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What happens to time when you travel very quickly? Does it speed up, slow down, or stay the same? Tom and Jane have volunteered to help you find out. Send Jane on a round-trip journey to a star and then compare her age with Tom's on Earth.



  1. Click on Jane or Tom to set their starting ages.
  2. Click on the spaceship to set its speed.
  3. Click one of the twinkling stars to choose a destination and start the journey.
  4. When the spaceship lands, compare Tom's age with Jane's age.
What happens if....
  • you change the speed of the spaceship?
  • you send the spaceship at the same speed to two stars--one that is close by, and one that is far away?
  • Can you find ways to set the ages, speed, and destination so that Tom and Jane are almost the same age when Jane returns from her journey?
What's going on here?

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