church calls this a way to create a safer campus in a fallen world.

Some lawmakers argue allowing a private church to have its own police force could begin a slippery slope.


Mom distraught over grade-8 son's crystal-meth assignment

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(CBC) At first, Delight Greenidge did not believe her eyes when her 13-year-old son brought home a school handout with instructions on how to make and inject crystal meth.

“I popped a blood vessel,” she said. “I was in a state of shock … I’m thinking this cannot be real.”

It also included a long list of ingredients for the task.


FBI foils alleged planned attack 'in spirit of Dylann Roof'

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(WMBF) A man with connections to a white supremacy group was arrested in Myrtle Beach Wednesday after purchasing a gun from an undercover FBI agent, apparently intending to commit an attack “in the spirit of Dylann Roof.”

Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell, 29, from Conway, was arrested at around 5 p.m. Wednesday by the FBI, according to records from the J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

On December 26, 2016, McDowell posted to Facebook a message: “I love love to act what u think,” followed by a link to the Temple Emanu-El Conservative Synagogue in Myrtle Beach, according to court documents. Horry County Police indicated to the FBI that McDowell had established White Supremacy Extremist connections while serving in prison in South Carolina for various criminal offenses. He also had tattoos indicating an affiliation with these groups.


Paris authorities tell volunteers to stop feeding refugees

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(London Independent) Parisian police have allegedly started ordering volunteers to stop giving out food and drink to refugees in certain parts of the French capital and handing out on the spot fines to organisations with no forewarning of the so-called “ban”.

Laurence Ariste, a teacher and volunteer with Solidarité Migrants Wilson, told The Independent that officers had told them to move on from a registration centre in the central area of Porte de La Chappelle.

They had been distributing food and drink to homeless refugees, she said.


Did anyone notice anti-Trump 'Day Without Immigrants'?

‎Today, ‎February ‎18, ‎2017, ‏‎7 hours ago | Art MooreGo to full article

Establishment media widely reported Thursday’s “Day Without Immigrants” protest against President Trump’s enforcement of immigration laws, but how much of an impact did the boycott actually have?

“It was a big deal for the reporters, who are paid to cover this sort of thing,” said Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

“I don’t think the rest of the American public really noticed all that much,” he told WND.

The establishment media coverage focused largely on shuttered restaurants at lunch time in the nation’s capital and in largely urban areas such as Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York. Some schools and daycare also were closed.

John Zittrauer, the manager of Burger Tap & Shake in D.C., was hoping the closure of restaurants near Pennsylvania Avenue and on K Street, where many lobbyists work, would be noticed by the Trump administration but acknowledged he was “not optimistic.”

According to the Labor Department, the number of foreign-born workers employed in the U.S. has risen by nearly 3.1 million to 25.9 million since 2007.

But Mehlman said the Day Without Immigrants was a relatively small action comprised mostly of people who are in the country illegally.

“I’m not sure a lot of legal immigrants participated in this, because they’re not affected by these enforcement actions,” he said.

“And by and large the American public supports immigration enforcement. It’s one of the reasons Donald Trump is president.”

The national grassroots strike and boycott targeted Trump’s intention to step up deportations, build a wall at the Mexican border and temporarily stop travel from seven terror-producing countries.

Mehlman said the American people “have recognized for a long time that having millions of people working here illegally is undermining the interests of American workers, undermining their wages.”

“And they’re happy that the administration is actually doing some kind of meaningful enforcement,” he said.

Mehlman observed the advocates of illegal immigration have been trying to conflate legal and illegal immigration for a long time.

“I’m sure there was some legal immigrants who were participating, for their own reasons. But for the most part, legal immigrants are harmed by illegal immigration as much, if not more so, than people who were born here,” he said.

“It’s very often their jobs and wages that are being affected, their children’s schools,” said Mehlman. “So, I don’t know that there is huge support, even among legal immigrants, for protecting people who are in the country illegally.”


Restaurant industry collapse?

The Washington Post cited a Pew study that found 11 percent of all U.S. restaurant and bar employees are illegal aliens, which at current industry employment levels translates to about 1.3 million people.

In some places, according to Pew, the percentage of illegal-alien workers is much higher, such as New York, Florida and the Southwest.

Saru Jayaraman, a labor activist and the founder of the worker group Restaurant Opportunities Center United warned in a Washington Post story on the protest that the “restaurant industry in major cities would absolutely collapse without immigrants.”

Becki Young, a D.C.-based attorney who specializes in immigrants in the restaurant industry, agreed.

She told TheBlaze that the point of “Day Without Immigrants” was to show that “our economy wouldn’t function without immigrants” and the restaurant industry especially would crumble without them.

“I don’t think that’s a debatable point,” Young said after the protest.

Mehlman was skeptical.

“We’ve heard these kinds of alarmist statements before,” he told WND. “Restaurants existed before we had large-scale illegal immigration. The economy adjusted to the presence of people who are in the country illegally. It will adjust to them leaving the economy as well.”

He said that, for the most part, illegal immigration has been a form of subsidized labor for many employers.

“They get to dictate the wages and working conditions, and then everybody else has to subsidize the real costs,” he said.

“There may be a small savings that is passed on to the consumer, but you’re also paying a lot more in taxes to provide for all these human services that these people who are working illegally and their families require,” Mehlman explained.

“Maybe you save a nickel on a cup of coffee, but if you’re spending an extra dime in taxes to provide education, health care all of these other things, what have you really saved?”

Mehlman noted the enforcement actions carried out in the first four weeks of the Trump administration have been relatively small, targeting criminal aliens and people with outstanding orders of deportation.

Over time, he said, more people will be removed from the country for violating U.S. immigration laws, “because that is what the law requires.”

“The difference (from the Obama administration) is this administration has said you don’t have to be a serious felon in order for us to deport you,” Mehlman said.


Along with workers in big cities, some school children also found it more difficult to get lunch on Thursday.

McDonaldsAt Skinner Middle School in Denver, local KDVR-TV reported, many parents were called by their children after reports the cafeteria workers had walked off.

Some parents were bothered, KDVR said, after finding out orders from Burger King and McDonald’s were being brought in by the dozens to the school.

“Nobody knew about it. You got your kids calling you in the middle of the day saying there is no food. So yeah, it’s an inconvenience,” on parent told the station.

Officials with Denver Public Schools, however, said the cafeteria workers returned in time to serve the hot lunches.

At the Denver school Escuela Tlatelolco, only 40 of the schools 145 students were in class Thursday, and Denver Public Schools said attendance was estimated to be down about 5 percent from the previous day.

Mehlman noted the immigrant strikes have been tried before and “for the most part it backfired on the organizers.”

“The American public doesn’t really appreciate those who are here illegally trying to shut down the economy,” he said.

“This is not something, for the most part, people respond to positively. I doubt the response of the American public is going to be positive this time, either.”

On May 1, 2006, millions stayed home from work and school in protest of the proposed Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005, which aimed to strengthen immigration laws and border protection measures.

After the strike, Tribune Media recalled, Carl Horowitz, director of the Organized Labor Accountability Project at the conservative National Legal and Policy Center observed: “Our economy is just too big and diverse for any group, no matter how well organized, to have much of an impact.”

Consumer experts say boycotts usually don’t have much impact and argue it’s easy for consumers to become distracted by so many campaigns happening at once.

“We’re just overrun with boycotts at the moment,” said Northwestern University professor Brayden King. “We may be starting to see boycott fatigue.”

Assessing Trump: ‘Meaningful enforcement’

Asked to assess Trump’s performance to date on immigration, Mehlman said the president “has certainly taken the first steps toward demonstrating that he is sincere about enforcing immigration laws.”

President Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

President Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

He said that while four weeks is a short time to make an assessment, “it seems like he is taking this seriously, and it’s the first time in a long time we’re actually going to see some meaningful enforcement.”

Mehlman said illegal aliens are “responding rationally to the fact that we’re now enforcing our immigration laws.”

“Just the perception that there’s a meaningful effort to enforce the law does change how people behave,” he said.

“And that’s really the best way to go about it, to change people’s mindset.”

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Have you read world's 2nd best-selling book?

‎Today, ‎February ‎18, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | Bill FedererGo to full article
Map of 'The Pilgrim's Progress'

Map of ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’

John Bunyan, at age 16, joined the Parliamentary Army during the English Civil War in 1644. He then learned from his father the trade of a tinker and got married. In 1657, at age 29, John Bunyan became a Baptist minister and was arrested for having an illegal religious meetings, preaching without a license from the government.

John Bunyan wrote in “A Relation of My Imprisonment”: “Upon the 12th of … November 1660 … the justice … issued out his warrant to take me … as if we that were to meet together … to do some fearful business, to the destruction of the country; when alas! the constable, when he came in, found us only with our Bibles in our hands, ready to speak and hear the word of God. … So I was taken and forced to depart. … But before I went away, I spake some few words of counsel and encouragement to the people, declaring to them … that they would not be discouraged, for it was a mercy to suffer upon so good account. … We suffer as Christians … better be the persecuted, than the persecutors.”

John Bunyan was imprisoned for 12 years, during which time he tried to support his family by making shoelaces.

While in prison, John Bunyan wrote “The Pilgrim’s Progress,” published Feb. 18, 1678.

It was an allegory of a pilgrim named Christian who fled from the City of Destruction and was directed by Evangelist to follow the narrow path, overcoming “vanity fair” temptations, depressions, deceptions and persecutions till he reached the Celestial City of Zion.

Pilgrim’s Progress was translated into over 100 languages and, after the Bible, was the world’s best-seller for hundreds of years. It was found in nearly every colonial New England home, along with the Bible and Fox’s Book of Martyrs.

Benjamin Franklin wrote in his “Autobiography”: “My old favorite author, Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress … has been translated into most of the languages of Europe, and suppose it has been more generally read than any other book, except perhaps the Bible.”

John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” inspired many subsequent novels, such as:

  • Mark Twain’s “Innocents Abroad or the New Pilgrim’s Progress” (1869)
  • C.S. Lewis’ “Pilgrim’s Regress” (1933)
  • L. Frank Baum’s “Wizard of Oz” (1900)

“Pilgrim’s Progress” began:

As I walked through the wilderness of this world, I lighted on a certain place where was a den, and I laid me down in that place to sleep: and, as I slept, I dreamed a dream.

I dreamed, and behold, I saw a man clothed with rags, standing in a certain place, with his face from his own house, a book in his hand, and a great burden upon his back.

I looked, and saw him open the book, and read therein; and, as he read, he wept, and trembled; and, not being able longer to contain, he brake out with a lamentable cry, saying, What shall I do?

Later in the book, John Bunyan wrote:

Christian ran thus till he came at a place somewhat ascending, and upon that place stood a cross …

So I saw in my dream, that just as Christian came up with the cross, his burden loosed from off his shoulders, and fell from off his back.

Further in “Pilgrim’s Progress” is written:

Then said Christian, You make me afraid, but whither shall I fly to be safe? … To go back is nothing but death; to go forward is fear of death, and life-everlasting beyond it. I will yet go forward. …

Frighted with the sight of the lions … Christian said to himself again, These beasts range in the night for their prey; and if they should meet with me in the dark … how should I escape being by them torn in pieces? … He lift up his eyes, and behold there was a very stately palace before him … He entered into a very narrow passage … he espied two lions in the way. …

The porter at the lodge … perceiving that Christian made a halt as if he would go back, cried unto him, saying, ‘Is thy strength so small? Fear not the lions, for they are chained, and are placed there for trial of faith where it is, and for discovery of those that had none. Keep in the midst of the path, and no hurt shall come unto thee.’ …

He went on, trembling for fear of the lions, but taking good heed to the directions of the porter; he heard them roar, but they did him no harm. …

John Bunyan continued:

But now, in this Valley of Humiliation, poor Christian was hard put to it…a foul fiend coming over the field to meet him; his name is Apollyon. Then did Christian begin to be afraid, and to cast in his mind whether to go back or to stand his ground.

But he considered again that he had no armour for his back; and therefore thought that to turn the back to him might give him the greater advantage with ease to pierce him with his darts. Therefore he resolved to venture and stand his ground. …

The monster was hideous to behold; he was clothed with scales … wings like a dragon, feet like a bear, and out of his belly came fire and smoke. … Apollyon straddled quite over the whole breadth of the way, and said … prepare thyself to die; for I swear by my infernal den, that thou shalt go no further; here will I spill thy soul.

And with that he threw a flaming dart at his breast; but Christian had a shield in his hand, with which he caught it. …

Apollyon as fast made at him, throwing darts as thick as hail; by the which, notwithstanding all that Christian could do to avoid it, Apollyon wounded him in his head, his hand, and foot. …

This sore combat lasted for above half a day, even till Christian was almost quite spent; for you must know that Christian, by reason of his wounds, must needs grow weaker and weaker. …

Christian’s sword flew out of his hand. Then said Apollyon, ‘I am sure of thee now.’ And with that he had almost pressed him to death, so that Christian began to despair of life; but as God would have it, while Apollyon was fetching of his last blow, thereby to make a full end of this good man, Christian nimbly stretched out his hand for his sword, and caught it, saying, ‘Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy; when I fall I shall arise’; and with that gave him a deadly thrust, which made him give back. …

And with that Apollyon spread forth his dragon’s wings, and sped him away, that Christian for a season saw him no more. …

A more unequal match
can hardly be, –
Christian must fight an angel;
but you see,
The valiant man
by handling Sword and Shield,
Doth make him, though a Dragon,
quit the field.

Ben Franklin wrote in his “Autobiography”: “From a child I was fond of reading, and all the little money that came into my hands was ever laid out in books. Pleased with the Pilgrim’s Progress, my first collection was of John Bunyan’s works in separate little volumes.”

President Grover Cleveland had memorized “Pilgrim’s Progress” as a youth, and commented: “I have always felt that my training as a minister’s son has been more valuable to me as a strengthening influence than any other incident in life.”

President Ronald Reagan greeted Australia’s Prime Minister, June 30, 1981, referring to John Bunyan: “Robert Louis Stevenson wrote, ‘We are all travelers in what John Bunyan calls the wilderness of this world. And the best that we find in our travels is an honest friend – they keep us worthy of ourselves.'”

President Theodore Roosevelt stated while laying the cornerstone of the office building of the House of Representatives, April 14, 1906: “In Bunyan’s ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ you may recall the description of the man with the muck-rake, the man who could look no way but downward, with the muck-rake in his hand, who was offered a celestial crown for his muck-rake, but who would neither look up nor regard the crown he was offered, but continued to rake to himself the filth of the floor.”

President Franklin Roosevelt referred to John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” on Jan. 19, 1936: “When Theodore Roosevelt died, the Secretary of his class at Harvard, in sending classmates a notice of his passing, added this quotation from ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’: ‘My sword I give to him that shall succeed me in my pilgrimage, and my courage and skill to him that can get it. My marks and scars I carry with me, to be a witness for me that I have fought His battles who now will be my rewarder.'”

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'Going to church doesn't make you a Christian'

‎Today, ‎February ‎17, ‎2017, ‏‎7 hours ago | Bill FedererGo to full article
Billy Sunday preaching

Billy Sunday preaching

A baseball star, Billy Sunday played for the Chicago White Stockings in the 1880s and later the Philadelphia Phillies. Born during the Civil War in a log cabin in Iowa, his father, who was a Union Army soldier, died of pneumonia when Billy was a month old.

At age 15, Billy Sunday struck out on his own, working several jobs before playing baseball. His career took off when he was recruited by A.G. Spalding, owner of the White Stockings and founder of Spalding Sporting Goods Company. Billy Sunday became one of the most popular athletes in the nation.

While leaving a Chicago saloon with some other players in 1886, he heard a group of gospel singers on the street from the Pacific Garden Mission. Attracted by the hymns, as they were the same ones his mother used to sing, Billy Sunday went to listen. He began attending services at the mission, where he experienced a conversion. Billy began attending YMCA meetings, quit drinking and got married.

A national sensation occurred Feb. 17, 1889, when Billy Sunday preached his first sermon as a Christian evangelist in Chicago.

He went on to pioneer radio preaching, and did so enthusiastically that the FCC was formed when his radio signal overlapped ballgame broadcasts. During the next 46 years, till his death Nov. 6, 1935, over 100 million people heard Billy Sunday preach.

Commenting on prevailing Christian sentiments, Billy Sunday stated: “Rivers of America will run with blood filled to their banks before we will submit to them taking the Bible out of our schools.”

In his animated style, Billy Sunday said:

  • “The devil says I’m out, but the Lord says I’m safe.”
  • “Temptation is the devil looking through the keyhole. Yielding is opening the door and inviting him in.”
  • “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile.”
  • “I never see a man or a woman or boy or girl but I do not think that God has a plan for them. … He will use each of us to His glory if we will only let Him.”

Billy Sunday’s preaching against alcohol led to the passage of the 18th Amendment. He stated: “I am the sworn, eternal, uncompromising enemy of the Liquor Traffic. I ask no quarter and I give none. I have drawn the sword in defense of God, home, wife, children and native land, and I will never sheathe it until the undertaker pumps me full of embalming fluid, and if my wife is alive, I think I shall call her to my beside and say: ‘Nell, when I am dead, send for the butcher and skin me, and have my hide tanned and made into drum heads, and hire men to go up and down the land and beat the drums and say, ‘My husband, “Bill” Sunday still lives and gives the whiskey gang a run for its money.’”

Billy Sunday’s revival preaching followed in the tradition of:

  • the Scotland revivals beginning in the 1730s
  • the First Great Awakening preaching of George Whitefield
  • the Second Great Awakening camp meetings
  • the pre-Civil War preaching of Charles Finney
  • the post-Civil War evangelist D.L. Moody
  • the Welsh revivals at the turn of the last century

Billy Sunday inspired famous tent evangelists and revival preacher such as Oral Roberts, and Billy Graham.

Billy Sunday spoke in city after city across America where tens of thousands heard him in month long meetings. Huge wooded auditoriums, called Billy Sunday Tabernacles, were built to accommodate the crowds. The Billy Sunday Tabernacle in Winona was the largest auditorium in northern Indiana for many years, seating 7,500. A Billy Sunday museum is on the campus of Grace College and Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana.

In 1910, Billy Sunday preached a historic revival in Joplin, Missouri, a mining town known for hotels, women of the night, gambling and saloons. Rev. Frank Neff of the Independence Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church in Kansas City, and president of the Ministers Alliance of Joplin, told reporters: “We expect a great clean up in the city, but it will be in the nature of a religious awakening which will result in a permanent clean up and will come from a sincere desire of the people.”

During Joplin’s “Fifty Days of Sunday,” Billy Sunday explained: “A revival is the conviction of sin. Inside the church there must be a spiritual revival before it gets outside.”

Teaching that salvation was through faith in Jesus Christ, not in organized religion, Billy Sunday explained that churches were fine so far as they were “in the world, but all wrong when the world is in them,” adding: “You can go to hell just as fast from the church door as from the grog shop or bawdy house.”

Billy Sunday stated: “Live so that when the final summons comes you will leave something more behind you than an epitaph on a tombstone.”

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This day in WND history: No talking to God on Temple Mount

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Temple Mount, Jerusalem

Temple Mount, Jerusalem

No talking to God here

Feb. 17, 2005: When Jesus stood on the Temple Mount nearly 2,000 years ago, he cited the prophet Isaiah by saying his Father’s house was to be a house of prayer for all nations. But that was then and this is now.

Even appearing to pray can bring down the authorities, noted one Jewish tour guide who told of a Jewish woman who was detained the previous summer for putting her head down while sitting on a bench.

“It was a hot day and she just wanted to rest for a few minutes. The Wafq started screaming and the police arrested her. She told me she was held for six hours and had to sign documents stating she would never again return to the Temple Mount.”

View the full story

Thomas Jefferson statue defaced at his own alma mater

‎Today, ‎February ‎17, ‎2017, ‏‎7 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article

The College of William & Mary, the second oldest institution of higher learning in the country, was the alma mater of some of the most important figures in American history. Yet none of its distinguished alumni is as admired or influential as Thomas Jefferson, the country’s third president and the author of the Declaration of Independence.

At least until now.

A statue of Jefferson at the school was defaced over the weekend.

The words “slave owner” were written nearby, and Jefferson’s hands were painted red to signify blood. Because the statue is of bronze, the school will have to consult a metal conservator to remove the paint without damaging it.

Some students on campus told reporters they hope the incident will lead to a “conversation” about slavery on campus. Scott Greer, author of “No Campus For White Men,” believes it is just the first step in what will be the eventual purge of Jefferson from William & Mary’s legacy.

“It should come as no surprise that Thomas Jefferson, a Founding Father who articulated the principles of our country, would be reduced to an evil slave owner by the campus left,” he said.

“The great accomplishments of white men are washed away if they held the prevailing viewpoints of their time period. Jefferson’s status as a white male slave owner is far more important than him writing the Declaration of Independence or serving as the third president to the campus left. It’s only a matter of time until there is a serious effort to erase Jefferson from William & Mary.”

No one has yet been identified as responsible for the property destruction.

But it’s not the first time the Jefferson statue on campus has been targeted. In 2015, the statue of Jefferson was plastered with sticky notes calling him a “rapist” and a “racist” and proclaiming “Black Lives Matter.”

Students and faculty at the University of Virginia, the school Thomas Jefferson actually founded, are also campaigning against Jefferson’s legacy, demanding the college president stop quoting him because it makes them feel “deeply offended.”

David Barton, a historian and author of “The Jefferson Lies,” mourns what he believes is the inevitable result of leftists’ distortions of history.

“The radicalism of today’s students on campus should come as a surprise to no one,” he told WND. “Over the past several decades, a high percentage of college professors have been teaching college students to hate America – that America is the worst of all nations. We have specifically taught students to despise our former heroes and to reject our institutions.

“Thus we see Berkeley students praised by their professors for the recent violent riots that destroyed private property and businesses around the campus – riots caused by nothing more than inviting a conservative to speak on campus.

“And a study within the last year documents that of the top 76 elite universities in America, 65 do not require history majors to take even one course in American history. Imagine! History majors who know absolutely nothing about American history! And only 3 percent of universities today require a course in free-market economics.

“No wonder today’s students love socialism, hate traditional values, and know nothing good about American history or heroes.”

Barton argues Thomas Jefferson was a major opponent of slavery who worked all his life to end the practice. He also contends Jefferson was not the “racist” he has been portrayed as.

“Students today need to study Thomas Jefferson’s own writings and actions rather than listening to the blatantly false claims of those who hate America and her Founders,” he advised.

“If Thomas Jefferson is as racist as professors today claim, then why was he praised as a civil rights advocate by black civil rights leaders across the generations, including Benjamin Banneker, Frederick Douglas, Henry Highland Garnet, Martin Luther King Jr. and so many others?

“Do today’s professors know more about Jefferson and civil rights than those who spent their entire life studying and seeking those civil rights? And if Thomas Jefferson was so pro-slavery, then why did he faithfully introduce anti-slavery laws and anti-slavery measures and support anti-slavery societies and abolition movements for nearly 60 years of his adult life?

“Yes, Jefferson owned slaves, but he repeatedly tried to pass laws not only to free his own slaves, but all those in his state of Virginia. Sadly, he was unsuccessful. And state law would not allow him to free his own slaves. History clearly shows that Jefferson should be seen as an early anti-slavery advocate who was far ahead of his time in his home state.”

In “The Jefferson Lies,” Barton dismantles several claims made about Jefferson, including the claim DNA evidence proved Jefferson fathered children with his slave Sally Hemings. He argues political correctness has completely distorted Jefferson’s legacy.


“While Jefferson, like every human, had his faults, black Americans and all Americans should see Jefferson as one of the strongest early advocates for racial civil rights and rejoice that Jefferson’s words and actions were used by abolitionists to help bring about the end of slavery,” said Barton. “They should also know that neither historical records nor modern scientific DNA evidence has shown that Jefferson fathered any children through slave Sally Hemings. All unfounded claims about Jefferson should be rejected, and all proven truth about him should be accepted. This would radically change the way this generation views Jefferson, and they would understand why Jefferson was such a hero to Americans of all colors and races for so many generations.”

Still, Barton is not optimistic.

He says he wrote “The Jefferson Lies” to combat the lies against Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers. But like Greer, he believes the attacks will only increase.

“There will be definitely be increasing attacks against Jefferson, as there has been against virtually all Founding Fathers and other American institutions and heroes,” he said. “Jesus reminds us in Luke 6:40 that ‘every student, when he is fully trained, will be like his teacher.’

“Numerous studies irrefutably document that left-wing academia has a tremendous dislike for America and American values, so it should be no surprise this is also becoming the view of their students in hundreds of campuses across the nation.”


Top Christian movie of 2012-13 – now free to share!

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Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Cahn

If you’ve read “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn or viewed the documentary film version of that bestselling book, “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” you’ve probably wished you could share them with friends around the country and around the world.

After all, there’s an important message in them – the call to repentance, the most critical spiritual message of all.

WND Films, the producers of “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” realize this and, in conjunction with Jonathan Cahn, are making the groundbreaking and best-selling faith movie of 2012 and 2013 available for online streaming free to anyone who wants it.

It can be an amazing evangelistic tool as well as a way to re-energize people’s faith.

Producer Joseph Farah and director George Escobar encourage you to take advantage of this free offer and to share it with your friends and family members as well.

Click here to get access to your free copy of “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” available to view online whenever it’s convenient for you.


Famous Russian chess champ: 'Putin is fighting the free world'

‎Today, ‎February ‎17, ‎2017, ‏‎7 hours ago | Greg CorombosGo to full article
Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin

While the political and media intrigue continue to swirl around former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and the contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia, one of Russia’s most famous dissidents is warning the West about how Vladimir Putin operates and what making nice with Moscow will mean.

“Putin’s agenda is very simple. He has to stay in power for the rest of his life. But staying in power for a dictator is not as elementary as it may look for people in the free world. You always have to come up with a new narrative, with a narrative you can sell to the brainwashed population,” said Garry Kasparov, a former longtime World Chess Champion who is now a fierce pro-democratic critic of Putin.

Kasparov is also the author of “Winter Is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must Be Stopped.” The book is a stark warning about the threat Putin presents to the free world and what he sees as America’s failure to confront it.

Putin is seemingly in the American headlines on a daily basis, in stories ranging from Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 elections to its prominent role in Middle East affairs, including the defense of Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria.

Kasparov told WND and Radio America Putin’s swagger on the international stage is merely a means of distracting his people from their problems at home.

“The Russian economy is in a state of free-fall. Oil prices are no longer as high as they used to be. So Putin needs something new. He made the simple choice, typical of every dictator who, after losing his domestic agenda, is replacing it with a very aggressive foreign policy,” Kasparov said.

“His aggression against Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea, fomenting a war in eastern Ukraine, his support of his Syrian client Bashar al-Assad, his meddling in the internal affairs of many European countries, it created a new staple for Putin’s domestic propaganda.”

And he says all of it is pursued with one goal.

“Vladimir Putin is fighting the free world, which is being presented in Russian media as an evil threatening Mother Russia, and Putin is the indispensable leader who is the only chance for Russia to survive in such unfriendly surroundings,” Kasparov said.

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with Garry Kasparov: 


As for the alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign, he said that is par for the course for Putin.

“Now he’s attacking electoral institutions in Holland, in France, in Germany, in Italy,” Kasparov said. “He was behind the Brexit campaign in the U.K., the Italian referendum, the referendum in Holland earlier last year. Putin’s main goal was, and still is, to undermine the very concept of democracy, of free and fair elections.”

And all these efforts are paying off. Kasparov said Putin is immensely popular despite the problems inside Russia.

“All these things are boosting Putin’s image among the Russian elite,” Kasparov said. “We know from history that no one attacks a dictator when a dictator looks strong.”

While investigators say they have found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in their various communications, Kasparov is extremely critical of Trump for seeming to admire strongmen like Putin and being very reluctant to criticize him publicly.

“Throughout the campaign, Trump criticized everyone and everything,” he said. “He criticized his fellow Republicans, his Democratic opponent. He criticized NATO. He criticized U.S. elections. He criticized Meryl Streep. He made this endless list, but he has never criticized Vladimir Putin.”

On the policy front, Kasparov is concerned by Trump’s criticism of fellow NATO members and says any actual distancing by the new administration would be seen by Putin as an open door of opportunity.

“If the United States, for some reason, decides to renege on its traditional alliances, it will leave Eastern Europeans facing a Russian threat without U.S. backing,” he said. “That means Putin will have free hand to influence many of these countries that are currently NATO members or in the EU, even without using direct military force.”

Trump believes that better relations with Russia will be more productive than frosty ones, but Kasparov cautions that good relations with Putin come at a steep price.

“There’s no way you can win as an American leader by cutting deals with Russia at the expense of America’s traditional allies or at the expense of the values that helped America to win the Cold War and to spread its influence worldwide,” Kasparov said.

“If Russia wants to have good relations with America, that’s fine, but so far Putin has demonstrated that his interest is to step up confrontation and he’s only willing to accept concessions, not real negotiations.”

Kasparov blasted former President Obama for his passive approach to Russian aggression, and he is urging Trump not to be too conciliatory when meeting with Putin.

“Countries like Russia, which violate international order and had the first annexation of territory from a neighboring country since 1945 in Europe, I think this country should be treated accordingly,” he said. “Any attempt to show weakness by being an appeaser like Obama did is always treated by Putin as an invitation to continued aggression.”

Kasparov implores Trump to study Putin’s history to get a clear picture of who he is really dealing with.

“He should study Putin’s record and understand that Vladimir Putin always had ideas about rebuilding Soviet influence,” he said. “This is the man who said the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century. This is the man who said, ‘Once KGB, always KGB.’ I could go on and on.”


Could atheist Bill Nye really 'save the world'?

‎Today, ‎February ‎17, ‎2017, ‏‎7 hours ago | Bob UnruhGo to full article
Ken Ham and Bill Nye

Ken Ham and Bill Nye

Two coming projects that feature TV personality Bill Nye, the “science guy,” show how much science has become like politics, according to an expert on the Bible who has debated Nye.

Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis and the creator of the Ark Encounter project that is drawing tens of thousands of visitors regularly, discussed with WND the two new Nye projects.

One is a Netflix series called “Bill Nye Saves the World,” and the other is a documentary, “Bill Nye: Science Guy,” that will appear soon at the South by Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas.

Nye is known for hostility to religious belief and advocating for global warming alarmism. The documentary, according to directors David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg, will be about how a “famous television personality struggles to restore science to its rightful place in a world hostile to evidence and reason.”

The Netflix series, according to Variety’s TV Editor Laura Prudom, is an effort to “refute religious leaders and politicians who espouse ‘anti-scientific claims.'”

Charisma News noted CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS and ABC have had Nye on “to bash creationism theory or to hype the threat of man-made global warming.”

During a blizzard in January 2015, he told MSNBC viewers the “storm is connected to climate change” and called those who would use a snowstorm to dispute global warming “unglued.” In 2010, Charisma News noted, he labeled Americans who are skeptical of climate change ‘unpatriotic.'”

Ham, who publicly debated Nye regarding his beliefs and also entertained him with a special tour of his life-size reproduction of Noah’s Ark, said the pronouncements of many scientists are becoming more and more political. And he doubts the Nye show will really change viewers’ ideas around.

During their debate, Nye accused him of “denying” climate change.

Ham said that’s simply not true. While he may have a different definition of climate change, or see different causes and effects, he doesn’t deny it exists.

“The same sort of thing as in politics. It’s happened to us over and over gain, all the time in politics right now,” he said.

“Those who don’t agree with others, those from the left, just make up things.”

Ham said the arguments over climate change are like that, because while “climate change” surely happens, the earth’s climate was created to be relatively stable.

But progressives try to whip up a frenzy, he said, insisting the earth will end unless a global wealth redistribution plan is immediately implemented.

“This is what they do. They do the same thing with climate change. The same thing with people who believe in creation,” he said.

Ham said the falsehoods of the assumptions are evident from the start, because the claim is the “science” will be “dispelling myths and refuting anti-scientific claims espoused by religious leaders.”

Nye is a secularist who uses the word science to describe what really is an atheistic naturalism, Ham said, and the new projects featuring Nye programs are just “going to set up straw men.”

Ham said “there’s nothing new” in the program, which will view Christians and others as a danger.

“Bill Nye’s acting … he’s an actor,” Ham said.

“It has an agenda, to try to make out all these climate-change deniers – they’re going to destroy the world. Christians, they’re destroying the world, and he’s going to save the world,” Ham said.

Charisma reported: “Bashing creationists, Nye has said that skepticism of evolution is an ‘extraordinary world view. And as I say, by extraordinary, I mean obviously wrong.'”

WND reported almost a year ago when Nye accepted Ham’s invitation to tour the life-size Ark reproduction he created.

It features a full-size replica of Noah’s Ark, built according to the dimensions given in the Bible. Spanning 510 feet long, 85 feet wide and 51 feet high, it is described as the largest timber frame structure in the world. The Williamstown, Kentucky, site also includes “jaw-dropping” exhibits and a zoo, the organizers say.

Nye once called the Ark Encounter plan dangerous because it would “indoctrinate children” into the biblical “unscientific” point of view.

Ham said he had invited Nye, and Nye wanted to come on the condition he could bring a video crew. So Ham said, of course, because he would have his own video crew also.

Ham told WND that Nye appeared to not want to visit the site as much as raise pointed questions on video, so he brought out a few of his questions.

Hear a question and answer about death:


For one, what happens when you die.

Nye’s response, Ham said, “You’re done.”

So Ham followed with asking why it matters what one believes if you’re done when you die.

Nye also raised the issue of coming scientific achievements and mentioned the possibility of trips to Mars.

Nye told other visitors at the Ark at the time that it’s “not crazy to believe we’re descendants from Martians.”

So Ham asked why, then, is it “crazy” to believe people descended from Adam and Eve?

He said Nye came with an apparent agenda.

“He wouldn’t listen to anything I said. I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case, hoping he wanted to know what we believe.”

Ham also asked Nye why he wore clothes, since they originated in Genesis of the Bible.

Ham also asked Nye, the chief of the Planetary Society, for permission to pray for him, and Nye responded that he couldn’t stop that.

“I talked to Bill about the second death and that when you die, you’re not done,” said Ham. “You’re either going to be with the Lord or you’re going to be separated from Him for eternity.”

Ham told WND the children have been using words like “awesome,” “big” and “unbelievable” in describing the Ark.

Adults have told him they’ll be returning with their entire families or churches.

Hear a question and answer about humans and animals:




U.N.'s handling of human rights? A 'mockery'

‎Today, ‎February ‎17, ‎2017, ‏‎7 hours ago | Bob UnruhGo to full article

The United Nations is making a “mockery” of human rights issues, charges George Igler, a commentator at the Gatestone Institute.

“Today, the most senior transnational body responsible for preserving ‘human rights,’ the United Nations Human Rights Council, housed within the Palace of Nations in Geneva, is arguably a pathetic joke,”he recently wrote.

While not issuing a call for the United States to withdraw from the international body, his arguments align with a withdrawal movement that followed the latest condemnation of Israel by the U.N. Security Council. The council contended land on which housing is being built for Jews belongs to a non-existent Palestinian state.

Sign the petition encouraging Congress and President-elect Donald Trump to defund, discount and deport the United Nations.

The movement even has prompted a petition to Congress and President Donald Trump to stop American tax money going to the U.N., and even leave it.

See the Big List of leaders calling for U.S. to defund U.N.

Igler explained that the U.N. has allowed nations such as China, Burundi and the United Arab Emirates to play a decision-making role on its human rights council.

But the UAE is where “political parties are banned,” and it “often uses its affluence to mask [its] government’s serious human rights problems.”

The UAE government, Igler said, “arbitrarily detains, and in some cases forcibly disappears, individuals who criticized the authorities, and its security forces face allegations of torturing detainees.”

Burundi “apparently qualifies to preach to the rest of the world on the subject of human rights, seemingly thanks to its government being ‘behind systematic human rights violations, including executions and torture,’ according to the UN’s own investigators.”

In Saudi Arabia, executions “for ‘crimes’ – including apostasy, adultery and witchcraft – take place in the founding nation of Islam.”

“There is no freedom of religion – despite 4.4 percent of the country secretly identifying as Christians – and there is no freedom of speech,” wrote Igler. “Saudi Arabia was also, absurdly, chosen by the UNHRC to hold a conference on ‘combatting religious discrimination’ in June 2015. The ruling monarchy in the country is reputedly increasingly unpopular. It apparently chose to salve this decline in its appeal by beheading one its many princes in October 2016,” he wrote.

Then there’s China.

“The world’s most populous nation is notorious for the brutal suppression of its ethnic minorities, chiefly the Tibetans,” Igler wrote. “Freedom of association remains ‘severely restricted’ in China whilst freedom of expression encounters government censors who erase ‘politically unacceptable information.’ In the officially atheist state, freedom of religion is subject to ‘crackdowns.’ … There are widespread and credible allegations of organ harvesting against religious minorities in the country, where the long-term imprisonment of dissidents continues to be commonplace.”

Also on the council is Bangladesh, where “bloggers and secular intellectuals live in perpetual fear of indiscriminate Islamist attacks in Bangladesh. A three-year ‘murder spree’ in the country also ‘spread to aid workers, minority religions and Muslims who did not want their country reshaped by extremist Islam.'”

Another member is the Congo, where, “according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, “serious” human rights violations are “pervasive.”

“These include, ‘arbitrary executions, rape, torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment,’ which are mostly committed by ‘the army, police and intelligence services.'”

He questioned what the institution actually does.

“In testimony before the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs, in May 2016, Hillel Neuer – the executive director of UN Watch – ‘recalled being present when China commended Saudi Arabia for respecting religious freedom; the following day, Saudi Arabia praised China for upholding minority rights.'”

Igler noted Nikki Haley, the newly appointed U.S. ambassador to the U.N., openly questioned whether the U.S. is getting its money’s worth.

And former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton is among those, including Sens. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C. and Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who think the U.S. should not be paying mandatory funding to the group.

Earlier this month, the Home School Legal Defense Association suggested constituents urge President Trump to toss out three United Nations treaties that “can end up harming the same people they’re trying to help.”

They are Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Sign the petition encouraging Congress and President Donald Trump to defund, discount and deport the United Nations.



DNC frontrunner Ellison ripped as 'disaster on every level'

‎Today, ‎February ‎17, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article

The endorsements for Congressman Keith Ellison, a leading candidate to take over the Democratic National Committee, continue to pour in.

The president of the Baltimore City Council endorsed him.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., backs him. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has endorsed the Muslim congressman.

And so has David Duke.

The former member of the Louisiana House of Representatives and imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan tweeted his support for Ellison, saying, “I really like Keith … at least he knows.”

Duke’s comment was likely intended as a troll of both Ellison and the media, the latter of which delightedly smeared Donald Trump during the presidential campaign because of Duke’s unsolicited and disavowed endorsement of the GOP nominee.

But as the Washington Times noted, the reference to “he knows” is a cryptic allusion to Ellison’s associations with anti-Semitic groups such as the Nation of Islam.

Indeed, Ellison’s radical past goes well beyond casual connections with marginal figures. As WND recently reported, Ellison’s career was launched by dedicated Communist Party members and he was involved in explicitly communist movements.

Researcher Trevor Loudon, who profiled Ellison in his explosive documentary “The Enemies Within,” has shown Ellison’s long partnership with anti-American organizations dating back to when he was a student. As WND reported in December, a great deal of evidence indicates Ellison an operative for the Muslim Brotherhood.


The most dangerous enemy is the one who operates from within your own gates. Discover the traitors within our own country and help spread the word about how America is already under attack. Don’t miss “The Enemies Within” available now in the WND Superstore.

Radio talk show host Larry Elder, author of “Dear Farther, Dear Son,” blasted Ellison’s extreme past.

“Ellison had close ties with the anti-Semitic, anti-white Nation of Islam, and those ties continued a lot longer than Ellison wants to admit,” he told WND.

As Elder observed, Ellison’s past support for an independent black ethnostate is indicative of his previous associations.

“That’s a core position of the Nation of Islam – that there should be a separate country for American blacks,” said Elder.

But it’s not just Ellison’s record before becoming an elected official that is causing the Democrats headaches. In 2010, Ellison blasted Israel’s “disproportionate influence” over American foreign policy.

He stated: “A region of 350 million all turns on a country of 7 million. Does that make sense? Is that logic?”

When criticized, Ellison claimed his remarks were “selectively edited.” But the resulting release of the full transcript showed no edits were made.

Elder said the media’s lack of outrage about Ellison’s statements and actions is a stark contrast to how they treat right-leaning figures such as Steve Bannon, President Trumps chief strategist.

“Even the left-leaning Anti-Defamation League has belatedly opposed Ellison’s DNC candidacy when it learned that Ellison here advanced the stereotype on how Jews and Israel have an undue influence on American politics,” Elder stated. “Steve Bannon is called anti-Semitic by critics. Where are the same detractors when it comes to Keith Ellison?”

Get your copy of “Dear Father, Dear Son” today from the WND Superstore!

Jesse Lee Peterson, a civil rights leader, founder of the organization BOND and the author of several books, including “The Antidote,” was incredulous about Ellison being taken seriously as a possible leader of one of America’s two major political parities

“Keith Ellison has a very radical past and he has a history of cozying up to and working with communists and hate groups,” he said. “Ellison is a fan of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. He has ties to and is in agreement with the anti-American, Jewish hating CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) – a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood. Ellison constantly attacks police and supports the anti-police Black Lives Matter movement.

“Ellison is a dangerous individual. He is not an acceptable candidate to be chair of the DNC. He is so far out of the mainstream that he shouldn’t be in Congress and should be charged and prosecuted for sedition.”

Ellison’s past support for the Nation of Islam and hostility to the Jewish state is leading to major divisions within the Democratic Party. Haim Saban, one of the Democrats’ top donors, flatly labeled Ellison an “anti-Semite,” leading to furious condemnations of Saban by many liberal commentators.

A Jewish state assemblyman in New York is also leading an effort to get Sen. Schumer to renounce his support for Ellison for DNC chairman.

Peterson suggests it is a time for choosing for Jews in the Democratic Party.

“There should be a mass exodus of Jewish Americans from the Democratic Party,” Peterson said. “The fact that Ellison is a frontrunner for the DNC chair position indicates that the Democratic Party is anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. Ellison is a black bigot who hates Jews. If Ellison becomes chair it means that Jews are no longer welcome in the Democratic Party. Any Jewish American who supports the DNC is funding their own demise.”

Colin Flaherty, who chronicled nationwide black mob violence against whites in his book “White Girl Bleed A Lot,” argues racial grievances are driving the modern Democratic Party.

“If black people want to support Ellison because he is the major black candidate, well, I suppose it is their privilege to support someone whose only claim to fame is that he hates America,” he said. “This guy is a disaster on every level. His prominence is a clarion call for people who reject racial preferences, big government and promotion of Islam. The fact that large numbers of people find him an acceptable candidate is just about as alarming as anything we can point to today.”

While Flaherty regards David Duke as a marginal figure and his endorsement of no importance, he does see similarities between Duke and Ellison.

“If someone wanted to make a moral equivalence between Duke and Ellison, that would be a great idea,” he said. “An obvious idea. Which makes it all the stranger that so few people draw the parallel.”

Flaherty also believes Jews are going to have to decide whether they can stay in a party that is growing increasingly anti-Israel and pro-Islam.

“It is a mystery to me why so many American Jews embrace the same party that trumpets the wacky but dangerous ideas of apologizing for Islam.”

Peterson believes Ellison’s prominence proves his contention the Democrats are a “far-left, hateful, separatist party.”

“They’re anti-family, anti-military, and most have no respect for the U.S. Constitution,” he charged. “The party is still as evil today as it was when it was run by pro-slavery Ku-Klux-Klan supporters and segregationists. The party today is more sophisticated and they’re stealthier in the way they operate and how they exploit blacks and women in order to maintain power, but they’re still evil.”

But for his part, Elder can’t help but endorse Ellison – though not for the reasons the Minnesota congressman would like.

“As a flame-throwing, race card-dealing, extreme leftist, Ellison is exactly the wrong person for the job,” Elder joked. “So I hope they hire him.”


'Not My President' candy bars console Hollywood snowflakes

‎Today, ‎February ‎17, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | Bob UnruhGo to full article

A commentator is advising Democrats that while they may get solace from things like “Not My President” candy bars and books, there’s no substitute for the real thing: a leader who can convince voters the nation is on the right track.

“‘Our president,’ flawed as he is, has managed to make Americans more optimistic about the country’s future,” wrote producer and political writer Myra Adams for BizPacReview.

“This is astounding news for the professional left who should take a break from Hitler name-calling, impeachment talk and protests to read the following data and talk to real Trump voters.”

She noted that since Trump was elected, the number of those who believe the nation is on the right track is up nearly 7 percent.

Adams was citing the newest development in the “hate Trump” campaign: candy bars and books.

They follow the outrageous statements, documented just before and after Trump’s victory, from all sorts of Hollywood types promising to move, even leave Earth, if Trump won.

No one, apparently, has kept his or her word yet

Cher vowed, “I’m moving to Jupiter,” and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, “Now it’s time for us to move to New Zealand.”

“Girls” celebrity Lena Dunham said: “I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will. I know a lovely place in Vancouver.”

Adams explained that a company called Not My President Candy Bars was reporting a surge in orders for Oscar parties that had to be ready by Feb. 24.

“One order even asked if we wanted to include them in VIP gift bags to celebrities,” company spokeswoman Karen Jacobson said in a statement.

Then, Adams said, according to the LA Weekly, there were illustrators from studios, including Disney and Dreamworks, who collaborated on a “picture book” called “Not My President.”

The effort was being used to raise money for the abortionists at Planned Parenthood and other far-left causes.

Adams commented that she has been troubled by the “continuous use” of the “Not My President” mantra.

“Over the last eight years at least half the nation’s voters vehemently disagreed with the policies, actions and inactions of President Obama, but ‘Not My President’ was deemed an unacceptable protest phrase. Why? In polite, educated, society those three words convey utter disrespect for the office of the president and for the democratic system under which he was elected,” she explained.

“But now with a Caucasian male president, the left can scream ‘Not My President’ in the streets, brand it on signs and candy wrappers, books, clothing and whatever else has a surface, with silence from the complicit media. However, media silence is actually a megaphone. It broadcasts the left’s status as sore losers and crybabies who allowed the White House, Senate and House to slip away because their flawed candidate had no political coattails on her designer pantsuits.”

Her “unsolicited” advice?

“If Trump is not your president, then identify and raise up your president for 2020 now. Make a concerted effort to give your potential candidate a high-profile media platform because all that is usually seen on major news shows are the battle-worn faces of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Trust me, none of them will ever be your president.”

And good luck with that, she suggested.

“Democrats are so leaderless that they are having a heck of a time just trying to elect the next chairperson of the Democratic National Committee. Today, the leading candidate is Keith Ellison, a left-wing African-American congressman from Minnesota. Ellison’s most noteworthy credential for DNC leadership is that he was the first Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress in 2006.”

She finished: “Let Hollywood keep funding children’s books portraying Trump as Hitler and promoting ‘Not My President’ candy bars while the media mercilessly attacks Trump, and the Soros-funded protests continue. But remember, Americans are increasingly more hopeful under ‘our president’ then they were under ‘your president.'”



Yahoo warns users of possible malicious activity

‎Today, ‎February ‎16, ‎2017, ‏‎5 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
(Associated Press) Yahoo is warning users of potentially malicious activity on their accounts between 2015 and 2016, the latest development in the internet company’s investigation of a mega-breach that exposed 1 billion users’ data several years ago.

Yahoo confirmed Wednesday that it was notifying users that their accounts had potentially been compromised but declined to say how many people were affected.

In a statement, Yahoo tied some of the potential compromises to what it has described as the “state-sponsored actor” responsible for the theft of private data from more than 1 billion user accounts in 2013 and 2014. The stolen data included email addresses, birth dates and answers to security questions.


Rapture knocking

‎Today, ‎February ‎16, ‎2017, ‏‎7 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
Hi, Joseph. I noticed your recent column “A glimpse of the Kingdom Of God.”

It’s frustrating when fellow Christians don’t get the vision of what the earth would be like following the Second Coming. The same folks don’t get how the forces of darkness are behind most of our day-to-day struggles. I’m sure some are worried that a heavenly environment would be like being trapped in an eternal church service. Insufferable wooden benches, incessant harp music and a full bladder would have people leaping through stained glass windows. The dreaded Religious Police would be staked-out at local coffee shops, dragging “Runners” back to the nearest church service!

Seriously, though, it seems like the Holy Spirit’s influence has been gradually receding from the earth. The Rapture must be practically knocking at the door. What a horrifying place the earth will become, once the Church has vanished!



Ancient Judean clay jars solve big Einstein question

‎Today, ‎February ‎16, ‎2017, ‏‎7 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
(Eurasia Review) Albert Einstein considered the origin of the Earth’s magnetic field one of the five most important unsolved problems in physics. The weakening of the geomagnetic field, which extends from the planet’s core into outer space and was first recorded 180 years ago, has raised concern by some for the welfare of the biosphere.

But a new study published in PNAS from Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and University of California San Diego researchers finds there is no reason for alarm: The Earth’s geomagnetic field has been undulating for thousands of years. Data obtained from the analysis of well-dated Judean jar handles provide information on changes in the strength of the geomagnetic field between the 8th and 2nd centuries BCE, indicating a fluctuating field that peaked during the 8th century BCE.


Self-flying taxis to transport passengers in Dubai

‎Today, ‎February ‎16, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
(London Telegraph) An autonomous drone that can transport humans will start ferrying passengers around Dubai this summer.

The head of Dubai’s transportation agency said that self-flying taxis would start taking people across the city starting from July.

The city will use the Ehang 184 for the airborne service. The Ehang is a drone that can fly without human direction and carry a single passenger and their bag. It can take one person on a journey up to 23 minutes long.


Chinese in U.S. use 'inclusion,' 'diversity' to oppose Dalai Lama

‎Today, ‎February ‎16, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
(Quartz) Chinese students are joining their peers on American campuses in getting woke. Their cause? Defending the official line of the Communist Party.

On Feb. 2, the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) formally announced that the Dalai Lama would make a keynote speech at the June commencement ceremony.

The announcement triggered outrage among Chinese students who view the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader as an oppressive figure threatening to divide a unified China. A group of them now plans to meet with the university chancellor to discuss the content of the upcoming speech.


Austrian police arrest man described as 'Hitler's double'

‎Today, ‎February ‎16, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
(Irish Independent) Austrian police say they have detained a man described by local media as “Hitler’s double” for possible violations of laws against glorifying the Nazi era.

Witnesses who have seen the unidentified 25-year-old say he sports a Hitler mustache, combs his hair in the style of the Fuehrer and wearing “a suit reminiscent of Hitler”.

Police spokesman David Furtner that the suspect, who calls himself Harald Hitler, was arrested on Monday night after being seen repeatedly in front of the house where Hitler was born in the town of Braunau am Inn, on Austria’s border with Germany. The lookalike had recently moved to the town, Mr Furtner told BBC.


Report: Fox News subject of federal investigation

‎Today, ‎February ‎16, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
(Hollywood Reporter) An attorney for a former Fox host says he received a subpoena from federal prosecutors, while a company spokesperson acknowledges months of conversations with the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Government prosecutors may be investigating 21st Century Fox for quietly settling sexual harassment claims against former Fox News chief Roger Ailes without reporting it to the media giant’s shareholders.

On Wednesday, during a hearing regarding former Fox News personality Andrea Tantaros’ lawsuit against network executives before New York Supreme Court Judge David Benjamin Cohen, an attorney for Tantaros said he’d been served with a subpoena by federal prosecutors investigating sexual harassment allegations directed at Ailes. Tantaros, who once served as a co-host of the afternoon show The Five, alleges in her lawsuit that Fox News “operated like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult.”


Landlord: Tenant violated his lease by dying

‎Today, ‎February ‎16, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
(Crosscut) Debra Tolbert’s brother had been battling stage four kidney failure when he died last month of a heart attack.

But a grieving Tolbert was hardly prepared for what she heard from property managers of Dennis Hanel’s White Center rental house when she tried to collect his security deposit and last month’s rent.

Her brother “violated the terms his lease” when he died, a representative of the rental and management company told her. “She said to me, ‘He’s not getting anything back,’ ” Tolbert said.


Spies keep intelligence from Trump

‎Today, ‎February ‎16, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
(Wall Street Journal) U.S. intelligence officials have withheld sensitive intelligence from President Donald Trump because they are concerned it could be leaked or compromised, according to current and former officials familiar with the matter.

The officials’ decision to keep information from Mr. Trump underscores the deep mistrust that has developed between the intelligence community and the president over his team’s contacts with the Russian government, as well as the enmity he has shown toward U.S. spy agencies. On Wednesday, Mr. Trump accused the agencies of leaking information to undermine him.

In some of these cases of withheld information, officials have decided not to show Mr. Trump the sources and methods that the intelligence agencies use to collect information, the current and former officials said. Those sources and methods could include, for instance, the means that an agency uses to spy on a foreign government.


Mexican cops 'gang-rape their female colleague'

‎Today, ‎February ‎16, ‎2017, ‏‎9 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
(Concord Register) Five police officers are caught on camera ‘gang-raping their female colleague’ in case which has horrified Mexico

Five police officers are being investigated over the gang rape of a female colleague after harrowing footage of her ordeal emerged.

The police officers are being investigated after footage of the shocking assault was released to local media in Villahermosa, in the Mexican state of Tabasco.



American Airlines pilots rip CEO for missing Trump meeting

‎Today, ‎February ‎15, ‎2017, ‏‎4 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
(REUTERS) — NEW YORK  Pilots at American Airlines Group Inc denounced the carrier’s chief executive officer, Doug Parker, on Tuesday, citing his decision last week to skip a meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump.

The pilots’ union, the Allied Pilots Association (APA), issued a symbolic vote of “no-confidence” in Parker’s leadership abilities. It also cited lagging pay increases compared to pilots at other carriers and “questionable economic and strategic decisions.”

American Airlines spokesman Matt Miller said in a statement that the union and the airline share the same goal and that they “have a solid foundation in place upon which to build.”

“Therefore, further public dialogue serves no purpose,” Miller said.


Explosive new hacking scandal has Democrats' fingerprints

‎Today, ‎February ‎15, ‎2017, ‏‎5 hours ago | Bob UnruhGo to full article


Remember the hue and cry raised by Democrats over the “Russians” hacking their candidates and party computer systems during the 2016 presidential election?

How there should be investigations? How someone – a Republican – must be at fault? How whatever interaction Donald Trump ever had with Russia, or Russians, was viewed suspiciously?

And now there are their attacks on Trump over Michael Flynn, his security adviser who was forced to resign this week over conversations with a Russian representative.

Investigate, they demand. Not just Flynn, but Trump, too.

Yet the Democrats are mum, almost completely quiet, silent, over their own explosive hacking scandal, a scenario that could overshadow Watergate, Filegate, Travelgate and dozens of other Washington scandals.

It’s because the allegations are that Democrats hired IT staffers who were foreign nationals from Pakistan, and the staffers likely gained illegal access to secret congressional information.

And that includes classified documents.

Imran Awan pictured alongside former President Bill Clinton (Photo: LinkedIn)

Imran Awan pictured alongside former President Bill Clinton (Photo: LinkedIn)

The Flynn fracas erupted late Monday and early Tuesday when he resigned, and details came out that he had not been fully truthful when he talked with Vice President Mike Pence about his discussions with the Russian ambassador about sanctions.

But the Daily Caller News Foundation reported brothers Imran, Jamal and Abid Awan had been working for IT departments of multiple Democratic congressional offices. The three brothers had access to various computer systems and pathways.

But then just days ago, they were abruptly relieved of their duties and banned from those networks because of “suspicion that they accessed congressional computers without permission.”

The report said, “Three members of the intelligence panel and five members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs were among the dozens of members who employed the suspects on a shared basis. The two committees deal with many of the nation’s most sensitive issues and documents, including those related to the war on terrorism.”

WND made dozens of calls and sent dozens of emails on Tuesday asking those members who either did hire the brothers, or might have, for comment and an update on the status of the criminal investigation.

A spokesman from Rep. Cedric Richmond’s office responded tersely, “Can’t comment on this one.”

A spokeswoman in the office of Rep. Diana DeGette said it was a “personnel matter,” and “that’s all I’m going to say.”

Among the many offices WND contacted, without generating a response, were those for (all Democrats) Andre Carson, Luis Guiterez, Jim Himes, Terri Sewell, Jackie Speier, Mike Quigley, Eric Swalwell, Patrick Murphy, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Joaquini Castro, Lois Frankel, Ted Lieu, Robin Kelly, Tammy Duckworth, Mark Takano, John Sarbanes and more.

‘Very concerning’

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, a member of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said something must be done.

“I hope we investigate this issue,” he said. “The facts regarding technology procurement and potentially illegal violations of the House IT network by several Democratic staffers is very concerning.”

Philip Haney, a longtime member of the Department of Homeland Security and author of “See Something, Say Nothing,” a book about his long fight to reveal Islamist influences in the terror attacks on the U.S. today, said the case will be a bellwether.

“This particular breach of security will reveal how seriously our three branches of government (Executive, Judicial and Legislative) actually take the threat posed by what appears to be a network of at least five Muslim operatives, who have managed to soak their way into the very heart of our constitutional republic,” he said.

“Let’s hope that this scandal isn’t just swept under the rug, or allowed to fade quietly into the background, like so many others that have, but instead becomes a case study in how our elected officials defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

“In this hyper-political environment, anything less than unrestrained bipartisan cooperation in a full investigation, followed by subsequent prosecution (if warranted), will be seen not only as an open indictment, but also as a blatant display of malevolent hypocrisy.”

Illegal access

Daniel Greenfield at FrontPageMag recently outlined what is known about the breach. And the implications.

Imran Awan and his two brothers, Jamal and Abid, are at the center of an investigation that deals with, among other things, allegations of illegal access. They have been barred from the House of Representatives network.

A member of Congress worried, “[T]hey may have stolen data from us.”

Greenfield reported that the three Pakistani brothers had worked for all Democrats, including members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. This was not even a year after eight Democrats on that committee “issued a demand that their staffers be granted access to top secret classified information,” he reported.

There’s a special concern about Carson, he revealed.

“Carson is the second Muslim in Congress and the first Muslim on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and, more critically, is the ranking member on its Emerging Threats Subcommittee,” Greenfield wrote. “He is also a member of the Department of Defense Intelligence and Overhead Architecture Subcommittee. The Emerging Threats Subcommittee, of which Carson is a ranking member, is responsible for much of counterterrorism oversight. It is the worst possible place for a man with Carson’s credentials.”

Greenfield continued, “Carson had inherited his grandmother’s seat and exploited it to promote a radical Islamist agenda. He has interfaced with a laundry list of Islamist groups from CAIR to ISNA to ICNA to MPAC. Islamists have funded Carson’s career to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. The Center for Security Policy has put together a dossier of Carson’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is the parent organization of many key Islamic terror groups posing a threat to our national security including al-Qaida and Hamas. Andre Carson shared the stage at a CAIR banquet with Sirraj Wahaj: an unindicted co-conspirator in the World Trade Center bombing who had once declared, ‘You don’t get involved in politics because it’s the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam.’ CAIR itself had been named an unindicted co-conspirator in terror finance.”

While the Democrats were demanding security clearances for staff members, “three Pakistani Muslims working for them appear to have compromised security to an unknown degree,” he said.

Greenfield asked: “Why were the Awan brothers, one of whom had a criminal record, even allowed to work in such a sensitive position? How did the personnel suspected in this case pass background checks? And was any classified information compromised as a result of these alleged breaches?”

3 brothers paid $160,000 a year, each

The Daily Caller reported that the staff members were dismissed from some congressional offices after the investigation was revealed, but apparently not from all right away. And they were being paid in the range of $160,000 a year – each.

Politico has reported that the criminal investigation also involves allegations the employees stole equipment and the Center for Security Policy explained it was especially alarmed that Carson was among the members of Congress involved, since it has “documented Carson’s extensive and alarming ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The Daily Caller noted in a subsequent report that the staff members allegedly involved also had “multiple suspicious mortgage transfers and a debt-evading bankruptcy.”

One, Abid, “had more than $1 million in debts following a failed business called Cars International that he ran in Falls Church, Va., from November 2009 to September 2010.”

“It’s unclear how Abid found time to run an automotive business while working full time for Congress. He had been on the congressional payroll since 2005. A congressional credit union repossessed two of his personal cars before the business folded.”

The report continued, “Abid filed for bankruptcy in 2012, but somehow managed to keep ownership of two houses while telling the bankruptcy court and creditors that he had no assets with which to pay them. He signed a sworn statement that he and his wife, Natalia Soba, were living apart and needed separate residences.”

The Caller continued, “Abid’s record includes numerous driving- and alcohol-related legal problems, including driving with a suspended or revoked license, court records show.”


This day in WND history: Savage asks, 'Was Scalia murdered?'

‎Today, ‎February ‎15, ‎2017, ‏‎6 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
The death of Justice Antonin Scalia has left a Supreme Court vacancy since Febryary 2016

The death of Justice Antonin Scalia has left a Supreme Court vacancy since Febryary 2016

Michael Savage: ‘Was Scalia murdered?’

Feb. 15, 2016: With confirmation that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead with a pillow over his head and his clothes unwrinkled, nationally syndicated talk-radio host Michael Savage called for an investigation on the level of the presidentially appointed probe into President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.

“Was [Scalia] murdered?” Savage asked his listeners.

“We need a Warren Commission-like federal investigation,” he said. “This is serious business.”

Savage said an immediate autopsy of the body is needed.

“There was no medical examiner present. There was no one who declared the death who was there. It was done by telephone from a U.S. Marshal appointed by Obama himself,” he said.

The 79-year-old Scalia had been on a hunting trip at the Cibolo Creek Ranch in Presidio County, Texas.

Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara, who pronounced Scalia dead, said the death certificate will say the cause of death was natural and that he suffered a heart attack.

She said she decided not to order an autopsy after Sheriff Danny Dominguez concluded there were no signs of foul play. The Scalia family concurred.

View the full story

New data: Maybe oil isn’t from dead dinos

north_dakota_oil_wellsFeb. 15, 2008: Saturn’s moon Titan has hundreds of times more liquid hydrocarbons than all the known oil and natural gas reserves on Earth, according to a team of Johns Hopkins University scientists, adding to evidence that oil is not biological in origin.

The scientists at the Laurel, Maryland, institution were reporting on data collected from NASA’s Cassini probe.

“Several hundred lakes or seas have been discovered, of which dozens are estimated to contain more hydrocarbon liquid than the entire known oil and gas reserves on Earth,” wrote lead scientist Ralph Lorenz of the university’s Applied Physics Laboratory in the Jan. 29 issue of the Geophysical Research Letters.

Lorenz also reported dark dunes running along the equator cover 20 percent of Titan’s surface, comprising a volume of hydrocarbon material several hundred times larger than Earth’s coal reserves.

“Titan is just covered in carbon-bearing material – it’s a giant factory of organic chemicals,” Lorenz wrote.

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Texas town invaded by Army in Operation Last Dance

blackchopperFeb. 15, 1999: Several bewildered Texas officials found themselves on the hot seat after their small rural towns were used for live-fire military exercises by the Night Stalkers, an elite group from the U.S. Army’s Delta Force, in the unannounced Operation Last Dance.

Despite the 30-minute warning given by police – printed notices posted to residents’ doors that did not disclose any details – most residents were shaken up by the simulated bombing runs, hovering black helicopters in the night, firing of live ammunition and explosives very close to innocent bystanders.

In the town of Kingsville, one of eight helicopters hit a telephone pole, starting a fire and horrifying residents who saw it happen. Fire officials said they had no warning the exercise would take place.

Asked the purpose of the exercise, Tomas Sanchez, Kingsville’s Federal Emergency Management Agency coordinator, speculated the exercise involved a scenario that required military action because local police could not deal with civilians effectively.

“Martial law has been declared through presidential powers and war powers act, and some citizens have refused to give up their weapons. They have taken over two of the buildings in Kingsville. The police cannot handle it. So you call these guys in. They show up and they zap everybody, take all the weapons, and let the local P.D. clean it up,” described Sanchez of the scenario the Night Stalkers were likely given.

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A brief history of slavery

‎Today, ‎February ‎15, ‎2017, ‏‎6 hours ago | Bill FedererGo to full article

There are more slaves today than at any time in human history, reported Benjamin Skinner, a fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. An estimated 27 million people in the world are forced to work, held through fraud, under threat of violence, for no pay beyond subsistence, in forced marriages, in sex-trafficking and prostitution.

Though mostly illegal and called by different names, slavery nevertheless exists today in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Southeast Asia, Romania, Sudan, Haiti, Brazil, Latin America, and even in the United States.

It was reported in Time magazine, Jan. 18, 2010: “Despite more than a dozen international conventions banning slavery in the past 150 years, there are more slaves today than at any point in human history.”

Ancient cultures made slaves of those captured during wars in Babylon, Persia, Greece, China, India, Africa, and Rome. Israelites were slaves in Egypt for four hundred years. Julius Caesar conquered in Gaul and brought so many captured “slavic” peoples into to Rome that the term “slav” took the connotation of permanent servant – “slave.” Over half of Rome’s population were slaves.

Another form of slavery was generational indebtedness, spread by Roman Emperor Diocletian. The Roman economy was so bad that people who were unable to pay their mortgages would abandon their properties, renounce their Roman citizenship, and go off to live with the barbarians. Diocletian made it a law that people could never run away from their debts, tying them and their children to the land in perpetuity, creating the feudal system.

When Muslims conquered areas of Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece and the Mediterranean, over a million Europeans were carried off into Islamic slavery. Medieval Catholic religious orders of Trinitarians or Mathurins would collect donations to ransom people from Muslim slavery.

Muslim raiders enslaved an estimated 180 million Africans over its 1,400 year expansion. There has never been an abolitionist movement in Islam, as Mohammed himself owned slaves.

In pre-Columbian America, the Inca Empire had a system of mandatory public service known as mita, similar to the Aztec’s tlacotin. When Spain conquered the New World in the early 1500’s, conquistadors deposed Indian government leaders and ruled in their stead. In the Inca Empire, where Indian populations had been trained to obey government orders, they willingly obeyed their new Spanish leaders, even though it often meant dying in forced labor such as in the Potosi silver mines.

Spaniards set up a system called encomienda or repartimiento, which was similar to feudal France’s Corvée “unfree labour.” Priests like Bartolomé de las Casas and the Franciscan Friars, together with Papal Bulls, ended the enslavement of native Americans. Those wanting slaves to replace the freed Indians purchased Africans from the Muslim slave markets.

Slavery began in Cuba earlier and lasted longer than most anywhere in the Americas. A notorious trade triangle developed with Havana, Cuba, at its center: Slaves from Africa to sugar from the Caribbean to rum in England.

In North America, Christian missionaries and movements, especially Quakers, Moravians, and Methodists, were a voice of conscience against slavery.

King James I, followed by Charles I and Oliver Cromwell, sold over 500,000 Irish Catholics into slavery throughout the 1600s onto plantations in the West Indies Islands of Antigua, Montserrat, Jamaica, Barbados, as well as Virginia and New England. Many poor Europeans sold themselves as “indentured servants,” a temporary slavery for seven years, in exchange for transportation to America.

During the years 1714-1756, persecution and oppression of the Irish grew so intense that thousands sought to escape British control by selling themselves as “indentured slaves” in exchanged for passage to the New World, usually Pennsylvania, hoping to take advantage of William Penn’s promise of toleration.

Historian Will Durant wrote in “The Story of Civilization”: “The Irish scene was one of the most shameful in history.”

Some North American Indians were sold into slavery in the West Indies. The first African slaves were brought to North America on a Dutch ship to Virginia in 1619. Haiti had several slave revolts against the French government. The fear the revolts would spread were a factor in Napoleon selling the Louisiana Territory

Importation of slaves to the United States ended in 1807, but in 1839, an international incident occurred.

A Portuguese ship from Sierra Leone sold 53 slaves to Spanish planters on the Cuban ship Amistad. On July 1, 1839, the African slaves broke free of their shackles and seized control of the ship, demanding to be sailed back to Africa. The captain misdirected the ship, sailing slowly east during the day, but quickly west at night, landing at Long Island, New York, where the slaves were arrested.

The Amistad case went to the Supreme Court. Former President John Quincy Adams, now 74 years old, defended the jailed Africans. Adams stated, “By the blessing of God, I will argue the case before the Supreme Court.”

He wrote in his journal, Oct. 1840: “I implore the mercy of God to control my temper, to enlighten my soul, and to give me utterance, that I may prove myself in every respect equal to the task.” Francis Scott Key offered John Quincy Adams legal advice.

Adams shook hands with Africans Cinque and Grabeau, saying: “God willing, we will make you free.”

John Quincy Adams, known as “Old Man Eloquent,” argued in court: “The moment you come to the Declaration of Independence, that every man has a right to life and liberty, an inalienable right, this case is decided. I ask nothing more in behalf of these unfortunate men than this Declaration.”

Against all odds, John Quincy Adams won freedom for the Africans. President James Buchanan wrote Dec. 19, 1859: “When a market for African slaves shall no longer be furnished in Cuba … Christianity and civilization may gradually penetrate the existing gloom.”

After the Civil War was fought in the United States to end slavery, a revolt began in Cuba in 1868 by a farmer of Spanish descent crying out for racial equality, freedom of speech and freedom of association. Spain put down the Cuban revolt in the Ten Years War, killing thousands. A Spanish Royal decree finally ended slavery in Cuba in 1886.

In 1895, another rebellion began in Cuba and Spain sent 200,000 soldiers to put it down. Thousands were put into concentration camps where they suffered from starvation, disease and exposure. Yellow Press journalism excited the American public, who demanded President William McKinley intervene.

The U.S.S. Maine was sent to Havana, and on Feb. 15, 1898, it blew up in the harbor under suspicious conditions, beginning the Spanish-American War.

President McKinley approved the Resolution of Congress: “Whereas the abhorrent conditions which have existed for more than three years in the island of Cuba, so near our own borders, have shocked the moral sense of the people of the United States, have been a disgrace to Christian civilization, culminating, as they have, in the destruction of a United States battle ship, with 266 of its officers and crew, while on a friendly visit in the harbor of Havana, and cannot longer be endured. … Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives … that the people of the island of Cuba are and of right ought to be free.”

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Feminist obsession completely misses the point

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Go with your flow

Menstruation worked for Stephen King

The Period Project” is an effort by Kotex, manufacturer of women’s hygiene products, to destigmatize the menstrual cycle. Really. Check out the short clip below to get an idea of the new “ad” campaign being mounted – oddly – to get women in touch with their monthly cycle:


Funny enough, while the attempt is to “… normalize periods and put an end to stigma,” the hyper-focus on a natural bodily function (the function itself, not the purpose of the function) seems more than out of place. Menstruation, factually speaking, is merely part of the female’s cycle that prepares for a coming child. Duh. Having a period is not simply for the purpose of making the woman “feel” stigmatized.

Yet the motivation for the shop featured in the video is to provide, “… a place to be ‘revered.'” But to what purpose?

Why, to sell something of course! And not just feminine hygiene products. At least not for all women. In the fashion of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop offerings (remember the jade eggs to make women glow? The queen/concubine “must have” essential is now all sold out), a website called the Fountain of Life is proselytizing the need for women to return to so-called early “Christian” roots; that is, in their odd mishmash of ancient wisdom somehow linked to Tantrism (the East Indian worship that glorifies the female, specifically her reproductive parts, as some mystic portal of life and spirituality).



Okay. Got it?

While Fountain of Life extols the immortality benefits of drafts of menstrual blood (Spirit cooking, anyone? Drinking blood?), the Mystica insists that “… as with everything which incorporates natural tendencies but also denies them this form of Goddess-worship traveled a bumpy road. One big obstacle was when the Christian Church declared that the sole purpose of sex was for the propagation of children. This led to the obstacle of others being suspicious of those practicing it, thinking promiscuity was occurring among them.”

Creepy Madonna

Creepy Madonna

Promiscuity is the least of my concerns. How about some really twisted notion of what purpose body functions actually serve? How about the potential for young women (or old) to be bamboozled into the realm of the “you’re-kidding-me”? I wish I were kidding.

These wise women – think Madonna Ciccone – express frustration at having their supposed power replaced by the blood of Christ. Yes, it’s that deranged.

Wake up people. Time to normalize periods. Time to put a “period” on this retro-infatuation with the infantile fantasy that bodily functions are more than what they are. Worshipping ourselves, our bodies, our waste products etc. has got to stop.


Garbage never lies

Who can forget Jim Carrey’s Grinch schooling all of Whoville on the cycle of life that leads all the town’s Christmas gifts to the garbage heap? The following clip is always in season:


With February well underway, however, the impetus to re-gift, re-purpose or just get that unwanted whatever out of the house has already begun. Some will focus on the utter Whomanity (inanity) of the process of buying stuff, only to get rid of it. Others, those seekers far in the future, those hoping for that special something to let them know just who we are – or were – will be grateful for our all-too-human practice of tossing unwanted whatnot.

Trash, treasure, or both is what archeologists discover when digging through the garbage of previous generations. Some living, eh?

And yet, “Early dumping grounds, or “middens,” are often archaeological and anthropological gold-mines,” Dr. Richard Meadow, Director of the Peabody Museum’s Zooarchaeology Laboratory and senior lecturer on anthropology at Harvard University, told CNN. “Not just for what can be found there but for what they tell us about ancient civilizations, what they consumed and how they organized their urban space to deal with their waste.

“Ancient people,” Meadow continues, “quite literally lived with their trash, usually dumping it in the streets outside their homes when it wasn’t collected and deposited in special pits. Sometimes whole cities would be filled with trash, to the point where the street levels would rise, submerging homes and forcing people to build on top of it.” (Brings a whole new meaning to pick up and move!)

Trashy writing is also something not confined to questionable novels of the modern era.

The dig at Oxyrhynchus in Northern Africa is described by Atlas Obscura as, “… the closest thing we have to discovering the Library of Alexandria in a landfill. Academics familiar with it throw around terms like ‘unparalleled importance’ and ‘holy grail’ and aren’t trying to be hyperbolic. It contained a lot of other ancient literature that would otherwise be totally lost – most famously a Sophocles comedy and the poetry of Sappho – not to mention extensive details about everyday life in Egypt, Greece, and Rome. It also held the biggest cache of early Christian manuscripts ever discovered.”

Stephen King's "Carrie"

Stephen King’s “Carrie”

Word is, Stephen King’s prolific career began in the trash … in a way. Frustrated with a slow-moving plot he didn’t want to waste two weeks developing it, King crumpled up the beginnings of his now classic novel “Carrie” and chucked it in the trash, only to have the treasure plucked out by his wife, Tabby. “You’ve got something there,” she said of the ash-covered castoff, according to Mental Floss. And the rest is history – modern history.

So, even though the Grinch’s lecture still tickles in my conscience, I’m glad there’s a Mt. Crumpit arrangement here in town. Even so, I can’t help but wonder what curious diggers may one day think of the things I throw out … or if I’m accidentally tossing soon-to-be-buried treasure.

Fart proudly

Fart proudly!

Think that the crass American is just an evil stereotype? Think again. Spread the love. Better still, spread being in love, or at least not hating on the human condition. Fart proudly. It’s almost constitutional!

Don’t believe me? Try.

“A Letter to a Royal Academy” (popularly known as “Fart Proudly”) was composed [by Benjamin Franklin] in response to a call for scientific papers from the Royal Academy of Brussels,” according to Wikipedia. “Franklin believed that the various academic societies in Europe were increasingly pretentious and concerned with the impractical. Revealing his ‘bawdy, scurrilous side,’ Franklin responded with an essay suggesting that research and practical reasoning be undertaken into methods of improving the odor of human flatulence. The essay was never submitted but was sent as a letter to Richard Price, a Welsh philosopher and Unitarian minister in England with whom Franklin had an ongoing correspondence.”

Here’s a few excerpts, courtesy of Good Reads to memorize for fun:

  • “What Comfort can the Vortices of Descartes give to a Man who has Whirlwinds in his bowels!”
  • “He that lives upon hope will die farting.”
  • “Your Business is to shine; therefore you must by all means prevent the shining of others, for their Brightness may make yours the less distinguished.”

My conclusion: Mr. Franklin was far from lacking sensitivity, refinement or intelligence. Rather, he demonstrated that particular attribute that marks the true American – the ability to nail topics, and in just the right fashion to make one’s point uncomfortably clear. Those who are by nature pretentious and impractical just don’t like it!

Planned Parenthood insider: Women treated 'like cattle'

‎Today, ‎February ‎15, ‎2017, ‏‎6 hours ago | Bob UnruhGo to full article

Abortion-industry giant Planned Parenthood “treated women like cattle,” according to a former insider.

The comment came on Tuesday as part of the release of more videos from the pro-life group Live Action, whose president, Lila Rose, is raising various issues about what she calls the “Abortion Corporation” just as Congress is considering transferring some $500 million in taxpayer funds from the abortionists at Planned Parenthood to other community health centers that provide a wide range of health services.

“There is no more room for deception. The record becomes clearer each week that we release a new report: Planned Parenthood’s focus is not women’s health care, but abortion. Planned Parenthood’s business model turns away women seeking options besides abortion and prioritizes the destruction of preborn lives for the sake of profit,” Rose said. “Not only have Live Action’s investigative videos proven it, but Planned Parenthood’s own former employees have said so.

“When lawmakers watch these videos, they should be deeply concerned at the treatment of women at Planned Parenthood. It’s time to redirect Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding to more worthy local health clinics that aren’t in the abortion business but that instead provide holistic health care to women,” she said.

There are two new video testimonials from former Planned Parenthood managers Ramona Trevino and Sue Thayer.

They describe how Planned Parenthood pushed “harder and harder” for more clients, cutting doctor-patient visit times – sometimes in half. As the testimonies reveal, women are “treated like cattle” and “herded through” Planned Parenthood.

Trevino, formerly a Planned Parenthood manager in Sherman, Texas, said:

  • “Planned Parenthood treated women like cattle.”
  • “There was no prenatal care, there was nothing we could offer women who were pregnant.”
  • “You go in with the perception that Planned Parenthood is there to help women in any situation, not just when they’re wanting an abortion. … I really went in believing we were just like a gynecologist, then you realize, as time goes by, that you’re not.”

Thayer, formerly of Planned Parenthood’s business in Storm Lake, Iowa, said:

  • “Over the years I worked there, the mission statement came down. Up went abortion goals and all the other goals we were required to meet. The nurse practitioner that had been there four days a week was now there two hours a week, but we were still seeing the same amount of clients. It felt wrong.”
  • “Women were just herded through.”
  • “It is definitely not someplace that I would want to see my daughters go. I wouldn’t want them to have care like that. I don’t think that’s care; that’s not health care.”

The first video:


The second video:


“I anticipate Planned Parenthood will respond as it usually does by denying the findings of this investigation,” said Rose. “We know that Planned Parenthood repeatedly misleads the public, as it did during Live Action’s 2011 child sex trafficking exposé.”

She noted that in January, Live Action released public records that show Planned Parenthood failed to report child sex traffickers to local authorities as it had claimed.

“Planned Parenthood also lied to the New York Times, the Associated Press, and other media outlets about retraining thousands of its staff to identify and report sex traffickers,”
she said. “Instead, a former manager says the sessions were used to train staff how to identify undercover journalists.”

A video about Planned Parenthood offering pizza as prizes for meeting abortion quotas:


And a video showing Planned Parenthood’s position on offering ultrasounds:


And regarding prenatal services:


Best-selling author predicted Flynn's departure

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Turkey's president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The establishment media have finally drawn blood from the Trump administration.

The resignation of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser is being celebrated by the left and its allies in the media.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration has undertaken a determined effort to shut down the leaks plaguing the new government.

Yet the Trump administration may actually be better off for having lost Flynn.

New York Times best-selling author Joel Richardson, who has become an expert in Middle East geopolitics while writing hugely influential books such as “The Islamic Antichrist” and “Mystery Babylon,” was a critic of the general since the beginning of the Trump administration.

Indeed, in an episode of his TV series “The Underground” several months ago, Richardson heavily criticized Flynn because of his ties to foreign powers.


And in a Facebook post on Dec. 7, Richardson called for the Trump administration to cut ties with Flynn, because “he’ll be gone within the first year.”

Richardson expressed mixed feelings about being proven right in an interview with WND, as he voted for Trump and said his support for removing Flynn should not be taken as opposition to the new administration.

“Of course, I don’t celebrate having predicted this,” he told WND. “Although Flynn resigned, it appears as though President Trump is continuing to stand by him. That said, I think there is little question that if Flynn was innocent, that the president would not have accepted his resignation.”

Flynn explained in a letter that he resigned because he “inadvertently” provided “incomplete information” to Vice President Mike Pence regarding phone calls with the Russian ambassador.

America’s relationship with Russia, and opposition by many Democrats and neoconservatives to any attempt to repair the relationship, is at the center of the controversy.

But Richardson opposed Flynn not because of supposed ties to Russia, but because of the general’s relationship with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Turkey.

In “The Underground” episode titled “The Trump Administration and Turkey,” Richardson blasted Flynn for reportedly owning a company that lobbied for an obscure Dutch company with ties to Turkey’s government and President Erdoğan himself. Richardson characterized the hiring of Flynn as a betrayal of Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” by removing lobbyists from government positions.

“On Election Day, Flynn published a fairly lengthy opinion piece, and a very strong opinion piece, in the online news website called The Hill, a real prominent website,” said Richardson. “Specifically, he was urging the U.S. to support Turkey and Turkey’s controversial president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. … Those who follow my program know I am no fan of President Erdoğan. He is a dictator and I am likening him to an emerging Adolf Hitler. … This guy is dangerous.

One of the greatest mysteries in Scripture – solved at last! Discover the terrifying truth behind the shadowy identity of one of the greatest horrors of the end times. New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson reveals the secret of “Mystery Babylon.” Available now in the WND Superstore.

Flynn claimed in the article that Turkey was “our strongest ally” against ISIS.

“It depends what you mean by ‘strongest,'” responded Richardson. “Our best ally has been the Kurds, whether in Syria, whether in Iraq, or anywhere. The Kurds have been the greatest ally, the strongest ally; they’ve been doing the most. They’ve got girls out there fighting ISIS. … Turkey on the other hand … Turkey was the primary entity that allowed ISIS to come into being.”

As Richardson observed, Turkey has a long history of attacking the Kurds when it claims it is about to attack ISIS.

“Saying Turkey is our strongest ally in the fight against ISIS is a lie,” said Richardson. “ISIS has been Turkey’s junkyard dog. It has been Turkey’s proxy in its regional conflict against the Kurds, against Bashar al-Assad and against the Iranians.”

Richardson noted the Iranians are also using proxies in various regional conflicts, but Turkey’s main proxies have been, for years, ISIS and the so-called “Syrian rebels” linked to al-Qaida.

Richardson said that for Flynn to write an article claiming Turkey is a great ally, and to do so after having his company receive Turkish money, is “nonsense.” He further called it “nonsense” for Flynn to liken Fethullah Gulen, an Islamist critic of Erdoğan, to violent terrorists such as Osama bin Laden. While Gulen is an Islamist, Richardson maintained, to put him in the same camp as violent jihadists is simply “ignorant.”

After outlining the kinds of dictatorial policies Erdoğan has used to stay in power, Richardson reminded the audience of the Turkish president’s statement, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”

Gulen is an Islamist, said Richardson, but so is Erdoğan. What’s more, as Richardson explained, Erdoğan has openly outlined about his expansionist aims for Turkey, including seizing parts of Bulgaria, Cyprus, Syria and other nations. Erdoğan is also known for claiming the legacy of the old Ottoman Caliphate.

“This expansionist, imperialist arrogance is profoundly dangerous,” warned Richardson. “And if our top governmental leaders don’t recognize it, then what in the world is going on? The church has to speak up.”

Richardson concluded his episode of “The Underground” by calling for Flynn’s removal.

“Going forward in the days ahead, as the United States deals with radical Islam, we need a wise approach,” he said. “We need a godly approach. We need an informed approach. And as much as it pains me to say this, Gen. Flynn doesn’t represent any of these things, and he needs to be fired.”

Now that Flynn is out, Richardson restated his overall support for the Trump administration and called on all Christians to pray for the success of the president and his government.

“My hope is for the success of this administration,” Richardson said. “I think if they will walk in integrity and continue on the path of prayer and relying on the Lord, then perhaps there will be much good fruit for this nation. We are called to pray for this administration, particularly as the media and left continues to rage against every advance that is made. Needless to say, this is the mandate of the body of Christ. There is unquestionably a war taking place in the heavens over this nation.”

One of the greatest mysteries in Scripture – solved at last! Discover the terrifying truth behind the shadowy identity of one of the greatest horrors of the end times. New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson reveals the secret of “Mystery Babylon.” Available now in the WND Superstore.


Travel-ban judge: Foreigners have constitutional rights

‎Today, ‎February ‎15, ‎2017, ‏‎7 hours ago | Paul BremmerGo to full article

A federal judge in Virginia has dealt another blow to President Trump’s travel ban by issuing a preliminary injunction to halt its enforcement within the state.

But U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema’s ruling – that it likely violates First Amendment protections of the freedom of religion, according to the Hill – is a stunner.

It would mean the judge believes Trump’s executive order discriminates against Muslims and that foreigners have constitutional rights.

That alarms Daniel Horowitz, senior editor at Conservative Review.

He said the judge is suggesting First Amendment protections apply to Muslims overseas who wish to come to the United States, meaning any person in the world could potentially litigate their way into some sort of legal status in the United States.

“That is the premise of this judge’s ruling and several others, including Dolly Gee in California and James Robart in Washington, that the starting point is that everyone potentially has a right to immigrate,” Horowitz told WND. “That’s the starting point. They go from there: ‘Well, does the government have a substantial interest in denying’ their so-called right?

“And from there, it’s a political debate over how much evidence you think the government should produce to deny them entry,” he said.

“And, of course, in the estimation of the liberal courts, which have accepted the liberal political arguments behind open borders, no amount of evidence is ever going to be enough. But again, the broader point is why should the government have to provide any evidence if there’s no affirmative right to immigrate?”

Horowitz pointed out the judge is placing the onus on the government regarding matters of immigration and placing America’s national sovereignty in question.

“Any bar to clear that forces the government to produce evidence why a person shouldn’t be admitted creates a default right to immigrate and necessarily reduces our sovereignty, necessarily infringes upon our right to self-government,” Horowitz declared.

Horowitz, who wrote the book “Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges From Transforming America,” is wary of the growing power of the judicial branch.

He said conservative legal scholars miss the point if they think they could have prevented the Trump administration’s legal troubles by writing a better order or making a better argument in front of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Horowitz sees something much more fundamental shifting under the surface.

“The courts are fundamentally flipping national sovereignty and federal immigration powers on their head,” he said. “They’re not going after Trump. When you say something is unconstitutional, it’s not a matter of saying the president didn’t follow statutes; it’s a matter of saying even if Congress were to do a similar thing, it would be unconstitutional.”

Horowitz also believes it’s not just about immigration from a few Muslim countries, but all of illegal immigration as well.

“Once you force the government to produce evidence as to why they don’t want a certain class or certain individual immigrants, and once there’s either a First or 14th Amendment right to come here, that means that by default there is a right to remain, even for illegal aliens,” Horowitz reasoned.

He pointed out the ACLU is already planning a “rapid response team” to encumber every single deportation the Trump administration attempts.

Because the federal courts have become so reliably liberal, Horowitz expects them to side with the ACLU more often than not. In fact, Horowitz said it wouldn’t surprise him if the courts ban deportations, even though every president has ordered them, including Barack Obama.

“The courts are so political,” he said. “There’s no jurisprudence, there’s no reading of the Constitution, there’s no reading of settled case law, there’s no reading of statutes. They literally look at their version of news reports of the Trump presidency, and they believe he’s a very bad person. They believe he’s very tyrannical, and, therefore, they’re going to take powers that he executes that have been used by every other president and give the sense that they’re anomalous and illegal and unconstitutional and throw them out.”

Horowitz pointed out the courts are creating a due process right for the entire world, which is a dangerous proposition.

He said people clearly have a right to due process before they are punished under the law, but due process does not apply to those who simply wish to enter the country and remain against the national will. He said the courts are “bastardizing” the concept of due process, and that is one of the reasons Trump will not be able to get anywhere with his immigration agenda under the current federal court system.

“Trump will not be able to even enforce existing law, much less use discretion delegated by Congress to ratchet up enforcement over and beyond that, because the courts will throw it out,” Horowitz said. “The courts have made it very clear that they don’t believe in our current laws.”

He said judges know what counts are the headlines written about their rulings, not the actual text of their opinions. Therefore, they can rule that Trump acted unconstitutionally and the media will run with that, because they believe Trump to be a tyrant.

“But what the judges ignore, according to Horowitz, are five statutes that give the president express authority, any time and for any reason, to regulate the immigrant flow in various ways. The powers have been used dozens of times in recent decades, Horowitz noted, and there has been very little litigation over them because most legal experts recognized they were legitimate presidential powers. But all that has changed under Trump.

It makes Horowitz wonder where the courts will finally stop their usurpation of presidential authority.

“Could a university now sue in court to say that they want a particular individual sitting in Yemen or Somalia to come join their university, and if you don’t let them in, we’ll sue you in court and the government will have to produce evidence to the contrary?” Horowitz wondered.

“So this is all to say when you create an affirmative right to immigrate, there is no limit to that Pandora’s Box you just opened up. We are no longer a sovereign nation.”




Get more garden from your garden

‎Today, ‎February ‎14, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | Pat McLeneGo to full article
A long line of individuals walk across a field in Slovenia into Europe. (Credit: Screen shot from drone photograph, via the Telegraph video)

A long line of individuals walk across a field in Slovenia into Europe.
(Credit: Screen shot from drone photograph, via the Telegraph video)

Why we prep

Here’s another reason why you – and your friends and family – should prep:

Presented without comment, the following two stories. If you’re at all interested, please read them in order and feel free to discuss them in the comment section below. I’ll wait before I get to the gardening stuff.

Remember Ecclesiastes 1:9: “… there’s nothing new under the sun.”

And that’s one of the reasons we prep.

So, in last week’s discussion of prepper gardening, it was soil and nutrients. Now let’s see: We’ve got our prepper garden plot on paper; the seeds are coming; we’ve talked to a local farmer and arranged to get 12 yards of aged manure and 12 yards of river-bottom sand. We’re also looking at a good-quality used rototiller or garden tractor. Not bad for mid-February. So what’s next?

Prepper garden – prepper garden – prepper garden – prepper garden – prepper garden – prepper garden …

Garden path

I know I keep repeating this, but I’m not apologizing. Prepper garden. It’s important for everyone to understand this if your plan is to increase your self-sufficiency. You’re not a leisure gardener or a hobby gardener or a “going for the blue ribbon at the county fair” gardener. If you’re a prepper gardener, you’re a subsistence farmer; and that has to drive your plans and goals. The winding brick-lined paths between wide beds of flowers or decorative fountains aren’t for you. Bricks won’t reproduce and flowers are not calorie-intensive. A decorative garden is tai chi compared to your MMA prepper plot.

Therefore our next action in garden planning is taking that soil and seeds and placing them in our space in a way that maximizes their growing potential. Here are a few ideas about how to do that.

Beds. Your garden is a rectangle, so make your beds rectangular to maximize garden use. This is especially important if your garden space is limited. In the plan we developed in a previous article, our initial gardening area was 25 x 25 feet. Therefore our beds must fit that space. No matter how you decide to lay them out, make sure the beds themselves are no wider than twice the reach of your arm so you can weed from both sides. Having to climb into your bed to weed or water will compact your soil and can damage plants and roots.

So if we make our garden beds 2.5 feet wide and 21 feet long, we can put in five beds with a two-foot walkway of all sides of each bed, which gives us an effective gardening area of 267.5 square feet. Pretty good! … but not so fast. If we make those beds three feet wide and put in only four beds, we still end up with 252 square feet of effective gardening space, plus our walkways are now 2.5 feet wide – much friendlier for wheelbarrows and with very little loss of growing space. Try different arrangements on paper first; you might be surprised.

Going up. There are at least three ways to maximize per-bed production that I have used.

Mounding: If you make a flat garden bed three feet wide and plant seeds or seedlings six inches apart, you can get five plants across those three feet. But if you mound the soil so that it’s one foot high in the center, you can still plant six inches apart, but you’ll have eight plants instead of five. Mounds make a bunch of other things better as well. They make it so you don’t have to amend more soil than it takes to make the mounds. They make weed control easier. They make watering more efficient and improve soil drainage. And they make it easier to control for bugs. The only real drawback is they can be prone to spreading without a container.

Raised beds: I love raised beds. You can mound them as well, or just keep them flat, but they make watering easy, they make cleanup at the end of the season a breeze, and if you’re not as limber as you used to be, weeding and harvesting is a whole lot simpler. But don’t go crazy height-wise. If you look online you’ll see a lot of two or even three-foot-high raised beds. Since there are every few vegetable plants that require soil more than a foot deep, that’s a big waste of time, effort and materials for no improvement on return. Likewise, be selective in the materials you use to make a raised bed frame. Railroad ties are rugged and pretty, but at eight inches wide, they’ll add nearly a foot and a half of wasted space for each bed. Stick to lumber like 2x6s or even old metal roofing unless you’ve got garden space to spare. (And don’t get me started about hay bales!)

Hay bale garden

Trellises: If a plant can be trellised, do so. Vertical is your best friend space-wise. Plants such as beans and peas love to be trellised, as do some squashes and most tomatoes. Fruits like grapes need to be supported and all the cane berries do well with a trellis, although in the case of the berries you’ll need to either weave or tie the canes to the trellis manually. Note two precautions when using a trellis. One, a trellis, when covered in vegetative goodness, is also a sail; so make sure your trellis is up to resisting your local winds. And two, a full trellis is also an excellent sun-block, so place your trellises in that portion of the garden furthest from the sun so that it doesn’t shade your other crops.

Finally for today I want to address greenhouses.

Everyone loves greenhouses, but far too many people just don’t understand a greenhouse is only a tool. And for the prepper, it’s a pretty limited one.

A greenhouse only works in passive mode when the sun is shining on it. It can get toasty warm on a sunny-but-cold day; but when the sun sets and the temperature drops, the only way to keep the inside temperature from assuming the outside temperature is by either retaining heat or adding heat.

Most greenhouse walls have an R-value of bupkis. For example, a single pane of glass has an R-value of one, and even a16-mm triple-layered polycarbonate wall only provides an R-value of 2.5. (By comparison, common home wall insulation has an R-value of 19.) Unless you’re in the business of growing high-demand hothouse veggies, heating a greenhouse with fossil fuels or electricity is simply cost-prohibitive (and impossible in a grid-down situation).

So even though a greenhouse can add length to a growing season, I don’t use one. I start my longer-season plants in the house under grow-lights (and utilizing existing home heat) and buy seeds suitable for the shorter growing season here in my part of the American Redoubt.

Still, there are a few prepper-related ways to retain and even generate heat in a greenhouse. Check a few of them out here.

So that’s a wrap on this week. Next week we’ll end our mini-survey of prepper gardening with a look at water, the final part of the WWF (Warmth, Water, Fertilizer) mnemonic.

So finish that garden plan, read up some more on the seeds you’ll sow … and get prepared.


Hey, leftists, conservatives handle despair like adults

‎Today, ‎February ‎14, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | Dennis PragerGo to full article
Here’s a news flash for Democrats and other Americans on the left: Four years ago, when Barack Obama was re-elected president, conservatives were just as depressed as you are now that Hillary Clinton lost and Donald Trump won.

I describe this as news because this undoubtedly surprises many of you. You probably never gave a moment’s thought to how depressed conservatives were in 2012. (Why would you? Unlike you, we shun hysteria.) But believe me – we were.

Many of us believed that President Obama was doing great damage to America. Now we are convinced that he did more damage to America domestically, to America’s position the world and to the world at large than any other two-term president. He left office with racial tensions – many of which he exacerbated – greater than at any time since the civil rights era half a century ago. He left the world’s worst regimes – Iran, China, Russia, North Korea and radical Islamist terror groups – stronger and more aggressive than before he became president. Economic growth never rose above 3 percent, a first for a two-term president. He nearly doubled the national debt and had little to nothing to show for it. Obamacare hurt more people financially than it helped medically, including physicians. More people than ever are on government aid. The list is far longer than this.

Moreover, just like most Democrats in 2016, most Republicans in 2012 expected to win.

The depression among conservatives was palpable. To cite only my own experience, I turned the television off on election night. It was too painful to watch. Instead, I played hearts on the computer and listened to Strauss’ “Death and Transfiguration” to lighten the mood.

But why does the level of conservative despair four years ago come as a surprise to Americans on the left?

First, unlike much of the left, most conservatives handle despair like mature adults. Most obviously, we didn’t riot. In fact, in America, rioting – not to mention shutting down highways and airports, taking over college offices and protesting at peoples’ homes – is a monopoly of the left.

Nor did we allow our conservative children to take a day off from school to demonstrate.

Nor did conservative teachers preach opposition to Obama in their classrooms.

Nor did we print posters with the words “Not My President.”

Nor did conservative clergy declare fast days.

The second reason is that we know you, but you don’t know us.

You read, listen to, watch, socialize with and study under leftists. Only if you are stuck with some immediate relatives who aren’t on the left do you encounter a non leftist (let alone a non-leftist idea). Therefore, there is no way you would know how painful it was for conservatives during that time. While liberals feel free to express their emotions and opinions to anyone, anywhere, any time, conservatives, especially those who voted for Trump, live like Marranos.

The Marranos were Jews living in Spain or Portugal during the Spanish Inquisition in the 1400s who lived like Christians but secretly practiced Judaism. That is how most Trump voters have been forced to live. They live like most people and hide their identity as Trump voters, lest they lose their job, their business, their relatives, their friends and/or their good name.

A gay professor writing in The Wall Street Journal recently echoed this analogy when he likened being in the closet as a Trump voter to being in the closet as a gay man when he was younger. He said:

“I began having gay relationships at 25 but remained closeted. I hated lying to people, but in the 1980s and ’90s I feared that coming out would estrange me from family and damage my career. Similarly, I now find creative ways to avoid answering whether I voted for Donald Trump. This may be hard for some to believe, but watching protesters today call Trump supporters racists and bigots has been nearly as distressing as being told to ‘die in hell, (vulgarity)’ 30 years ago. … I am as afraid about acknowledging that I voted for Mr. Trump today as I was about being gay yesterday. There seems to be as little understanding of my political views as there was about my sexual orientation.”

Finally, leftists lack self-awareness. They think they are the apotheosis of tolerance when in fact they are far less tolerant than most conservatives. They think they embody kindheartedness when in fact the further left you go, the greater the meanness. And they think they suffer uniquely when they lose a national election.

Leftists’ pain is not one whit greater than that of conservatives four years ago. But many of them can’t handle pain nearly as well. If they could, they’d be grownups and no longer on the left.



Dam! California wackos didn't listen to environmentalists

‎Today, ‎February ‎14, ‎2017, ‏‎9 hours ago | Bob UnruhGo to full article
Oroville Dam California

More than 180,000 Californians have been evacuated from below the Oroville Dam, which officials feared could break and unleash a 30-foot wall of water that would destroy whatever was in its path.

It’s because, following a years-long drought, literally billions of gallons of rain and melted snow have flooded into the reservoir, putting it virtually full to the brim, in the last few weeks.

More precipitation is expected in the coming days, too.

The problem developed when officials were releasing tons of water – about 100,000 cubic feet per second, down the spillway to lower the water level and it started eroding, leaving a chasm gaping in the channel where overflows need to go.

Officials switched the water that needs to be released to an emergency spillway, but it dropped the water right onto the dirt hillside, and the erosion there began immediately, leaving officials with the no-win choice of sending the water down a broken and possibly failing main spillway, or down an emergency path where the erosion could threaten the stability of the top of the dam itself.

It didn’t have to be that way.

The Friends of the River, the Sierra Club and the South Yuba Citizens League had told the government more than 10 years ago that in addition to the concrete main spillway, the emergency route down a hillside also needed to be covered with concrete.

Tony Francois, a senior attorney for the Pacific Legal Foundation, whose organization has fought multiple battles over property rights including water rights, told WND the issue with Oroville isn’t really unique, as there are multiple fights over water rights, and paying for their maintenance.

But he said the current problem is that the water is at its highest level ever in the reservoir, and what’s being released is doing damage.

In a Mercury News editorial, the writers pointed out state and federal officials “decided in 2005 to ignore warnings that the massive earthen spillway adjacent to the dam itself could erode during heavy winter rains – which it has done – and cause a calamity, which it very nearly did this week and could yet do by the end of winter.”

Environmentalists don’t routinely recommended that hillsides be covered with concrete, but it this case, the question had been raised as part of the reservoir’s relicensing procedure in 2005.

The environmental groups urged “federal officials to require that the dam’s emergency spillway be armored with concrete rather than remain as just a hillside.”

Said the editorial, “We need a full investigation of the state’s re-licensing procedures for this and other critical dam infrastructure. It should include the role played in the Oroville evaluation by the association of 27 agencies that buy water from the state through the State Water Project – not only the Metropolitan Water District, which supplies water for Los Angeles and San Diego, but also the Santa Clara Valley Water District and the Alameda County Water District.

“If we get through this winter without loss of lives and many more billions of dollars in property loss expected from the failure of the Oroville spillway, then we can take this as a fortuitous warning to prevent other disasters. But that’s still a big ‘If.’ Storm clouds return Thursday.”

Francois said the decision back then was based on the costs and the benefits. And he pointed out that the current situation is setting a long list of firsts.

“This is not the crisis management even they expected to be in,” he said.

He said the current emergency work is to shore up the failing spillway with bags of boulders dropped by helicopter.

Officials this week are urgently trying to lower the water level behind the dam, which is more than 700 feet tall, by about 50 feet.

According to the Daily Mail, Billy Croyle, the acting chief of the Department of Water Resources said he’d ordered staff members to flee the area, because experts thought the dam would fail.

They joined nearly 200,000 others told to leave a 40-mile stretch of the Feather River below the dam.

The evacuations were ordered on Sunday along a 40-mile stretch of the Feather River below the dam after authorities said its emergency spillway could give way.

It appeared no one expected a full collapse of the dam, but officials did say a 30 foot “tsunami” could be unleashed.

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said in the Mail report that residents would be allowed to return when it’s safe – but he “offered no timetable for when” that would happen.

The report continued, “Meteorologists are predicting the rain to begin on Wednesday night, dumping up to four inches by Thursday morning with more to drain from the mountains during the day.”

On Monday loads of rock were being dropped by helicopters onto the crumbling spillway,

Oroville is America’s tallest dam structure and experts predicted that if there would be failure, water could reach Oroville within the hour, and within eight to 12 hours it would be in Yuba City. They say the flood could be 10 feet deep at that point.

The damage to the emergency spillway had been predicted by experts.

The News reported that John Onderdonk, a civil engineer in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s San Francisco office, in 2006 told his bosses.

“The emergency spillway meets FERC’s engineering guidelines for an emergency spillway. The guidelines specify that during a rare flood event, it is acceptable for the emergency spillway to sustain significant damage.”

The evacuation was ordered when that significant damage appeared and officials feared it would undermine the 1,730-foot-long concrete lip at the top of the emergency spillway, and unleash billions of gallons of water in a short time.

Ron Stork of the Friends of the River told the News, “I’m feeling bad that we were unable to persuade DWR and FERC and the Army Corps to have a safer dam.”


Doctor has family restrain woman during lethal injection

‎Today, ‎February ‎14, ‎2017, ‏‎9 hours ago | Bob UnruhGo to full article

A Dutch doctor carrying out a lethal injection on an elderly woman ordered her family to restrain her when she resisted, creating what even euthanasia advocates called a “horrible picture.”

The case has been documented by a regional review board in the Netherlands, reported the National Catholic Register, which noted the church “has always considered euthanasia, like suicide, a ‘gravely evil choice,’ while allowing that grave fear of hardship, suffering or torture can lessen the responsibility of persons who take their own life.”

The church’s catechism bluntly states, “All those who knowingly and willingly perform or assist in carrying out the act of terminating the patient’s life have committed murder.”

The case in Amsterdam, the report said, is one of several similar instances of resistance, including “a sex-abuse victim in her 20s, a 41-year-old alcoholic, a woman with ringing in her ears and now an Alzheimer’s patient.”

The woman in Amsterdam, whose name was not released, was in her 70s.

Suffering from Alzheimer’s and in a care home, she previously had indicated a desire for euthanasia, the report said. She wrote a living will, “saying she did not want to go into a care home and that she wished to die when she considered the ‘time was right,'” the report said.

When she was admitted to the home, she told the staff she wished to die, “but not now.”

Her condition was typical of Alzheimer’s patients, the report said, sometimes fearful and angry and other times content and peaceful.

Although she never verbally requested to die, her husband and doctor made the decision for her, and the doctor ordered a sleeping drug, Dormicum, concealed in her coffee, “which she was not told about because she would have objected,” the report said.

The drug failed to put her to sleep.

“Instead, she was excited and made plans to spend the afternoon with [her family] going out to eat,” the report said.

The doctor then gave her an injection of another sedative.

According to the Register: “When the doctor went to inject the [lethal] drug, thiopental, the woman woke from her semi-slumber, got a fearful look in her eyes and kicked the doctor. The report says that the family helped to hold her down while the doctor gave the drug and that the doctor did not think it was ‘appropriate to halt termination of life’ since it had been considered for a long time and [the doctor] did not want her to ‘get cold feet.'”

The review board even noted that the doctor testified, “Even if the patient had said, ‘I don’t want to die,’ the doctor would have continued the termination.”

Jacob Kohnstamm of the review board admitted to the Register the actions were troubling.

“You can’t expect an answer to the question, ‘Are you aware that there will be a little Dormicum in your coffee?’ So it is at least questionable whether it is fair to say that the sedative was administered secretly,” he told Register correspondent Celeste McGovern, who writes from Scotland.

Kohnstamm compared the woman’s reaction to flinching when getting a flu shot.

And he said, “The family and the doctor, they restrained her – they just held her for a second.

“That’s, of course, a picture that is a horrible picture. But there is a dilemma: What to do if a person was really decisive, had written down her request asking the doctor to help her die if she would be in deep dementia?”

The review board ultimately ruled that the doctor “crossed a boundary” by giving a secret dose of sedatives in the coffee and failing to halt the “execution of the termination of life” but exonerated the doctor.

Kohnstamm told the Register the guidelines need to be much more clear, especially since 250,000 people in the country already have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

In nearby Belgium, euthanasia already has broadened to include children, a person whose sexual “transition surgery” left behind a gender-identity disorder and twin brothers, only in their 40s, both suffering from a condition that would cost their eyesight.

Alistair Thompson of Care Not Killing told the Register it’s a typical slippery-slope scenario.

“The problem is that the law always evolves. It’s always pushed on, a little bit, and a little bit. Once you’ve crossed the Rubicon, it becomes people who are not mentally competent, people who are frail or weary of life.

“It says: We care so little for people that we allow it. ‘You’re old; your life must be over.’ ‘You’re disabled; your life must not be worth living’ … This is another good example of why the law has to be clear: that we do not kill people who are ill or disabled.”

The original review of the case, translated from Dutch, confirmed the woman had discussed euthanasia but had said she would have it carried out by making a specific request.


This day in WND history: The 'digital angel' from hell

‎Today, ‎February ‎14, ‎2017, ‏‎10 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
verichip11The ‘digital angel’ from hell

Feb. 14, 2000: WND broke the story of the plan for transceivers to be implanted in humans and monitored by global positioning satellites.

The new technology, used to locate lost pets, had been adapted for use in humans, allowing implant wearers to emit a homing beacon, have vital bodily functions monitored and confirm identity when making e-commerce transactions.

When implanted in the body, the device is powered electromagnetically through the movement of muscles, and can be activated either by the wearer or by the monitoring facility.

View the full story


Breakthrough books on Islamic threat in U.S. now in paperback

‎Today, ‎February ‎14, ‎2017, ‏‎10 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article

It was an unprecedented undercover operation, a daring six-month penetration into one of the most aggressive Muslim organizations in the country.

It resulted in the collection of thousands of pages of smoking-gun documents from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group.

And now the whole sensational story is available in paperback form.

WND Books has published a paperback version of the courageous expose “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America” by P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry.

What’s more, WND Books has also published a paperback edition of Pamela Geller’s “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.” This wake-up call is also available at the WND Superstore ahead of its Feb. 21 release.

The author of “Stop the Islamization of America” believes her book has grown more relevant over time.

“This book, although written in 2011, is more timely than ever,” Geller told WND. “As Donald Trump heralds a revolution in American politics, it’s time to start fighting back against the cultural jihad and the intrusion of Shariah into American workplaces and schools. It’s time to work harder than ever, and this book details how we can, and how we can win. I wrote this book for a moment like this.”

Indeed, Islam appears to be on the rise in America.

The hysterical outrage over President Trump’s executive order temporarily banning travelers from seven terror-prone Muslim countries is only the most visible recent example.

Across the country, churches have closed their doors and been replaced by mosques while Islamic indoctrination has infiltrated American public schools.

And, as WND’s Leo Hohmann has reported, Muslim employees have received special treatment in the workplace.

That is to say nothing of rapid Muslim population growth, which is driven by high birthrates and increasing Muslim immigration to the United States.

“Stop the Islamization of America” equips Americans with the knowledge and tools they need to turn back the tide of Islam in their own country.

Meanwhile, “Muslim Mafia” is more timely than ever in light of the Republican-sponsored bill to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

The book shows just how dangerous and subversive the Brotherhood is and why it is deserving of a terrorist designation.

Author David Gaubatz’s son, Chris Gaubatz, posed as an intern who had converted to Islam to gain the trust of CAIR employees. He secretly captured hundreds of hours of video and extracted more than 12,000 pages of confidential, internal CAIR documents.

In the process, he revealed the sinister and well-funded efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood, working through the friendly guise of CAIR, to carry out a stealth jihad against the United States, with the goal of transforming American society from within. The book reveals the methods through which the Brotherhood hoped to accomplish its aim: terrorism, fraud and infiltration of American political and intelligence systems.


Coddled 'U' students make rage new normal

‎Today, ‎February ‎14, ‎2017, ‏‎10 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article

In all of human history, perhaps no other person has ever been as privileged, coddled and appeased as the modern American university student. And yet from coast to coast, campus to campus, paroxysms of rage and hysteria, culminating in violence, are now the new normal.

It wasn’t always like this.

“The hysteria level is rising, that’s not my imagination,” marveled Tucker Carlson on his Fox News Channel show. “I went to college at one point; it wasn’t like this. What’s changed?”


According to Scott Greer, deputy editor at the Daily Caller and author of “No Campus For White Men,” it’s because a whole new form of morality has been installed on campus.

“Identity politics and victimhood culture have taken over higher education,” Greer said in a recent appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “Identity politics stresses that all a person should care about is their own narrow group interests and the identity they ascribe to themselves. [For example,] if I’m an African-American man, that’s the sum total of my politics and I only care about the interests of my specific group, African-Americans. And that’s become dominant on campus because they encourage it through affirmative-action and other procedures that encourage people to gravitate towards specific identities for more benefits.

“Secondly, and more important in some ways, is victimhood culture. Everybody kind of competes to be the biggest victim. A lot of people ask: ‘Why are all these young people trying to pretend to be victims? Nobody wants to be a victim.’ Well, the reason why they do that is because we assign moral status, in the college moral culture that’s being created, to who is the bigger victim, who’s more oppressed. Who is more oppressed gets more status in that moral hierarchy that’s created. And if you’re ‘privileged,’ then that’s the worst thing you can be. That’s the worst thing that can happen.”

In an older version of morality, the two poles of morality are “good” and “evil.” But on campus, the new standards of righteousness and sin are “oppressed” and “privileged.”

“If you are ‘privileged,’ that’s the worst thing you can be and being a victim is the best thing you can be,” Greer said. “But victimhood isn’t assigned by socioeconomic status. You can be the son of a poor coal miner from West Virginia and you’re ‘privileged.’ You can be the son of a wealthy multi-millionaire, but African-American, and you’re ‘oppressed.’ And that’s how the system works.”

Carlson noted the many ironies of the system.

“Everyone in college is ‘privileged’ by definition,” he said. “They’re not working for a living. They’re learning, which was considered a privilege for like, a thousand years. And the second point is that colleges were designed to be places where people studied universal truths and values rather than narrow and sectarian ones. Why the change? What brought this about? How did it get here?”

Greer argues identity politics, once established as the primary force of campus culture, spreads its tentacles throughout the entire university apparatus.

“So when you have an English course, the fact that Shakespeare and John Milton are the primary writers that are studied in that course becomes a problem, because they are white males,” Greer said sadly. “We suddenly need to have more diversity there because of identity politics. People say, ‘I feel left out because I’m reading Shakespeare or John Milton, even though they forget the universal message in those works and the great writing. Instead, they say, ‘We need to have somebody that reflects this current campus culture we have.’ So that’s why they push these types of things on college campuses.”

Carlson noted that whatever justification is offered for the current hysteria on campus, it’s not solving any problems but is simply producing students who are angry, unstable and deeply unhappy. He referred to a case at Yale University in 2015 in which a manufactured controversy over Halloween costumes on campus led to two professors resigning their posts and millions of dollars being spent on new diversity and affirmative action programs.

A video of professor Nicholas Christakis calmly speaking with student protesters and being screamed at in return riveted the nation.


“The professor who was defending himself, who was surrounded and undergoing an inquisition, his wife wrote a simple column saying you shouldn’t get all bent out of shape about ‘culturally appropriating’ Halloween costumes,” said Greer, explaining the incident.

As the author pointed out, even to consider such a minuscule incident an example of “oppression” requires the “victim” to already possess a vast amount of privilege. In a normal society, it would be laughed off. But at Yale, Greer noted, “it was the worst thing that ever happened on this campus.”

Students responded by subjecting a professor, himself a liberal, to a “ritual humiliation.”

The incident inspired Greer to write “No Campus For White Men,” which is now the No. 1 bestselling book in “Cultural Policy” at Amazon.com and was in the top 150 of all books sold at the retail site after Greer’s appearance.

In an interview with WND, Greer said he hopes conservatives wake up to the “enormous” consequences of the battle developing on campus.

“As we saw with the ritualistic manner in which student activists attacked that professor at Yale, campus leftism is becoming a kind of cult,” he said. “It has its own inflexible moral code, its own heroes and villains and its own ways of inflicting punishment on those who leave the fold. Conservatives shouldn’t just snicker at ‘crazy college students’ or ignore this. This is what is shaping tomorrow’s elite. And what happens on the campus today sets the tone for what happens in the entire country tomorrow.”


U.S. must 'anger Chinese' to stop N. Korean threat

‎Today, ‎February ‎14, ‎2017, ‏‎10 hours ago | Greg CorombosGo to full article
Test fire of Pukguksong-2 (Photo: North Korea's Korean Central News Agency)

Test fire of Pukguksong-2 (Photo: North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency)

North Korea will pose a nuclear risk to the United States within a few years, and stopping the threat means realizing North Korea and Iran are two components of the same threat.

Getting tough on China is the key to stopping both of them, says one of the world’s leading experts on China and North Korea.

Gordon Chang is author of “The Coming Collapse of China” and “Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes on the World.” He told WND and Radio America last weekend’s North Korean test of an intermediate-range missile needs to be a call to awareness and to action.

“The North Koreans and the Iranians have been thick as thieves,” Chang said. “This is one program conducted in two separate locations. When we add in China’s participation in this, we’ve got to look at this as a whole, not just the separate pieces.”

He said no further evidence is needed than to note the Iranian missile test, which made worldwide headlines last month, was actually conducted with a North Korean missile.

Officially, China is condemning the latest North Korean provocation, but Chang said Beijing is is doing that largely to soothe the rest of the world. He said China is notoriously duplicitous when it comes to North Korea.

“The Chinese have consistently been helping the North Koreans develop both nukes and long-range missiles,” Chang explained. “We see Chinese banks involved in money laundering for North Korea and involved in North Korea’s illicit commerce. Chinese entities have been selling things like uranium hexafluoride and components for the North’s uranium weapons program.

“If Beijing wanted this to stop, it would. It hasn’t been,” added Chang, who said the Chinese are equally deceptive on the diplomatic stage.

“We see China rhetorically supporting sanctions and then turning around and busting them when the world isn’t watching,” he said. “So I don’t think the Chinese are genuine in what they say in New York (at the United Nations).”

North Korean provocations in the past 20 years are often followed by a familiar pattern of condemnation and sanctions. Yet, since the failure to stop North Korea’s nuclear ambitions in the 1990s, little has been effective at getting the regime to change course.

Chang said it’s time to get serious with China.

“One thing we could do is unplug Chinese financial institutions from the global system because of their participation in North Korea’s illicit commerce,” he said. “That would shock markets, but we’ve got to show Beijing that we are serious.”

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with Gordon Chang: 


While carrying economic and diplomatic challenges, Chang said the move would gut the nuclear threats emanating from both North Korea and Iran.

“It certainly would, but we have not had the political will to do that,” he said. “But if some American city ends up to be a radioactive slab, it will not do for the president to say, ‘Well, I could have stopped this, but I didn’t want to anger the Chinese. We need to anger the Chinese because we need, first of all, to protect our homeland.”

Chang said there are obvious things China could do to show it is serious about stopping the North Korean nuclear program, but like other efforts, Beijing must be closely monitored.

“If we saw commerce between North Korea and China drop to zero, that would be an indication that Beijing is serious about this,” he said. “After the next to last sanctions on North Korea, which were in March of last year, there was a brief fall-off in commerce in April and May. After that, everything went back to pre-sanction levels. So that is a pattern.”

Chang also advocates the financial strategy against China because it’s clear that softer diplomacy is a massive failure.

“Yes, we’ve had diplomacy intended to disarm the North Koreans, but we have not seriously pursued it with the vigor that it requires. That’s why the North Koreans now have nuclear weapons and are on the verge of being able to mate them to their longest-range launchers. Clearly, our diplomacy over the course of decades has failed.”

That’s right. Chang said the North Korean missile program is making great strides in recent years, regardless of the failed tests that tend to make headlines.

“When they have a test that fails, they learn a lot, so it’s not necessarily a setback,” Change explained. “We know that within three to five years, they will be able to have an intercontinental ballistic missile, which will be able to reach most of the lower 48 states, and they’ll be able to mate a nuclear weapon to that.

“Right now, they have the launchers. They have the distance. They just don’t have the ability to mate a weapon to a long-range launcher.”


50 million reasons to support Trump's travel ban

‎Today, ‎February ‎14, ‎2017, ‏‎11 hours ago | Leo HohmannGo to full article
Ruud Koopmans is a Dutch professor and immigration expert.

Ruud Koopmans is a Dutch professor and immigration expert.

A leading immigration expert has warned the European Union that at least 50 million Muslims are willing to approve of violence and support jihad terror attacks to “defend” their religion.

Of the approximately 1 billion adult Muslims in the world, “half of them are attached to an arch-conservative Islam which places little worth on the rights of women, homosexuals, and people of other faiths,” according to Dutch professor Ruud Koopmans.

In an interview with a German news website, he said, of these 500 million conservative Muslims, more than 50 million are OK with using violence against non-Muslims. But that was a “very conservative” estimate, Koopmans said, and the true number is likely higher.

Koopmans’s comments come as people worldwide have protested what the Daily Mail called U.S. President Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban.”

The president’s executive order, struck down by the Washington state judge and upheld by the Ninth Circuit Court, placed a 90-day ban on travel from seven countries, leaving nearly 90 percent of the world’s Muslims unaffected. The order implemented a 120-day halt on refugee resettlement from six of the countries and an indefinite halt on resettlement of Syrian refugees.

Since Jan. 21, when Trump took office, 2,044 refugees have come to the U.S. for permanent resettlement from the seven countries Trump wants to ban – Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, according to the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center.

Koopmans, who is a professor of sociology and migration research at the Humboldt University of Berlin and the director of integration research at the WZB Berlin Social Science Centre, said it’s important to note that not every one of these 50 million is ready to launch a violent attack. But they do nothing to curb radicalization in their midst. Like in America, most of Europe’s mosques are led by imams born overseas who earned a degree in Shariah law either in Egypt or Saudi Arabia.

“They support the radicals. They encourage them and provide them shelter or simply keep their mouths shut when they observe radicalization,” Koopmans added.

Koopmans cited the U.S.-based Pew Research Center as the basis for his estimates.

“I’m very conservative with my estimate of 50 million violent Muslims,’ he added.

He said there is a difference between anti-Muslim baiting and justified criticism of Islam.

“There is nothing wrong with foreign cultures, as long as they are looking for the connection to the majority in society and actually enrich our countries.

“But those who are here to spread their medieval beliefs, which are unfortunately widespread in Islamic countries, must be met with zero tolerance.”

Koopmans stressed that the EU should be much more careful to let suspected Islamists have uncontrolled travel to and within Europe.

He said refugees and migrants should be placed initially in transit zones, “as long as their identity is unclear,” according to the Daily Mail’s translation of the German news site.

Archbishop predicts Europe will be Muslim in 10 years

His words of caution come on the heels of even more dire warnings from religious leaders in Europe.

Monsignor Carlo Liberati, the archbishop of Pompeii, Italy, was quoted in the Catholic journal La Fede Quotidiana, last month saying he predicts Europe will be Muslim within 10 years.

“It is because of our stupidity,” the archbishop said. “We have a weak Christian faith.”

Archbishop Carlo Liberati of Italy recently put out a dire warning to Europeans.

Archbishop Carlo Liberati of Italy recently put out a dire warning to Europeans.

And it’s not just the immigration policies that are sealing Europe’s faith, Liberati said.

“All this moral and religious decadence favors Islam. We need a true Christian life. All this paves the way to Islam. In addition to this, they have children and we do not.”

Another sign of how far Europe has slid toward Islam came Monday with the news that the U.K.’s first major department store has decided to sell hijabs for women, Heatstreet reported.

Debenhams, which was founded in 1778, will stock hijabs in some of its larger UK units, including at its flagship London store on Oxford Street. Outlets in Birmingham, Manchester and Leicester will follow suit.


The real history of Valentine's Day

‎Today, ‎February ‎14, ‎2017, ‏‎11 hours ago | Bill FedererGo to full article
St. Valentine secretly marrying a soldier to his bride

St. Valentine secretly marrying a soldier to his bride

In the third century, the Roman Empire was being invaded by Goths. At the same time, the Plague of Cyprian, probably smallpox, broke out, killing at its height 5,000 people a day. So many died that the Roman army was depleted of soldiers.

Needing more soldiers to fight the invading Goths, and believing that men fought better if they were not married, Emperor Claudius II banned traditional marriage in the military.

Emperor Claudius II quelled internal rivalries resulting from the previous Emperor Gallienus’ assassination by having the Roman Senate deify Emperor Gallienus to be worshiped with the other Roman gods. Citizens were forced to worship the Roman gods by placing a pinch of incense on the fire before their statues. Those who refused worship of the Roman gods were considered “unpatriotic” enemies of the state and killed. Emperor Decian’s persecution specifically targeted Christians with legislation forcing them to deny their consciences or die.

During the first three centuries of Christianity, there were 10 major persecutions in which the government threw Christians to the lions, boiled them alive, had their tongues cut out and worse. Christian writings, scriptures and historical records were destroyed.

Because so many records were destroyed, details of Saint Valentine’s life are scant. What little is known was passed down and finally printed in the year 1260 in Legenda Sanctorum by Jacobus de Voragine, and in the Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493.

Saint Valentine was either a priest in Rome or a bishop in Terni, central Italy. He risked the Emperor’s wrath by standing up for traditional marriage, secretly marrying soldiers to their young brides. When Emperor Claudius demanded that Christians deny their consciences and worship pagan idols, Saint Valentine refused. Saint Valentine was arrested, dragged before the Prefect of Rome, and condemned him to die.

While awaiting execution, his jailer, Asterius, asked Saint Valentine to pray for his blind daughter. When she miraculously regained her sight, the jailer converted and was baptized, along with many others.

Right before his execution, Saint Valentine wrote a note to the jailer’s daughter, signing it “from your Valentine.”

Saint Valentine was beaten with clubs and stones, and when that failed to kill him, he was beheaded outside the Flaminian Gate on Feb. 14, 269 A.D.

In 496 A.D., Pope Gelasius designated Feb. 14 as “Saint Valentine’s Day.”

In the High Middle Ages, Geoffrey Chaucer, called the father of English literature, wrote “Parliament of Foules” (c.1393) that birds chose their mates in mid-February: “For this was Saint Valentine’s day, when every bird of every kind that men can imagine comes to this place to choose his mate.”

After Chaucer, literature began associating Saint Valentine’s Day with courtly love. This eventually developed into the 18th-century English traditions of presenting flowers, offering confectionery and sending Valentine greeting cards.

People often sign Valentine cards with Xs and Os. The Greek name for Christ, Χριστό, begins with the letter “X,” which in Greek is called “Chi.” “X” became a common abbreviation for the name Christ. This is why Christ-mas is abbreviated as X-mas. In Medieval times, the “X” was called the Christ’s Cross, or “Criss-Cross.”

The “Criss-Cross Row” was the way colonial school children learned the alphabet, where they would start at the X and say “May Christ’s Cross grant me speed (success)” and then proceed to recite the 26 letters.

It reminded students that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom:

Mortals ne’er shall know
More than contained of old the Chris’-cross row.

The Christ’s Cross was a form of a written oath. Similar to the ancient practice of swearing upon a Bible, saying “so help me God,” then kissing the Bible, people would sign a document with or next to the Christ’s Cross to swear before God they would keep the agreement, then kiss it to show sincerity.

This practice has come down to us as “sign at the X,” or saying “I swear, cross my heart.” This is the origin of signing a Valentines’ card with an “X” to express a pledge before God to be faithful, and an “O” to seal the pledge with a kiss of sincerity.

History is intertwined with Valentines references:

  • Frederick Douglass was born a slave and separated from his mother as a child. All he remembers is her calling him “my little valentine.”
  • Theodore Roosevelt’s wife and mother died on Valentine’s Day in 1884. Depressed, he dropped out of New York politics, left his infant daughter with a relative, and went off to ranch in the Dakotas.
  • The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre occurred in 1929 during the Prohibition era. Al Capone’s Chicago mob murdered seven members of Bugs Moran’s Irish gang. Accompanying Al Capone’s hit man, Frank Nitti, as he terrorized neighborhoods was the young Saul Alinsky, who later adapted this technique into the political tactic of community organizing.

Since the Roman persecutions, Christianity has become the most persecuted faith in the world, with more than 300 being martyred each day, or one every five minutes, predominantly in Muslim countries.

Saint Valentine’s willingness to be a martyr for Christ and his heroic, loving example still inspires believers to follow the scripture: “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven.”

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In Don we trust

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'See Something, Say Nothing'

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see-something44Shortly after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, President George W. Bush launched a massive new agency Americans were told would address the ongoing threat to national security so there would never be a repeat of history’s worst attack on domestic soil.

But, according to a whistleblower who joined the Department of Homeland Security shortly after its founding, DHS has become part of the problem rather than the solution.

The book, whose authors have been featured on top news programs from coast to coast, paints a deeply disturbing picture of a federal agency more concerned about political correctness than national security.

As just one example of many, Haney had been investigating terror ties of the Islamic Society of Boston when the Boston Marathon that killed three and injured 264 occurred. Haney quickly found that a Saudi student, Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, present at the scene that day, had deep connections to terrorism and had been under investigation for some time. In fact, he was about to be deported.

But instead of holding the person of interest in the deadly terror attack, DHS allowed him to be deported – assuring he would never provide any information to investigators about his role or the mosque he attended.


The picture one gets from Haney’s inside view of DHS suggests it was more like the rule than the exception when it came time to investigations that pointed to wider Islamic terrorist conspiracies in America. Instead of following the agency’s copyrighted slogan – “If You See Something, Say Something” – it seemed the government was encouraging the exact opposite behavior when it came to investigations by its own agents.

Haney brought the information to the attention of the House Committee on Homeland Security, and later that week, Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., confronted then-DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano with it.

Citing the DHS “say something” slogan, Duncan asked why someone who not only was at the scene of the bombing, but also described by authorities as a person of interest in the case, was about to be deported.

An indignant Napolitano refused to answer, ridiculing Duncan for asking a question she said was “so full of misstatements and misapprehensions that it’s just not worthy of an answer.”

To this day, many of the details of the Saudi’s entrance and exit from the Boston story remain a mystery to the public.

But the cover-up – and many others – may be unraveling with the revelation of Haney’s accounts in “See Something, Say Nothing,” which was released nationally last month.

While Haney received many recommendations for his work during his 14 years at DHS, he was also investigated internally nine times. And still the pattern continues.

Just recently, as WND reported, Haney disclosed that the Obama administration, citing concerns about discrimination against Muslims, shut down a case he had developed that could have stopped the San Bernardino massacre last December.

The intelligence was ignored, despite having been used to connect members of the movement to terrorist organizing and financing at the highest levels, including for Hamas and al-Qaida.

In addition, 67 records of individuals and organizations linked to the case Haney had compiled were completely eliminated by orders from “upper management.”

“See Something, Say Nothing” presents the picture of an agency run amok in political correctness rather than protecting the American people from a growing national security threat.

Here are some of the things Haney saw that are described in vivid detail in “See Something”:

  • How the Bush administration stripped him and other front-line officers of their ability to define the threat;
  • How much the Obama administration knew about the Islamic Society of Boston, in advance of the Boston Marathon bombing, and how it launched an ongoing cover-up on behalf of a major ally;
  • The administration’s stealth policy to protect Islamic leaders with supremacist beliefs and violent-jihadist ties, allowing them to freely travel between the U.S. and the Middle East;
  • The access to the White House and classified information given to members of Muslim Brotherhood front groups;
  • The damning intelligence on Muslim Brotherhood-linked leaders invited to sit at the table and help form national-security policy;
  • The “words matter” memo imposing the demands of radical U.S. Muslims leaders on the DHS, including stripping intelligence and official communications of any mention of Islam in association with terrorism;
  • The purging of training material that casts Islam in a negative light;
  • The erasing and altering of vital intelligence on terrorists and terror threats;
  • The fear-based tactics imposed by the Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S. and their accomplices that paralyze officials, members of Congress and any Department of Homeland Security employee who dares to expose or resist their agenda.

In this well-documented, first-person account of his unique service with DHS, Haney shows why it’s imperative that Americans demand that when they see something and say something, the servants under their charge do something to prevent a cunning, relentless enemy from carrying out its stated aim to “destroy Western Civilization from within.”


Save $21, get ‘See Something, Say Nothing’ for only $4.95!

That’s right. Your eyes are not deceiving you. Right now, you can save a huge $21 off the cover price of Phil Haney and Art Moore’s “See Something, Say Nothing.”

Until tonight at 10 p.m. Pacific, you can get your copy for only $4.95 by taking advantage of this special offer, exclusively from WND.


This day in WND history: Sabbath breaking caused killer tsunami?

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RevJohnMacLeod1Sabbath-breaking caused killer tsunami?

Feb. 13, 2005: A Christian minister claimed the tsunami of Sunday, Dec. 26, 2004, killing at least 160,000 people, was direct result of “pleasure seekers” breaking God’s Sabbath.

Rev. John MacLeod of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland wrote: “Possibly … no event since Noah’s flood has caused such loss of life by drowning as the recent Asian tsunami. That so many of our fellow creatures should have perished in so short a time, and in so awful a fashion, was a divine visitation that ought to make men tremble the world over.”

He continued: “Some of the places most affected by the tsunami attracted pleasure-seekers from all over the world. It has to be noted that the wave arrived on the Lord’s day, the day God set apart to be observed the world over as a holy resting from all employments and recreations that are lawful on other days.”

MacLeod said: “To rule out the hand of God in this … is to forget that He is in sovereign control of all events. If the sparrow falling to the ground is an event noted, and ordered, by Him, how much is this the case when the souls of so many thousands are parted from their bodies?”

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The 'disastrous consequences' of forgetting God

‎Today, ‎February ‎13, ‎2017, ‏‎6 hours ago | Bill FedererGo to full article

In 1570, Ivan the Terrible attacked Novgorod, which had been for centuries a successful Russian Republic on the Baltic Sea. Ivan’s first command was to subjugate the church. He stripped cathedrals and monasteries of their valuables; put priests and deacons in shackles and flogged them until they paid a ransom; and he ordered some 500 clergymen beaten to death.

Ivan laid waste to 90 percent of the farmland surrounding Novgorod. Ivan’s 6,000 secret police, called Oprichniki, pillaged, burned, arrested and terrorized with cruel violence. Men, women and children were roasted over fires; tied to sleds and dragged through town; trapped under ice in the Volkhov River and if they managed to surface they were shoved back under.

According to “The First Pskov Chronicle,” 60,000 people were senselessly slaughtered by Ivan the Terrible.

The French Revolution’s Reign of Terror, led by Robespierre, head of the “Committee of Public Safety,” France’s version of a Department of Homeland Security.

In a speech titled “The Terror Justified,” Robespierre told the National Assembly, Feb. 5, 1794: “Lead … the enemies of the people by terror. … Terror is nothing else than swift, severe, indomitable justice.”

Robespierre attacked Christianity and turned churches into Temples of Reason. The secular French French government beheaded 40,000 in Paris then slaughtered 300,000 in the Vendée from 1793-1796.

During World War II, Nazi General Hans Frank executed a reign of terror in Poland, plundering and committing mass murder of millions of Poles and Jews in death camps. After the war, Hans Frank was arrested. During his imprisonment, Fr. O’Conner led him to believe in the atonement of Christ for his sins and he became a Roman Catholic.

At the Nuremberg Trials, Aug. 31, 1945, Hans Frank was convicted and executed. Being remorseful at his trial, Hans Frank stated: “At the beginning of our way we did not suspect that our turning away from God could have such disastrous deadly consequences and that we would necessarily become more and more deeply involved in guilt. At that time we could not have known that so much loyalty and willingness to sacrifice on the part of the German people could have been so badly directed by us. Thus, by turning away from God, we were overthrown and had to perish. …”

Nazi leader Hans Frank continued: “Before all, God pronounced and executed judgment on Hitler and the system which we served with minds far from God. Therefore, may our people, too, be called back from the road on which Hitler – and we with him – have led them. I beg of our people NOT to continue in this direction, be it even a single step; because Hitler’s road was the way without God, the way of turning from Christ, and, in the last analysis, the way of political foolishness, the way of disaster, and the way of death. … His path became more and more that of a frightful adventurer without conscience or honesty, as I know today at the end of this Trial.

“We call upon the German people … to return from this road which, according to the law and justice of God, had to lead us and our system into disaster and which will lead everyone into disaster who tries to walk on it … everywhere in the whole world.”

Another government without God was the Soviet era where millions were killed in purges. Josef Stalin said: “Crisis alone permitted the authorities to demand – and obtain – total submission and all the necessary sacrifices from its citizens.”

Vladimir Lenin stated: “The goal of socialism is communism,” which is nothing more than disguised dictatorship, as Franklin Roosevelt explained to the American Youth Congress, Feb. 10, 1940: “The Soviet Union … is run by a dictatorship as absolute as any other dictatorship in the world.”

Stalin controlled citizens through “fear and food.” The people were kept in constant fear that government agencies would falsely accuse them and cart them away in the night, and the people were kept in a continual shortage of food, so they could not have the resources to rebel. Stalin engineered a famine in his war against the kulaks that killed millions.

Richard Pipes discussed the absolute power of Stalin in his book “Communism: A History” (Random House, 2001): “To break the resistance of the peasants in the Ukraine, the North Caucasus, and the Kazakhstan, Stalin inflicted on these areas in 1932-33 an artificial famine, shipping out all the food from entire districts and deploying the army to prevent the starving peasants from migrating in search of nourishment. It is estimated that between 6 and 7 million people perished in this man-made catastrophe.”

Richard Pipes recorded in his book, “Communism: A History”: “Stalin’s regime needed another crisis … as Fidel Castro, the leader of Communist Cuba, would explain … ‘The revolution needs the enemy. … The revolution needs for its development its antithesis.’ … And if enemies were lacking, they had to be fabricated. …”

Richard Pipes continued: “In 1934, a prominent Bolshevik, Sergei Kirov, the party boss of Lenningrad, was assassinated under mysterious conditions … evidence points to Stalin. … Kirov was gaining too much popularity in party ranks for Stalin’s comfort. … His assassination brought Stalin two advantages: it rid him of a potential rival and provided a rationale for instigating a vast campaign against alleged anti-Soviet conspirators. … Purges of the 1930’s were a terror campaign that in indiscriminate ferocity and number of victims had no parallel in world history. … Authorities … beat them until they confess to their crimes they have not committed.”

In Feb. 1945, Alexander Solzhenitsyn was arrested in the Soviet Union for writing politically incorrect comments against Stalin. Solzhenitsyn was imprisoned for eight years, as he described in his autobiographical lecture, printed in the Nobel Foundation’s publication, Les Prix Nobel, 1971: “I was arrested on the grounds of what the censorship had found in my correspondence with a school friend, mainly because of certain disrespectful remarks about Stalin, although we referred to him in disguised terms. A further basis for the ‘charge’ were drafts of stories and reflections which had been found in my map case.”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1970, but the Communist government did not allow him to leave the country to accept it. Solzhenitsyn began publishing “The Gulag Archipelago” in 1973. It was translated into 35 languages and sold over 30 million copies. In response to international pressure, the Soviet Union expelled him on Feb. 13, 1974.

The following year in Washington, D.C., Alexander Solzhenitsyn warned: “I … call upon America to be more careful … because they are trying to weaken you … to disarm your strong and magnificent country in the face of this fearful threat – one that has never been seen before in the history of the world.”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn explained how Russia became socialist: “Over a half century ago, while I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of old people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia: ‘Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened. …’ Since then I have spent well-nigh 50 years working on the history of our revolution; in the process I have read hundreds of books, collected hundreds of personal testimonies. … But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: ‘Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.'”

Another Russian author, Dostoevsky, in his book, “The Brothers Karamazov,” had the character Ivan Karamazov contend that if there is no God, “everything is permitted.”

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), remembered for his line “God is dead,” explained how atheism will inevitably reject morality (“Twilight of the Idols,” The Portable Nietzsche, ed., trans. Walter Kaufman, NY: Penguin Books, 1976, p. 515–6): “When one gives up the Christian faith, one pulls the right to Christian morality out from under one’s feet. … Christianity is a system, a whole view of things thought out together. By breaking one main concept out of it, the faith in God, one breaks the whole: nothing necessary remains in one’s hands. Christian morality … has truth only if God has truth—it stands or falls with faith in God.”

Patrick Henry stated: “It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains.”

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Grammy stunner: Singer cheers Trump with dress

‎Today, ‎February ‎13, ‎2017, ‏‎6 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article
(HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) — Scandalous dresses on the Grammys red carpet aren’t what they used to be. It wasn’t deep cleavage or a thigh-high leg slit that had tongues wagging about singer Joyce Villa on Sunday night. It was her red, white and blue gown emblazoned with “Make America Great Again” in front, and “Trump” across the train.

It’s a controversial statement coming from an artist in an industry that’s largely in opposition to the new president’s social policies, not to mention from a woman who identifies as bi-racial.

The singer-songwriter, who goes by the name Princess Joy Villa, teased the ensemble on Instagram with a photo of a heart-shaped clutch and a caption stating, “My whole artistic platform is about LOVE. I couldn’t be where I am today without the love and tenderness of those beautiful supporters and friends around me.”


Trump could shut off refugee spigot without executive order

‎Today, ‎February ‎13, ‎2017, ‏‎7 hours ago | Leo HohmannGo to full article

If President Donald Trump wants to curtail migration into the U.S. from some of the world’s most dangerous hotspots of jihadism, he has options that would effectively navigate an end-run around the courts.

Trump hinted in his news conference Friday that the nation should expect something quickly, possibly a whole new executive order that would bypass the legal challenges.

“We will keep our country safe. That’s what I’m here for… I will give it the best security, so it will happen very rapidly,” Trump said Friday.

His top policy aide, Steven Miller, said essentially the same thing in appearing on all the major Sunday morning news shows.

Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller

Miller said “all options” remain on the table,” including a Supreme Court appeal.

“As you know, we have multiple options, and we are considering all of them,” Miller said on ABC’s “This Week.”

One of the options is to simply lower the ceiling on refugee resettlement for fiscal 2017, which began four months ago on Oct. 1.

Trump has already partially exercised this option in his first executive order when he lowered the annual ceiling from 110,000 refugees set by Obama to 50,000. Interestingly, this was the one part of his executive order that was not struck down by the lawsuits filed in Washington state and Minnesota.

There have already been 34,225 refugees enter the U.S. in fiscal 2017, meaning about 16,000 more are allowed to enter between now and Oct. 1. The vast majority of them, 77 percent, are coming from four of the seven countries listed in Trump’s executive order – Syria, Somalia, Iraq and Sudan.

By cutting the ceiling to 35,000, Trump would effectively end refugee resettlement for the rest of the fiscal year extending over the next seven and a half months. That would allow his administration to decide on a better vetting system and determine how high to set the ceiling for fiscal 2018.

Initially, Trump’s refugee pause was for four months and indefinitely for Syria. By lowering the ceiling, he could fire back with a tougher policy that is actually more difficult to challenge in the courts.

By shutting down refugee resettlement for the remainder of the current fiscal year, Trump would also end migration from another dangerous outpost of Islamic terror that is not on his seven-nation list – Afghanistan.

According to refugee and legal experts, Trump would not even need to issue an executive order to do this.

The Refugee Act of 1980 gives the president the sole authority to set the ceiling on annual refugee numbers. All he is required to do is send a letter to Congress notifying them of the change.

“Basically you let Congress know along with a couple of agencies of the federal government,” said Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice.

“I think this is what the White House is considering, this and other options,” Sekulow told WND. “Start with something new, multiple cases, and get a fresh start. You have your attorney general in place now, your secretary of state, and you see some of the legal openings they are trying to seize upon at the Ninth Circuit, so if you can accomplish the same goal through multiple executive orders or other measures, why not?”

Refugee resettlement expert James Simpson also cited this option as virtually fool-proof in a column for the Daily Caller. He writes:

“President Trump does not need an executive order for this. He can simply send a letter to Congress, informing it of his intentions. Refugee caps for FY 2017 would be reduced to zero.”

Sekulow says the Ninth Circuit’s three-judge panel, considered the most liberal in the U.S., was quiet on the refugee portion of Trump’s executive order. And for good reason.

“They would have at least mentioned it if they thought that was an issue,” he said. “There’s a long history of pausing refugee resettlement for various reasons.”

National security is the strongest reason. Even President Obama paused resettlements from Iraq after two Iraqi men had slipped into the refugee ranks and were resettled in Bowling Green, Kentucky, only to find out later they were bomb-makers who’d killed Americans in Iraq and were sending weapons and money back to al-Qaida in Iraq.

Ann Corcoran, at Refugee Resettlement Watch, said shutting down refugee resettlement would virtually eliminate the influx from four dangerous countries.

“It would significantly stop the Syrians, Somalis, Sudanese and Iraqis,” she said.

Very few people from these four countries typically get to the United States on visa programs such as student visas and work visas.

“I don’t know how many get here on the diversity visa lottery but I think the refugees represent the most significant portion of people from those countries getting in,” Corcoran said.

The diversity visa lottery program allows in about 50,000 foreign nationals per year into the U.S. on green cards from countries that do not have a history of sending many immigrants to the United States.

Sen. Tom Cotton in his new immigration bill has put forth a plan that would cut in half the overall number of green cards issued per year while doing away with the diversity visa lottery.

Meatpackers losing cheap labor

Bloomberg News Friday published an article explaining that one industry in particular, which it called “Big Meat,” is going to be affected by the draw down on the refugee limit that Trump is contemplating.

The meatpacking industry has been increasingly feeding off of refugee labor, a trend that started under the presidency of Bill Clinton, said Corcoran, who went on a nationwide fact-finding tour of meatpacking towns last summer.

“Clinton made Bosnian Muslim refugees available to his friends in the meatpacking industry,”she said.

In 2006 President George W. Bush raided meatpacking plants in several states and arrested more than 1,300 illegal-alien workers, Bloomberg reports. The industry responded by doubling down on its pursuance of refugee labor, replacing Mexicans and Central Americans with refugees from Somalia and Myanmar. They would work just as cheaply as the Mexicans but with the added benefit that they were living in the U.S. at the invitation of the federal government — all perfectly legal.

Over the next decade Big Meat became addicted to refugee labor.

Bloomberg visited the Cargill plant in Fort Collins, Colorado, and observed:

“Many of the workers at a Cargill Meat Solutions plant that’s the town’s largest employer emigrated from Somalia and Myanmar and had been waiting months, if not years, for relatives to join them. Now they’re afraid that reunion might never happen. As a result, the plant in Fort Morgan and other meatpacking plants in the U.S. that have dozens of openings may have to scramble to find a new labor pool.”

“Maybe if they didn’t have this refugee labor they would have to raise the wage and hire Americans,” Corcoran told WND. “But there would never have been an article like this in Bloomberg if Trump were not president. You’d never see an author for Bloomberg, a leading disseminator of business news, admitting this program benefits ‘Big Meat.'”

More lawsuits waiting

There are 13 judicial circuits in the U.S. and 11 of them now have active lawsuits against Trump’s temporary travel ban. So if they fail in the Washington state suit they’re ready to forge ahead in another jurisdiction.

“I think Trump’s people need to really get clever and stick it to the other side,” Corcoran said. “Go back and rescind and re-craft this thing.”

“But I am contending he could stop the program now at 35,000 and he’s perfectly in his right to do that,” she continued. “On this extreme vetting I would make sure there were enormous hurdles to jump through from those dangerous countries. You wouldn’t have to say you ban everyone but make it difficult to prove various complex hurdles that it would effectively accomplish the same thing through regulations. I hope he gets on to this idea instead of trying to ram executive orders through the courts when the Supreme Court is stacked now in a way he cannot win.

“I’m not sure I’d want to see that right now. At best that is a 4-4 scenario right now.”


Big bank struck back at WND for exposing dark deed

‎Today, ‎February ‎13, ‎2017, ‏‎8 hours ago | -NO AUTHOR-Go to full article

Five years ago today, a series of investigative reports by WND senior staff writer Jerome Corsi that exposed the money-laundering scheme of global banking giant HSBC resulted in shocking fallout for the news agency and the reporter.

HSBC – which ultimately was assessed a record fine but not prosecuted by then-U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch despite evidence of money-laundering for terrorists and drug cartels – lodged a complaint on Feb. 13, 2012, that blocked Internet access to one of the WND stories.

Subsequently, the HSBC series prompted the New York City securities firm with which Corsi worked to fire him.

John Cruz in video interview with WND's Jerome Corsi

John Cruz in video interview with WND’s Jerome Corsi

Along with his well-known WND reporting and book-writing, Corsi was a senior managing director for Gilford Securities, a Manhattan investment firm that serves institutional and retail clients.

Corsi said the firm was responding to his series of reports on the charges of former HSBC manager John Cruz. The whistleblower provided WND with 1,000 pages of customer account records along with audio recordings that provided evidence of an international money-laundering scheme by HSBC.

“I was completely blindsided by the reaction of the firm to the HSBC stories,” Corsi said. “I thought Gilford would be proud that a member of the firm had sufficient courage to do the right thing – make public and report suspected money laundering activity when first hearing about or learning about credible allegations, regardless what firm the allegations involved.”


When Lynch was nominated in 2015 by President Obama for attorney general, the Senate delayed her confirmation vote amid concern over her handling of HSBC, among other issues. She signed a “deferred prosecution agreement” in December 2012 in which the bank paid a $1.9 billion fine in return for the U.S. Department of Justice agreeing not to bring criminal charges.

Loretta Lynch is sworn in before testifing during her confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee Jan. 28, 2015.

Loretta Lynch is sworn in before testifying during her confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee Jan. 28, 2015.

Lynch later admitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee, as WND reported in March 2015, that her investigators in the probe of HSBC were aware of evidence compiled by Cruz but she chose, nevertheless, not to bring criminal charges.

Corsi’s troubles began, WND reported in 2012, when HSBC lodged a complaint that blocked Internet access to a story reporting the whistleblower’s charges. The WND story included redacted images of customer account statements that HSBC claimed was an illegal disclosure of personally identifiable information. However, no personal information was visible in the images.

Corsi said that Gilford management gave him the choice, instead of being fired, to drop his securities registration with the firm voluntarily and to become a “consultant.”

“I refused,” Corsi said, “saying I had done nothing wrong, but that I should be commended, not fired, for writing the HSBC stories.”

WND CEO Joseph Farah said the “lesson that needs to be understood from the fallout WND and Jerry Corsi experienced as a result of breaking the story about a major bank’s involvement with money laundering is that real investigative reporting is costly to those who undertake it.”

“That’s why very few news agencies and very few reporters will go near such stories with a 10-foot pole,” Farah said.

Corsi pointed out that when the whistleblower Cruz brought him the information on HSBC, he had a responsibility to report it and to bring it to the attention of authorities, as specified by various federal laws, including the Patriot Act.

Farah, meanwhile, noted that no other news agencies picked up the HSBC story reported by WND.

“Yet, this is the kind of reporting that distinguished American journalism for the previous 200 years,” he said.

Corsi and WND reported the story “without any thought as to the personal consequences,” Farah added.

“We reported it because it was the right thing to do,” he explained. “Corsi reported what he discovered to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies because it was the ethical thing to do. As a result, WND has faced retaliation from the bank, and Corsi has apparently lost his position with a New York financial firm.

“In America today,” the WND chief concluded, “it seems, more and more, doing the right thing has consequences while doing the wrong thing doesn’t.”

See a WND interview with HSBC whistleblower John Cruz:


Funding jihadists, drug cartels

In the initial HSBC story, Feb. 1, 2012, Corsi obtained evidence that bank employees in Long Island were stealing the Social Security numbers of former depositors to create bogus “pass-through” accounts used to launder hundreds of millions of dollars for criminal enterprises such as Mexican drug cartels and Islamic terrorists.

hsbc3One of the largest banks in the world, London-based HSBC has about 7,500 offices in more than 80 countries and territories in Europe, North and South America, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa.

WND reported in February 2015 Cruz told Senate Judiciary Committee staff preparing for the Lynch confirmation hearings that he considered the $1.9 billion fine DOJ imposed on HSBC in 2012 in lieu of criminal prosecution “a joke.”

Cruz argued that a $1.9 billion fine of an international bank the size of HSBC amounted to no more than “a few days operating profit.” He described it as “a cost of doing business” once HSBC had decided to launder money for international criminals.

Lynch later admitted HSBC was not complying with the deferred prosecution agreement she signed for the Justice Department, apparently confirming whistleblower suspicions that the bank was continuing to launder money for Mexican drug cartels and international terrorist organizations.

“I’m confident HSBC never quit money-laundering despite the Department of Justice settlement in December 2012,” Cruz told WND in February 2015.

He said he found out from some of his friends at the bank that some of the employees who had been involved in the money laundering before he was fired were still there.

Here is WND’s history of coverage of the HSBC scandal:


Travel-ban warning: 'We will descend into anarchy and chaos'

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Donald Trump's inaugural address

President Donald Trump’s inaugural address

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has decided to uphold a lower court’s restraining order against President Trump’s temporary seven-country travel ban, leaving Trump momentarily unable to do what he feels is necessary to protect the country from terrorism.

Philip Haney, a retired Department of Homeland Security officer who worked for 12 years to protect Americans from Islamic terrorists, believes the legal battle over Trump’s travel ban represents a crossroads in American history.

“They’re telling us that we don’t have the right to protect our borders, that we don’t have the sovereign authority to keep American citizens from harm, and that if we do exercise our constitutional and sovereign rights, they call us nationalists, racists, bigots, Islamophobes,” Haney said during a recent appearance on “The Alex Jones Show.”

“This is a really incredibly important moment we are at in history. President Trump has to win this battle, even if it goes to the Supreme Court, because if we allow judges to overrule case law and immigration law, we will descend into anarchy and chaos.”

Haney pointed out all seven of the countries named in Trump’s travel ban are in administrative chaos, making it nearly impossible to vet travelers from those places.

“On the one hand they tell us, for example, when [migrants] come from Somalia, that they don’t even know when they were born, that all of their records have been lost,” Haney said. “Yet on the other hand, they’re trying to reassure us they do robust, thorough vetting, and that we can trust that the paperwork, meaning the visas and the passports that are coming from these countries, are legitimate. So how do we know that? We have to take it on faith.”

Haney said any Customs and Border Protection officer who works with international travelers on a regular basis knows visa fraud and passport fraud are major problems. He saw this himself as an armed CBP officer. During his career Haney gathered plenty of critical information on individuals and organizations who wished to harm America, but rather than being grateful, the Obama administration often demanded the information be sanitized or eliminated claiming it violated the civil rights and civil liberties of some Muslims.

Haney detailed his struggle to expo

Haney told Alex Jones that attempts to prevent the enforcement of immigration laws have been going on for a long time, but they are only now coming to widespread public attention with the debate over Trump’s travel ban. In fact, he said one of the main purposes of his book was to show these sorts of things are not new.

“It actually started with a small group of individuals within law enforcement agencies like Customs and Border Protection, Department of Defense, FBI, and one by one the [Obama] administration went after what we call subject matter experts and knocked us off one by one,” Haney explained. “And once they knocked us out of the picture, then they had an open field to advance these policies [of lax enforcement]. So what we’re really seeing now is a collision between the former policies and the attempt by the new president Trump to start implementing what is already supposed to be law and in place, and has been for decades.”

Haney believes Trump’s critics are not focusing enough on the national security threat Trump is trying to mitigate through his executive order. He said if the critics were genuinely concerned about the problem, they would agree to use the 120-day period of Trump’s ban to study the ways in which our immigration system is broken and how it can be fixed.

“They won’t even admit that there’s a problem, which is exactly the reason why people like myself were always in trouble, because they would never listen to what we said!” Haney exclaimed. “They would push us, marginalize us; we had what were called ‘adverse actions’ [taken against us], we’d get fired. I had my gun taken, my secret clearance taken away, all access to systems removed, simply because I pointed out that two major groups we’re involved with, the Muslim Brotherhood and another group called Tablighi Jamaat, might pose a threat to our national security.”

Haney believes his politically appointed superiors in DHS were abrogating their duty by ordering him to scrub his records on the Muslim Brotherhood and Tablighi Jamaat all because it was politically incorrect to associate Muslims with terrorism.

“We’re not here as law enforcement officers to be popular or be politically correct. I took an oath to protect our country from threats both foreign and domestic, and I am obligated by that oath if I see something, I must say something, and I did and that’s why I called the book ‘See Something, Say Nothing,’ because that’s what they preferred that I would do.”


Obama scheming to sabotage Trump

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(NYPOST) — When former President Barack Obama said he was “heartened” by anti-Trump protests, he was sending a message of approval to his troops. Troops? Yes, Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency. And Obama will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.

In what’s shaping up to be a highly unusual post-presidency, Obama isn’t just staying behind in Washington. He’s working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be a shadow government to not only protect his threatened legacy, but to sabotage the incoming administration and its popular “America First” agenda.

He’s doing it through a network of leftist nonprofits led by Organizing for Action. Normally you’d expect an organization set up to support a politician and his agenda to close up shop after that candidate leaves office, but not Obama’s OFA. Rather, it’s gearing up for battle, with a growing war chest and more than 250 offices across the country.


Patriotic pushback: Trump fans to hold 'Spirit of America Rallies'

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Trump rally

While anti-Trump protests have dominated media coverage of the president’s early weeks in office, his supporters are pushing back with a series of Spirit of America Rallies.

Scheduled for Feb. 27 and March 4, the rallies “are inclusive, non-partisan, and open to anyone supporting President Trump in his efforts to bring back manufacturing jobs to America, put the security of our nation ahead of political correctness, improve our infrastructure, revitalize the inner cities and secure our nation’s borders,” according to rally organizer Debbie Dooley, a national co-founder of the tea-party movement.

Dooley told Breitbart News that the anti-Trump Women’s March the day after Trump’s inauguration prompted many calls to her from Trump supporters, including many women.

The callers urging her to organize a show of force among the “silent majority” nationwide, Breitbart reported.

She explained the events are not tea-party rallies and expressed hope that Democrats who voted for Trump, known as the “Trumpocrats,” will step up to support the president as well.

She pointed out Feb. 27 was the first day of the tea-party movement in 2009.

Breitbart noted since Trump was elected Nov. 8, progressive leftists have staged numerous protests that in some instances have turned violent.

The pro-Trump rallies, Dooley said, are meant to be a peaceful show of force from the “silent majority” that propelled the real-estate billionaire to the White House.

Ralph King, an elector for President Trump from Ohio and the co-founder of Main Street Patriots, said the Spirit of America Rallies “are a continuation of the collective voice of Americans that embrace President Trump’s policies to put the American workers and citizens first once again.”

Rallies are in the works in Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, Washington state and other states.



Trooper dispatched to wrong home 'justified' in shooting owner

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(Philadelphia Inquirer) A New Jersey state trooper dispatched to the wrong home was justified in shooting the owner, who had grabbed his own weapons because he feared intruders were outside, authorities said Friday.

Gerald Sykes, 76 at the time of the incident, was shot twice in the chest and once in the upper groin at his home in Upper Deerfield Township, Cumberland County, just before midnight on July 29, 2016.

Miscommunications among emergency dispatchers caused two troopers to respond to Sykes’ home, where dispatchers believed someone had dialed 911 and hung up.